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GTA 5 - How to Make $2.1 Billion

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IGN shows you how to make more than two billion (with a 'B') dollars via the stock market assassination missions in Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4 / Xbox One and PS3 / Xbox 360. For more on GTA 5, check out our full wiki on IGN @ http://www.ign.com/wikis/gta-5
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Text Comments (13946)
Dangerouly Cheesy (7 hours ago)
Already did the assassinations crying
Johnny SMS (12 hours ago)
i invested into debonaire then i checked my portfolio and it showed that it was empty now on the 2 of the characters i only have about 20 thousand dollars
Jan Pohorec (15 hours ago)
For me redwood isn't going up it just stays at 10 percent of profit im on ps4
Javier Bravo (19 hours ago)
How long does take to get the profit from redwood?
jack mullan (1 day ago)
I think they have patched this because when i invested it didn’t give me outrageous returns I probably gave me 1-3% return the highest on one of them being 21.5% return so i went from 13 million from final heist to 23-25 million so if your that dead set on getting 10 million more there’s no point wasting your time
Keehlan Ferrari-Brown (4 hours ago)
I did it today and got $400mil +
PR Heydenreich (1 day ago)
I have tried this so many times but never ever see the persentages mentioned
RRRandom SSStuff (1 day ago)
O well I failed
Duncan Goldie (1 day ago)
I did 2 out of 4 before this is that ok
Pews is better then u
Adrian Oneal (1 day ago)
When you did all the Lester missions before the union missions
OmkarCentenario (1 day ago)
You can get 2.7 billion if you include the tinkle mission
AhoytheNukes (1 day ago)
I tried it. Sadly, the game removed all my money in the stock market. :(
Mr. Emo (2 days ago)
I've made every mistake there is I'm making a new game
Unknown Person (2 days ago)
I’m new to the game and only got a little :(
Cameron Toy (2 days ago)
This is single player and it doesn’t work online, I’m disliking this
Brad Barreau (2 days ago)
All you had to do was to invest CJ!
Schm11 1ty (2 days ago)
This was 3 years ago, they most likely nerfed this.
Schm11 1ty (2 days ago)
If the stock market was in online.... Lets just say someone would be ambitious enough to try to make it real currency.
Cameron Hoover (2 days ago)
am i the only one that dosent have a working BAWSAQ network
You need to be a Rockstar Social Club member and be online to use BAWSAQ
Cameron Hoover no
Chris Garcia (3 days ago)
How do you skip Lester's missons
LunoTech Z (3 days ago)
I have to do lesters assasination missions cause no other missions wont pop up
lamar davis (3 days ago)
i'v waited 2 days in real life and still i can't skip the first lester mission as franklin
Fresh Dropz (3 days ago)
I lost 33 mil because it didnt register me buying the stocks so I bought 33 million dollars of stocks but i didnt get any😭
MENACE (3 days ago)
Does this work on the pc?
Bryan Morra (4 days ago)
This doesn't work
I completed the game and i only have 31 million
Did I do something wrong? I ended up with 1 billion dollars
DFWClanNaRegion (1 day ago)
I also ended up with around 1.3 billion for all characters following the steps
Oh pkay
DFWClanNaRegion (3 days ago)
I mesn it got nerfed
DFWClanNaRegion (3 days ago)
Furry friend To the end patched
You said 103% right? Well I got 84mil at 74% return in investment
If you kill Trevor then you won't have him no more what is the correct decision I have played 3 times with 3 endings and Im stuck
fortnite twitch clips (7 days ago)
I didn't get 2.1 billon but I still got alot
TIDY SCXRRECKZ (7 days ago)
Why is it so many glitch videos
SonicChip 1245 (7 days ago)
I did it and I got only 4 million dollars back :(
cory hawkins (7 days ago)
The stock market didn't give me the return percentage you showed. (PS4)
Knik B (7 days ago)
This was garbage for me. I play PVP online only do you have any videos that can pertain to that
Knik B (7 days ago)
I posted how to male a mill https://youtu.be/LvsTw3yyn2A
MatthewPlayz (8 days ago)
Just be a taxi driver
Mandella Canadian (8 days ago)
Too many remakes
You can always trust IGN.
Gracieee (8 days ago)
My return percentage from Gold Coast development went up to 45% and then went down from there. Idk if it’s something I did wrong? If you’re doing this do not get nervous if you don’t get your money right away, I doesn’t take “a day or two” like it said in the video, it takes like a week for stock percentages to go up. I have around $800 million in each of my character’s bank account so I’m still happy.
PAYDAY (9 days ago)
I had to restart bc it didnt work
dara assassin (9 days ago)
Just to let you know if you reading in 2018 well some of these may only work online or on next gen
Yeah for BAWSAQ, you need to be online and be a Rockstar Social Club member to use it
Josh Escobar (9 days ago)
For all of you that can't do this, you're noobs. Nov. 11, 2018 and It still works for me, It's beyond self explanatory.
Czizzorx YT (9 days ago)
0:20 LMAO 😂 Franklin Looks Like Khalid
Aussie. Sg (10 days ago)
I lost money
Ethan Middleton (10 days ago)
My game didn’t even remember me investing the money in the first place
Camron Angell (10 days ago)
Ummm yeah this didnt work for me my stocks didnt really work well so i am not even a billionaire
Robert Tatum (10 days ago)
I've did this a lot of times by repeating the mission I've got to a amount of 100 mil for about a day real life I'm still doing this a still getting more and more money
Talal S. (11 days ago)
I slept for too long and had 300 million golden coast went doen
Justablip Gaming (11 days ago)
I started with 29 mil and ended with about 450,000,000. To be fair it’s enough for some stuff
Ed ' (11 days ago)
what can a billion dollars buy you in this game?
