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WORST BULLIES EVER #2 | Reddit Stories

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From being forced to pee on your clothes to being locked in a bathroom stall, the Planet Dolan crew re-enacts some of the best true stories from our subreddit about more of the worst things bullies ever did to us while we were at school. What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you on a school bus? Let us know on our reddit page and you may be featured in a future countdown. https://www.reddit.com/r/PlanetDolan/comments/5mos89/whats_the_worst_things_thats_happened_to_you_on_a/ Got a story countdown topic or question you’d like to suggest? Let us know on our reddit thread here: https://www.reddit.com/r/PlanetDolan/comments/5gsplv/dolan_true_stories_suggestions/ Come work for PLANET DOLAN! You can find job listings here: http://www.planetdolan.com/planet-dolan-jobs-opportunities/ Legal notes --- Art & Illustrations by PrincessProton https://twitter.com/princessproton Video Narrated by DD’s Brother https://twitter.com/BrotherDolan Stories curated/edited by Derek https://twitter.com/DerekRushlow Video Edited by Tony https://twitter.com/TonySantosWorld From https://www.reddit.com/r/PlanetDolan/comments/4zuc3j/whats_the_worst_thing_a_bully_ever_did_to_you/ 10 – AngelAxelBVB CHARACTER: Tolop https://twitter.com/tolop07 9 – DustierSaturn CHARACTER: Danger Dolan https://twitter.com/TheDDGuides 8 – Shadowraven675 CHARACTER: Doopie https://twitter.com/DoopieDoOver 7 – Lacunai_left CHARACTER: Cid https://twitter.com/CidiusV 6 – Mote-of-Lobross CHARACTER: Nixxiom https://twitter.com/Nixxiom 5 – Taytay7813 CHARACTER: Spinalpalm https://twitter.com/Spinalpalm 4 – NicsSpirit CHARACTER: Slapped Ham https://twitter.com/SlappedHam 3 – Darkstarsoul CHARACTER: Andiemations https://twitter.com/andiemations 2 – DTM_ShadowSlayer CHARACTER: Grgak https://twitter.com/GrgakGames 1 – DD’s Brother https://twitter.com/BrotherDolan Outro song: “Sunny Side Up” Jim Kulakowski (jimkulakowski.com) http://jimkulakowski.com/sunny-side-up/ Music and Artists: http://pastebin.com/xfj5a2kB
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5:10 Wait... But... How exactly does an in-school suspention work? Isn't a suspention kinda like a temporary expultion?
DejaVuu (1 day ago)
Kelly Keefauver (1 day ago)
A person who I used to consider a friend made fun of the fact that my face turned red she has a lot of friends. I don’t know what I should do. I have to see her every day.plz help
xXCharlie_ PlayzXx (1 day ago)
Back at my school I was the most famous bully and never got caught And I had the most friends then anyone else out of the whole school
Cortney Ramirez (2 days ago)
Back in fourth grade my teacher put kids in trash cans these kids were FOOT BALL players
Tears For Fears (2 days ago)
I got bullied so much i did self harm.... I regret it a lot .... they shoved me in a fucking locker, they pushed me down a flight of stairs, they cut me with a slap bracelet after taking the the outer thingy shit off, and when i had a mental break down the teacher left the room and they shoved me into a closet until the teacher came back.... But the worst thing was when I was in the hall they (sorry to just now say this but they were boys who bullied me) so they saw me in the hall and grabbed and pushed me into the boys bathroom stall where they punched me twice in the gut and at the moment my crush walked in and screamed get off her and they ran AF and he took me down to the nurses office as I passed out in the lobby of it and the boys were expelled and now me and my crush are besties but my advise is... don't do self harm, it doesn't take the pain away it's a bad habbit and get an adult and tell them what is going on... So yeah.
