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10 Celebrities You Won't Believe Were Bullied As Kids

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Horrible bullying stories revealed by these 10 celebrities. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description: Let’s talk about the one word that needs attention to, no matter where, who or how old you are. Bullying is absolutely unnecessary. It turns out that although we might think these famous individuals might lead perfect lives, it just so happens that even they had their painful stories to share. Here we have 10 celebrities who you would have never guessed experienced it first-hand. We should take these moments into consideration and ask ourselves - just what can we do about the problem? Here’s the thing, bullying will never be cool. In fact, such a rude and tasteless act will do nothing but hurt those who absolutely do not deserve it. Ignoring it won’t get rid of the problem either. So here we have it, the tell-all of the harsh realities that our role models have experienced growing up. How about we learn from this article and remember, being kind is the best thing you can be in today’s society. Let’s share the love! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTalko Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetalko Instagram: https://instagram.com/the_talko ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thetalko.com/
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Text Comments (962)
davies mejia (1 month ago)
I just wanna see the bullies faces now 😂😂
Sam Nguyen (3 months ago)
I bet MGK was one of Eminem's bullies
Davin Lie (5 months ago)
The president will put them to jail.
Joehd (5 months ago)
Where is Liam Payne He used to skip school because of bullies
Siddharth Verma (6 months ago)
Demi lovato is a bully herself
AnimaToon! (9 months ago)
Ooh, those kids who bullied those kid celebrities will be SO jealous for now!
WXBGamerXD (10 months ago)
I Feel Bad For Gaga💕💕😭
The smile face (10 months ago)
Miley Cyrus
Jakob Criz (11 months ago)
Wheres dynamo Magician impossible??
Real Hagi (11 months ago)
Don't make your self soft even if you are act as a tough kid I do it in high school no one bullying me I always punching the lockers acting savage af
Dayna Cross (11 months ago)
I was bullied or disliked by my peers because of my high functioning autism. I never interacted socially with my peers until I was 12 then full.time until I was 14. I am 31 now.
Tyler ___ (1 year ago)
Though he wasn't on this list, I feel like the majority of the people that bullied Andy Biersack as he was growing up feel like shit now that he's way more successful than any of them. Same goes with most of the celebrities on this list.
Potato Witch (1 year ago)
Im bullied but i wanna be a famous singer maybe i will
Taste the rainbow! (1 year ago)
I wish I could see those bullies faces when they are watching the Emmy's and hear a name they recognize, and slowly realize that they were huge d***s.
Lovatic for life!!! (1 year ago)
I love you Demi!!!!!
future tech (1 year ago)
And Eminem today is a bully of gay people!
Joe was still hot
Gregory Walker (1 year ago)
Living well is the best revenge
King Of Power (1 year ago)
I bet the bully the people on the video rlly thought what to do know with life
MAZETOY hyi (1 year ago)
Eminem 😍😍
Creeperdragon (1 year ago)
I immediately thought of Eminem when I clicked on the video.
Heather Sawyer (1 year ago)
I bet their bullies are working at a crappy fast food while these people make millions
enis dedic (1 year ago)
I got bulleid about a year back they made fun of me because I was friends with these smart people and they were the best friends ever and they made fun of me and never took me seriously but then at one day it was just a normal time to bully day for them and It got other the point where I stand up out of my chair and yell out THAT'S ENOUGH I'M SICK OF ALL OF YOU GUYS PUSHING ME AROUND LIKE I'M SOME DOLL AND I'M LIKE YALL NEED TO FIX YOURSELVES AND TREAT ME THE WAY YOU WANNA BE TREATED then one bully stands up and says you need to fix yourself and I'm like the only that that needs to be fixed TIS that attitude and that hairline of yours so SHUT UP my teacher said what's going on and I'm like I'M SICK OF THESE PEOPLE OVER HERE PUSHING ME AROUND and she's just like it's fine it's just play and I'm like no oooooooooooo no no IT ISN'T YOU GUYS ARE SO UGH and I telltale hem if you think I'm gonna change who I am and change my friends then think again
Dvff (1 year ago)
What Eminem was bullied. It’s not like he’s mentioned in countless songs and interviews
Beatlesblqqd (1 year ago)
what about charlie puth! he has been bullied when he was in high school!
