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Bully A Plant: Say No To Bullying

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Plants have feelings, just like people. So, what happens when you feed one plant with compliments and another with negative remarks? Watch how we got students involved in a social experiment to raise awareness on the effects of bullying. #SayNoToBullying
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Sabina Baksht (1 day ago)
Autumn Leaves #17 (2 days ago)
Yonghui Dong (2 days ago)
So the plants know English better than me?
hlrasisqueen (8 days ago)
I feel an intense urge to hug that plant.
BOI KERMIT (18 days ago)
this has to be a *BIG LIE*
https://youtu.be/kh7BhtSAWC4 this is what a plant needs to live bullying has no effect with light water and the nutritions listed the plant will live
This is bs I am brutal to my plants sound science is the Necessities needed to live. I clone my plant chop it up really brutal to my plant it doesn't make a difference grow the same as long as you give them what they need. This is fake
Xoxo C (20 days ago)
This is an amazing message they’re trying to send but this whole thing is just straight up bullshit. They clearly just didnt water the “negative” one and took care of the “positive” plant. Like I said, the intentions were good but plants dont have ears, they dont hear, they dont have a brain and guess what, omg, THEY DONT UNDERSTAND ENGLISH. I know. Shocking.
Te_Ani-Mate (27 days ago)
VEGAN!!!!!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!
Maria Salinas (30 days ago)
And this is why everyone loves ikea
J C (1 month ago)
Way too scholarly for youtube, but here is an actual research paper on plant intelligence, cognition,thoughts: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4845027/ Attention: Not a pop-sci article. Peer review publication. Fellow is a PhD in biochemistry. Fellow of Royal Society as well (for those who dont know what this means, this is an archaic British royalty class system of prominent & distinguished people in their field, sort of an internal British Empire days of acclaimed recognition.
Lyric Ingram (1 month ago)
I think that the plants are reacting to negative and positive energy not the words themselves. Positive and negative vibes do effect your surroundings. I think this was also shown in another experiment tested on something related to this.
Bimsy Firefly (1 month ago)
People missing the point.. they don't see the forest because of all of the trees. This is not a scientific experiment about the plants.. It's a experiment with the kids. This is so the kids can relate to how bullying affects other. Not about plants.. See the lesson! It's Like children stories.. there's many times a lesson behind. So what if they water only one plant litterary.. it doesn't matter, it's meant to be taken as an illustration. The understanding of bullying becomes more alive.
Azrael (1 month ago)
Science has already stated that all things are energy. Anyone who is around negative people or places should know damn well how ucky those things makes them feel. Negative & positive spoken words are energy too. You spread negative feelings through words, the results will be negative. Same with positive.
Ivan Mae Acob (1 month ago)
can we use this to our non-profitable TV show? as an illustration?
Jul ZT (1 month ago)
Cutting millions of trees every year to make your shitty products, but please, don't say mean things to a plant (that isn't being watered). If there's life out there, please nuke this planet already.
yue hou (1 month ago)
Althought this is a totally phony rigged campaign, you just can’t blame a betterment at any circumstance, for we humans are not rational but emotional for most of the time.
Tony Pitman (1 month ago)
Yes, bullying is awful, but why do you have to use pure, pseudoscientific nonsense to show that? It undermines your message. So frustrating! Arrrgghhhhh!
LilDeadHead1 (1 month ago)
can plants pick up on sarcasm?
night ranch (1 month ago)
If this were true, vegans can just kill themselves
gaussminigun (1 month ago)
"OMG SOOOOOOOO TRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUEEE" - People that don't understand truth
József Reményi (1 month ago)
It's not science. But the scientific evidence for this video actually exists. Check these videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kHZ0a_6TxY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvBlSFVmoaw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fStmk7e9lJo And I didn't talk - intentionally - about Masaru Emoto. For a lot of people, he isn't science either...
BernyAV (1 month ago)
Hey vegans, looks like plants are intelligent beings too. They even understand English. What are you gonna eat now? Lol
Ferdinand Andre (1 month ago)
I want to believe this, But this is only done at 2 plants. Do it at 1000 plants and i might believe it.
RANDOM Raufasertapete (2 months ago)
Galileo from germany retried that experiemt and they found out that both plants have no difference after a week.
Syntox (2 months ago)
completely bullshit. A word played over a loudspeaker sounds the same whether negative or positive. If they acutaly speaking to them with real feelings.. maybe the plants can feel the postiv and negativ vibrations.
MUDSWAT (3 months ago)
I'm sure its real!
