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10 Kids Who Wear Make Up That Got Bullied

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Try out ThePremium Network for free https://goo.gl/bZvZBr Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Growing up in the age of the internet can be tough. Not only do you have to worry about bullying at school, but now there is a new crop of bullies lurking on the web. While the kids in this video are all unique, they all share the same passion: makeup. They also share the fact that they have been victims of bullies. These are ten kids who wear makeup that got bullied. Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTalko Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetalko Instagram: https://instagram.com/the_talko ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thetalko.com/
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Lone Wolf (3 days ago)
Gee I wonder why these kids were getting bullied. When I was that age I was playing with GI Joe's and video gaming like a normal young man. Is this the future of men?
JellyBabie1984 (6 days ago)
For Christ's sake I am over the bullshit, there will always be bullies. Do I like it no do I take part in it no but suck it up and move on, i was bullied out of 2 schools did it suck yes did i make a big deal out of it no i moved on with my life.
Shannon Gasparatto (15 days ago)
Bullying a mom who let's her little girls put on make is ridiculous. For the past 100 years, every form of media has supported the idea that a woman needs makeup to be beautiful. Want to criticize something? How about popular media. And whoever body shamed that little girl?.... SHAME ON YOU. FUC$&NG TROLL.
TrustLOLgirl playz (25 days ago)
Poor them its just makeup they deserve better than the hatter
Luke Daniels (2 months ago)
I wear make-up
Luke Daniels (2 months ago)
U wear makeup
Douglas Page (2 months ago)
They are gay
Booty Bandit (2 months ago)
who's that pokemon?
Hot Pup (2 months ago)
Boy wearing makeup is pretty then girls lol
LOved Forever (3 months ago)
damn i need jack to beat my face frfr hes good!
Wïlløw (3 months ago)
dig bick (3 months ago)
maby it's just me but men shouldn't wear makeup unless your gay then your a women wannabe
Wïlløw (3 months ago)
I think they can wear makeup if they want to but they don't have to
Nick Thomas (3 months ago)
If you wear makeup as a boy, you are supposed to get bullied. All the nerds applaud you for being a bully magnet.
Ava Blomenberg (4 months ago)
My sister is 6 and gets all dolled up. And nobody cares! We let her express herself and get all pretty and dressed up because that’s what she loves.
xanlza 000 (4 months ago)
These boys that ware make up are gay
Evan Jackson (4 months ago)
11:26 Joe weller is that you?
Saf Online (4 months ago)
Who bullied the makeup
QUALITY VIDS (4 months ago)
Why do people hate on girls for wearing makeup I understand boys wearing it but girls really
jon ruiz (4 months ago)
This little boy has mental problems to the fullest, and he needs help . Don’t understand this concept of little boy wearing makeup. Smfh
Wïlløw (3 months ago)
you're probably one of those brain washed apes who think that watching a james charles video will make you gay. You must be really insecure about your fragile masculinity
Happy Toys (4 months ago)
How did Carter
Happy Toys (4 months ago)
1 2 34 4rr
christie boulton (4 months ago)
Stop the bullied peoples to wear makeup on they face and I got bullied to and I hate it.:-(
christie boulton (3 months ago)
Wïlløw you are awesome. I love makeup too. I hope I can do makeup myself but class I wear on my face. But I love the peoples how love makeup like me. Don't let the hate get you down guys.🙌👍😎🌹😍👼💓💗
Wïlløw (3 months ago)
lol I don't care what gender you are as long as the makeup looks decent. and the bullies are probably just insecure about their "fragile" masculinity you really shouldn't listen to them
Jaida Somera (5 months ago)
Check my Instagram I’m ten I wear a lot of makeup @cutiejaida123
James Nyxx (5 months ago)
Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll nooooooooooo 1:00 jefree stars a drag queen ,if ur a dude and you wear makeup that makes u a drag queen soooo after all this time I didn't know I was a drag queen
Kelli Gray (5 months ago)
Although I grew up in a tiny town, I guess we were ahead of the trend. We had guys wearing makeup in the early 80s and e everyone just went " he, so and so did a good job with his eyeliner today". I guess maybe when you are isolated you learn to accept folks for how they are.
Dear 772 (6 months ago)
Makeup may look nice to people, but it has a terrible secret. If you start wearing makeup really really young like at 3, when you are only in your 20's you will look like a 90 year old because your face will be ruined and lumpy. I recommend you to start wearing makeup at 16+. And thats why I might never ever start wearing makeup.
Wïlløw (3 months ago)
I wear makeup but I kinda want to get some korean anti wrinkle cream (even though I'm 13) because if you look up korean women in their 40s they look really young because some of them started using anti wrinkle cream when they were a teenager
Ginga Ninja o (6 months ago)
I was at an anti bullying event i got bullied and still am getting bullied
Wïlløw (3 months ago)
yeah I get bullied in real life and it fucking sucks but I'm switching schools so I hope it'll be better
Kisa should not wear make up
natasha woods (6 months ago)
I think its so cool. who thinks what others you are who you are. i think because its really cool
SpaceGamingLOL (6 months ago)
I think the story about the boy who wore makeup on the last day of school and was sent home was sad. I am done with everyone gender stereotyping!!!
Mintybadger 123 (6 months ago)
I agree that you should do what you like and all that but of course a boy is gonna get bullied for wearing makeup to school! What are the parents thinking!?