Nigel Hargett (2 days ago)
The weirdest thing that's happened to me on a school bus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92mBy8yweqY
Once somebody called me a fat pig and this boy came towards that person and punched them in the sausage then they walked slowly towards me as I tip toed to the classroom and then he pulled me towards my locker and tried to kiss me I screamed for the teacher and kicked and eventually a teacher saw and he went straight to detention I never saw him in the halls ever
Suga Is mine from bts (2 days ago)
I got bullied in school and I punched and kicked the girls private part and I would say happily they never bullied me
Indigo Luckhurst (3 days ago)
I'm pretty intamidating so this would I bet never happen to me unless they were a bit messed up in the head
Suicidal kid (3 days ago)
This is how I have anxiety alot
DJ_static_ gaming (3 days ago)
My bullie almost went to jail he was older than me and brought a knife to school and at the end of school he pulled it out on me and I am native Canadian and said to me native people are not allowed in this school so the next day the police were there and I saw my bullie getting arrested and then I whispered to him when I went by him don’t drop the soap
Poor Dolan and his face uhh reminds me when I got picked on
Jay Newsome (4 days ago)
I am forced to dance and sing I hate it
ethan Pearson (4 days ago)
Is this why school shootings happened? Cause it leads to depresion then they cant take so wtf let me give it a try see if it stops bullying "Not For Real"
arlin alvarez (4 days ago)
I do get bullied at school but there insalts and guess what! I.DONT.GIVE.A.FUCK!
Caterpillar poopy (4 days ago)
i hate bullies
Hellena Rodriguez (5 days ago)
Well I have claustrophobia I am I was pushed into a locker and you need to put this in one of your stories
Lilliana Wellborn (5 days ago)
there was this kid on the bus that I new for only two years and he said face to face with me I know were you live and then on the week and did came to my house but diden't do anything bad he greeted himself and we played video games , ate food and then he left.
The Cat Boss (6 days ago)
My bro bully me so get knife and hold up hay and scream out windo so hear me
The Cat Boss (6 days ago)
I die if u step in belly so do not or go to uhh jail🤬😏
Jayden MacRae (7 days ago)
So in elementary school I was bullied between the ages 7 until 11(when I made a new friend in 6th grade.) when I was 7 some guy I think he was in 5th of 6th grade. In grade 2 I was in the washroom at lunch until I met the bully at the door to get in and can't remember his name but he yelled at me saying "Hey kid What's up?" and before I said anything he shoved me to a wall and picked me up and do it again for about three times until the janitor heard that I was yelling at him to stop, and in grade 3 I was bullied during recess and the bully was maybe the same grade as me but in a different class, but anyway when it was time to go back into the school I was pushed into a tree and was kicked in the back and my nose was bleeding, the bully left but no one noticed because I was in lets say a isolated area when I was bullied. My shirt was nearly covered in blood and the teacher noticed and I told her what happened. In grade 5 I was I on a play structure until the bully pushed me off of the structure the bully was a guy and I remember his name, his name is mark (don't know his last name) anyway he pushed me and said "Ha ha Take that you ugly freak" and he also throw sand in my hair and eyes and he had gang of friends that came to me and picked me up while I was blinded by sand and tears until they stopped and throw me down face-first into the sand, and therefore I moved to a different school for grade 6 and I made a new friend for that year, and ever since I was never bullied again.I know that the comment is long but when I said "I think he was in 5th of 6th grade" I was meant to say "or" in between 5th and 6th.
