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Smart Energy Market Trends: Industry Specialists Panel Discussion

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The need for a more efficient power grid that is capable of responding to growing energy demands by incorporating green technologies and consumer participation is the driving force that is leading the dramatic transformation in energy transmission and usage. The potential of a smart grid can be fully realized when devices such as smart meters and smart appliances play an active role in projecting demand and facilitating consumption decisions through bi-directional communication with the smart grid. Any changes to the existing grid will be driven by infrastructure upgrade costs, investment returns, government regulations, energy prices and key technology enablers. This panel brings together industry specialists covering various areas of expertise in the domain of smart energy trends related to Smart Meters, Smart Appliances, Home Area Networks etc. The panelists will discuss the state of the emerging trends and the factors that are driving changes as well as the expected course of this evolution. We invite you to join us in this open conversation. The event will be a Google Hangout and encourage active participation from the audience. What You Will Learn: -Interact directly with industry experts and gain a better understanding of the trends in the smart grid market -Learn about the various technology drivers, standards etc. are key to maintaining the momentum of this evolution -Discover what role technology, specifically embedded processing, plays in the growth of this market Who Should Attend -Engineering and Marketing Managers at organizations developing (or considering) products for the smart energy market -Embedded developers designing applications for popular smart grid products such as Smart Meters, Home Appliances, Home Area Networks and more. About the presenters: Mike Dow, Freescale Semiconductor. Mike, who is in the Americas Smart Energy Business Development Group at Freescale, has 15+ years of semiconductor experience ranging from chip manufacturing, standards development, and business development. For the last three years he has been focused on business development in the Smart Energy vertical market. He was active in the IEEE SUN 802.15.4g Working Group and is currently co-chair of the Smart Energy Sub-Committee in the iPSO (IP for Smart Objects) Alliance. Mike is also on the Industry Advisory Council of the Pecan Street Consortium which is currently undertaking a 1000 resident Home Energy Management demonstration project in Austin, TX. Mike has an Electrical Engineering B.S. degree from Texas A&M University and is a Professional Engineer licensed in the state of Texas. Andrew Caples, Mentor Graphics Andrew Caples is a product marketing manager for the embedded systems division of Mentor Graphics. He has over 20 years of experience in start-ups and fortune 500 high tech companies and has served in a variety of roles ranging from technical marketing to sales management. He has a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from California Polytechnic University. His current responsibilities include product management for the Nucleus Real Time Operating System. Harry Forbes, ARC Harry is ARC's lead analyst for the Distributed Control System (DCS) market. In addition, ARC leverages Harry's utility expertise in its coverage of Smart Grid, industrial networking, networking and communication standards, and the electric power vertical industry. His research topics include the DCS integration and architecture, Smart Grid, Smart Metering, energy storage, industrial wireless, industrial Ethernet and emerging network technologies. Harry has 30 years of experience in automation, power generation, energy management, modeling and simulation, advanced control, and optimization. He has written for Control Design, Power magazine, and Hydrocarbon Processing magazine, as well as for many technical and industry conferences. Prior to joining ARC, Harry served in a variety of marketing, sales and engineering posts for Simsci-Esscor, Invensys, and Foxboro. He also worked as a performance and automation engineer in fossil and nuclear power generation at the Detroit Edison Company.
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Ricky Zepeda (5 years ago)
Definitely people need to take a role in moving these energy saving technologies forward.  

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