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Understanding the basics of stock market investment

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Learn about the different types of trade orders that you have the option of choosing from while deciding to buy or sell in the stock market. Watch full video: http://profit.ndtv.com/videos/news/video-understanding-the-basics-of-stock-market-investment-334020?yt
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Vivek Kumar (21 days ago)
deep knowing
jeno D (1 month ago)
how to view the previous video and the next.....
TAPAS KUMAR MONDAL (1 month ago)
super programme
Hu Gries (7 months ago)
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Mr.Marshall Ck (10 months ago)
Thank you baby🌹 for showing me... Yum.. 2018.. Yeah..👍✌
Megha Gowda (10 months ago)
What is kyc
Raj Shrewd (9 months ago)
know your customer
neet rani (11 months ago)
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Gurumoorthy Ganesan (11 months ago)
Please create a proper playlist for this series.
Vijay Arjean (10 months ago)
Gurumoorthy Ganesan yes they should. I m watching that recap and try to figure out the sequence :((
Aakansha Balte (11 months ago)
Gr8 Innivative towards stock market even those person who dont know nothing about stock market.
Robert Pintaric (1 year ago)
Good English but very bad dialect, it bothers, a pity. For international business please clean up the english. Regards
Prasanna Y.M (1 year ago)
Saptarshee Baske (1 year ago)
its very good
Vijay K (1 year ago)
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Infostock India (1 year ago)
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Shreya Sharma (1 year ago)
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Thank you
Danyel Grauel (1 year ago)
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Hubble Beadere (1 year ago)
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Ruth Marroquin (2 years ago)
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Bse Nse (2 years ago)
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Bse Nse (2 years ago)
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Tim Warren (3 years ago)
Great Video!!!
Tim Warren (3 years ago)
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Akilez Krish (3 years ago)
What is the link to next episode
Scott Pickens (4 years ago)
Thcz stock, energy drink, holding strong a good buy IMO.
KALPESH JIKADRA (3 months ago)

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