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How I learned to read -- and trade stocks -- in prison | Curtis "Wall Street" Carroll

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Financial literacy isn't a skill -- it's a lifestyle. Take it from Curtis "Wall Street" Carroll. As an incarcerated individual, Caroll knows the power of a dollar. While in prison, he taught himself how to read and trade stocks, and now he shares a simple, powerful message: we all need to be more savvy with our money. The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and more. Follow TED on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TEDTalks Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/TED
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Hafiz Yarahuan (3 hours ago)
Love this video.
Nino Blanco (5 hours ago)
Damn he was from the town I ain’t even know that
Vahan Good (9 hours ago)
Great talk & thought provoking.
林惠聰 (14 hours ago)
His enthusiasm and happiness about his ability to read. Brought tears to my eyes. He is so intelligent.
J T (1 day ago)
"My mom still has the tract marks from blood banks" lol
VtecHondaGuy (2 days ago)
Wow, Just wow! This guy is good. I've been trying to tell people this for years. Thanks bro.
Grant Handford (2 days ago)
Proud of that guy
yohance johnson (2 days ago)
Does anyone know if he is out of prison yet by any chance? I would like to be taught the stock game by him
coburn solutions llc (2 days ago)
awesome stuff!!!
T Lashai (3 days ago)
Man I'm glad I came across this guy a year ago. Just learning to trade stocks was kind of hard at first, but after a while of studying its clear. I hope this brother is set free in 2020
MrNEWz MrNEWz (3 days ago)
Always great to hear a success story.
Enrico Gura (4 days ago)
combine school of hard knocks, determination, enthusiasm, and being naturally gifted with public speaking talent and you have Curtis "Wall Street" Carroll. We could tell that those folks who were there listened to every word. I turned my subtitles on and played back some of what he said... This man speaks...he will hit you.
Aries One (4 days ago)
Thank you.
k swanson (5 days ago)
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denis deniss (5 days ago)
One of the best TED speech ive ever seen, and the best that is not focused on some groundbreaking or esoteric topic such as black holes. If this guy pleases, he can become a lecturer and professor of finance within 5 years, possibly even at an Ivy League university.
hearing a young man speak like, alive, woke, positive even after the forces that be were always in the way for him. This is very inspirational!
Kim Carter (5 days ago)
damn can he get a pardon TF
kee28 8 (5 days ago)
Brilliant. I have one short attention span and I watched this whole thing , even rewinding so I could catch the statistics and remember them better.
Hlib Kozak (5 days ago)
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William Ortiz (7 days ago)
Great video. Misleading clickbate title. He never explained in detail HOW he learned. He just told us he read business section and became aware of pressing issues.
Utsav Atre (7 days ago)
Simply one of the finest Ted talk I have ever seen!
ACE J. (7 days ago)
AWESOME MESSAGE & so powerful to Today's Society!!! Amazing Job Mr. Carroll. Thank U for spreading the #WORD.
Mar Faw (7 days ago)
Has anyone noticed, America does not care about you.
Mar Faw (7 days ago)
Proud of you
Phil Swift (9 days ago)
like ive said many times. young black males make up 40 percent of violent crime in the united states, yet make up about 15%of u.s. population. this does NOT mean that it is a result of the race that they are. it is the culture that they grow up in. these men grow up in broken homes and are taught that they will never be good enough so just go steal something. of course this is relevent to low income families of all races but it is more prominent in african american communities. what we must do as americans is to teach young people this financial literacy. to reach them that they can. this man made one of the best speeches ive heard in a while. @realdonaldtrump as a supporter of you i say that this man should be pardoned. he should also have the chance to teach children in all schools. because what he has to say is a message that many people need.
StonedStone (9 days ago)
Just start fucking social capitalism and dont waste a fucking trillion dollars on military, cuz you are only using a fraction.
Secular - Atheist (9 days ago)
Benson Louis (9 days ago)
It's an inspiring video it's actually save to invest in a trading plan that's save
Donald Hickman (9 days ago)
Yes I was also scared investing and trading until I met Mr Robinson his trading plan was awesome you can contact him through his mail [email protected]
Danny Nichols (12 days ago)
Great accent, like something straight out of The Wire lol
justus gentile (13 days ago)
Unbelievably impressive
Jose Rivera (14 days ago)
Excellent video. Very inspiring. One of best and engaging speakers. Makes it very relevant.
Rachael (14 days ago)
God bless you
Debbie Sipes (14 days ago)
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Tanyu Elvis (16 days ago)
This guy's got communication skills. He is very articulate and has a good sense of humor and is very intelligent. He does not sound like one who has been illiterate for 22 years of his life. Determination is powerful.
Vishaal Deo (17 days ago)
This is really what you see in this video I was on the same yard with him four years ago n his one of the wise person I met.
Mr Fedy (17 days ago)
Very empowering 👌🏽
Deky Suprianto (17 days ago)
Rich dad's advice
thomas oliver (17 days ago)
glad your doing something good but when did ted talks become sells pitch talks
Adam Mendel (17 days ago)
this man is bright
Mach68 (17 days ago)
Pardon this guy. He deserves a second chance.