Lin Lien (3 months ago)
what had the dying one done to suffer in this treatment
Orochi Snake (3 months ago)
118최준서 19 (3 months ago)
Of course that's psuedoscience. I tried it and sometimes it works and sometimes it goes the opposite way.
Amanda F (3 months ago)
Did anyone help the poorly plant at the end??!?
Amanda F (3 months ago)
Be careful joking about rape, especially children. Pretty poor form 😩
Angelica Chavez (4 months ago)
That poor plant didn’t have a choice 😭😭😭
Angelica Chavez (3 months ago)
Iris Scanner nooo??
Angelica Chavez (3 months ago)
Iris Scanner same tbh. Plants are people too 😂😂
IceeCoffee (4 months ago)
What plant is it
Amrum astronomer (4 months ago)
OK, IKEA. That was it. I'll not buy anymore from IKEA, if you publish such bullshit...
miss slurp (4 months ago)
So if I bully all the plants to the point where they're droopy sad and basically dead I can create my own air company to sell bottled air to people and rule the world basically?
Courtney Camping (4 months ago)
Who else cried at this wonderful thing? I did! Beautiful!!
Kya Arceneaux (4 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVtr_8_J9Xs koalainabox.com
Kenz Lipscomb (4 months ago)
I guess you guys never did Plant Sensory Biology in college.
Alia (4 months ago)
Poor plant.
lilosweet24 (4 months ago)
Well ...that' s less stupid than the "pee on me " paper sheet on their catalgue 😂💔
Sean (4 months ago)
I would like to think that more students like to say bullying words and hence crowded the plant and blocked the light frequently.
Sean (4 months ago)
They need this to work. Maybe they did something to the soil of the bullied before bringing them to the schools. Though I did read about singing to plants long ago can promote healthy growth
Intan Sanjaya (4 months ago)
Puppy Charms (4 months ago)
please tell me that they eventually spoke lovingly to the sad plant.
Michinoiro (4 months ago)
what they should have had also is a 'control' plant which was ignored by everyone, except for being fed/watered. Most plants in this world grow without any human intervention. I believe the 'ignored' one might have grown better still. but try it out.
Dick Long (5 months ago)
Now dont get me wrong here, but I think that we have tottaly misinterperted plants. I have been growing plants for a while and reading up on this stuff to. I have come to the realization that plants are intelligent, social Creatures Sounds crazy yes. Now right here this looks like an under watering/overwatering/magneisum and possibly nitrogen defficiency which would be bad soil or age and genes. Now if this is legit this means plants can hear. For example one study found when playing the sound of a caterpillar muching on leaves the plants released there defensive "smells" or hormones asking for help they also sort of curled up. In this instance they were responding to the threatning sound. In a diffrent study they had a certain type of plant (i dont remember) but when dropped (it was in a pot) it would curl up into a defensive postion. They did this repeatedly and after a while of dropping the plants they eventually stopped folding up because they seemed to have realized there was no real danger wich means they could have proof of memories and this study proves the plants intelligence. Now when plants are being attacked, for instance the smell of cut grass, they release defensive hormones. Also a plant can be trained to not grow in certain directions by cutting it which is also proof of a memory. The hormones are plants being social. Okay now how do plants know there under attack and realese those hormones 1. Hearing 2 possibly pain but they have no nerves? But eveyone knows nature is weird and plants have been around a long ass time. Most veggies are eaten alive and can probably hear them selves being eaten and possibly feel pain. Pain could teach the plant wich direction is safe or not, back to that pruning stuff. Now say they do feel pain, can hear, and have a memory, then could they feel social pain as well? I dont know but this needs to be looked into, then again how could they understand languages puzzling but possible.
Dick Long (5 months ago)
Dick Long (5 months ago)
Dick Long (5 months ago)
The plant was a mimosa i belive
Scarlet Peoni (5 months ago)
Those saying it's fake...what research and experiments have you don't exactly? You having a science degree or 'just knowing' it's impossible isn't scientific validation. It's been proven it has similar effect on humans and animals, so why would you think it doesn't with plants?
Gus diZerega (30 days ago)
Notice- you assumed a cause that may or may not apply to humans and animals, or may be accompanied by other factors as well. That is why replicating a claim is so important rather than saying because we have no way to explain it, it did not happen. That is like saying radiation did not exist before it was discovered.
LilDeadHead1 (1 month ago)
it works on humans and animals because we can HEAR it because we have EARS. and we use our brains to interpret what we're hearing. god help you.
