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Nobody Likes a Bully - How to Stop Bullying in Schools - Deal with Bullies - Why Do I Bully Prevent

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Nobody Likes a Bully is a life-like story of school bullying from different perspectives. Along the way, Coach Kozak answers questions like how to stop bullying, why do I bully, what to do if your friends are being bullied, and how to deal with bullies. The bullying stories used in the video are meant to provide examples of how to prevent bullying and ways to stop bullying for kids. Created by: http://hasfit.com/causes/how-to-stop-bullying-in-schools/ http://www.texasactorsworkshop.com/ Donate on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/hasfit Shop HASfit Tribe store: https://hasfit.myshopify.com/ HASfit Motivation Store http://www.cafepress.com/hasfit Workout Motivation http://hasfit.com/exercise-training-motivation-workout-fitness-quotes-posters/ 30 Day Challenge to Get in Shape http://hasfit.com/30-day-fitness-challenge-exercise-program-workout-plan-to-get-in-shape/ HASfit's Guide To Losing Fat http://hasfit.com/diet-to-lose-weight-loss-meal-plan/ Warrior 90 Workout Routine http://hasfit.com/warrior-90-day-workout-routine-exercise-program-fitness-schedule-work-out-plan/ 30 Day Ab Workout Schedule http://hasfit.com/30-day-ripped-six-pack-abs-workout-routine-6-pack-abdominal-plan-schedule/ 90 Day Workout Schedule to Build Muscle http://hasfit.com/90-day-workout-schedule-plan-build-muscle-mass-gain-weight/ Free Top Secret Muscle and Weight Gain Diet http://hasfit.com/weight-gain-diet-bodybuilding-meal-plan-muscle-building/ Workouts at home http://hasfit.com/workouts/home/ Wellness, Fitness, Health Articles http://hasfit.com/health-articles/ We offer elite personal training and boot camps http://hasfit.com/boot-camp-san-antonio Like us at http://facebook.com/hasfitness Follow us at http://twitter.com/heartsoulfit
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Text Comments (11445)
HASfit (1 year ago)
Our friends are creating a new animated series to help stop bullying called "Diabetic Joe." You can check it out here https://goo.gl/J9h1tn
Journey (12 days ago)
Such an important message for all ages! I was bullied on You Tube so I know the importance of protecting yourself from these people. 💚💛💚
Finan Sami (12 days ago)
Yo yo yoyo yo yo yoyo yo yo yoyo yo yo yoyo
Finan Sami (12 days ago)
7to 5and 55
Finan Sami (12 days ago)
Ryan Kha (1 month ago)
ClubPenguin 909 (11 hours ago)
I’ll beat the shit out of that kid
fabiola blanc (1 day ago)
So many bully stories show the bully being bigger than the person being bullied. They should watch Seven Deadly Sins.
fabiola blanc (1 day ago)
"Nobody likes a bully" if that was true, why do people do it..? Think before you all act
Francisco Feliciano (2 days ago)
If you are a kid that's suffering problems or conditions no matter what your going threw your amazing in the way you are your not just being supported and bullied all the times you can change it trust a teacher friend or family member that can stop the you have the courage capability of anything you are you your life is important bullies life is not because they will mentally and physically break you down do let it happen speak up you are you your matter you have a family that you tell that what your going threw your amazing in the way you are you can change if the cool kids make fun of you because you got no phone or special gadgets it doesn't matter I got bullied to but I told a teacher and everything was taken care of you are strong capable smart talented you can change and help others 👍
FBRFxSTIZZZ x (2 days ago)
WhySoModding2 (3 days ago)
This shit is funny
James Benedict (3 days ago)
Teachers just dont care when you say something like “Mam i got bullied” or “Mam theres a bully” they will be like “Uh ok blah blah ill tell someone” then laughs on their car
Deanna McKinlay (4 days ago)
Kids commit suicide because of bullying.
kaelob Norton (4 days ago)
Shit I hate bullies I just want to kick there ass so hard but they're bigger than me if they were my size I will kick their ass
December Leigh (5 days ago)
If there was a channel where kids could ask any question they want, without giving their name unless they want to, what do YOU think would be a good name for that channel?
Laggy pc
Xavier Smith (7 days ago)
If you go to a teacher they don't help the problem. Weak people get bullied for their whole lives unless they learn to be strong. I suggest lifting weights and learning to fight.
Fr. James Rosselli (8 days ago)
If the "adult you get is a schoolteacher or administrator, don't expect much. Schools are self-protective, and you justt made waves. You might get suspended for it, just to encourage you to keep your mouth shut. If you gor punched, you were "involved in violence," and they will use the "zero tolerance policy" against you, not the bully. The adults you should involve are your parents. Have them enroll you in a local martial arts school's anti-bullying program,. Gracie Jiu-Jitsu'd "Bullyptopof" is excellent, but it there's o Gracie School near yiou, most martial arts studios have some sort of program.
