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Bully Pours Super Glue All Over Her Hair. What She Does Next Shocks Them All

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Text Comments (16648)
Silvar (4 hours ago)
was expecting a serious punishment for the boy, its not even about the glue, its about serious chemical burns in her head, her health was in jeopardy because he thought it was ''fun'' and its an actual act of violence
Naje Lambert (4 hours ago)
In school suspension is not enough he need to get expelled for doing that to her
Aiden Bonds (8 hours ago)
I'm used to get bullied, so I broke his nose
Aiden Bonds (8 hours ago)
Stupid ass boi
LittleBlu Sofia (10 hours ago)
Combs..... her last name is Combs..... I feel so bad but it’s just too ironic
They did that because they wish their hair was like Hannah’s hair And first of all why didn’t the teachers stop him
aguirrem73 (1 day ago)
That boy should have got kicked out of school that was messed up
E li (1 day ago)
2:55 bruh thats the preddiest girl ive ever seen why would she be bullied
Diego Villegas (1 day ago)
Hahah sucks to suck
Amanda Creason (1 day ago)
As soon as he said burning I started to cry
Yula YU (1 day ago)
Very inspirational
FuZe_Destroyer (2 days ago)
The boy would be going to the nurse office if it was me
Amanda Mullins (2 days ago)
I love the new haircut! The joke's on the bully, she looks great! :D
༺Valentiniy༻ (2 days ago)
Refused? She couldn’t do anything else
mike higgins (2 days ago)
Thank you Hannah. I shared your story with my school you started something. Now no one at my school gets away with bullying someone else. Thank you.
mike higgins (2 days ago)
You do that to my daughter I would do the same shit to you. Or maybe worse.
ot jooce (2 days ago)
if someone pours super glue on my head were fighting.
EthManGaming YT (2 days ago)
No one should have to go through that I have been bullied and I hate it!!!!!
Tom Tom (2 days ago)
Jack Purcell (2 days ago)
When you were reading the post Hannah made for some reason They didn’t even sync together
Abigail Davis (3 days ago)
Why are there so many bullies in this world.NOT COOL!
Selena Baker (3 days ago)
The best revenge you can get on a bully is fight them
barb muse (3 days ago)
So sad I don't want to get bullied
Nathaniel Vasquez (3 days ago)
Arrest the idiot bully
Jonathan Jones (3 days ago)
The bully should go to jail for the first degree burns
Jonathan (3 days ago)
A bully threw my backpack in the toilet and everthing in my backpack got wet :(
Lacey Burlew (3 days ago)
I fucking hate school. My sophomore year these 4 high schoolers jumped a middle school and got nothing. I got suspended for punching a dude who was harassing me. The boy should have been expelled. If I was the parent I would have pressed charges. Not only that, I would have beat that kid till he was hospitalized. I can’t wait until I have kids and someone tries something on them. I would beat the fuck out of some kids and their parents.
Helvetica (3 days ago)
But did any other punishment come to the bully? I need to know.
Jack Goodman (3 days ago)
That kid who did that is a d**k
Soaring (3 days ago)
I would have beat the fuck out of him.
Gabby Duda 2 lol (3 days ago)
⬇🇱🇮🇰🇪 🇽🇩
CoolBoyGaming (3 days ago)
Just buy a wig a Flex Tape and your problem will be fixed!
emily and myself (4 days ago)
If i was her i would be like hey did u just put that come kicks head and kills him bye bye
jeff the gamer (4 days ago)
Bulling is good it made me strong person
No Name No Name (4 days ago)
I don’t think the boy should have been removed from the school like the dad wanted. But I do think he should be physiologically evaluated and given therapy since something was clearly upsetting him enough to take pleasure in tormenting others.
michael lee (5 days ago)
Personally (imho) 1st of all>> the best revenge would have been the pathetic assistant principal being fired from their job for not permanently expelling the bitch bully from school. If the despicable disgraceful deplorable repulsive punk was expelled it would`ve proved to the other idiot bullies that under no circumstance terms shape form or fashion will bully behavior be tolerated at this school. And anyone who doesn`t believe it,,,try it>>> and you`ll be real sorry. Real sorry!! Because they also will no longer be attending this school. 2nd-- the police needed to charge the bully with a various variety of crimes. 3rd-- file a lawsuit against the bully and the bully`s pitiful pathetic loser parents for personal damages, punitive damages and legal fees. However because the assistant principal is ultimately a colossal failure perhaps the school district can be held financially responsible. I think these options certainly beat putting glue in a young girls hair and also injuring the young girl,,,, without severe punishment for vile cruel evil heinous behavior. The pos coward bully should be in jail.