London London UK (1 year ago)
Celebrities I am so happy for you 🤝😘😘💖💐💐🌹🌹 good on you. 🏆🏆 ever bullies @ School get jealous today 😁👍🥂🥂🍾🍾
Ada Argun (1 year ago)
Why isn't Mika in this list? He was bullied to and a source says that he didn't talk for 6 months! Later his parents changed his school and he was 6 or 7.
Arnie Lein Ibardo (1 year ago)
They are all successful:)))))))) no matter what
Max1mum 0verDrive (1 year ago)
Eminem white kid in Detroit Me also being a white fellow from Detroit I more than believe he was picked on
TheEazy G (1 year ago)
Jurassic_ 19 (1 year ago)
bullying is for losers.
Lee Robinson (1 year ago)
This gives me hope
Leng Lor (1 year ago)
Bullying me cause I nerd? Hope I never stop by a fast food to see you work there.
Leng Lor (1 year ago)
This is so inspiration! This is why I never give up achieve my dream
Sweet Kai (1 year ago)
I was bullied for 5 years because my teen-age started earlier, I had glasses and because I was kind of shy. I really wonder what were going inside their heads.
Meh Karamel (1 year ago)
lmao, karma ;)
MUFC (1 year ago)
Do 10 celebrities who were bullies as kids
Reaper Zoroark (1 year ago)
I was bullied too
NonPro Games (1 year ago)
I got bullied once, Knocked the kid out and didnt come back for 2 mounths
Ja Dae (1 year ago)
if you're getting bullied ignore the bully or just embarass them since they embarass you, though one time my friend was getting bullied so I went up straight to the bully, oh fun fact i was taller and older than the bully ;) and said I will make that happen back to you. And my friend was not bullied anymore because of me, so you can also defend your friend or sibling getting bullied by standing up for them and if the bully doesnt care and keeps doing that, might be a fact that they're just being 4 year old attracting attention so maybe you can just laugh it off and probably just make them say anything they want because you never know that'll they'll get embarassed infront of you one day, also you can try to empower others by saying positive things and just ignoring bullies the bully's friends are just like asistants, they cant do anything if they do physical actions just say do it punch it but you're resposible and probably need to pay and talk to my dad okay?Also dont worry im pretty sure if they keep bullying they cant concentrate on studies and might be a hermit.
Naemzo (1 year ago)
You know.. I'm starting to think TheTalko is actually TheStalker That Talko's about others.
the real player mgtow (1 year ago)
why wouldn't I believe it?... They are still weak clowns.
Funtime Foxy (1 year ago)
Those 302 dislikes are the bullies
vandibox (1 year ago)
Bullying is great it weeds out the weak
EnglishScones (1 year ago)
Everyone is always rude to me and they call me butter fingers cuz I can't catch anything
Daniel Casillas (1 year ago)
yes I may have a chance after all
SNSD Sunny (1 year ago)
If only that line catch me outside how bout dat exists back then.
Yuuka Kiraga (1 year ago)
poor Justin, Demi, Taylor and Miley the rest I don't know
Yuuka Kiraga (1 year ago)
except for Eminem
pika trisha (1 year ago)
And if you listened my advice and if it work im thank fully happy for you :) bye
pika trisha (1 year ago)
AND WITH THE MAGIC OF FRIEND SHIP IT WILL ALWAYS BE STRONG OF FRIENDSHIP BE FRIENDS WITH BULLIES TRY TO GET PAY BACK BY TELLING AND ADULT TEACHER OR A GUARDIAN CAUSE YOUR FRIENDS STICK BY YOUR SIDE FOREVER AND FRIEND SHIP WILL ALWAYS BE THERE WITH YOU -by pika trisha hope you take my advice and ill see you soon...: ) and I'm your friend to stick by your side in your heart and if you ever get bullied again just ask anyone and me to stick by your side and good bye..... :D!
pika trisha (1 year ago)
maka bebe (1 year ago)
Great people are bullies.
Racks † (1 year ago)
Kylie is only hot because the work she did to herself
Hilda Torres (1 year ago)
im still 7 years old but every one thats a bully bullies me 😣
• Yung.Midnight • (1 year ago)
I wasn't made fun of because I was the nicest person in 3rd grade.
Kdbaker (1 year ago)
lets be honest, most of these fomous singers are terrible without auto tune
Yukina Chan (1 year ago)
Jiorji Ø. (1 year ago)
tbh i thought Justin Bieber would have been on this list. he said he was bullied a lot.
