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How To Make $400 A Day Trading Stocks

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Text Comments (218)
Isaac Pickering (3 days ago)
0:05 An amasain day?
Ronald J Kirby (5 days ago)
Ricky your video is blurry as and you talk so fast i have trouble understanding you what is the point ?
Willy Nino (6 days ago)
I didn’t learn shit I want to know how step by step on what to do
CHEF AL BMSL (4 days ago)
i am a filipino boss ricky can you teach me how to trade youre style.pls ,and thank you .
Poloniex Trades (4 days ago)
We can help you trade at *,POLONIEX*
Richie Sacolic (8 days ago)
You talk way to fast man slow down so people can understand you
Alfonso's Travels (9 days ago)
"10-15% growth per week" Sad to hear people actually believe this is sustainable or realistic. Pure clickbait.
315giants (12 days ago)
If anybody would like a free stock to get you started in stock trading inbox me
Justin C (12 days ago)
400 a day LOL Brah I make 900 a day easily
R Spencer (13 days ago)
Liked the speed and how you get right to it. 👍
Ahmedur Chowdhury (13 days ago)
Hey, I want to know how many trade a day trader can make in a day?
Poloniex Trades (3 days ago)
+Ahmedur Chowdhury And he's that good to start with
Poloniex Trades (4 days ago)
+Ahmedur Chowdhury yes
Ahmedur Chowdhury (4 days ago)
Did you mean a stock broker?
Poloniex Trades (4 days ago)
+Ahmedur Chowdhury I have a trade expert that helps me trade. He makes quite some profits for me. He transfered me 27k on Monday
Ahmedur Chowdhury (4 days ago)
Poloniex Trades yes that’s true. Some people lose their money by investing all in one stock.. and other thing is to know your loss.. where to put your stop loss. Thanks for your tips. May I ask you how you choose your stock to invest in?.. I mean which stock to buy or not to?
SCAPS DESIGN (16 days ago)
is ameritrade platform same with +500/iqoption platform?
Welzi (19 days ago)
is this legit ?
Ariel Garcia (21 days ago)
Damm he day trades like a beast wtf
Silent Killer (22 days ago)
If you slow the speed to .75 playback speed, you can actually understand what he’s saying
Augs Zilla (23 days ago)
Wrong fl studio tutorial
Tt Tt (23 days ago)
I can only start with 500.00 do you have any direction I should start with ?
Poloniex Trades (4 days ago)
Do you have an email
RaisKing (28 days ago)
How much did you invest to make $400?
John Ikondja (1 month ago)
what trading application do you trade on?
Joshua Miller (24 days ago)
John Ikondja think or swim
Jordan R (1 month ago)
You don't talk too quick bro these MF's too slow. Thanks for info.
Joshua Miller (24 days ago)
Jordan Robertson facts
Mauricio Robayo JR (1 month ago)
Way too fast to understand. I’m like lost
Joshua Miller (24 days ago)
Mauricio Robayo JR rewatch it
Brandon Roberts (1 month ago)
I averaged between 200 to $400 a day as well. I have been following the same 10 or so stocks for years so I am familiar with their patterns. When you do this you have to accept you could lose big and it is gambling but there is skill involved so it is more like educated guessing. First, get strong stocks that have had positive reports. I only bet on stocks that beat Wall Street estimates for the last quarter, or are big stable stocks that are capable of fluctuating a couple of percent within a day. Learn the patterns. I never buy a stock when it is up, I always buy when they are down, and I mean down in the morning at opening. When I say down I mean down at least 2% without any bad news. Always read the news. Then I put my money in the stock and watch very carefully. Usually they will always bounce back. Sometimes you do get screwed and that is part of the Gamble. At night I always set a couple of buy orders much lower than the stock is the previous day. I'm hoping that the stock will dip at opening and then recover. If a stock is down with only a couple of hours left to go in the trading day, I leave it alone unless it is down a ridiculous amount for no apparent reason. I have been fairly successful at this and really only lost $300 in the last month. I do not do this for a living because to me it is not a Dependable way to make a living. You never know what can happen. It has been my observation that it does not really matter how good a company is but it is better to be familiar with the pattern. Take Tesla for instance. They lose money every day, they are not forecasting a profit. They have a lot of competition that can afford to sell their electric cars at a loss. If we're not for the government Tesla would not exist, but the stock is doing great and can fluctuate many percent within a day. I would never bet on this one load term but it does make for some exciting Trading.
+C. K. So a normal bad day would be losing three or four hundred.
+C. K. Lol, don't tell my wife. Lost 5k last week.... In a single day. Started with 8k two years ago and made 31k till the Bad day.... I will make it back but it hurt, especially because I broke two of my own rules, the greedy rule and not to leave money in a stock overnight. I usually trade about 30k a pop and set a stop market so I only lose $100 maybe $200 , and if the stock goes way down, I will buy it again at a lower price and hope it goes back up.