Anyone else notice that the username "Mote-Of-Lobross" Is in like almost every video
Nixie Ochs Thomas (8 days ago)
Sugarxkatxx (8 days ago)
There's this one classmate i don't understand lol He sometimes picks on me but sometimes he's being nice Does that mean something
Crafter Blox (10 days ago)
like bullying a normal person its ok (i don't do bully or recommend it) BUT if its a girl say like a boy bully a girl or classmate bully a person who's sick/ has a condition now that just gone too far
Katie Garry (10 days ago)
Y r principals such asses I was kinda bullied at school I'm only 11 in p 5 and 6 a girl kept arguing with my friend we were in a group chat in the playground and she came over and insulted us 1 time 2 of my friends me and the other girl were watching my younger brother's class cuz we could not go outside because it was raining and we played hang man I chose one of my friend's little sister and the girl said y did u pick her and then I said I want to give her a chance is that a problem with u then she insulted me and sleaghed me cuz of my asburgers so yea
0:49 teacher: SING OR BE PUNISHD!!     me: [sings Russian anthom]  teacher: ok im done teaching forever
Agnes Gammons (11 days ago)
On my 1st day of riding the bus I met a friend we became close and the next day she bullied me a lot
Dat One Boi (11 days ago)
in school i used to get bullied in 3rd grade and his "gang"and threw me down but i lost it and just kicked the kid in the balls and kneed him in the nose they haven't messed with me since then
Nicole Kugler (11 days ago)
Ok, so when I was in 2nd grade a 3 grader girl sat by me almost every day in the bus. When we I had item in my hand the 3rd grade girl snatched it from my hand and rapidly went to another seat. I got really pissed and I told her sternly “give it back” and she said no. I got more pissed and told her again “give it back or I’m telling the bus driver!” and she said NO! So I retrieved the item back from her and then she told the bus driver that it was hers!! Later I haven’t seen her again. *until* some months later! She came to the bus and then sat on my seat saying “you are worthless” right to my ear. And so I sad to her really strong “STOP. LEAVE ME ALONE!” When she got off the bus I told the bus driver what happened. And I never saw her again in school.
Braydon Monaghan (12 days ago)
i got bullied and got my girlfriend and the tallest and strongest kids in school and I kicked the dang kid in the nuts so hard I knocked his tooth out and my friend made his eye bleed and I got suspended and while I was I moved but the bully moved and is my neighbor and we’re good friends but he bullies me still I still hurt him, in math he started bullying my girlfriend for a prank I smacked him and said don’t do that or else I’ll fart on you lol That’s my story
Vicky Mccormick (12 days ago)
I get bullied because I have short hair and I am a nerd and I get work done fast and I am a teacher's pet and I look like a boy but I am a girl.
Vicky Mccormick (12 days ago)
When I was in second grade we went on a field trip and were coming back to have ice cream but we were not at all far from the place we went and then we crashed we could not get anywhere and there was broken glass and my friend hurt her arm and my teacher made us play a game to clam plus down then we got another bus and my friend went to the hospital and we went home with no ice cream and all of us got sick from the heat so none of us came to school and we all survived.
Arc trooper Echo (13 days ago)
I got bullied because I got good grades they always hated me just for doing work
It means they are jealous
Ryan Pham (13 days ago)
When I was in high school I was mentally bullied and was depressed and cut myself
Rachel Kunh (13 days ago)
Once I was eating
Kelly Violette (11 days ago)
funny comment : D
Rachel Kunh (11 days ago)
Kelly Violette (11 days ago)
Dylan Metzger (13 days ago)
Why is every one falling for these mind tricks?
Kelly Violette (11 days ago)
ComedyToonsYT (13 days ago)
Some teachers do bully students tho 😡😡👉👎😖
Kelly Violette (11 days ago)
yep ~ they're mofos
Khen Baird (13 days ago)
I am really happy that I never had a bully No one in my grade in my newest school had a bully But all the kids in my old school were jerks, but one kid was nice
foxy the pirate (13 days ago)
One of my teachers made me rewrite my homework every day for an hour just because "my writing was bad" although it could be read by any normal person.
