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Why To Always Lock In Profits In The Stock Market 2018

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Glenn gerald Soriano (2 months ago)
i kinda relate to myself on the first 2 mins. when my greens turned into red. not just red but bloody reds. its better to lock in small profits than risking to make higher profits.
Quoc viet Pham (4 months ago)
I'm so glad i stumbled upon your channel man.
James Teed (5 months ago)
Just finished LPP. Great course.
Qasim Choudhery (5 months ago)
Anyone know the settings change required in order to get the RSI to change color when it hits overbought/oversold? I prefer using CMO over RSI, it's less laggy and closer to pure momentum. I don't know why Wilders ever designed it that way. Many indicators are just variants of one another, after all. I also recommend giving Volume Profile a shot, as it can display support/resistance areas based on volume in a histogram form; that is, at what price levels does most trading occur? In theory, price moves quickly through low volume areas and flatlines in high volume areas.
yohan Daniel (5 months ago)
Hey guys can i get a recommendation for a trading platform here in France? ThinkorSwim is not supported here, i know there many trading platforms but i just would like other opinions on whats the best platform.
John Lewis (5 months ago)
You have transformed my idea about stocks. My average for day trading is consistent and growing. You have helped me to understand importance of enter or/ exit. My trust has increased for my own decision making. This helps me to secure my investments due to strategies you teach Ricky. Thanks
David Zimin (5 months ago)
great vid bro
Joanne Vaccarella (5 months ago)
Ricky, I'd like to join LPP if you offer discount. Hope to learn this soon. Thanx. Remember Jesus1st. Amen.
Eric Detelj (5 months ago)
Green is green. Right on Ricky , look forward to speaking with you soon
Gorden Gekko (5 months ago)
yes yes yes by far one of my best videos from you Ricky you keep it simple and you seem like a well-rounded guy keep up the good work.. @ keep flipping them properties.$$$$$ 👍
Gorden Gekko (5 months ago)
hey Ricky this your big homie from VA love the video I'm super pumped that's right Ricky is all about reading the charts learning the relative strength and learning the market over all.. you keep me Super Pump I love to see young people really doing things like you are and helping the people also.. and congratulations again on your new house that's right by all the property and land you can.💪💪💪
Julio Ch. (5 months ago)
Excellent advice for novice traders. Greediness or hope takes over strategy for most novice traders.
Eduardo Mance (5 months ago)
Hey Ricky thanks a lot for ur job. I wonder if there is another program in which we can pay for see you trading live and make part of learnplanprofit chat group, but not taking the whole course. A hug.
andy lewis (5 months ago)
I wish I had seen this this morning! I let one go at a steady climb, looked again 2 hours later and was way down profit wise!
Adrian Molina III (5 months ago)
Can someone please for the love of god help me with this one simple question! They banned me from techbudsolutions discord and I am so sad right now.... I will give someone my email, hell even my phone number! I just need to understand how he got the % margin!
Adrian Molina III (5 months ago)
I got kicked for asking why on one day he made .40 cents per trade and the margin of profit was 2% and on another trade he made .40 cents per trade and the margin of profit was 10%... I did not understand margin of profit so to save yourself from being kicked from Mr. rude Lupo I figured out how to calculate %margin profit and how to see if one stock is better than the other! Take the sell point and subtract it from your buy point! example in this video buy in at 21.80 and sell at 22.20 .... that profit is .40 cents per share... now take the profit and divide it by the sell point.... so .40/22.20 = .02 so multiply that by 100 and you get your profit percentage of 2%! I am a proud student of Mr. Ricky Gutierrez so you can ban me all you wan't I will continue to learn on my own.... Also let me add this THE GREATER THE MARGIN THE GREATER THE % OF REVENUE YOU KEEP WHEN YOU MAKE A SALE!
Val Varner (5 months ago)
How do you figure out what has a good volume to enter a trade? I know that good volume is between middle and top vwap but is there another form of confirmation such as 500,000+ in volume? Everyone I enter just over the middle vwap, stocks seems to drop right after that, I am struggling at this.
Jordan Sole (5 months ago)
I got stopped out on DGAZ after i didnt cover some profit. Always lock it in!!
PostMaloy (5 months ago)
locked in $25 on DGAZ, not much but it beats $0!
Noe Cazares (5 months ago)
So right Ricky, I gained some and then I got greedy and lost some 🤡.
Young Jaay (5 months ago)
I’m 21 years old and my question is how do I start
Iusedtoshred (5 months ago)
Hey Ricky! Can you do a video on your opinion on Weed stocks?
HeatKid (5 months ago)
Needed this after a bad week...ended up red after multiple chances to lock in profits...its all good lesson learned👌🏿
ItsPlanB NL (5 months ago)
😂😂 that ending
Jordan L (5 months ago)
With a low starting amount in my account I need a decent amount of gain just to make a profit on account of transaction cost!
iiTzRiPeR (5 months ago)
Try interactivebrokers, it's low fees
Alex (5 months ago)
try robinhood. theres an app and website
Chris Ike (5 months ago)
Have u try swing trading options?
ItsPlanB NL (5 months ago)
Jordan L yes that really sucks. If you live in the US you can use Robinhood for no transaction costs. I personally live in Europe so i don't have that option :|
William Rommell (5 months ago)
Ricky...Good Information as Always... Exit in the Green is always the best practice for me as well... Sometimes it costs me some extra profit, but I like to close in the green and according to support and resistance... Thanks for the information...Happy Memorial Day... Keep it Between the Lines
ClockinLoot (5 months ago)
Good stuff
East West Productions (5 months ago)
Yup makes sense

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