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10 Of The Most Evil School Teachers Ever

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top 10 horrible teachers who were bad to their students Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/9CwQhg For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] Other Videos You Might Like 5 Dumb Parent Fights In Front of Children https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k94Lsh4Qc1M 10 Game Show Cheaters Caught On Camera! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9HinSG4thM Description: While everyone had that one teacher in school they couldn’t stand, they were just doing their jobs. Going to school five days a week can be difficult on both students and staff, but what if it were the teachers causing the headaches? While there are certainly good teachers, there are also bad teachers. Dishing out ridiculous punishments, verbally and physically abusing students and even sedating their snacks, these teachers are downright evil. Being in school can be tough enough on its own; bullies, homework, cafeteria food. But what if the teachers are the problem? While the majority of teachers are there to do their jobs and set good examples, there are always exceptions. Here are ten of the most evil teachers. When seven-year-old Ukailya Lofton, came in for picture day at Overton Elementary School in Chicago she didn’t expect her teacher to poke fun at her. The little girl had seen a new style in a magazine and asked her mother to attach Jolly Rancher candies to her hair for the picture. Her computer teacher apparently thought the look was ridiculously funny and asked the girl to pose for a photo, saying “my husband is not going to believe this.” She later posted the photo on Facebook, where her friends mocked the little girl. When Ukailya’s mother was made aware of the photo, she notified the school. The teacher apologized, but not to the little girl directly. In December 2015, at an elementary school in Stoneham, Massachusetts, twenty-six second grade students went home in tears. The substitute teacher, who was hired through a staffing service, apparently told the children that there was no Santa Claus. Days before winter break, the sub told the young children, “Santa Claus is just a character. There’s no such thing as Santa Claus and it’s your parents who buy all the presents for you.” When parents and other teachers found out what had happened, the sub was banned from the school. Welsh primary school teacher Elizabeth Davies had a very humiliating practice in her classroom. She would spray her Asian students with air freshener and have them wash their hands with pine disinfectant. Before spraying her young students, she would tell them they smelt of curry and that there was a “waft coming in from paradise.” More than fifty percent of the school’s pupils are of Bangladeshi descent. Davies would also spray them if they broke wind and make them stand on newspapers if they accidentally wet themselves. She was subsequently fired for her actions. Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRichest.org Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRichest_Com Instagram: http://instagram.com/therichest For more videos and articles visit: http://www.therichest.com/
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Text Comments (5444)
LooneyPlootzy (1 hour ago)
Being abused for years in public school, There is one thing I with out a doubt believe is that I'm not surprised they're other sick fucking teachers out there in the world, I will never trust the school system especially after being shoved in the throat down a ice slope as well as being verbally and physically abused by my second elementary principal and 4th grade teacher for being ill, thinking I was faking it even though I was taking adult doses of medication at the age of 8 to ease my pain...
Panda Playz (5 hours ago)
Danish 19 (7 hours ago)
My mathematics teacher would give 12 homework a day What The heck
gmod 157 (9 hours ago)
I hope all the teachers go to hell
iiInsantiX Gameplays (12 hours ago)
Damn second graders, don't be pussys and man up. Santa is not real.
Y.Abreu (15 hours ago)
bur really there is no santa claus 🎅:/
vivian torres (2 days ago)
hey my little sister and brother go to miramonte elementary school
William May (2 days ago)
Why the he'll isn't Pol Pot on this list?
Ivan Calen De Jesus (3 days ago)
Those teachers are f..k t up
M Chambers (3 days ago)
00:50 If these kids didn't know the truth about Santa Claus by the second grade they had a lot bigger problems than a bad sub.
JENNIE Rollins (3 days ago)
My teacher called me fat in middle school
Lucielle Guevara (3 days ago)
Hey hey hey hey hey You forgot my teacher
Melissa Carpenter (3 days ago)
🤞🏻none of teachers from my school are on here if they are I am telling my mom and moving schools XDDD
Butthole Bill (4 days ago)
I would get homeschooled
Mohammed Saeed (4 days ago)
I have a scary story My teachers keep posting homework in google classroom
PlanetAlex (4 days ago)
well my teacher recently told some kids suicide was okay, told a student to kill their self then cussed the class out. she was going to be suspended for two weeks but came back after a day, dunno what’s going on and why she came back.
miner mack 0 (6 days ago)
My teachers would do nothing stopping kids from bullying me ps it was a sub
tropical boy super (6 days ago)
My food good
Adrian Rivera (7 days ago)
last one was SICK!!