You Should Know Already (5 months ago)
The "bullied" plant was farther away from the window and didn't get as much sunlight. That's my prediction.
hungidran1 (5 months ago)
I came to the comment section to see that most people argue wether this experiment is scientifically verifiable or not. If we reached this level in education, maybe we are on the right track after all. :)
Nia Parris (5 months ago)
This is really interesting. I'm guessing that there's some kind of positive energy or something from pep talking and negative energy from bullying. They should do an experiment of saying bad things in a nice way/tone and vice versa. Just want to see how that goes. My hypothesis is that the negative energy from the positive words would make the plants wilt.
FernandoDante (5 months ago)
Say no to bad science.
John Exemplou (5 months ago)
People please stop speaking so harsh about the video, you are gonna dry the bytes!
John Exemplou (5 months ago)
Monsanto had been doing it wrong all this time along. You don't need GM crops nor fertilizer. All you need is speakets bullshitting and lying at the plants.
KindlingKatalyst (5 months ago)
Actual science that may back this up. https://www.smilinggardener.com/plants/music-and-plants/
Future House Records (5 months ago)
Reading the comments really surprises how negative everyone is. We all know how damaging hate and negativity is, and how empowering and healing love works. We all know it, nobody can deny it. So why all this hatespeech? Are you really that fond of pain and suffering? Because you sure as hell aren't brightening up anyones day with your comments.
Almedoz - (5 months ago)
Does the plants speak jegskdhdbdkshebdhd language ??!
BOPINHO JR (5 months ago)
Kirill Nikolaev (5 months ago)
Actions againts bullying are great but pseudoscience promotion sucks. A lot.
woutwerf (5 months ago)
Spink (5 months ago)
Why the hell would you bully a plant?
Dick Long (5 months ago)
Spinkleblox to prove some senses
California Creamin' (5 months ago)
Fun discussion about plant's weird perception people here know nothing about: https://youtu.be/_EgvjJGRKHg
Blue Water (5 months ago)
Please give sad plant some love before it dies!
Mai Vu (5 months ago)
What school is this?
Teena more (5 months ago)
IKEA performed an eye-opening experiment to demonstrate what bullying can do. Two similar plants were placed in the hallways of a school. The students were asked to record bullying messages and encouraging messages. As a part of the experiment, one plant was kept with bullying messages playing and other was kept with encouraging messages playing. After 30 days, it was found that the plant with bullying messages was drooped down where the other plant was fresh, green and blooming. Through this experiment, IKEA has shown that a happy community is created by sharing a mutual respect and love and not by bullying.
Ethan Olson (5 months ago)
Makes we want to bully whoever made this!
Crazy Lance (5 months ago)
BillyMeierInFrench TV (5 months ago)
Seeds induced to germinate rapidly by mentally projected 'qi energy' are apparently genetically altered. Mentally controlled qi energy can induce crop seeds to sprout and root for several cm within about 20 min. The RAPD method was used to compare treated groups of wheat and pea seeds and their controls using 11 selected primers. Seven primers amplified polymorphisms in wheat seeds and 5 in pea seeds. It was thought preliminarily that qi energy changed the structure of a germination-correlated gene site speeding up expression and advancing it in time. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10794112
BillyMeierInFrench TV (5 months ago)
You also have here a french university studying effects of music on plants. And it seems this method does work : https://www.u-cergy.fr/fr/recherche-et-valorisation/actualites-recherche/musique-et-plantes.html
BillyMeierInFrench TV (5 months ago)
Modulation of germination and growth of plants by meditation. So called primitive peoples of the world share a philosophy that human interaction via ceremony or ritual can affect the natural world. Is it possible to affect the germination and growth of plants by imbuing them with an intent to stimulate or inhibit them? We conducted a double blind series of experiments to determine whether a process of meditation on the water (referred to as "treated") given to a controlled planting of green peas or wheat would affect their germination. Peas were given water treated with stimulating intent. Statistical analysis was done using contingency table, Fisher's test, and Mantel-Haenszel analysis. The germination rate of 504 seeds receiving treated water with stimulating intent was 60.3% compared to 51.8% for the 504 controls (p = 0.006, 0.047, 0.003 respectively). A similar experiment was conducted with wheat with the intent of inhibiting germination. The germination rate of 2970 wheat seeds receiving treated water with inhibitory intent was 70.7% versus 74.9% for 2970 controls (p < 0.001, 0.0001, 0.001 respectively). During the sixth run of the wheat (inhibition) experiment, the seedlings were harvested and individually weighed on the tenth day after planting to determine whether there was any difference in growth. The mass of the treated seedlings was statistically significantly lower (mean = 97 mg versus 106 mg for the controls) when compared by analysis of variance (p = 0.000056). We conclude that meditation upon the water supplied to green peas and wheat can affect their germination rates and growth. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11789582
Dick Long (5 months ago)
BillyMeierInFrench TV Intresting
Jp T (5 months ago)
They did this back in the 1990's. With a plant and they also did it with water they noticed that the water turn brown quicker...
f off (5 months ago)
Ji Seop Choi (6 months ago)
What an excellent project... there are so many stupid people on the comments. Of course they're watering the positive plant while starving the negative plant, but that's beside the point. The point is to get the message across to the innocent kids. The people in charge of the project have done a great job!
