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Electricity Exchange

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“The challenges that Ireland’s electricity system faces, as a global leader at the forefront of renewable energy integration, necessitates the development of a dynamic Smart Grid that interacts with consumers in real-time to provide system security. Electricity Exchange is committed to making Ireland a Smart Grid exemplar, by developing technologies that reduce the time it takes consumer’s equipment to respond to system events from the order of minutes to just milliseconds.” Dr. Paddy Finn, CEO and Technical Director, Electricity Exchange.
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Cathal Gallagher (1 year ago)
If yas are interested in a really good hydro-electric generator look into BTTF technology, it might be something yas are interested in.
Dronzee Fpv (1 year ago)
We no longer uses potatoes to power our shit now we trust our goverment to do it mostly arse ways

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