Damaury Dent (7 days ago)
I got in trouble by a sub for doing nothing bad I mean i was not talking and the whole class was helping tell the music teacher what happened she said she would tell the principle and the sub was never seen again this a true story
Young Boy (7 days ago)
Huh fucking school I still have a few years
Ffreezze (7 days ago)
My teacher used to make us shower with him after gym class he is still working at that school.
DoubleTanker23 (8 days ago)
I had a kindergarten teacher and she called my parents for not playing with other kids saying I didnt get my work done. She got fired months later after me and my new friends thought that my work was stolen but nobody knows this. But this did happen to me in 2013.
DoubleTanker23 (8 days ago)
3:52 I am pretty sure that i have that syndrome but it just makes me smarter
Ashley Rodriguez (8 days ago)
Why aren't there more angry comments about the one who had the kids licking his SPERM off a spoon & eating his SPERM infested cookies ?!? 🤦
Super Gamer 9247 (9 days ago)
Why was the Toby Johnson social studies teacher for hornets not on here
Mr emolga (9 days ago)
U can get in trouble for day dreaming
Mr emolga (9 days ago)
My teacher didnt let me wear my hat but now I can :)
Charlie Landregan (9 days ago)
My teacher is normal but meen around me
Zaiyda B. (10 days ago)
...CUM COOKIES?!?! 🤮🤮🤮
Klau Sulaj (10 days ago)
I wus hung over a trach can in the 3 grad
Minecrat Silent Build (12 days ago)
Whos the voice???
Gwenifar100 (12 days ago)
1:14 A teacher was banned from the school for telling the truth? Unbelievable!
Acid spitting llama (12 days ago)
Why is this second one on this list??
Awesome 2015 (13 days ago)
My teacher humiliated me in 5th grade when she told me to sit in a corner and when I turned around to look at the test she was giving she told me I don’t want to see your face anymore
Wajiha Tariq (14 days ago)
Sorry but the Santa Claus one made me lol 🙈
qwerty eve (14 days ago)
that teacher in vancouver is a fucking god💀
Chuchi H (14 days ago)
5:58 what is semen?
Shadow Of Light (14 days ago)
And how many of these stories aren’t reported in? This is ridiculous
Olivia Quijano (15 days ago)
Ten years ago, I was stuck with a Horrible Demon Monster named Stephanie Miesel Machmer, who tried to kill me buy Drowning me in a Toilet, at Jersey Shore High School.
Treved Schefdore (16 days ago)
Santa Claus isn't real
XXXmakaykayXXX XD (16 days ago)
∆ ∆ ( •o•) |{ }| | |
rétro (16 days ago)
my teacher made us prank cookies with salt. it was disgusting, but it was a prank. then he gave us nice ones. gud lief.
Infinite fox (16 days ago)
I really want to fucking choke slam the teacher that gave the nazi test Choke slam them through the door
That last one was hilarious xD
jakisz (17 days ago)
Dear god, I thought the last one was pot
Dark Gacha (17 days ago)
The sub is a meanie :( Santa is real.
JJokerMoreau (18 days ago)
Is anyone going to comment on the unfortunate woman who's name is "Nazia Husain"?
Cathy Bair (18 days ago)
I would beat the teacher butt for telling the little kids about santa. Christmas isn't very exciting after you learn Santa isn't real.
Austin Callahan' (18 days ago)
Fuck that i had Mark Berned
team MJ (18 days ago)
Huh how could she 😣🤤....there are some evil people in this world... How could she say there are no Santa Claus😭😢
Aaron Diaz Ambriz (19 days ago)
Can someone tell me about the part that says “Forbidden Love” cause I don’t get what’s it trying to say, so can someone explain to me what that part is telling?
My Spanish teacher knows one word that is in English detention
poopstain (20 days ago)
I get the jolly rancher one.. but that’s the culture I guess.
Annabeth Chase (20 days ago)
One of my teachers gave me ISS for tapping my pencil
ABBIE WILLIAMS (21 days ago)
Santa is real cunty I will kill dat teacher fucking bitch whats a liar
Assault King 9000 (21 days ago)
I knew that Santa Claus wasn’t real even when I was in Year 1 a.k.a. 1st grade!