Xmarcello88 (6 months ago)
Maybe they did not water the plant on the left or placed it into a soil that had less nutrients....
Gene Shiao (6 months ago)
This story is telling the truth, not FAKE, because the mass-shooting reportedly resulting from bullying just occurred in Santa Fe, TX, USA.
Ke Norris (6 months ago)
It’s real the Japanese water study same results it’s a fact guys . They did this in the 70s. With rock loud music and then one with peaceful classic music same outcome . We are 80 % water It’s just how we’re made . Wake up and get it . You don’t like this fact because you are responsible for yourself and what you do to others . Look at it as A gift .
Jordi Iranzo Martínez (6 months ago)
I am so sorry about the feelings of the left plant. They both are british-raised plants, right?
DevilsNachoz (6 months ago)
So does this mean that vegans are abusing and killing plants? How dare they.
KindlingKatalyst (5 months ago)
It wouldn't really matter either way. Even if we could prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that plants feel pain or fear, if we wanted to reduce suffering, 8 times the amount of plants are fed to grow cows for meat than we could otherwise eat ourselves. It's called "feed conversion ratio" and it's the reason for desertification in many parts of the world, monocropping (which also caused the Dust Bowl) and general decline of soil's ability to keep producing. As well as the nutritional content of the food grown plummeting. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/soil-depletion-and-nutrition-loss/
Kyle Duncan (6 months ago)
Thank you IKEA for creating another generation of gullible anti-science tinfoil hat wearing fools, just so you can make even more profits! My God, this must be the most immoral and deplorable exploitation of children, anti-science sentiments, and mock social conscience ever! What's next - will IKEA start selling tinfoil hats proven to work with similarly rigged "evidence"? Proof that the Earth is flat? Special IKEA protection against chemtrail? Absolutely disgusting.
Katarina (6 months ago)
Plants do not have a concept of spoken language thus whether you whisper, speak or shout at them is irrelevant. IKEA, get over yourself.
Hersh Joshi (6 months ago)
they should put whoever made this in each box instead
awakenedsoles (6 months ago)
Looks like the trolls are out in full force on this one. By looking at the brainless endeavors of many YouTube pages of the people that reject this idea, it says a lot about intelligence and where peoples attention, or should I say distraction is at. Perhaps it's time people start waking up to real science, not the kind that has been spoon fed for over 100 years. Far be it for people to start to get the idea that this is possible, and maybe we live in a world way more interesting than mainstream everything suggests. The pharmaceutical industry controls your perception (not to mention the people quick to shout hoax on here. Think and seek for yourself! I suppose Cell Biologist Bruce Lipton is a quack too? He only proved that the stem cells the body produces, morph into all cells, including brain, skin, muscle, etc... All you need are some live cells and a high powered microscope to see that the environment and energy (including thought) creates the state of matter. People think Nikola Tesla is cool, but what do they really know about his work. He said “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Most people in the western world believe into what Louis Pasteur postulated about Germ Theory, however he recanted before his death and acknowledged that was incorrect. Lol, yet western medical is predicated on a theory that was admittedly false by the person who declared it. When in fact, Antoine Bechamp postulated that the terrain of the body dictated whether dis-ease could manifest. And as any true live blood analysis under dark field microscopy or dark phase contrast would suggest, as well as many biofeedback technologies being used in European and Eastern countries. We don't get infected by things like strep, flu, viruses, bacteria, fungi, cancer, we all have a variety of them to a varying degree and depending on the terrain of the body, if we have a weak, stagnant or blocked system, they overtake us and we fall ill or into a state of dis-ease. Perhaps people here would do well to study the winners of Nobel Prizes in the sciences over the years and what exactly has been discovered. Because it surely hasn't been incorporated into much of the science taught in schools or whimsically spouted off on the internet. Btw, notice the number of views to thumbs up vs. thumbs down to the number of comments. People will literally troll ideas that could open your mind and awareness, due to their own bias or perhaps other reasons.
Dick Long (5 months ago)
awakenedsoles wrong this is true peer review right here https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ stupid ignorant bitch go back to school motherfucker
curtisw0234 (6 months ago)
This hardly constitutes a true scientific experiment. I don't care what your intensions are this is unacceptable
Turion (6 months ago)
Templar-kun (6 months ago)
I understand IKEA is trying to make a positive impact with this, but, can't it be done any other ways? With no spreading lies and hoax?