psychopath gaming 666 (14 days ago)
I'm normally bullied cause I'm fat. .. but ones my friend tried to kill me because I wouldn't move cause I was making snow Angeles and he jumped on me exactly on top of my lungs which made me suffocate for a minute a bunch off people ran to get help when he was jumping knees first and I was spazing out we become best friends a year later
vesta vestute (14 days ago)
when i had a mental break down i almost killed a person i left them on the brink of death
ZerOGameR Org. (15 days ago)
I dont like you
ZerOGameR Org. (15 days ago)
ZerOGameR Org. (15 days ago)
ZerOGameR Org. (15 days ago)
ZerOGameR Org. (15 days ago)
Mrbeast His fan (15 days ago)
My name is Blake but I’m 10
The bro teams Gamer (15 days ago)
My brother has autism one day this bull called my brother retardant sorry I don’t know how to spell this word any my brother grabbed the bully threw him in a bin
flora allred (16 days ago)
one time i got bullied becuz a kid through her backpack at me on the bus then i gave it back then she through it out the window and told every one i did thatand the her mom came over and squoce my rist and she never got in troble then one time she told all mhy friends and her mom that i called her bad names and i got introble whith my dad becuz he went to gas station that her mom worked at and she told somthing i didnt do but i got a hole batch of cookies becuz my mom said for to bring her thoughes cookies and she wasnt there so i got to eat them and i shared whith my friends
All in All (16 days ago)
I feel like I have this demonic rage... Most of it is out on video games but, ever sometimes, a person :3
ghost space (16 days ago)
If was me in 2° i would probably get shooted because, i would be like "Do it you don't have the guts". cause i arleady have been shooted with a bb gun.
Kevin The Cube (16 days ago)
I got bullied here’s my story My sister the badass I was in class (if I say words that don’t make sense I’m from uk) and this kid call me an Indian. I was offended cause I had a red birth mark on the exact middle. So that’s racist. I told the teacher and they didn’t do anything all they did was say don’t do that. That’s it. Soon my sister found out and was mad. So mad she said this, these are the exact words she said, My sister: Oi you! Bully: yeah :/ My sister: if you don’t stop bullying my brother ima get my brother who’s in the army and kill you with a gun! Bully: *runs off crying Eventually she gets reported by the bully and got called in. At the end of the talk she rolled her eyes at the headteacher and left. And that why my sister is a badass.
Kevin The Cube (16 days ago)
On the exact middle of my head*
Diamond The One (16 days ago)
I have to carry a knife with me...
Cool Diamond demon (16 days ago)
I’m the only one that’s hated in my class
Same bro ;_; I know ya feel
I just realized spinal pump looks like dipper from gravity falls
Mad-Hatter-ison (17 days ago)
Those kids who bullied that one kid because of autism and framed him be lucky I don't go to the same school back then. Because as an *Autistic* woman, I will flip the kids over to tell them how it feels if someone flips *Their* head
RhomboidDuck 2 (17 days ago)
Bully’s will be afraid of me 🤜
RhomboidDuck 2 (17 days ago)
Oh yeah can’t wait for high school hahaha
Carter Bell (17 days ago)
I once had to fight a kid on the bus he got a nose bleed and I was in first grade
Linus Welch (17 days ago)
A shock collar ? That is mean
Snowy Bandit (17 days ago)
I'm HaViNg A mEnTaL bReAkDoWn
Oof (17 days ago)
As I was popular at my old school I befriended the bully
InfernoAsh (17 days ago)
Okay, someone tell me where this poor boy goes to school, and gets stuffed in lockers OVERNIGHT, MIGHT I ADD and gets in trouble?!?! I WANNA PUNCH EVERY PERSON THERE... I don't care how much hate I'm going to get on this comment, but I honestly, wouldn't be very sad is there was a shooting at that school. Besides for the poor boy. I'll feel sad for him.
