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CMEG Broker Review | Capital Markets Elite Group | Day Trading Penny Stocks 101

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Text Comments (87)
Phil Stein (11 days ago)
is there a platform fee?
mafia trading (10 days ago)
Month, it’s not bad buddy
Phil Stein (10 days ago)
+mafia trading many thanks, is that monthly or annual?
mafia trading (11 days ago)
I would go with desktop platform you’re looking at $100
Phil Stein (11 days ago)
what is the platform fee?+mafia trading
mafia trading (11 days ago)
Real Idiot (30 days ago)
Name seams so scammy though! Why would they use CMEs name?
Arthur R (1 month ago)
Imagine I trade using TD & I've never heard of this company, I just looked them up & they're based literally 10minutes walking distance from where I reside in Trinidad omg
iceplanetRC (1 month ago)
Can you open an account if you live in the U.S.?
Rick Sanchez (1 month ago)
Wait a minute, so you said if I fund them with 3k I get 18k buying power? did I hear this correctly?
Ish T3ch (1 month ago)
Yes, that is true. CMEG gives you 6:1 margin with $2500 and up. $500 to $2500 you get 4:1 margin.
Hakuin Z (2 months ago)
Bro congrats! That is so fucking awesome my wife and I started trading a few months back after a lot of watching and listening and reading you seem to have done awesome! I will definitely watch your videos I have subscribed to :-) I have a question about this broker. It was recommended to me by Ross Cameron to avoid PDT. However I live in the United States is this okay?
Hakuin Z (2 months ago)
+mafia trading thanks bro!
mafia trading (2 months ago)
Yes it is
GotherL (2 months ago)
I heard shorting sucks here cuz they have an ssr rule. Not sure how it works but one trader mentioned it took him 3 minutes to cover.
david esteban (2 months ago)
Both the desktop platform and website look pretty similar to Interactive Broker ones. Are they related?
david esteban (19 days ago)
+Eric LaRoche Thank you sir!!
Eric LaRoche (20 days ago)
Yes they are. IB is the clearing firm for CMEG.
MidCali831 (2 months ago)
Any videos of how you have the platform setup? Are fills quick?
FenixDown147 (2 months ago)
Difficult to short with CMEG?
Phil Riv (3 months ago)
Which route/destination/maker did you pick for your hotkey orders to get sent to? just asking b/c I keep getting a "No destination selected" message when I try to use hotkeys..
Mitchell Jacobson (3 months ago)
What US broker do you use? Thanks!
TheCornbeefsoup (3 months ago)
You can trade stocks on CMEG?
Jordan Fogel (3 months ago)
It seems sketchy that you have to go to your local bank to get a wire transfer and that you have to get APPROVED to withdrawal your funds. Did you have any problems with this?
Jordan Fogel (3 months ago)
What additional information did they request from you in order to setup an account?
Shane Simms (4 months ago)
How are borrows compared to suretrader.
pharaoh_Marviyoso (4 months ago)
how much r software fees
mafia trading (4 months ago)
It’s on their site
FUBAR' ed Matt (4 months ago)
this, was a very good review. THANK YOU!
mafia trading (4 months ago)
Glad it helped
heath wiley (5 months ago)
I was researching this broker and i see that their data is delayed by 10 minutes 😭😭
Kevin D. E (5 months ago)
heath wiley no problem. Best of luck with trading
heath wiley (5 months ago)
Sweet thanks man! 👍👍
Kevin D. E (5 months ago)
heath wiley also this is the site he was talking about. Think you're on the wrong one https://www.cmelitegroup.com
Kevin D. E (5 months ago)
heath wiley umm that's just for the stats on their website..you know the table right beneath. Not the trading platform. I think you misread/misunderstood
WhoTZYN (5 months ago)
are there any "disount brokers" that are good for shorting small caps? or is it all just pretty rough.
Mizou Drs (5 months ago)
but the commission is expensive !
J BVNG (5 months ago)
So, have you had any experience with the customer service there yet?
J BVNG (5 months ago)
Much appreciated. Taking your advice and giving them a shot with a small account :P. Have you had any issues with them restricting Buying power on movers?
mafia trading (5 months ago)
Yep I have talked to them on the phone
Houssine Bounqid (5 months ago)
Hi buddy, thank you for the review i appreciate it Quick questions : 1- What do you mean by they're not very good with shorting ?? Do you mean they don't let you short stocks at all or just sometimes you can't find stocks to borrow ?? 2- If i fund more than 500 USD they will give me 4-1 leverage and also no PDT rule am i right ??