Hennessy Blues (6 months ago)
Ah yes, only Sweden could come up with something so ridiculous.
drstalone (6 months ago)
Another form of bullying is forcing these children into uniforms and conformity, not to mention those toe and sole crushing shoes.
AK Counder (6 months ago)
Am I the only one who's more interested in the science behind a plant reacting to negative human emotion, than I am about bullying?
Much Dutch (6 months ago)
I've never bullied a plant but i started talking to my plants a couple months ago, giving them lots of attention and telling them how beautiful they were. The stems grew so many babies so quickly. I dont have a green thumb so to see my 3 plants flourish and grow with strength, i will continue to talk to them.
Josh Trif (6 months ago)
Here come the hippies to take up for the tree that has been bullied.
DavidisGamingHD (6 months ago)
I mean, congrats Ikea.. On watering one plant, and not the other lol.
Mark Apsolon (6 months ago)
You have to water both plants... Not just one,,,,,,😜
mystic yeti (9 days ago)
+Denise Johnson , I'm sorry and were is the prof of your theory that words have power or energy
Denise Johnson (9 days ago)
Everything on earth and in the universe is alive with microorganisms that mankind and everything was created with. in the scriptures its called the creeping things that creep...The firmament. The only thing with this study negative words tear down and positive words build up. So stop, think and consider your options before making a choice you will regret later. Go to peacefulsolution.org
Abby Do the dab by Theres scientifically no such thing as “negative energy” lol. Energy is energy. ATP, sunlight, electrical energy, kinetic energy, etc. But theres no such thing as negative energy that is actually release from verbal words, Take a science class. You can psychologically feel negative feelings as a HUMAN, thanks to your brain, but you dont actually absorb the molecules of “negative energy”... because it doesnt exist. Plants dont have brains or thoughts they cant get their feelings hurt.. they get their energy from sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide PERIOD. Not verbal treatment from a human can affect plants growth. Tell me HOW that is scientifically possible?
mystic yeti (1 month ago)
+Helloo , you have to be so easy to ly to, people can say the earth is flat and you would agree with it
mystic yeti (1 month ago)
Omg, their is not prof on this type of energy your talking of and words dont have power as they are noises made by an organ in yo it r throat
DividingByZero FPV (6 months ago)
ikea... Designed by Vegetables for Vegetables. Mere exposure to this company's stupid ideology will turn you retarded and randomly screaming "potato" when not busy licking windows.
Mikey Yarbrough (6 months ago)
what are the chances someone would starve a plant to make a point
TheHrebo (6 months ago)
good that plant knows how to speak english
Sergio M. C. Brandão (6 months ago)
Fake! Wishful thinking! Lying and teaching pseudoscience to children should be a crime!
blackness010 (6 months ago)
KindlingKatalyst (5 months ago)
Actually, yes, they do. The nutritional content of food grown is plummeting. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/soil-depletion-and-nutrition-loss/ And it's largely because 8 times the amount of plants are fed to grow cows for meat than we could otherwise eat ourselves. It's called "feed conversion ratio" and it's the reason for desertification in many parts of the world, monocropping (which also caused the Dust Bowl) and general decline of soil's ability to keep producing.
FusedKibbles438 (6 months ago)
plants have feelings to
Rick Glenn (6 months ago)
1:31, main point.
YK Chau (6 months ago)
Maybe the tone/pitch of the negative language makes the difference.
rational consistent (1 month ago)
maby watering only one makes the difference
Zofia Markiewka (6 months ago)
Jeez people in this comment section. I get that IF this is hoax then the information here is misleading, but that's not a reason to... You know... VERBALLY ATTACK.
Winter death (6 months ago)
It's been two weeks since this was released and people started calling it fake, I'm curious how the nay-Sayers peer review is going.
Chicken Connoisseur (6 months ago)
Why are you worrying about plants being bullied where they get murdered by vegans daily! Sometimes they're grown in homes to be killed as infants! Put an end to the worldwide herbicide #EatWingsNotLeaf 🙌🏾
KindlingKatalyst (5 months ago)
LOL, 8 times the amount of plants are fed to grow cows for meat than we could otherwise eat ourselves. It's called "feed conversion ratio" and it's the reason for desertification in many parts of the world, monocropping (which also caused the Dust Bowl) and general decline of soil's ability to keep producing. As well as the nutritional content of the food grown plummeting. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/soil-depletion-and-nutrition-loss/

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