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Complete chapter of Foreign Exchange Arithmetic [in Hindi]

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Hello friends, in this video you will learn CAIIB AND JAIIB AND concepts of foreign exchange in Accounting and finance for bankers: What is Foreign exchange? What is direct and indirect quote? What is Forex? Foreign exchange rate and its types Exchange rate arithmetic. Value date concepts Cash/ready, TOM, SPOT, Forward rate, Premium and Discount Forward points Arbitrage How to calculate forward points? Method of quoting forward rates.
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GAURAV TIWARI (7 days ago)
GAURAV TIWARI (7 days ago)
+GrowYourself for sure sir
GrowYourself (7 days ago)
thank you. pls share video in whats app groups. :)
Priyanka Barick (10 days ago)
plz solve this questin..spot euro=usd 1.4200/10. 1mnth forward 40-35,2mnth forwards 75-70,3 month forward 105-100.2 month usd can be purchased at??
Surendra Jamra (1 month ago)
Sir, 30-37 kya hai kaha se aaya.
Sachin H (1 month ago)
Pls upload whole syllabus video pls
GrowYourself (1 month ago)
We're working on it.
Jyoti Goyal (1 month ago)
sir 80 to 90 increasing then add else minus nhi samjha sir
GrowYourself (1 month ago)
pls pause the video and see that.. 1.3180/90.. in these questions, we consider last two digits.. so last two digits are 80 and 90.. means increasing.. if question was given as.. 1.3190/80.. we see that it's decreasing 90 to 80.. You got my point?
Bidhan Chandra Dhali (6 months ago)
Bid means buying?
Sir...please explain problems in module A international banking for CAIIB... difficult to understand sir..pls sir..hope you will be uploading before the exam..
awdhesh dubey (7 months ago)
sir jaise numerical apne bataye vaise caiib me pooche jayenge
GrowYourself (7 months ago)
This is for your basic understanding. Numerical may go to some more advanced level.
YASH GALA (7 months ago)
Thank you sir Nice explanation of Foreign exchange
GrowYourself (7 months ago)
Welcome Yash sir.. :)
Trinadh Kumar (8 months ago)
Sir please provide Topic wise jaiib concepts for all papers
GrowYourself (8 months ago)
sure Trinadh sir.. We are working on it..
abhishek singh (9 months ago)
6:37 how did you get 1.3190
Francis V. Goldblatt (9 months ago)
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vivek sinha (9 months ago)
Please upload all the video for two compulsory papers of CAIIB.
GrowYourself (7 months ago)
Thank you Hema ji..
hemasweety hema (7 months ago)
nice sir
vivek sinha (9 months ago)
GrowYourself thank you sir...
GrowYourself (9 months ago)
vivek sinha right sir.. we are working on it..
deendayal prajapat (10 months ago)
What is foreign exchange maxim?
Chanti Singam (11 months ago)
Super sir, good explanation
USA MOBILE (3 months ago)
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priya garg (11 months ago)
spot euro=usd 1.3200/10. one month forward 40-35. so month usd can be PURCHSED at?? plz explain this
priya garg (11 months ago)
GrowYourself spot euro is usd 1.3200/10. one month forward 40-35, 2 months forward 75-70, 3 months forward 105-100. 1 month usd can be PURCHASED at: a)euro 1=usd 1.3235 b)euro 1=usd 1.3175 ceuro 1 =usd1.3160 d) euro 1=usd 1.3240 answer as per book is option b
GrowYourself (11 months ago)
Seems something is missing in the question. Please post complete question if possible?
ilu 078 (11 months ago)
Hahaha...that caption distracted me from the video...'why does he write on my face😂😁
GrowYourself (11 months ago)
Vivek Guglani (11 months ago)
extend this video , add bit more things and numerical s
Pankaj Srivastava (1 year ago)
Thank you sir
Excellent Sir... will be very grateful to you if you upload a video on BRS, Ratio analysis, Balance sheet along with problems before exam date
Vandna Meetu (1 year ago)
Jaiib ke company account wale numerical b share kijiyega jldi
very nice & useful video.... thanks
Good explanation... Pls bring videos for caiib too... Eagerly waiting..m
GrowYourself (1 year ago)
Will upload videos for CAIIB very soon.
Budhram mahawar (1 year ago)
Bhai kamal ka video h... Jaipur me claasess khol le bahut pese kamyga... Real me
GrowYourself (1 year ago)
Thank you Budhram Mahawar sir for your compliment.
rajuchacha132 (1 year ago)
nice video thank u
Sooraj Kandampully (1 year ago)
Pls consider caiib too pls
GrowYourself (1 year ago)
right.. very soon will start uploading videos on imp topics for CAIIB.

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