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Young Girl Kills Herself – Days Later Dad Invites Her Bullies To Funeral To Give Them Brutal Lesson

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Chel Chelsea (16 minutes ago)
slut means:Sweet little Unforgettable thing
Nini The Master (1 hour ago)
Gaming Gurl (1 hour ago)
I haven't got bullied, only *offended*
mumble (2 hours ago)
Kids get bullied and shoot up their school and they blame it on video games
Retronik (2 hours ago)
When I got bullied, I had homicidal thoughts.
cram otnip (2 hours ago)
I just beat up my bullies
Where's the brutal lesson?
And this is why you teach self defense. And Filipinos, this is why minors deserve to be arrested and rehabilitated.
ash/aaron momoland (3 hours ago)
Iam not crying you are Rip dolly
king kinivan (3 hours ago)
I live in Australia and heard about this shocking news. Dolly's story was vocalised at our school assembly and yet the bullying still partakes. I feel as equally guilty for not being vocal about how bad the situation at our school is. Student morale is at it's lowest and passing percentage is low amongst the student body.
Christian Police (3 hours ago)
Everyone we have an announcement to make. Stop bullying
alliseearedemons (5 hours ago)
I was bullied then became the bully to my bullies. Funny how life works.
Her death was 1 day before my brother's birthday Lets just pay respects to her ok
Yukira Shanaya (6 hours ago)
Maybe the boy watches *porn*
shrekisbae (6 hours ago)
The world is so cruel to me
raina Miller (6 hours ago)
mrt57rn (6 hours ago)
And the traitor/liar in chief is setting a great example for children to follow. Lies, calling names, bullying who ever he pleases. If we can't expect the president to behave & act like a normal person...how can we expect children to conduct themselves with kindness & empathy towards one another. "Well the president does it, why can't I."
CandySwirl Arts (7 hours ago)
Ivan Nuñez (8 hours ago)
He better had beaten them up for a brutal lesson.
Nikita Heredia (8 hours ago)
🌺R.I.P Dolly 🌺 You are in a better place, hugs to all her friends and family. May she live on in the heart that knew her best.
jjfromthebigland (8 hours ago)
I can tell you all that if my son is ever bullied to the point where he thinks taking his own life is the only way to make it stop, then you can expect to hear about me being arrested for murder shortly thereafter.
dislike lover (8 hours ago)
The people who disliked are heartless
dislike lover (8 hours ago)
+cording Comic the more you know ✨
cording Comic (8 hours ago)
And yet your name is dislike lover
NatePlays (8 hours ago)
iiallywaysii ways (9 hours ago)
She died on my birthday :c Im so sad i was about to commit suicide until i just started cuting my self but i stoped i was diagnosed with depression and anxiety but im geting a little bit better.
I know what a ——— is so... but I don’t say it cuss I’m not stupid but I’m 9 so
The Yeehaw Man (10 hours ago)
This is why you gotta teach your kids how to fight so they can beat the shit out of the bullies.
Black Flame (11 hours ago)
I tried killing myself one time cause I got bullied and I watched this and felt better
CUTE FLAMANGO (11 hours ago)
Gabriel Miltenberger (11 hours ago)
Chocolate Milk (11 hours ago)
*Facts verse video everytime:* Suspensful title of video Telling us already-know info SUBSCRIBE PLEASE background info that no one cares about the actual story that isn't as suspenseful as the title makes you think they put it on facebook and got a lot of likes bye everyone like the video and subscribe see ya
DerpAlerp (12 hours ago)
Keri Kennedy (13 hours ago)
That was so sad you know I hope those bullies learned there lesson
שלו גולד (13 hours ago)
Listen guys, in 14 days i have my 14th birthday, so please give me exactly 14 likes if you want to wish me happy birthday.. thank you!
Sam Maitland (14 hours ago)
I feel so bad for anyone who has to experience losing a loved one or knowing someone who has killed themselves. I can say that I can relate to those of you who have lost someone to suicide because I lost my older brother to suicide. R.I.P. Johnathan Robert Paul Ermel 4/9/98-5/28/18; May your worries be small and your dreams higher. I love you big brother.
She looks cute I wanna bury the bullies
I got bullied and he said I'm fat (I was 100 pounds) and he was like 50 pounds so he told me lets fight and see if I'm stronger I will prove it so I beat the shit out of him he cried and I laughed I would never think bout suicide and you shouldn't
Rayan Thoufeek (15 hours ago)
My friend’s birthday was on January 3rd
shadow knight (15 hours ago)
I would have killed the bullies
MrLegit FTW (15 hours ago)
Little tommy took her pencil and she decided to kill herself
JustGN (16 hours ago)
Yeah frick you too.