Moziah Bonneau (18 days ago)
I love it and hear what he’s saying, but; when you have a system that’s built to live off the sweat , blood, tears & life of not only melanated people, but the “Haves” vs the “Have Nots”(rich vs poor). It behooves all wealthy people’s who aren’t compassionate and oppressors. An higher heirachy. There needs to be a worker and based on the fears of both parties. The wealthy is not trying to give up their lofty status...I don’t care the color. The love of money or money in general will either highlight you as a better person(giver) or you become more worse(a taker). It’s the circumstances that individuals allow to control them. And as far as blacks. It’s not that we can’t do what white do(positive) the white ruling class of whites know our true history and our capabilities it’s the ignorant ones who don’t know us or our history. When u see whose controlling the world. It’s not the klans or skinheads, etc. it’s those liberals who feel that they’re just a little more civilized than their white counterparts. The lower class whites w/o proper education is just like us. Waste money and assets. When u look at The controlling families they’ve had their money for generations as compared to a David Duke type.
Armenias Thunk (19 days ago)
I'm glad this man did something productive with his time away, e.g. reading and math skills; but I'm not so sure that learning to trade stocks is such a boon to mankind, at least not to the degree that so many commenters are prepared to overthrow the state's need for order.  If the man had said he learned to read and build bridges, or work as a radiology technician, or even run a small business making shoes for working people, I would have thought more of it.  But how is learning to trade stocks any less self-centered than his prior life of robbing gumball machines, if not more so.  It's just possible he's preparing his next score.  Maybe he was in the cell next to Bernie Madoff.
angkur rongpi (19 days ago)
Multi millionaire Floyd cant read.
Aarav Singh (19 days ago)
but the problem is only understanding stocks, doesnt solve basic problem of crime.
Victor Meliley (19 days ago)
Great and truthful talk from a this man. He's well spoken and articulate. Every single word in his speech matters. You are inspirational. Kudos!
gscgold (20 days ago)
So basically if you want free education paid for by the taxpayers go to prison and once you get out they help you with everything You can't sell blood in America you can only sell plasma and there's a lot of people in America who sell their plasma not just people who are in the Inner City I lived in a small City in the midwest that has five universities in it and there was always students from those colleges in there donating plasma so I don't buy the Heartbreak story of some Thug from Oakland who got lucky and now is applying all of his street knowledge to the stock market which is basically manipulating and speculating. Anyone in America who takes out any kind of loan is a slave to the financial system not just Intercity people... Financial slavery knows no color
Antonio Thornton (20 days ago)
this is a good video all must see it
ali ahmed (21 days ago)
You amazing
Richard Sanchez (22 days ago)
I have to be careful not to eat all my cat food.... 🐈
TrinaRoseGold (22 days ago)
he from oakland ca!!!
Nicolas Sanchez (24 days ago)
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Chirag divecha (25 days ago)
You need to think outside the box, inside a box
Kamel Mebhah (26 days ago)
We dream dreamers, some work hard to make it , some are a just dreamers all their life.
Benji 1M (26 days ago)
Tupac was saying this years ago. This man is more impactful than 99 percent of rappers and urban culture leaders out there. #Awake
Ej_ L (27 days ago)
Im 21 years old and im so interested in stocks,investing,setting up my own business. I love saving! And i want to be more financially literate. Can you recommend me some books about investing and stocks??? Thank y'all
planet x (28 days ago)
God knows how many innocents ha has robbed !
planet x (28 days ago)
Still you are negro !
Colyers (28 days ago)
I thought he was actually going to talk bout trading based on the title.
Jean-laffit Pincay (28 days ago)
Fun fact: He is wearing coat hangers in his shirt to keep his posture in check !
Educate Now (28 days ago)
Key separate emotional decision from financial decision!!!
P4P KING (29 days ago)
in order for wealth to exist........the lower and middle classes need to stay where they are
Adam J (29 days ago)
Its great he is rehabilitated. But he killed someone. The man he killed life would be worth nothing if he Carroll was released. Prison time is a combination of punishment, justice and protecting the community. The community has nothing to fear from this guy; but cmon, he took someones life. Thats a cardinal sin that can not be excused
The Notorious L.I.L. (23 days ago)
Adam J Since when did justice turn into revenge, and also playing god? Who are u to call his crime a sin? Only god can say what’s a sin and what isn’t a sin, u are not god it is great that he is rehabilitated, but that rehabilitation happened with no help from the people or place that was supposed to rehabilitate him He did it on his own, now think about that, cuz if u think he should be banished from society to never return again for making a mistake then why would he or any other inmate’s choose to go out of their way to rehabilitate themselves? The prisons DO NOT do anything to rehabilitate inmates, in fact, it’s set up for the inmates to get worse and become institutionalized, drugs are just as available as they are on the streets, inmates that choose to better themselves are ostracized by other inmates and the guards, so why would ppl choose to become a better human being when it’s not only easier to stay the way u are, but it’s beneficial to stay the way u are I don’t understand how ppl have changed justice into revenge, why do we even call it rehabilitation when everybody knows that’s not what happens to inmates? I’m not saying his crime isn’t wrong, but if u think that he hasn’t learned his lesson, payed his debt to society, and has been punished enough by having to spend his life from the age of 17 til he’s damn near 50 for what he did Then why are ppl getting locked up in the first place? Why not just kill everybody since they are looked at like they shouldn’t return to live amongst the people after they’ve done what they were ordered to do? Idk why ppl look at inmates like if they’re better than them and that’s what makes it easier to treat them like leppers, and idk if u were going to say that I sympathize with them cuz I’m probably a criminal, but no I’ve never been an inmate
Mash (1 month ago)
I wonder when he's going be released. It's a great story.