ABBIE WILLIAMS (21 days ago)
R u my aussie fam
Gaming Clan (22 days ago)
Cromwell community college should be on this list
Alex Behery (23 days ago)
Bro I lived in Gainesville, Virginia which is literally right next to Manasass..
Mike Elkashawy (23 days ago)
Category: Entertainment
Derpy Potato (23 days ago)
1:06 liar
Traier Meme (24 days ago)
Baldi should be on here
shadow wolf (24 days ago)
Why is homework called homework if you can't keep it home
Mathias Voorhees (24 days ago)
How is saying there is no Santa Claus which as an adult you realize is true an evil thing?
chicken leg (25 days ago)
sebastian claude (25 days ago)
She said 6th graders instead of 8th graders
Wolf Bombelli (26 days ago)
Wtf, the Nazi one was fine I don’t understand why they were fired.
Sarah Jangard (26 days ago)
Hahaha *stomach growls* this is funny. ..
The Venomoth (26 days ago)
Fired just for telling second graders there was no Santa? STOP BABYING EVERYONE!!! SHE SHOULDNT HAD BEEN REPRIMANDED!!!
I got bullied by a teacher and a students
Aqua_PlaysRoblox (28 days ago)
I live in Vancouver
Gregory Starik (28 days ago)
When i was in 9th grade my computer teacher said that i am a waste of ciman. year after he got fired
Roblox Galaxy (1 month ago)
I get homework everyday.
kota scott (29 days ago)
Me too I aways tell my teacher my dog eat my homework
Fares Ahmed (1 month ago)
Sorry I was too harsh
De'Ahjah Hackett (1 month ago)
The last teacher I wanted to rape him and nut on his face and then put him on in public and throw peanuts on him
StandingWind (1 month ago)
"Use this to erase your life." Are you f***ing kidding me?!
Most teachers just want money
Gabriel Lara (1 month ago)
No Santa Claus thank god the teacher just saved the parents asses and she got banned BULLSHIT👐🏼
kwpp7 (1 month ago)
If these people hate their jobs or hate children to this extent, get a new job!! Seriously. So disgusting.
Pankaj Trikha (1 month ago)
Wow no. 2 is so "evil " How could she tell the children that there was no Santa clause What the hell
AirSwift AnimZ (1 month ago)
If mah teachers gonna spank me for no reason.. IMA BREAK THEIR HANDS!!!!
Leslee Helsley (1 month ago)
My teacher is very nice to me
Houston Downs (1 month ago)
Who’s watching in 2018
Monet Donquixote (1 month ago)
Students= angels Teachers= devils School= hell Home or any other place= heaven Bullies:Devils' servants
Weirdo Fox??? (1 month ago)
The eighth grade hit squad one, and the forbidden love one should go to jail for a long time.
Xavier Tyson (1 month ago)
nigga i AINT with that teacher bullshit no more if the teacher put me under harsh conditions or they try to put their boys on me I will fucking come to school straight up with a kitchen knife and ketchup all over it just in case
I’m watching this in hurricane Micheal I’m TERRIFIED!!!! I’ll edit this when it’s over....
Olukemi Akingbade (1 month ago)
CEB GAMING (1 month ago)
My science teacher is a fat grouch
Amanda Mullins (1 month ago)
Aww the jolly rancher hairstyle is cute! <3
gracie da savage (1 month ago)
90% of why we hate school is because of the teachers the other 10% is the work,the bullys, and other stuff
Brandon Kilgore (1 month ago)
Why aren't they naming the teachers? How do you expect the law or justice to be served!?!
Ryan Harrington (1 month ago)
Lol!!! Here kid erase ur life!
Hannah Nieman (1 month ago)
Mrs Smith from troom troom
LuniMonica and Airus (1 month ago)
I mean the teacher at 3:00 literally has "Nazi" in her name so...
Neon Soul LaPlante (1 month ago)
Bro if I was ever discriminated for being Asian I would slap whoever bullied me for coming from Asia
R3alist BO (1 month ago)
My bus driver roasted me now I wanna go mK on her
Shannon Tarrant (1 month ago)
My. Teachers. Were. From. Hell
Metal Mania (2 days ago)
My. Sub. Is. From. Hell
DarkJanet (1 month ago)
My Special Ed teacher named Ms. baker. She was very mean to me. All she did was harassed me, yelled and screamed at me, blackmailed me, and shit! She ruined my life.

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