Easton Poppe (18 days ago)
I got kalad a retad and punst in the face and kicked in the nuts and my mom CEP calling the school but the priceapl did nothing untill I told but the kids sed I fohgt back
Ebonemaster gacha time (18 days ago)
I don’t Take the school bus I’m a car rider
Unicorn party (18 days ago)
I got bullied in forth grade by a girl named lets say.... know what I'm gonna use her real name cause frick it she was meean to my friends so I started standing up for them of course she was mad at me but what she said to me didn't really bother me but it bothered my friends so she kept doing it because she knew it hurt me when my friends were sad and at the end of it all I would be the one who got in trouble so if you're reading this fricking frick you shalom
On a bus somebody beat me up and try to murder me when I'm at school they grab a weapon and beat me up then thier self and blame me for beating me up
Cebastien Johnson (18 days ago)
At 4:10 did you bang your hand on the desk
Alex Morale (18 days ago)
I got Bullied before because I sate down in a char this one boy said get out of my seat Mexican so I told the printable and the bullied got In trouble .
Tori Mote (18 days ago)
When I was in a foster home, this girl who was younger than me (10) and who was super big for her age and taller. And I was (11) I still am 11 btw, anyways, she would constantly hit me, call me names, call me gay, and other bad things. So one day she and I we're play fighting and then it turned real somehow and so she kept getting on top of me and punch me and try to choke me. Then as I was screaming she was gay, my older sister who was 15 came and pulled me off of her. Then she roasted the crap out of her. But she kept messing with me. And her. She would also make fun of me because I was sexually abused by my uncle. She would also talk about my mom and dad ( my dad is dead) and I was really short and weak. I still am but.. I hope she rots in hell. She would also hit my older sister and one day her older sister accidentally hit her with a charger on the leg and she burst out in tears. I'm out that hell place now. She was adopted. But, the foster home was complete hell. You have no clue. Now I am out of there and she can stay in that hell place. I'm so sorry for making this so long. And if you've ever been in a foster home and got bullied, it'll be okay. Trust me. Have an awesome day! ;)
Black Out (18 days ago)
One time when I got bullied was in 4th grade and this fat ass bully threw a Basketball at my face so hard it made my nose bleed and he did it again And knocked a tooth out and the next day I beat the shit out of him and He never bullied me again
Potato Girl (18 days ago)
Márta Szikra (18 days ago)
one time, when i was 9 or 10, i had a bully, who stolled my backpack.
Mr. Gold (18 days ago)
If there is a bully that is bulling someone in my school thats not mean. Ill fucking twist the bullys neck and then tell him Thats for you shitbag. I really hate bullys.
Robbie Oliver (18 days ago)
I have autism
jojo duncan (19 days ago)
Namba 2
Cristian Solis Bravo (19 days ago)
In 5th grade I got bully in the first day and it end on October 10-15 then after one if the kids and this happened a few days after I was being bullied he call a girl words that was use for 18 and up and got Expelled from school and he expelled in June
lps cookie (19 days ago)
I got into a fight with me my sister and another chick we were both fighting the other check we were both fighting other a check I only got two hits in haven't gone to school ever since
LiovoPlays (19 days ago)
Boy u think when they punch me oh I will fucking pin them to the ground and punch them
Aybo Pectize (19 days ago)
One time my bullies pulled my hijab from behind and for the revenge i brought a box cutter to school and try to kill them one by one, and i THOUGHT i was the one who get in trouble but the bullies actually got expelled from school. Ps: it was amazing
BILAL HASSAN (20 days ago)
I never got bullyed cuz I'm super tall
Cherry Bomb (20 days ago)
I was bullied by a substitute teacher i think i wad working on something for 30 minutes which is a long time as a 1st grader i turned it in and the teacher told the entire class this is garbage and gave it back to me and said do it again i hated that substitute teacher luckily im in 5tg grade and i havent had her since
Virtual Gamer (20 days ago)
At my old school my teacher when I was in kindergarten would give me more work than anyone else made me sit in the corner and yelled at me when I didn't do anything AND made me stack all the chairs on the table :( 8(
Wolfy 1 (21 days ago)
I never had to deal with bullies YET but I used to hate it when people called me a crybaby
Becca Maldonado (22 days ago)
Cecelia Le (22 days ago)
Wow that kid deserve to get some money and the bully deserve to get 1 whole year in school
At school I would get tonted by this total jerk because the reson that I'm Puerto Rican.And he would say why I janged out those wirdos.But then I stude up and told him to never call my friends wirdos.He never bullide me or my friends never again.