1sk ! (8 days ago)
Give me a hammer Nani brakeing ball time BOOM
Sammy and Garon (8 days ago)
The pission he got him in it looks gay so
Afton Studios (9 days ago)
I get bullied but no one gives a shit :D
Stingy (10 days ago)
I got bullied a couple years ago and I felt like they could say and do anything to me, but when I did something the teacher started flaming at me and did nothing about the bullying.
dylan bravo (10 days ago)
Fuck no you stop them by knocking them the fuck out
Ayush Ayushbeast (10 days ago)
Sade Wade (11 days ago)
I have a Billy
Osmar Rios (11 days ago)
I Feel Bad Who Are Being Bullied 😭 I Wish I Could Help Them 😞
Grinderfoot (11 days ago)
*That's a nice medal. Can I see it?* I know bullies are more than just "gimme yo lunch money" stereotypes.
ihavea right (11 days ago)
Nerf Boy (12 days ago)
The acting is absolutely terrible
Chloe Chua (13 days ago)
Nuggets Gamings146 (13 days ago)
i got bully pretending to be my friend and won't stop leaving me alone pls help me
Maulan Wong (12 days ago)
Pray to god
Maulan Wong (12 days ago)
I couldnt understand what you said
paul Michael (13 days ago)
I'll whoop his ass if he bully me he would get an ass woman
This Arobbry (13 days ago)
I nearly killed my bully with a Canadian destroyer
Maxim Figueroa (15 days ago)
I was a bully once but when I saw this video i learned my lesson and I stopped bullying thank you please do not bully people
*_EvErYoNe wE aN AncOuMeNt tO mAkE StOp BuLlIyInG_*
Great Value Bleach (15 days ago)
I put a curse on my bullies for revenge.
Frances Garcia (15 days ago)
One thing you do not do walk away !! That make it worst show the one doing bullying come after you more your afraid. It start at home mom and dad calling you name that bullying. Have to defend yourself intelligent words that other person wouldn't understand what you're talking about you have smart
thatguyTdog (16 days ago)
Bullying is the most stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. I’ve been personally popular at my school but this year in my freshman year there’s this kid in my grade that is always a trouble maker. He always steals, and last month he destroyed and put chairs tables and he broke my basketball hoop in my pool. And in Halloween a couple days ago he tried to steal my phone and he would always take every candy in everyone’s bowl and he literally left me hanging with nobody. So I had to get a ride from my dad. If your getting bullied tell the principal or if someone else is getting bullied, tell words to bully to stop.
Awteana Snedeker (16 days ago)
I’ve been bullied since the second grade and now I’m in 7th grade this one boy named Rocky in 6th and 7th grade kept bullying me so I’ve not been playing around this year with bullying I’ve been sticking up for my self and for others.
JARREL PACLEB (17 days ago)
my classmates bully me
Great Value Bleach (15 days ago)
Katrine Martines (16 days ago)
dont give them importance they are losers i want you to feel good cause you dont heart any one and pleaaase love your self you are the best ignore them if they dont stop tell your mom to change school for you love you i was bulied Im 23 years old and i cant forget what happend in the past but I'm happy cause i dont heart people😘😘
Ahijah Stewart (20 days ago)
There is no way that kid is in middle school he look like a second or third grader
Andy Garcia (21 days ago)
Wow I feel bad
Acid (22 days ago)
1:40 the girl in the back = WTH..
Rageanator (23 days ago)
How to stop a bully Knifes were invented a long time a go
PIXEL GUN 3D PRO (23 days ago)
There a chance I'm going to be bullied cause I'm going to 6th grade next year and I'm small
GoodBreezy Moments (4 days ago)
+Xavier Smith how bout stop being a bitch
Xavier Smith (7 days ago)
Well stop being small. Lift some weights, you little pansy. I hope you DO get bullied, so you can learn to stop being weak.
I Love this video
G Money (25 days ago)
Scew you you don't know anything about bulling!
Kshitij Tripathi (25 days ago)
❤️👏👏 #hasfit
Gaming Legend (27 days ago)
very bad actors
Arthur Paler (27 days ago)
I'm a 11 years old but i fight older than me 15 years old that is the biggest i have to fight
Arthur Paler (27 days ago)
I want to bully the bullies that so exciting i like violence but i'm not a bully
maleeyah so cool (27 days ago)
You can say go!!!!!! No!!!!!!!
Dmg Control (27 days ago)
Some bullies are ugly not just tall and big. They are ugly and the ones they bully are cute. They have something against cuteness.
PowerKill (27 days ago)
At least you got friends on your side I am alone
He is soooooo dumm just hit him in the Dick
Husam Al Qaracha (30 days ago)
8:27 / 11:27 Nobody Likes a Bully - How to Stop Bullying in Schools - Deal with Bullies - Why Do I Bully Prevent
FretMaster (30 days ago)
Always those fucking fancy girls in the front...
q Dang Collin (1 month ago)
My name is Collin too. 100+100=?