MexicanO Glover (1 year ago)
Eminem also tried to kill him self
March 22, 2013 (1 year ago)
Looks like Taylor had the same problem as me, I get teased a lot cause I Listen to Emo/punk/metal/rock music while everyone else listens to "rap" and "pop" music :/
Rifki Darmawan (1 year ago)
YOLO swag
YaBoyAz (1 year ago)
so many puns
Yuri Yuri (1 year ago)
I think that all the people in the world that have heard taylor swift likes at least one of her songs but that's just me!
Ironfist (1 year ago)
You idot should have added a person like Mike Tyson. He was bullied when he was young. Look at him now....
Mike Selk (1 year ago)
...Didnt always get The Applause... aaah I See what you did there
Adzster (1 year ago)
I hate bullies
the bullies are like Ah crappie sorry
Grim Reaper (1 year ago)
Kate Middleton actually got bullied for being to NICE
The last person that I would think got bullied was Justin Timberlake
Imogen Oakland (1 year ago)
Do people still get bullied like this? For being "unathletic" or "too thin"? I've never experienced serious bullying happen at my school. No one would laugh at the slowest kid in PE class or someone walking around being too skinny. I'm glad my school is like that
DJ Darri (1 year ago)
I also got bullied when I was 6 O nearly got my ass beat up plus They insulted me very hard
kieran crossland (2 years ago)
eating disorders are purpose suicide.
I cant wait to see my classmates peak
Instant Happy (2 years ago)
Miley deserves to be bullied
ORATEUSDIJIN (2 years ago)
damn their right ourmine hacked everyone yoooo.
Merlia Summers (2 years ago)
Y2KAMGaming (2 years ago)
I got bullied for for approximately 3 years in school all because of my hobbies and my dream job.
Sierra.Taekwondo.85 (2 years ago)
None of these celebrities were bullied and even if they were it probably was just their peers joking. Everyone knows that all there so called talent actors and actress sign their souls to the devil and that is why their famous. Do some research Hollywood is full of sick pedo's and they control and clone there so called puppets. You're not famous because of your so called "Talent" your famous because we make you famous. Some were the next big thing then other are yesterday's talent. They keep faith in the devil and they continue to be famous.
LPSpuppers uwu (2 years ago)
Everyone who bullied one of these celebs... They regret o.o
LPSpuppers uwu (2 years ago)
Everyone who bullied one of these celebs... They regret o.o
Cole Icecole (2 years ago)
Come on
Skull Bandit (2 years ago)
That happens when you get bully bad.
la patata (2 years ago)
be careful who you call ugly in middle school
bandawhat33 (2 years ago)
aww poor klyie jenner. what a hard life she had. I wish I didn't have it so easy growing up poor and having below average looks. but kylie had to grow up wealthy and get teased for it. poor thing.
Djmarcus 25 (2 years ago)
The bullies are now jealous
James Ryder (2 years ago)
Taylor Swift deserved it lol
Ethan The Meme (2 years ago)
Be careful who u call ugly in middle school
Yuchen Chen (2 years ago)
I got recorded without permission by a bully and I don't think he deleted it. Well I say to him in Chinese, "Go away you little brat you racist and mean person who bullies someone older than him". And it's because he thought I called him Johnathon even though I didn't lolololol
rayanMLG GT (2 years ago)
lol bullies are now crimers and hold squads stupid bullies,eminem can emarass those bullies
Mc Lovin (2 years ago)
Damn Demi lavato ooh DAT GAP BOIIIIIII
Sir Swagger 420 (2 years ago)
Who didn't know that Eminem was bullied?
Rheanne Leigh (2 years ago)
Be careful who you bully..
PrinceOfThehippies (2 years ago)
What I would also be interested in would be which celebrities used to be bullies, damn they need to make a vid on that!
Elliexwim _ (2 years ago)
Started from the now we HERE! Bottom
24Fire WolfAJ (2 years ago)
omg i HATE BULLYS im 11 im getting buddyed alot i know how they felt
lady gaga yeah nothings changed
I wonder what the bullies think now since the kids they bullied are now famous and hot
Sabina (2 years ago)
I was bullied before cause I liked Manchester United..they were All angry at me like?? Whattt
udegbunam Nnamdi (2 years ago)
AllieCat302 (2 years ago)
well i bet the bullies who did this to them feel really fucking stupid now

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