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How The Stock Market/Exchange Works (SIMPLIFIED)

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For questions dm on Instagram https://instagram.com/ralph.royal This video is an introduction to the stock market, beginners guide and a response which was requested by my subscribers. If you enjoyed the video make sure to subscribe and click the like button. The goal of this video is to help you as an investor get a clear understanding of the stock market, before investing your money into stocks. Royal Bank of Canada. (TSE: RY): Largest Bank/Service Provider in Canada. -Current price: $92.48 -Projected price: $98.3 -Change: %6.29 ~~~~~~~~~~ Instagram: http://instagram.com/ralph.royal AEV: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoTOW9h1p625JNY9VzHY_xQ 1) Question: I really still don't understand what you mean by "selling stocks"? Answer: Selling a stock is when you sell a share that you personally own, of a company to another person. In other words, transfer ownership to another individual. 2) Question: What are you investing your money into? Answer: Energy stocks & Banks 3) Question: Who buys stocks? Answer: Anyone who has access to the market can buy stocks, probably hard to believe but there are a lot of people that trade daily. 4) Question: Where do you buy stocks? Answer: Either broker or bank.. 5) Question: How do I sell stocks? Answer: Same broker as you purchase stocks with. 6) Question: Why do people buy stocks? Answer: Return investments & profits or hold ownership in a company 7) Question: How many stocks are there per company? Answer: Volume of stocks depends on the company. More info on yahoo finance 8) Question: Investing in Marijuana companies is a good idea? Answer: Depends on the country and its law/regulations. May be too late. 9) Question: What happens if a company goes bankrupt? Answer: Public companies sometimes go bankrupt, sometimes shareholders can get some money from liquid assets. But the stock ends up being 0 or 1 cent. 10) Question: How fast can you sell a stock? Answer: Pretty much right away, depends on what people are asking for it. 11) Question: How much money do you think one should have before you start investing in the stock market? Answer: Start with $1,000 12) Question: Lets say I buy a stock through Coca Cola and its value increases, and I choose sell. Why would anyone buy my stock ? Answer: People share same interests, if company is doing good, people invest. 13) Question: Where would i find the charts for the stocks i would want to invest in? Answer: Yahoo finance, Google finance or more.. 14) Question: What if you don't have a lot of money to invest with? Answer: Don't take loans, save up. 15) Question: Can you recommend me a brokerage firm, what should i use? Answer: I use a bank to trade stocks 16) Question: Can you get all international stocks... my bank, can't get some stocks.....? Answer: Many cases, there are a lot of restrictions. Ask your broker. 17) Question: Is amazon a good stock? Answer: Stable but may not be worth of investing in future. 18) Question: Annual investing vs Monthly investing? Answer: I prefer monthly investing. 19) Question: What is a stock market and what is the forex market? Answer: Stock market: trading shares, Forex is trading currency. 20) Question: Good idea to invest in apple right now? Answer: It's a safe company, but there are other companies to consider. 21) Question: I live in Russia, can i buy stock from America like you guys? Answer: If your broker allows you, check your government regulations. 22) Question: Can a stock divide? Answer: Stocks can divide, if price is too high, companies may consider it. 23) Question: Does it matter what trading platform you use? Answer: Ref to my previous vid for details 24) Question: Do you get charged an amount every time you trade? Answer: Most likely you will be charged. Different ways they can take money out of your pockets. good Canadian companies to invest in 5 canadian stocks 2017 how to make money on trading 212 canadian marijuana stocks how to trade stocks
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Maldivy Maldives (10 months ago)
Thanks, I had just tried out this this called Expert Option for swing trading. The layout looks easy, but I have no idea how to exactly know when to buy and when to sell based on price graph. So it looks too complicated for a beginner. Is there something similar for stocks?
Maldivy Maldives (10 months ago)
Waiting for ur video that will guide us on swing trading. Is it online? I can't find it
AEV Finance (10 months ago)
Will make it shortly, thanks for the suggestion. Just uploaded a new video on penny stocks if you want to check it out! https://youtu.be/5cPBWkeY2GM
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