C. K. (3 days ago)
+Photojunky's Drone Zone Vlog what's a bad day for you bud? Really curious!
I have been using them (tdameritrade) for over a decade, but I imagine there are plenty of good firms out there that handle traits. I like the interface on my phone and computer but really have nothing to compare it to.
Kazik Nowik (1 month ago)
I opened trade houae myself We started first with livestock Goates . lambs chickens Then we movrd up to petotoes carrotes beets snd such Then used rusted machinery
Abu Khan (1 month ago)
Dude's on speed
Ronnie J (1 month ago)
Abu Khan fuckers on adderral
Zakry Cooper (1 month ago)
How big is Ricky's buying power when he makes these profits?
OB TC (1 month ago)
If you think he’s taking too fast, then trading is not for you, this is a fast paced world, so get back on the short Buss and get back to playing your game boy.
trinston13 (1 month ago)
Makes $400/day in stocks. Spends $450/day on coke and adderall.
Daniel Joseph (9 days ago)
Playback at .75 speed and he sounds normal then.. HAHA!
Shyne 1337 (24 days ago)
+It's Vlad, not Vladimir I need his Adderall connect.
Lmfaoo....word, I was contemplating those same thoughts myself! He talks and talks and talks cuz of his knowledge on this stuff, but it's HOW HE TALKS that sparks up some doubts in some of us about wether he pops some candies or not! But honestly speaking, who gives a f*ck? He makes hella bread!!
Shyne 1337 (26 days ago)
Mmmm Adderall
Zix Sen (1 month ago)
trinston13 ?
SurgeFiz BIZ (1 month ago)
He says to much aaa...
Reginald Figueroa (2 months ago)
Yo Ricky How much you think you can make a month with $50k in stocks?
dotch (2 months ago)
Lol the real trick is to have a enough for a large initial investment
宇文弘毅 (2 months ago)
U R so handsome
dragos sorin (2 months ago)
AMD have a 17 % grout since 7nm have been announced , why not investing in it?
Bee Cade (2 months ago)
mormon rabilia (2 months ago)
Okay I’ve seen like three of your videos, why do you speak as if you need to go to the bathroom? You keep rushing every single one of your videos.
Freedom Day Trading (2 months ago)
Making $400 a day is a very achievable goal. For beginner traders, the focus should definitely be on trading the right setups and mastering a couple of strategies at a time and no more. Many beginners traders make the mistake of expecting too much too quickly. Understand that trading is a skill that can't by mastered overnight.
boogie (6 days ago)
I bet you haven't made a dime yourself.
Juan Carlos (2 months ago)
What program do you use/recommend for day trading? I use Robin-hood but I noticed that there's a limit to it :/ ( beginner)
Sai Kiran (2 months ago)
Bro please it’s like you’re giving commentary for a game Please speak little bit slowly.
Tannie Wu (2 months ago)
Really like your videos, if you could speak 50% slower it would be great :p
Dra O (2 months ago)
Hilarious! So, on market down days, how much do you lose - because you do lose on those days (at least on paper - and on market up days you’re up, but only in paper). $400 in a day is good but speak on taxes (short-term versus long-term holdings)... as well as trading fees - your $400 can become $300 rather quickly.
I think you are getting it backwards. Why buy on an up day? You want to buy on the down day and hold it for that update. I always trade the same day unless I get stuck with something I think will recover.
It’s Joel guys (1 month ago)
Says the dipshit working for some other dipshit and calling that success.
TheKYLE323 (2 months ago)
Can someone tell me what program or website he uses for his stock charts??
teatime (2 months ago)
It's thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade
little juice (2 months ago)
Hey Ricky does the program you use charge per transaction? Also, how much money should I start with?
Do Bo (2 months ago)
you talk way too quick. Just in general. Slow it down significantly if you are trying to teach people.
Captain Bagels (1 month ago)
I watch the video in 2x speed. Maybe it's just you bro.
KennyKennTV (1 month ago)
Just play the video at 0.75 speed. sounds like a normal guy
Dany Herrera (2 months ago)
So if u make money means someone else looses that money unless we are creating wealth will mean one day we can be on the winning side and another on the losing side your thoughts????
billy Skevofilax (2 months ago)
Dany Herrera yeah, ignorants should treat working class heroes with the respect they deserve, because wealth and value is created at work, not behind a computer watching valuable compoundings getting larger... Work is the essence, management is a skill...
Pj yarbough (2 months ago)
I own one share of Microsoft, how can i flip it?