Cryo Gaming (16 hours ago)
Lets bully the bully. Y u BuLlY mE? Seriously why?
Matthew Hernandez (17 hours ago)
One time this kid wouldn’t stop talking trash about me, so I said, “That’s awfully specific. Are you ok?” And he just said “stfu” and left me alone lol
Space Dorito (17 hours ago)
2:46 I thought that was Robert Downey Jr
The Prime Evil (17 hours ago)
Honestly I've only been bullied once by a boy in my class who is now my bestest friend
Chrissi Kirkland (17 hours ago)
Such a beautiful girl. I'm just so sorry that she had to live through this.
03bgood (17 hours ago)
No wonder why we have mass shootings, every day!
Riddle15Masters (17 hours ago)
This is so sad, I feel sad to what happen to her. This why I been telling my little sister since 3rd grade that when the time she be in middle school for next year (she is now in 5th)and if something happens cause her old friends would not be in the same school (Matter Academic) and making new friends is hard, never let kids mean talk to get her head and just let it asside and if too much talk to me and mother right away... Don't ever feel alone, just study hard and ignore to others. I had been emotional (i think is like that) bullied, been left out of groups and just had one or two friend but not everyday I had to be with them since they had other friends but at least they we're not fake. And still most had talk behind my back and I known of it. But I never showed embarrassed or fear I just let them talk and what ever they had said to my face I just said the same thing to them.. OK. Heck I still feel lucky that it wasn't physical cause that be different and I would had fight back and since my academic wasn't that high I did my best. Now I'm 22 in college studying nursing. And those who had bullied me emotionally... Still recognize me when they freaky sees me in places but well.. My fav thing to say now is... Heck I don't remember you 💁 so w.e.
Kenshobu Q (18 hours ago)
I used to be mean sometimes to the girl i really liked in my childhood, because boys are dumb at that age.. Anyway, i found out she also liked me but then she stopped? Her step brother told me this once (who also was my best friend) but my reply to him was eeewwww when he told me (fuck i was so dumb, i was so happy when he told me this, but i had the bad boy act up). Fast forward many years, i saw this pretty girl at the gym when i was about to leave, we both smiled at eachother kinda shy (face to face), and i left it at there...i left the gym but My mind didnt give me rest as she seemed familiar i just didnt know who.... Yeah, 3 or so days later, i realized it was HER, my childhood crush.. Somebody, please pick a hard object and hit me in the head very very, VERY hard... why am i still such a MEATHEAD... but maybe she didnt realize it was me either.. Maybe we both meatheads.. My point, i used to be mean'ish to this girl (not bully) and i actually just liked her.
{ Memegalodon } (18 hours ago)
That’s Not A Bad Lesson.
Benson Xiong (18 hours ago)
2:03 the bully is the hoe
Naynay Gabilla (18 hours ago)
Parents should know how there children act if you see them act a certain way that is not them start acting questions , no matter what always be involved in the children’s life style some may not understand why all up in my Space , be honest with them just making sure you are always ok that’s my job as a parent and always tell them that you are there for them and you love them so much have an open Communication with you baby’s those are yours 🙏👼🏻💕
Omar Cano (18 hours ago)
This was made in my birth day
• Echo Lps • (18 hours ago)
I want to do this, but I’m not even sad or getting bullied?????!?!?
James Blansett (18 hours ago)
I say let bullies talk there talk whatever helps them sleep at night because there mental and there parents won't do anything to stop them. I've been bullied to a point where me myself got ganged up on by 5 of them kicking and hitting me tricking me in going to the movies with them. They stopped picking on me when I walked the rest of the way to the movies when they did expect me to show up since I was over 35 min walk to the movies.
Angel _ (18 hours ago)
Rashad Brown (18 hours ago)
Bullying is a virus that needs to stop NOW. Bullies Are Monsters that need to be accountable for all of their actions. They are cowards and chomps without a soul. They pick on people because they lack a soul and they are jealous of those who have a soul. Bullies once had a soul but they traded that because they thought it would be more fun to be mean and ugly then to be nice,kind and loving. People who are no longer here on this earth anymore because of spoiled turds like you bullies today who hide behind your phones and computers attacking people who would never hurt you.They should have a anti cyber bullying law. No more teen suicides. You cyber bullies should be in jail.
Ryuoko (18 hours ago)
Yo if you ever get bullied remember.. *You'll always have the power of God and Anime by your side!*
Flareo _Beatz (15 hours ago)
Anime, ok I'll take it, God however........
