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Descriptive Statistics in Excel with Data Analysis Toolpak

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https://alphabench.com/data/excel-descriptive-statistics.html Generate a table of descriptive statistics in Excel for Windows and Excel 2016 for the MAC with the Data Analysis Toolpak Addin. Descriptive statistics or simply descriptives are used to characterize data sets with summary measurements that act as a simple way to summarize data. Descriptives along with a visualization of a data set are the first steps in any data analysis.
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David Argenal (2 months ago)
when I tried this, the mean was automatically rounded. How would I be able to avoid this? Is there a way to choose how the mean gets rounded?
Matt Macarty (2 months ago)
Hi, I think maybe you are not displaying enough decimals. Try clicking the increase decimals button in the ribbon, or take a look at the cell format.

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