Darsz (1 month ago)
who the fuck looks up "how do I bully"
T Mox (1 month ago)
The minions are even sadder than the bullies. Your whole existence is to prop up violent sociopaths.
scizzor cut (1 month ago)
lil Malaria (1 month ago)
This is how I stopped bullies. Bully:what are you going to do about it Me: let me show you Me:*takes out knife out of book bag* Bully:okay okay I'll leave jezz Me:YEAH AND NEVER COME BACK
Maulan Wong (19 days ago)
+lil Malaria yep
lil Malaria (19 days ago)
+Maulan Wong i know it works
Maulan Wong (1 month ago)
Thats great
Cynceriti Henry (1 month ago)
i loved it
Araz Zamani (1 month ago)
Bully: HA YOU FAIL KID ME: DON'T TELL ME ABOUT YOUR LIFE STORY SUCKA. Bully: "Shocked" Me: Laughing Bully: "kicks me" Me: "giving him a Rudolph nose" Bully: "cries"
Maulan Wong (1 month ago)
Hey is this middle school or high school or something
Guerra2121 (1 month ago)
Okay let me explain my story okay what happened to me about 4 days ago just bully was bullying my friend and punched him in the stomach five times so he was talking about him and then he saw mean then he started talking to me I was like why are you a jerk so after that he talked about me for a while until I snapped and hit him with a bottle water bottle because he booted my friend so I ran away this was in a bus so my bus driver saw it then the next day people wanted me to fight him but I didn't but someone that worked in my school came up and I want to the office and told and I brought my friend with my the one that got punched in the stomach but after that that was it today is Sunday and also I have my friends protecting me just in case and if he touches me again he will get in big trouble because I'm a middle schooler and he's 8th grader but I'm in 6th grade so what am I supposed to do
Solar Eclipse205 (1 month ago)
dw1111dw (1 month ago)
i help people who get bullied and i wanna help evryone and it's not nice of other people to bully and we all want to get along i use to be bullied in 2nd grade and now i have good friend's
ServiceDog :D (1 month ago)
I got bullied in kindergarten :( her name was Suzy she use to kick me in the face and make fun of me 😭 but then she moved to a different school gladly 🙄
Aliah Santoyo (30 days ago)
I'm sorry I laughed at this who would kick someone in the face 😂😂
K K (1 month ago)
dab on them bullys
Emanuella Vatamanu (1 month ago)
is in mine school its bullyng all time that is not good do that
Automatic Brain Reader (1 month ago)
I have alot of gass we'll use to but when ever someone douse it every one moves away from memand Im ashamed of my self. 😭😿😢😢😭😭
Diego (1 month ago)
Teachers and parents dont do shit. I just want to go to the school and whoop the bullys ass.
Aidan The Animator (1 month ago)
Me: sleep tight, bitch. *puncc*
XxxTentacion 1 (1 month ago)
I know how being bully because I get bully 💔💔 gust do not bully ok for me😢😢
Christopher Gibson9mm (1 month ago)
Lift weights get big so u can bully the bully LoL
kameron taylor (1 month ago)
His bully mother is a jerk too
Dude Minecraft (1 month ago)
consept was good but they peformed their roles a bit fake and without emotion
Ayman Gamer (1 month ago)
You guys can stop bullys with farting them in there face
So that’s why I have no friends 😭 😢
DAPCG and others (1 month ago)
Aruj Khater (1 month ago)
Lol I go to this school and the people in my school are not even half as cringey as this video
Stupid Lichstar (1 month ago)
I hate stupid bully’s I’ll find a way to defeat the bullies who are so evil
Preston Wright (1 month ago)
He loser weird he says it like lossssssssssser
Salim Playz (1 month ago)
PkmnTrainerKagé (1 month ago)
Unfortunately, this guide won't work in Middle School or High School...
Elijah Adams (1 month ago)
A small kid like him could get an easy cock shot aka kick him in the balls
Kevin Walker (1 month ago)
Bully stop bully stop Like if u agree
Jamie Sink (1 month ago)
This made me think about when I was in middle school
christina rodriquez (1 month ago)
I know how to deal with a bully
Luis Marcial (1 month ago)
I fell like i need to punch something
Amrit Kalsi (1 month ago)
teachers just watch until shit starts to go down and its too late
Ana Martinez (1 month ago)
No f**k
Wolf B (1 month ago)
I deafet the bully in my school and now I’m popular and I protect because I remember when I was a target for bullies
Barney the destroyer (1 month ago)
I was kinda bullied then I got bigger stronger and faster, didn't mess with me then
Ch Da (1 month ago)
Interesting comments
XXX Tentacion (1 month ago)
I like how 9 year old kids go to middle school logic...
Tanya Sabio (1 month ago)
if u get bullied just call the cops
What you really need to do is take a book and crack the bully over the fucking head
That sounds soooooooooooooooooooo fake
Justin Janes (1 month ago)
F U C K teachers and parents and bullyies FOCK LIFEEEE
two Banena (1 month ago)
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Jamie Rainbow (1 month ago)
This didn’t help it made it worse.
CAN'T RELATE SIS (1 month ago)
You losssser

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