Michael ?!. (5 days ago)
The family should press charges
Steampunk Seven (5 days ago)
You should skim the boy's dick inside-out and superglue it. Trust me, I did it once and I am basically worshiped. Talk about best revenge 👍
The Meme Squad (6 days ago)
You haven't meet my friends yet...
Alicia Lucero (6 days ago)
I like her hair! Iv'e want hair kind of like that my whole life
Retired soilder
John Krain (6 days ago)
so what happened to bully? we can't possibly live crazy f*** like him in a school. I mean, he is in high schooler and old enough to know what super glue does to hair. he should be sent to prison and get his butt hole screwed by someone stronger than him.
Esther Ngomeli (6 days ago)
I would kick him in his peanus
Royal Tek (6 days ago)
Oh, i thought she was gonna turn around at that kid and shoot em in the nuts
Rosario Chavarria (7 days ago)
There was no justice, that's why we also have adults bullying at works.
Godchild smith (7 days ago)
Sum kidz can be soo mean...God bless her....
Kartikeya Singh (8 days ago)
Kill the boy. Best answer
Melanie Valles (8 days ago)
And now I have even more trust issues
MaQuinnVenture (8 days ago)
This kids are really an immature !
Fatuma Abdullahi (8 days ago)
Am a bully💪💪💪👊👊
Frasperclip (8 days ago)
Just kill em with your arms
SHMON (8 days ago)
I bully my bullies
solarzz (9 days ago)
1:44 looks like sid
Luna Heartnet (9 days ago)
At the very least, the boy should have gotten week long out of school suspension.
xxx toxic (9 days ago)
The last time i got bullyed he started kicking me to i started saying stop you little fat bitch and than he said no fat fuck than i git in frot of his face and got him from his shirt coller and punched him in the face than he kicked me in the balls and punched me in the chest then i took him down and started to turn it into a school brawl than a girl called our principal and the princeapal came and i cussed her out than got back to fighting the guy and than the principal pulled me off of him and one of the school teachers called the cops so he had to get 4 stiches and i was bleeding kinda alot so i hope you guys stand up for yourselfs like i did
Alexis Harrison (9 days ago)
That bully should have gotten expelled or banded from the school and campus
Maya Khan (9 days ago)
If that was me I would turn around slowly clapping my hands and say *SAY YOUR LAST GOODBYES BEFORE I END YOU* then I would beat his motherf*cking a** then after I beat the heck outa him I would take the glue put it in his hair and all over his FRICKIN ugly Body! And yes I'm a girl but I'm not like other girls I react fast to a boy's move and defend myself I ligit go to detention every week that's how much boys *try* to take advantage of mah but I beat their a**
LordVeni (9 days ago)
Get bullied and tried to react and got in trouble for it
Ninja (9 days ago)
Yoshi TV (10 days ago)
That kid should go to hell
Yoshi TV (10 days ago)
I would of killed that little bastard
Marcela Gutierrez (10 days ago)
I was bullied in 4th grade by 5 kids and my cousin saw and stoped it and when she left my freind helped me and all they got was a talking to and that's all like WTF bro they should of got in school suspension but i got through it and this a real story and i was 9 years old at the time.😢
Rogue_Titan Gaming (10 days ago)
Let me Guess she shot up the school
Courtney Hoffman (10 days ago)
Courtney Hoffman (10 days ago)
I think it is prettier.😚
My solution:beating the bully up till his insides are his outsides
Best revenge you can get? they take something from you, you take something from them. i will take an arm for example, he will never do it again for sure, at least not with "that arm"
If someone did that to me I woudent get him kicked out I would let him stay so I could beat him up everyday
FFS (10 days ago)
Eh so bullys do that? At our school if someone did that everyone would beat the shit out of him next day he would come with a broken arm and nose,