Pastel Panda Bear (18 hours ago)
Suicide just makes everything worse cause then you go to hell.
Jxjxj J (18 hours ago)
the girl is stupid taking yor life is not right
orcasaremylife hi (18 hours ago)
When the post was posted I had my b day
gamingbygaming (18 hours ago)
Why didn’t the parents there stop it get some help and stop this in the 1st place?
Bluestar Playz (18 hours ago)
I can't be strong much longer. I couldn't keep it up. I kept trying to choke myself until I was homeschooled through ALVA. I'm ugly as heck, I sound like a dying frog when I "sing", and I wanted to die. I begged my sister to shut up, stop telling my parents, and let me do what I wanted. I was just sobbing as I begged but nothing ended. I have depression and nobody cares or believes me. I'll just believe in that poor Dolly girl, and be strong for her, even if I don't and didn't knoe her.
Jeremiah plays (18 hours ago)
Stay strong even if you feel like you can't,you'll get through your hardships,just don't lose hope. It's like the sun,when it goes away,it will always come back.
Jeremiah plays (18 hours ago)
I have a friend who is really ugly but i chose to befriend her,one day she asked me"why don't you make fun of me like everyone else?"i simply said"i know it's not right,and i'm not that kind of person"😃
Jeremiah plays (18 hours ago)
I wouldn't care if you're ugly or sound like a dying frog when you sing,you would be a great friend
Killer Khiz (18 hours ago)
Is it weird that I don't mind being bullied cause it gives me an excuse to fight them? Cause I enjoy a good fight especially with people who think they're tough and need to be put in their place. Bullies are the kinda people where violence is not the only option but the better one as long as you don't start it. Talking to people that bully you isn't exactly gonna go anywhere.
Flareo _Beatz (15 hours ago)
I mean, its certainly a bolder act than ignoring them. But just dont break their thick skulls in the process, you might damage their brains. Oh right, they dont even have one to begin with.
gamingbygaming (18 hours ago)
Just block the account no one cares I’ve blocked multiple accounts in the past and even if they create a new one just turn notifications off and go on the PC or phone in peace and anyways I literally laugh at online bullying when they do it to me this ain’t the damn battlefield it’s a screen.
ray hnter (18 hours ago)
The problem is the god dam epic single mother raising these fucking kids they have no respect because they don't understand pain put the father in every home and this shit will stop fast women can't put fear in a kid only the father can and it needs to be done a ass whooping teaches these little fuckers not to do that when they figure out I don't like that kinda treatment they will not treat others that way but since this society replaced the father with child support and welfair the kids will grow up to beat murder rape women because they can women made this storm that is coming as a man I for one will mind my own fucking business when I see this happen
puro (18 hours ago)
Let’s make a latex furry disease and that’s how we fix the society
TamaleMuncher 789 (19 hours ago)
Kids shouldn't have social media anyways.
Flareo _Beatz (15 hours ago)
Not til' they understand the uses of Social Media. All you 9 year olds spamming 2015 YouTube with Minecraft videos, I'm watching you.
TheUnholyViper (19 hours ago)
When I get bullied I bully them back...
TJ (19 hours ago)
Suicide is so dumb... like just dont be sad lol it's that simple
Flareo _Beatz (18 hours ago)
Yeah, if only it were THAT easy. "Oh, my mom just died, my grades are failing, my dad is becoming an alcoholic, and my life is a big fucking mess. Eh, whatever. I'll just smile and call it another fucking day because none of these things even matter anyway! Life is supposed to be happy and sadness has no room for me despite all that I've been through!! AHAHAHAHA!"
lena malpass (19 hours ago)
Slut? Really? Do they even know that song? SWEET LITTLE UNFORGETTABLE THING!
Nixon Torres (19 hours ago)
Cyber bullying doesnt exist Change my mind
Woomypoweredkaboomy (19 hours ago)
If you got bullied in school clap your hands 👏 👏 If you wanted to end your life at that time clap your hands 👏 👏 But since you’re really special Don’t feel like the devil You can believe in yourself so clap your hands 👏 👏
Anybody who talks shit gets they ass beat. Gave this bitch ass nigga a bloody nose for talking shit.
toriplays _studios (19 hours ago)
I am so sad she killed herself on my birth bay
HiHowYaDoing ManChild (19 hours ago)
Rest In Peace. I was never bullied but I can understand what she went through because I’m suicidal too. She is in a better place now.