Frank Walker (5 months ago)
mafia trading (5 months ago)
Call them up
chip p (5 months ago)
Hi Mike, I had a quick question, im trying to open an account with them and I ran into this; No pattern day trading rules (PDT). The best choice for pattern day traders. (Not intended for US citizens or residents.) The not intended for US citizens or residents, does that mean if im a citizen or resident this is not intended for me...? Thanks
Hakuin Z (19 days ago)
+Eric LaRoche I see that now!! Ty!! So excited to open cmeg account -/- sub me plz!
Eric LaRoche (20 days ago)
It's their legal disclaimer. It's just not "intended" for US residents but still can be used by US Residents.
Hakuin Z (2 months ago)
Did you ever get an answer chip? I'm looking for the same answer. :-)
Jordan Fogel (5 months ago)
can you do a speed trader broker review
Marcus Pec (5 months ago)
Probably already answered this a hundred times, but what route do you use with them when setting up hotkeys?
borat_trades (5 months ago)
Love the review
Randy Crumley (5 months ago)
Thanks Magic, My questions were answered
Colin (5 months ago)
Donnie Reid (5 months ago)
A great broker makes all the difference in the world huh?
Rudolph Brown (5 months ago)
Donnie Reid really does, believe that comin from somebody posted on the block believin the streets was the only way. Great broker makes almost all the difference.
kazman20 (5 months ago)
What about the commission cost? They nickel and dime for everything like suretrader?
Can you check if you want the https://alarictrader.com I have see them 2 years now but I am not finding any infomation about them or reviews.
PROFIT ROUTE TV (5 months ago)
So your saying that suretrader shorts are better than CMEG,, i thought CMEG has the same clearing as IB
mafia trading (5 months ago)
PROFIT ROUTE TV (5 months ago)
mafia trading im not actually saying you said it,, to make this understandable, im really asking you is suretrader better than CMEG in shorts? Yes, no or tie
mafia trading (5 months ago)
I never said that
John K (5 months ago)
Suretrader gave this video a thumbs DOWN...
Alex Delano (5 months ago)
Interested to know if they margin restrict small cap stocks "due to increased volatility" like Sure Trader does. Always hated that.
Brayan Martinez (4 months ago)
They say 1-6 leverage, but that doesn't apply to stock under $5 dollars. Let's say if you want to trade a stock of $2 dollar you will only use the cash you have in your account but not margin of 1-6 not even 1-2. check them out under margin
J BVNG (5 months ago)
Absolute worst part about Suretrader. It's like the reason they exist and they limit you >_<
R1tch4rd (5 months ago)
And the secret is out, lol jk. We need more successful traders and this could be a good alternative to SureTrader. Once I grow my funds to >$2,500 definitely going to switch to CMEG.
Solomon Moss (5 months ago)
Do They Margin Restrict The Hot Stocks Quickly Like Suretrader?
Krag Ferris (5 months ago)
That is what I was wanting to know. Great question.
mafia trading (5 months ago)
Johnny Anderson (5 months ago)
Solomon Moss also curious about this
TheMrPaijo (5 months ago)
Finally, Suretrader killer is coming
Arthur R (1 month ago)
+Arvind would work out cheaper to buy the shares in 1000 increments, not so? If you want 3000 shares just make 3-1000 share orders
Arvind (5 months ago)
J BVNG , thanks, I buy more than a thousand share because I buy penny stock, so I hope they reduce the .007 price in future because it's high for penny stock
J BVNG (5 months ago)
Arvind no problem! 1 share or 1000 shares = 2.95 1001 or more = X shares multiplied by $.007 Cheers!
Arvind (5 months ago)
J BVNG , Thanks for unknowingly answering my question, I was confused if they charge $2.95 per trade along with $.007 per share. So it's for under 1000 shares, and for more than 1000 shares they charge you per share of .007
J BVNG (5 months ago)
Suretrader isn't too bad, but yeah domestically I have to pay .01/share w/ 5$ min order value. That's a lot more expensive than CME's 2.95 min order value up to 1000 shares and .007 after :) Can't speak for international traders though ^^
Roland Brown (5 months ago)
Thanks bro. Ima check them out.
James m (5 months ago)
Thanks man. I just finished opening my account. Cant wait for approval
Hakuin Z (2 months ago)
Are you a US citizen?
chip p (5 months ago)
Hi James did you have the minimum funding requirement of $2500.00?
Daniel Yoo (5 months ago)
Solid review Mike, Thanks!
Fantastic review but I'll wait till you get those funds out. That will be the test.

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