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Restricted Stock & RSUs: Taxes and Key Decisions

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Learn from the editor-in-chief of myStockOptions.com (http://www.mystockoptions.com) the different taxes that apply at vesting, withholding rules, taxes at sale, and mistakes to avoid. Understanding the taxes is critical to maximizing the value of your restricted stock, restricted stock units (RSUs), and performance shares and avoiding IRS ire. Plus, the video covers the key decisions you need to make about restricted stock, including withholding methods and whether to hold or sell the stock at vesting. For information on licensing and/or customizing this video, contact [email protected] The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, effective at the beginning of 2018, modifies the tax rates for federal withholding discussed in this video. They are now 22% for supplemental wage income, such as that from restricted stock & RSU vesting, and 37% for amounts over $1 million per year. An update version of this video without specific mention of rates appears at https://youtu.be/an_2-t5gBRU.
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Text Comments (3)
James Lanouette (3 months ago)
Thank you so much for this--you've helped clarify RSUs very well for me. I feel much more confident about an upcoming financial decision.
KwynM (6 months ago)
this is awesome but please don't plit the audio between speakers. it's really painful to listen to on headphones.
sadfasde3 (8 months ago)
Thank you very helpful

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