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Broker Online Exchange - Energy 101 Webinar

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Brokerage trainers at BOX provide a thorough overview of de-regulated energy market and the opportunities it provides. Topics discussed include an overview of de-regulation, energy bills, commercial vs. residential energy customers, and industry participants. They'll explain why customers need energy brokers and review the steps necessary to close an energy deal. Finally, they share information about the role BOX can play to help you maximize your deal flow and potential income. Ready to streamline your energy sales? Sign up today: https://enroll.brokeronlinexchange.com/ Join BOX today to get instant access to: ► 80+ Suppliers ► Contract creation software ► Instant matrix pricing in all deregulated markets ► Flexible payment plans See 5 common pitfalls energy brokers should avoid: http://offers.brokeronlinexchange.com/5-common-pitfalls-energy-brokers-should-avoid Learn 8 tips to streamline sales: http://offers.brokeronlinexchange.com/8-tips-to-streamline-energy-sales-grow-your-firm
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