Mr. Panda (11 days ago)
*30 million.. not bad*
Not too Obvious (12 days ago)
It dont work
Samantha Ketchum (13 days ago)
Okay so is anyone else having the problem where the bawsaq well not work for either Franklin or Trevor?! Cause mines only working for Micheal like what the hell
LØRD ØXY (13 days ago)
Just lost all Michaels money i think its a glitch my investment is gone its not even showing on my profile 49mill all gone
Just learn Bro (13 days ago)
Prepare to Hibernate
GigaMarc 2 (13 days ago)
Or just get Horizon for xbox
Ricky Chang (14 days ago)
Wish i could do this in #reality
Brandon Wilkes (15 days ago)
Would it work if you just reply the mission
knite lore (16 days ago)
shhh pc can mod
Jose Lolwane (16 days ago)
Hey im IGN on gta
Syykx (16 days ago)
*When you already beat gta 5*
RandoTopia (16 days ago)
You can only make about 1.2 bill now, but if you invest that into random low stocks, if they rise at all, you get like 200 mill. If you do this, you can make 2.2 bill
Bootleg Putther (16 days ago)
I thought this was for online I don’t play story mode no more😂
Rade Ue Masq (15 days ago)
When Debonair gets to about 50% sell. It'll drop afterwards. When Fruit reaches 25%, sell, haven't seen it go higher. Facade stops at around 30% Trick is when you see the same % twice in a row. When you go to sleep you don't have to save. When the save screen pops up, back out & time will have passed. If you see the same % twice, sell. That's the game letting you know it's about to drop.
Pyrotechnic81 (16 days ago)
Lol nobody cares about story
Magnus Kaspersen (16 days ago)
Wtf is 2,147b the max of the gta account?? i should have like 3b but it stopped at 2,1b
Manny Dorsey (16 days ago)
4:27 That balance is pretty close to the 32 bit integer limit. Either you're just a couple hundred dollars from hitting the limit and the balance switching to a negative value, or they have truncated a bunch of the profits off to make sure that doesn't happen. I don't know which happens in GTA
Tom and Gam (16 days ago)
*Wow!!!!! 567 dollaes ajke.* expert0ption.com/1KDaily
Barbara Howse (4 days ago)
Joe Mini (16 days ago)
I have a problem if I do not do my assassination missions the story does not go on what i must do ?
DavikaGame (16 days ago)
Is this still working on 2018 pc version?????
Donut juice (17 days ago)
This is story mode only, 50% click bait yourwelcome
dara assassin (17 days ago)
Great spoiler I didnt even have time to react you yelled it right then and there 5 years ago Me now mehh
XpertmessportX (17 days ago)
*_i once saw that i LOST $3,000,000 doing this, thanks IGN_*
Wyatt Horner (17 days ago)
i beat the whole game :0'
Austin Woughter (17 days ago)
3:46 san Andreas? Its los santos dawg lol
LamingtonGamer (17 days ago)
This only gave me 100 mill
Devon Gravel (17 days ago)
You could of said spoilers earlier
memz (18 days ago)
You dont need to sleep to get those moneys, you can buy it and sell it instant and you'll get more than 80 millions i tried it and it works for 3 characters
Andrei Ogsila (19 days ago)
I can't use bawsaq,why is that?
PickleBros (15 days ago)
Andrei Ogsila qq
Doctrinious (19 days ago)
Pretty sure my character has depression now, 2 months of sleep
Jesus Diaz (19 days ago)
How do i get bawsaq?
Ben Crosbie (19 days ago)
Its been a while since i played gta i stopped at the start of this year lol got too bored of grinding and wasting money on shark cards. I played it since late 2013
Adel Hajdarovic (19 days ago)
Damn I already finished the game... guess I gotta start over.
iKraZy Pickle (20 days ago)
I barely got $1bil. on franklin. At least it worked half way for me.
# Guiltless (20 days ago)
Fk the Bawsaq
iCriTZ YT (21 days ago)
Lol didn't even Work had 54 mil ended up with 7033
rock tosser (22 days ago)
Ugh did anyone else not get any money with the Trevor’s score
Banana Killer902 (22 days ago)
Yus thank you
Oh story, I was thinking its online but no, this video is useless
Brett Bales (23 days ago)
This was a great video to watch and follow for when you beat the game and leave open the lester missions
Saeid Soloman (23 days ago)
I got a 145% from redwoods😎😎
Jhon Smith (23 days ago)
I did the last one and bought the Gold Coast and at the end of the game I couldn’t sell it because of
Arctic Chill (24 days ago)
I did the stock for Debonaire all 3 characters for the multi assassination and 2 of them said i didn’t buy any stocks while the third got 60 mil and had to restart game
Frozone (24 days ago)
I stared doing the missions when i had 800 mil
I waited a day and a half on the first one and only got a 58% return can someone help?
callum doughty (25 days ago)
Oh I f d it up
Asher Harwell (25 days ago)
Stark market
Real 48 (25 days ago)
Most of these isn't working anymore...Try this one instead, works for me! *POSTISGUIDES. COM*
It's me
Pepe the Frog (25 days ago)
I don't have the social club :(

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