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How to perform a Regression Analysis on Microsoft Excel 2016 on a Mac

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This video is about RegressionAnalysis
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Also remember if p values are greater then 0.05 then there trash and one or more independent variables must be removed. In this example the p values are well below so not necessary!!
Patriots26 (6 months ago)
This video just save my ass! Incredible job explaining regression. Thank you!
ednakazuya12 (7 months ago)
When you get the r-square you can double check with the y-intercept if the slope is correct?
Bishoy Meawad (1 year ago)
if you can not find data analysis button, try this tools<<excel add-ins<<<Analysis ToolPak you are welcome!
Pietro Guglielmi (9 months ago)
Thanks for sharing what you know !
dan giunto (1 year ago)
I signed in to give you a thumbs up not only cuz you did a good job but because you used football teams lol which it made the info more interesting thanks!
Kelly Sunseri-Adams (1 year ago)
My excel won't let me do multiple columns :(
anmar almjydy (1 year ago)
thankaa...this life to learning..thanks about this informasion
Julian Marrone (2 years ago)
I have excel on mac as well, but it doesn't have a data analysis button under the data tab for me...? How do I fix this
Molo Network (8 months ago)
Andreas Kefalas thxxxxxzxzzzz
Andreas Kefalas (2 years ago)
go to excel options and click on add-ins. From there activate the data analysis toolbox. It should work.

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