L A F O R Ê T (1 month ago)
I wish Warren Buffet could see this, he has admitted being born a white male has come a long way to being one of the richest men in the world. He's expressed his concern with minorities and financial issues. Get these two together in a room and they'd make history.
L A F O R Ê T (1 month ago)
A film should be made about this man.
JOSEFINA GALERA (1 month ago)
what is doing this young man in there when are so many people in big chairs sitting and robing to the poor, He should be out teaching in colleges and in schools, I feel deception to this system. He must be out and writing books and teaching. Mister Curtis all my respect for you, I really admire you.
bridgettesamm (1 month ago)
10:53 drops mic
Crab Out The Bucket (1 month ago)
Crazy powerful. I watched it twice
Shirshir Patpat (1 month ago)
Wow this is inspiring!
What a classy and thoroughbred speech! Definitely one of the best videos so far.
Mr.ButtCheeks (1 month ago)
He is such a good speaker that I was trying to find a new video but I just couldn’t click off the vid
tim roberts (1 month ago)
Kudos to the brutha for enhancing his mind for the better! Hope he gets out soon to realize his dreams of financial success. Legally, that is :)
Vidal Sanchez (1 month ago)
Norwegian viking (1 month ago)
Education education and knowledge.. Is power..
Albert Neville (1 month ago)
HA HA HA AH AHA HA HA AHA Good gag - everyone know black people can't READ ! Whatever next ?
John Peterson (1 month ago)
Albert you should be ashamed saying that, you racist.
Andrew Makasini (1 month ago)
Powerhouse of a talk
Matt W (1 month ago)
You're a criminal and you get to sit up in prison and eat for free, live for free, watch tv, and trade stocks.
Vicki Jones (1 month ago)
Financial literacy for all especially low income individuals could help cut down crime........but look at Bernie Madoff was he not financially literate but stilll stole from his friends,clients and family
ahmed mohamed (1 month ago)
A-w-e-s-o-m-e Awesome
Erin Laemmle (1 month ago)
Being intelligent and having empathy don’t always go hand in hand.
Kiri Williams (1 month ago)
The importance of his street education should not be understated. Constant struggle to eat and survive clearly embedded very useful skills and characteristics. That hustle, passion and drive to better himself and those around him is founded on his struggle. Inspiring person.
Siapan Bound (1 month ago)
outstanding. simply outstanding.
Bullish Bears Team (1 month ago)
Learning the stock market is a life long skill! good on him for taking advantage!!
Abhijit Chatterjee (1 month ago)
I have done MBA in FInance and this is the best lecture I have ever heard on Personal Finance. He truly deserves standing ovation!!!
kfja1111 (1 month ago)
The education system in most western countries do not include personal finance. That's not an oversight. The system wants to keep us down. And it's very important to the Democrats that blacks are kept down.
Trust God (1 month ago)
Thank you and I hope to learn from you! I would like to stop losing when I get emotional
Trust God (1 month ago)
Wow! So glad I found this message
Kai Slosser (1 month ago)
Yeesh who disliked
EpixDevo (1 month ago)
Dont read the man by how he looks read his words and face
Yosan Melese (1 month ago)
is he a born-again christian?
R L I F E (1 month ago)
Amazing talk!
Geoffrey Raposa (1 month ago)
One of the greatest TED talks I’ve ever heard.
Mark Howard (1 month ago)
Wiggins (1 month ago)
Colorless Green (1 month ago)
Michael Roberson (1 month ago)
He looks and sounds rehabilitated to me! When do they release him?
barrett Aubrey (1 month ago)
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Trenton Cleverly (1 month ago)
The last statement hit home. "Take my class and let me show you. How much money you lose when you get emotional." What an intelligent man, truly... doing good if this isnt rehabilitation than what is. This mans word has the power to move mountains if hes ever truly giving an opportunity to reach masses. I truly hope i get to see it in my life time.
desertrose (1 month ago)
He talk as is not as those world of corporation feed you or the nation, all those false hope , and those false, dream and those false , trap, to keep you at the end in misery , and jail and bankruptcy, , that is not all, your family and your future generation also pay for it,
Frank Crum (1 month ago)
And that type of marriage and all that it be a righteous man

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