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Hybrid Stock Exchange - Trailer

10949 ratings | 1019800 views
https://hybse.com/ A billion dollar crypto market opens its doors to SMEs (small to medium enterprises) with the Hybrid Stock Exchange. The first ever international trading platform with such a variety of cryptonized shares (blockshares), financial instruments and cryptocurrencies available to everyone. For more information, visit our DIMCOIN social media platforms: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HybridStockExchange/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/HYBSE Telegram: https://t.me/dimcoinICO About DIM Foundation: The DIM Foundation is a non-profit organization that is responsible for the creation, management and distribution of the DIM (DIMCOIN and DIM Currencies) and DIM TOKEN. All the profits received by the foundation will be utilized to further improve the DIM in order to increase its value. HYBSE has a license of Dealers in Securities in Vanuatu with the license number 17911
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Text Comments (49)
DB Investor (1 month ago)
Don't believe the hype folks. DIM is a pathetic joke. I've been there since pre-ICO, a very large investor. I'm done. Here's my rant: https://www.reddit.com/comments/9krn0t
Jon Doe (3 months ago)
Paid for views, trash coin, scam coin, scam team.
DIMCOIN (3 months ago)
Hi, we are always happy to clear any doubts that you may have about the project. It was mentioned that the majority of views came from Google AdWords advertising on YouTube which played the HYBSE Trailer as an advert. We are certainly not a scam, our ICO was a year ago and we have working on the development since then. It is always recommended to read the latest news updates from our Medium blog and to engage in discussions in the main Telegram group - https://t.me/dimcoinICO
Crypto Airdrop (5 months ago)
How it got 1 million views ??
Gervais Penco (5 months ago)
I love the dim ecosystem
Kris Konsap (5 months ago)
Very nice, can't wait to see the launch.
Babak Darabi (5 months ago)
I advertise for DIM in my country. I trust you. go ahead.
Exelente precentacion sin duda dara de que hablar
John Jones (5 months ago)
Wow 750k views with only 10k likes, more or less no user engagement. I smell something fishy :(
Thingamajigs (5 months ago)
We could argue they did buy views, which is absolutely fine. But if it's bot views (Which, given the lack of comments, can be a reasonable argument) thats really not good...not good at all. Nicely made professional video though. Although is lacking on actual solid information on the HYBSE -- which lets be honest, is all people are here to find out about.
Mihai-Ciprian Ghilinta (5 months ago)
@Dimcoin, ok, let's say it was like that, but then you have 11k likes and only 44 (old) comments.. Which again, seems rather odd..
DIMCOIN (5 months ago)
Hi, the trailer was played as an advert on YouTube which explains the views being more than likes and comments. They are all natural views
Papes Merquise (5 months ago)
feels like they bought views :(
KQSHEN LOVE (5 months ago)
го в заимку?
dimcoin (5 months ago)
Digging it!
Joshua Prior (5 months ago)
Looking good
Multifacetico888 (5 months ago)
Esto recien comienza ;va a ser grande grande!!
Grandli Junior (5 months ago)
Awesome Let's vote guys Dim in BIT-Z https://www.bit-z.pro/vote2/DIM Make this coin go to the moon more fast
Fer Perea (5 months ago)
To the moonnnnnnnn Super hybse
Joey Sehlapelo (5 months ago)
HYBSE will definitely change how stock markets previously operated, trading of stocks, commodities, securities etc. will be made easier through the HYBSE platform, this is so amazing!
Grandli Junior (5 months ago)
Defintely Let's vote guys Dim in BIT-Z https://www.bit-z.pro/vote2/DIM MOON and beyond!!!
Garrett Salter (5 months ago)
I registered right away! Really excited for this project to release.
Skypovic Samsungovic (5 months ago)
Great potential I registared
Panfi Tshimanga (5 months ago)
Clinton Ngobe (5 months ago)
What a pleasure it is to be in the front lines of such a project. HYBSE has set the tone.
Married with Children (5 months ago)
nice one! like to video!
M Dawhipwhipwhip (5 months ago)
Good quality video, can't wait for the exchange!
Elsp (5 months ago)
52k view .... nice ....to the mooooooooooooon !!!!!!!!
Bryan Luu (5 months ago)
This is the future fam.
Yanga Mapengo (5 months ago)
Moving along swiftly. Great stuff!
vivien tillett (5 months ago)
A pleasure to be a part of such a revolutionary project.
lin zhipeng (5 months ago)
Hendra Rukmana (5 months ago)
hybse is the evolution of future trade amazing
Basti Pear (5 months ago)
This will change the financial markets
Wayne Coburn (5 months ago)
Great trailer, can't wait for the exchange to launch in June
Helen (5 months ago)
The trailer is awesome! Looking forward to HYBSE release.
Waseem Rid (5 months ago)
Nice trailer, can't wait to see it fully out there.
Morten Madsen (5 months ago)
looking good! Can't wait to the release B)
Eduardo Fernandez (5 months ago)
El futuro está aquí 😊 #hybse #dim
Yung Metro (6 months ago)
5utoob (6 months ago)
A very good project! Go HYBSE... Go DIMCOIN!!
Still Believer (6 months ago)
Go DIM. I will be the first buying stocks on this beauriful upcoming exchange.
Alex Domanovic (6 months ago)
ill be sitting back collecting quarterly profits
wolvesatnight (6 months ago)
Multifacetico888 (6 months ago)
Exelente,sigan adelante y Gracias¡
Qlean Qryptos (6 months ago)
A great potential "bridge" between traditional markets and the NEW ones.
Grandli Junior (5 months ago)
Defintely Let's vote guys Dim in BIT-Z https://www.bit-z.pro/vote2/DIM MOON and beyond!!!
jert38 (6 months ago)
Great video, guys!
kaboom cha (6 months ago)
Looking forward to it DIM!

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