Joshua Miller (24 days ago)
Pj yarbough watch trends, sell it when it rises, rebuy when it drops etc
OooJayman23 (3 months ago)
More info on day trading sounds fun I want In
Hossam Ibrahim (3 months ago)
Am new in the field .. How many stocks are you investing in ?? There are videos talking about not more than 9 stocks ??
commonsense living (3 months ago)
Chance of day trader for making profit long term is close to zero. lets hear about his money loosing trades. wait a min he wont share that with u.
commonsense living (3 months ago)
Epic Mentality i done trading for 20 yrs. i know people who been trading for longer than that. i used to be on a roll for few months and then loose it all in matter of days due to unusual market movements. after 20 years of trading im back to zero. not to mention the time and effort i put into it. i have friends who have lost hundreds of thousands. trading is not an investment. let distinguish between the two. trading is guessing and gambling . investment is a slow process and will mature overtime. if had bought apple back in 2009 for $70 now i would had a nice profit and i would continue to keep my investment. but market has cycle it has up cycle for few year followed by down cycle. this is a natural process and you need to adjust your investment based on that. we are closer to down cycle and we need to adujst investment based on that. thats like a football team that need to know when to play offence and when to play defence . right now you need to protect your investment while keeping an eye on other opportunity. you can buy puts option against apple to profit in case apple prices go down or you can invest in sector that florish during down market like utility, consumer staples, govt bonds and gold etf. investment is a game of strategy and you need to get a feel for market direction before you can invest in stocks. buy stocks like you buy home. make sure you get the best cause you will keep it for few years. that is investment. this kid cant tell his left hand from right and giving investment advice. truly laughable
Epic Mentality (3 months ago)
What kind of investing do you find legit?
Bryan Adams (3 months ago)
hello people are you ready to make $2300 in a day with just an investment of $130. guaranteed 4600 in two days
Risky Amagan (3 months ago)
I wonder how much capital you have to meet 3 figures.
Jose Jerry Aiden (3 months ago)
You speak fast like you make profits.
LaHyuuga (3 months ago)
I cannot keep up with how fast you talk man
Andrew (3 months ago)
This is very close to playing winning poker online...
oleg borodin (3 months ago)
How do you know when to use sma, bollinger, or vwap. Every video your using a different one
oleg borodin (3 months ago)
Ok we all don't have money to put down 10k to invest like you need so much money to make 400 a day
XxGamerBoyxX18 (8 days ago)
hahahahaha4565 currently selling coke to reach 10k, we all gotta start somewhere, I’m ashamed of what I’ve became my mother didn’t raise me like this
hahahahaha4565 (1 month ago)
Very true I had 10k at 19
MajorrBison (2 months ago)
lol i have been busting my ass working overtime, last yr i made 60,000. people ask why i work so much and i ask em why they gotta wait till payday to put food on the table. Now i can easily afford to put down real money to make a bank on the right stocks and not have to work overtime anymore. life aint easy but we gotta find a way.
MAYZ (3 months ago)
you may have answered this in other vids but, y not option calls or multi leg orders?
Loc C (3 months ago)
This reminds me of the old micro machines commercials.
J-Nasty (3 months ago)
This is really interesting. I saw that Jubilee day in the life. Peaked my already high interest on Business even higher
Kevin Reynolds (3 months ago)
you used td ameritrade platform, show where i can go to get this program, so i can follow you
NoirVelours (4 months ago)
If I could make $800 a week that would be perfect for me! Heck $200 a day and I would live well. thing is I only have about $700 to start with. I<m at the reading and learning part not yet on simulator.
Buck Nekrid (4 months ago)
Ricky by saying you “see serious bump potential” is potentially illegal. No one can prove your intent but I’d be careful I want u to keep being successful but have your freedom lol
PrimeShare Analyst (4 months ago)
Can I trade at home? I have a laptop. What do I need to start day trading? I’m an investor for long term. But I’m interested in trading daily for profits too
Preston Braddy (4 months ago)
You talk way too fucking fast dick
Preston Braddy (4 months ago)
Ricky Gutierrez Happy Friday
Ricky Gutierrez (4 months ago)
bahah thats a nice way to ask for me to slow down, happy friday!
FraznoFire (4 months ago)
Can I get a link to that discord server?
Jon Roberts (4 months ago)
Hey Ricky, you should do I video on the process of buying! what buttons to use the ins and outs of how to actually properly buy the stock with think or swim! love your videos. gonna study the stocks for about a month then hop in
KingOG (4 months ago)
Although I am 13, I was trying to learn many different methods of how to make money and this just seems the most confusing to me…
Tax Free Productions (1 month ago)
When youre older get a job. A real job, not fast food. All you have to do is be 10% better than everyone around you to move up.
Sambath (4 months ago)
Robinhood is only for us resident. Anyone know anyone like Ricky but is Australia base?