TheSasGaming (19 hours ago)
i have suggestion if you don't want get bullied through internet just delete your account and continue with your life, if someone bullied irl and if you a girl you probably going ignore and take it to heart, in my time when i was 13-14 years old y'know what i do with these bully i troll em i punch the bulied in the face and ran off XD. damn such good old days i do that not just by myself i do that with other dudes well after that punch we used to have that chase scenes LOL
Johnboy (19 hours ago)
Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Life is hard. For now. But it gets better. Making a decision like this will make life hard for anyone that loves you, for an eternity, not just temporarily.
Johnboy (15 hours ago)
+Flareo _Beatz hardly my friend but thank you lol
Flareo _Beatz (15 hours ago)
Johnboy (16 hours ago)
+Flareo _Beatz no need for that my friend. Ive been there. I understand. But i also understand the lifelong pain that suicide causes for those on the other side of the fence because, unfortunately, i myself have been on both sides of that fence. If we all took 5 minutes out of our lives to just acknowledge the person beside us and say hi or offer a hand then you never know. That 5 minutes of your time could be the 5 minutes that saved someones life. Its what saved mine. And we've been together ever since. There can never be good without bad. There can never be up without down. Its hard. Its a daily struggle, even for me. But, if you learn to appreciate the ups and accept the downs then that struggle becomes a little more bareable. You'll never know what its like to be on top if youve never been at the bottom looking up. There is hope. There is a brightness at the end of the dark tunnel and there is something better. We just need to learn to look and love. Its amazing what youll find when you start to see the world in a different light. And if its too hard to see it on your own. There will always be someone willing to help guide you to it. Always.
Flareo _Beatz (18 hours ago)
Everyone who votes for Johnboy as Class President say I!
Harley Avelar (19 hours ago)
Don’t bully it’s BAD
wingedguardian (19 hours ago)
she shouldnt of been on the internet if she knew they were saying things about her
Dnieto Gaming (19 hours ago)
I hope those kids learnt their lesson
Sheyla Bradlee (20 hours ago)
It was just a picture of her in a hat at a very young age and then ppl started calling her a slut? Damn people are retarded!
Y O (20 hours ago)
Well if they had parents like mine.... Bullying wouldnt even be an option and im glad about that.
LeoTheDepresso (20 hours ago)
My younger sister is being picked on in school. It isn’t technically bullying yet, but if it ever becomes that I will do whatever it takes to make sure her bullies suffer. Bullying is wrong and these are just consequences of it.
SonicFighter 09 (20 hours ago)
It's about time to boil them alive in a pool of their own blood.
nateboy1489 (21 hours ago)
Any video that says “let us spread the word by liking and subscribing” has ulterior motives. I don’t think you’re trying to spread the word solely. You want views for money. You lose all credibility by asking for likes and subscribers. That’s where I stopped watching this video.
Anita Beaven (21 hours ago)
Makes you wonder if they would like to be bullied
OmmiSombra (21 hours ago)
Kill bullies or bully bullies into not bullying
alrm1981 (21 hours ago)
Bullying is stupid and no one should get bullied
Cookie24601 Cookie24601 (22 hours ago)
The Dolly story was one that shocked Australia as a nation and a new law has been created called the Dolly law which makes it so bullies that are tied to suicide get jail time. The Dolly story is tragic and has affected a lot of people over here in AUS. I personally have attempted suicide and I don’t want what I went through to happen to others and bullies have no place in the world. If you are a bully stop and take a long hard look at yourself. And remember, speak out even if your heart shakes. Also this has always stuck with me: For everything you have lost, you have gained something else, without the dark you would never see the light
Lemondrop Grassy (22 hours ago)
The message he wrote was about the rules of using social media to end cyber bullying
Ejiro Okenmor (22 hours ago)
Have these bullies ever heard of school shootings?
Cracker Studios (23 hours ago)
Hey guys if you get bullied Wait until recess *GRABS THINGS INSIDE THE ENEMY'S BAG*
Mitary K. (23 hours ago)
People always defend the bully too coming from someone who was bullied and it’s the worst feeling
Alexis간단히 (23 hours ago)
I just have a feeling killing my toxic friends 🙃
WhiteFurryGACHA (1 day ago)
I WAS BULLIED TBH im the bully. ;-;
Gabriel Miltenberger (11 hours ago)
If i find a bully i call up there girl and hit her from the back
Parents was selfish by living in Victoria rural Australia.. They should have sent her to boarding school or moved closer to a town.. Child being depressed , I look at the parents n home life before looking at the bullies, cause bullies only have power when there victims have no friends.
YoRHa No.2 Type B (1 day ago)
What do bullies gain from bullying? ¬n¬
Mc Water (1 day ago)
Thats like disrespect,it's like you died, then someone who you hated arrived, but otherwise good lesson

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