Hamzah Khan (10 days ago)
Surender Rawat (10 days ago)
sooooooooooo sad for her 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥
Nellie Katchadorian (10 days ago)
The bully is a jerk one like equals one friend to Hannah and and reply to get that bully vanished from school
Jolene Gregory (10 days ago)
I don’t condone violence but I hate bullies more than anything else, that poor girl! If some little vicious bitch did that to my girl I’d stand on her face and laugh while I plucked her bald!!! A small handful of hair at a time. One thing I will say though is that people that low never change, we all do bad things when we are young but people that do things like this are bad all the way through! They might be top dogs in high school but that’s as far as their lives will ever go. They will have nothing, end up with scumbags just like them, probably turn into trailer trash and spend the rest of their lives yearning for their school days when they were actually someone! While the victim hopefully will go on to be the beautiful star of pantenes Newest add. It’s called karma...it takes a while, but it ALWAYS comes around in the end!
Jolene Gregory (10 days ago)
Would also like to add I think she looks gorgeous with her new hairstyle!! Everything goes these days huni and you are totally rocking the half shave d look 👌🏻😂
Jaclyn Troxel (11 days ago)
Lol my name is Jessica
Mikayla Moler (11 days ago)
I would want to give justice to Hanna
Kenny Krupp (11 days ago)
Hannah Benavides❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ (my crush)
Joohi Ali (11 days ago)
Girl:why u why u bully meh Bully:LOL
Ice Ninja (11 days ago)
Why you bully me
gio gamer Sanchez (11 days ago)
Fuck bullying is ass
solarzz (11 days ago)
Everyone we have an announcement to make : StOp bULyiNg
Gen And Maddy (11 days ago)
I thought it said "Shot The all" Omg
football strikezz (11 days ago)
I get bullied but superglue in your hairl lol i think its hillarious
Dimitris Tz (11 days ago)
I dont usually write comments but I want to say that that you guys are awesome and u have a great personality and that u have a lot of people that love you and thinking about you... Also if u are a bully the next time u will try to bully someone just think that he is a human with rights and he doesnt deserve this... Dont ever change urselves for anything or anybody.. YOU ARE AWWESOME NEVER FORGET THAT.
LIONFTW (12 days ago)
she cut her hair. #StopClickbait
Hugo Ochotorena (12 days ago)
What's grammer ?????
Pikachezz ROBLOX (12 days ago)
Cold Pulse (12 days ago)
This is why school sucks ☹️
Damian9303 (12 days ago)
She gets a haircut. #StopClickbait
TH3____ B0M0 (12 days ago)
I acctually liked how she has her hair
Lol a boy who doesn’t get punished correctly for doing Something really bad and a girl named Hannah is being bullied with her mom and dad wanting “Justice for Hannah”. I know right his is bad but kinda sounds like 13 reasons why
Zyska blast (12 days ago)
Im not the type Who fights but i Would swing at this bully.
R S (12 days ago)
I get bullied a lot pls can you guys pray for me
MIRABE mara (13 days ago)
I love your new hair
Dennis Bell (13 days ago)
Her Dad should have glued the boys parents together.
If someone did something like that to me I would’ve beat the shit outa of them
lifewithtreasure ! (13 days ago)
Swear to god I hate stuff like this I hate bullys if i wouldve been there he wouldve had to see me on life.
Ison Vlogs (13 days ago)
I'm 10 but I got builed beacaus my skin looks like a giraffe and when people bullied me one day I got kicked in the face so I switched schools
Eeyore (13 days ago)
One time my 8th grade teacher called me a fat fuck in front of the whole class so not only students can be bullies
Metro PCS (13 days ago)
Ah that is sad I'm about to cry
the police should of taken him to fbi 1like=1prayer for hannahs hair please make her life better

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