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Where To Short The Stock Market

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A look at some of the key stocks we are looking to short this week as we could see the markets making a multi month top. Link for the platform demonstrated is: http://www.etxcapital.co.uk/lt
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Abhinav Kapoor (5 years ago)
yes sir. penny stocks trading needs good patience and advice from experienced professionals. just listen for now, Best way to invest your money in stocks is to be a member of a renowned professional assistance team. rush it here >>> bit.ly/14GgUUo?=wlwrqx
ytgv3fc7 (5 years ago)
My comparison of FAZ vs VXX is that VXX is much more leveraged, much higher gains on SPY or DIA crashing. Charts here: flic.kr/p/dHpavN and here : flic.kr/p/dHiJzF
ytgv3fc7 (5 years ago)
The critical difference is the exhaustion of the sloping (tangent) of the high-curve and low-curve is visible, and the gap is EXPANDING, not shrinking as your linear tools show. This brings the coming S&P drop to 1170 to 1225. I'm using SPY Put for 130 strike expiring June, a low-risk no-margin play. I figure SPY can hit 117 to 122 before May. I also figure as theta takes its toll the break-even is still not bad as a function of time.
ytgv3fc7 (5 years ago)
You're using the incorrect tool for matching peaks & dips. It's not linear on a log-scale it's linear on a power-scale. 1.05 to power of price = Y. Linearly connect those. Rescale BACK to prices using log base 1.05 It looks like this: flic.kr/p/daxu6H and like this flic.kr/p/a1ajjP when scaled to pries, like this in power-scaled graphing: flic.kr/p/a1db7U Notice all the curves are in fact lines in this scale.
lagoveride (5 years ago)
I have been buying a lot of FAZ. might buy some qid and sds tomorrow. I think we are due for a nice correction.
Alessio Rastani (5 years ago)
Thanks Aaron - really glad the videos help. I appreciate your feedback, cheers.
Alessio Rastani (5 years ago)
Thank you - I appreciate the 5 stars. Very generous of you. Yes I always like to backup every trade with real time trades - makes things more real and interesting. cheers.
ytgv3fc7 (5 years ago)
flic.kr/p/dJ82Fn flic.kr/p/daxu6H no doubt it's coming soon. I'm picking up SPY puts though given what else is going on I see bigger payoffs from GLD calls. The swings will be so hard for both that this won't even be day-trading, it can last weeks (GLD) and of course for SPY I'd cash out as soon as the lower curve is hit as depicted
TheSenan23 (5 years ago)
your clarity of explanation and your conviction is on fire here.. you even made a trade at the end to backup what you said. 5 stars Alessio
Aaron Olsen (5 years ago)
I love your videos. Quality explainantion keeps me coming back.

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