Rezky Jamil (4 months ago)
How do I start doing this?
h0neybee77 (4 months ago)
This is a really cool idea thanks for doing it. :-)
HD كاس العالم (4 months ago)
Can anyone please help me and tell me where I can do day trade without being restricted because I’ve using Robinhood for a while and I cannot do day trades because I only have $2000 in my account and they require $25000 at least to do day trades.
TRUCKER COLT (4 months ago)
Hey man! I’m in Mesa Arizona! I don’t know if you meet people to show them how anything works if so that would be great! Always wanted to know how everything works and how to get started! Let me know! Thank you!
Rah (4 months ago)
u dont need to record the chat because it shows up
Rick J (4 months ago)
Good Vid... 1 off topic QU. what software do you use to record your screen?
KPiFFS (3 months ago)
Rick J who cares??
Anna Malkovych (4 months ago)
Hmm, that is so weird, the dude is sooo ... well.. normal.. not stuck up at all. I am impressed by the personality rather than just his skills.
BIG2hats (1 month ago)
Because to him this is just a game
Joel Punniaraj (3 months ago)
Look at Warren Buffett
FraznoFire (4 months ago)
Anna Malkovych there are many wealthy people who have normal personalities and aren’t stuck up. I have met people like this and I have also met people who are stuck up about their wealth. Ironically the stuck up ones have a lot less than the more modest people I have met
Anthony Dawson (4 months ago)
How can I invest in real estate?
Oy vey! The goyim know! (4 months ago)
Anthony Dawson buy a house
Mi nombre es Mig (4 months ago)
how do I get in the discord chat ?
Frank Ramirez (4 months ago)
Was that 11k a day from the interview all from trading or did your online business have something to do from it?
Joshua Miller (24 days ago)
Frank Ramirez I’m thinking everything
Bubba Kray MNW (4 months ago)
How much did you have to invest to make $400 profit?
IndianLover4you69 (4 months ago)
This is stressful.
Kevin Garcia (4 months ago)
Hey Ricky how do you stay organized and manage your day? Any apps or software to keep you on top of things? Also any tips or strategies for this?:)
HawtChicklol (26 days ago)
NIIIIQQ could I have your referral code to sign up??
NIIIIQQ (2 months ago)
Do you use Robinhood? Its a free app/site it has No fees on buying and trading stocks or anything it's a great place to start out. Look it up it has great reviews you don't need to pay a middle man you are your own stock brocler. Lol if you decide to sign up hit me up for my referral code. If you use it when you sign up we will both get a free random stock :) they have news and articles on stock advice as well. You can also trade some cryptos on it now
Parham K. (4 months ago)
Those solid red lines... are those just on whole dollar values or do you draw them or is it a specific indicator?
Jay Barbier (4 months ago)
Jubilee interview a must watch
Bill McGroarty (4 months ago)
Wow Ricky is human after all Not just a trading machine
Jamal Accra (4 months ago)
I live in Gilbert 🙃🙃
Kaiya (4 months ago)
U need to slow down how fast you speak it’s hard to keep up
Stonecoll Colly (20 days ago)
damn fast . i thought i was the only one who felt the speed
Prince jazz (26 days ago)
he definitely knows his game... but he is not a good teacher
carlos meza (30 days ago)
+Mike P u mean meth?
Mike P (30 days ago)
+carlos meza or crack and no sleep
Bigonrock (4 months ago)
Teach me man Im listening
EverydayWandaful (4 months ago)
Saw the jubilee video, I wanna be just like you . Def doing my research and following your steps
Ivan Velasquez (4 months ago)
Yo boom boom boom
xmbrly (4 months ago)
aye came across you through Jubilee!
Tafadzwa Madamombe (4 months ago)
How can I start day trading? And how much is a good amount to start with?
AS Pro (4 months ago)
How did you get into the stock market at what age and how? What books did you read?
I was so happy to see you at the jubilee interview I follow you and I like your works
Don Ol (4 months ago)
Ricky you really need to fix your sound uf you want people to hear it on PCs. Its find on the phone
Aubrey D (4 months ago)
Luis Estrada (4 months ago)
i like this challenge sounds good i can almost participate with 3k challenge im still growing the 1k challenge
mohit badukiya (4 months ago)
I want to learn to invest. I will be very happy to get a reply from you how should I start. Please help.
RedEyeJedi (4 months ago)
How do I PM you on discord
RedEyeJedi (4 months ago)
Is the $3k challenge for paid users or free. How do I get in on the trading challenge so I can grow my small account.
RedEyeJedi (4 months ago)
How short is your swing trade
Cody Stephenson (4 months ago)
Such a Solid idea.
vietmy nguyen (4 months ago)
I can’t sign up too techbuds, I tried to with my gmail but it wouldn’t let me :/ I don’t use any social media or Facebook

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