Aggeliki D (22 days ago)
Stefanie Shafer (23 days ago)
Number6 ×=\;×_=_%_/#×!$#\/@&÷€!**£"×\@;!\,-./(&
Traci abachiche (23 days ago)
I got bullied by a teacher
Pixelmeleon (23 days ago)
4:08 for some reason that thud was the funniest part of the video for me. 😂
Sharon Myers (23 days ago)
A bully was making me very angry because he tried to smash me against a brick wall so I broke his arm with my bare hands Not lying
Cherry Wolf (23 days ago)
7:14. One of them has a blue tooth. Is that supposed to be there? Btw great art princessproton!
Kitty Tori (23 days ago)
The worst thing that happened to me on a school hus was this very annoying bully encounter. Story:So this like 13 year old dude and his friends really hated me for sone reason. They bullied me on the bus and lied to the driver but the driver didn't care. I have many issues and I got to that point where I yelled at the bullies. Then when I sat against the window and he sits next to me and squishes me almost suffercating me. His friends then use a broom that was placed near the seats and hits my arm really hard.....there the story is done. (I'm 10 and I'm to lazy to fix my grammar and puncuation mistakes, bye.)
Dominic Animations (18 days ago)
I just use auto correct
Dominic Animations (18 days ago)
Kitty Tori LOL same
The worst thing that did not happen to me but it happend to my friend, one day my friend was on the bus o her way to school when her bully forced her friend to steal her Nintendo ds or her friend whould get beat up, so she gave the ds and she never got it back because when she went to tell on her bully the bully whould force her to stand in a corner and slap her.
I have a story call me zahra When the wholl school going on a fill trip we go we go to a swiming poll whene i was swiming my bully or call him hizkia pinch me at the swiming pool and i cry and my ms.erna see me crying and hizkia goy scold;-;
Gabe Hull (24 days ago)
That is not ok
girly gamer 28 (24 days ago)
The worst thing that happened to me on a school bus is this.by the way I'm a girl. Me rniya have a agveting friend that lives close to us we was going to move to a different house and be for we did me and my brother unfriended my friend oareall so thin my brother got itspelled from school so he could not set by me on the bus so oareall got inchroball and had to move on this day I brought my phone to school so then she got moved by me then she saw me on my phone and she asked me what are you playing? I just showed her because she is nosey and agrvating.
Christina Little (24 days ago)
I have one this kid named Lucas he was buling me one day i got pissd and told him to come to the histe pess of the play grond i have a crew and they took choc to come they where wating he was at the last pess of the lader then my crew went down case i told them to they under the lader cus i told them to and when they were there i. Saed its abote to rane bodes then i kide Lucas down and they said oh thats what you ment he was gronig in pain then i jumped down then hit and kikt him until he was bleeding all over but we lost or reces for tomaro karmas a fucking bitch but tomoro was Christmas berak but im stil in second grade
Lilith (11 days ago)
Thanks I really appreciate it! ❤️
Gaming Pixelerator (12 days ago)
Lilith 🖕🏻
Gaming Pixelerator (12 days ago)
Lilith (16 days ago)
All the grammar mistakes you made are: -buling -pissd -histe pess -play grond -choc -last pess -lader -Saed -abote -rane bodes -kide -ment -gronig -kikt -reces -tomaro -tomara -berak -stil BRO GO BACK TO SCHOOL
Sam Gelbero (24 days ago)
I want to kick all these bullies in the balls or vagina
senpai steeler (24 days ago)
Some new guy tried to pull down my shirt and take off my pants and rub his pennis on my face
Patricia Stinson (24 days ago)
I hate people who beat up kids who have autism
John Lipps (24 days ago)
i ride a school bus and i had to give a kid candy so i could sit with her and i was by a hi schooler

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