Chloe Kopsho (4 days ago)
And guess what? Sometimes it's the parents who bully their own kids. You're supposed to love your kids unconditionally. IM a transgender woman. My face still looks masculine. I don't think I can rock that look yet. I'd love to learn how to apply makeup. I wish I had the proper cosmetics to be able to do that. If anyone here wants to supply me with cosmetics, email me at [email protected] so I can give you my address.
Wïlløw (3 months ago)
yeah I hate that kids are raised with gender roles and the bullies are probably insecure that they aren't masculine enough so they bully someone who looks more feminine
Tabibar Rahman (6 months ago)
i dont know how it can be child abuse if the child wants to do the stuff......
Daisy Baxter (6 months ago)
Jake Warden is great too
Daisy Baxter (6 months ago)
I honestly think Boys can be so much better at makeup
TIᑎᗩ ᙭ᑌ (6 months ago)
Like this if ur against bullying
That'sTerrorists, Bro! (7 months ago)
Finally, I found all the children who are wearing too much makeup. Idk why there are so many videos complaining about girls and boys who wear makeup. It must be a taboo.
Bruce Lee (7 months ago)
Baaaattty booooiiii
Ellen Gaming (7 months ago)
People can wear make up if they want to, it's not like people should judge them.
Christina Pinnock (7 months ago)
the boys who are doing those stuff are gay
Wilco Kramer de la Rie (7 months ago)
I wish I could wear makeup if I wanded to, like those kids, everybody in school hates me... Should I do it? Plz help....
Misty Clouds (7 months ago)
These kids being bullied is as a result of their parents’ inability to say NO! Why would any good parent allow young children to use products designed for adults and young adults which could cause skin issues for their delicate skin? But you need a license to be a cosmetologist.
MrBoots06 (7 months ago)
Poor stupid humans!
fortnite crazy (7 months ago)
Yh because they are gay
Trang Huynh (7 months ago)
When the guys do it
Trang Huynh (7 months ago)
Not to be mean but it looks gay
Ohr Shmuel (8 months ago)
He don’t even know he gay yet😂😂😂
Dhana Adella LaVere (8 months ago)
the only thing I disagree with is the gender fluid you can't be a girl and a boy it's not a 2 in 1 the transgender and the gender fluid are mental illnesses.
Dhana Adella LaVere (8 months ago)
that's ridiculous those people looked great and even did their make up perfect I don't see anything wrong with a boy or a girl with make up on.
Taylzi RyanYT (8 months ago)
I'm just glad there happy
Albanie Iona (8 months ago)
Though I still do think that kid shouldn't be close to makeup
Coco Plays (8 months ago)
Those boys are sooo ugly when they do makeup 💄, Uglyy!
Coco Plays (8 months ago)
Ugly boys 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
Bruce Wayne (8 months ago)
They deserve it, these boys have to be seriously gay to be wearing make up
Miranda Przespolewski (8 months ago)
Gender fluid means that they feel like both or neither no that they are a boy & girl
Evie’sCreativeWorld ! (8 months ago)
Did you also know that Ruben met Kim Kardashian
Trisha Garud (8 months ago)
why the ad in the middle?
Loralie Palmer (8 months ago)
The thumbnail though is soooooo cute
Gacha Jade (8 months ago)
Slay girl slay
AUGUST Nightmare (8 months ago)
owh I wear makeup and im 13 and yeh those students in my school are being a dick and always says im like 16 yold like the fck I mean its ma choice so I dont give a fckk
pauline kieleko (8 months ago)
These kids slay and haters are just jealous
Adam React v (8 months ago)
ÖØF_Gachaverse Gamer (8 months ago)
ÖØF_Gachaverse Gamer (8 months ago)
Anime_ Unicornz (8 months ago)
Bright side: they all must have GREAT Halloween costumes
Go away Callum (8 months ago)
Ok them boys wearing makeup is fine but they too young to wear makeup anyway.
Hermione Whiting (8 months ago)
i think that kisty looks nice! :)
Mark Jaeger (8 months ago)
Sorry if I keep misspelling but you get my point
Mark Jaeger (8 months ago)
Sorry for my misspelling I'm just trying to say that their grandpa with acne at age way too long they're wearing makeup that's way too much for them then I supposed to be wearing makeup they're beautiful just the way they are. They're not supposed to be wearing makeup I wouldn't let my kids wear makeup but I don't have kids I would not let my kids in the future wear makeup not even if they're the right age to wear makeup no I'm not going to let summer makeup these kids are beautiful just the way there without makeup my kids even if I don't even have kids in the future but if I do I would get the wipe and what their face down if they're wearing a belly top know I would put Eskimo jacket on them even if it was summer time I would put it on them and let them walk outside if I were these kids parents I would remove their makeup and I would tell him no no makeup until you're at least a hundred
Mark Jaeger (8 months ago)
Their kids are not supposed to be wearing makeup I like H2 no in the future I don't even let my kids wear makeup at Age 2 3 even if they're old enough no I'm not going to let them wear makeup no they're beautiful just the way they are they have to cover their face up with makeup at Age 2 no they should be doing that they're beautiful without makeup no need to Contour who are likely going to get acne and nobody wants to get acne
You know why people bully other people that wear makeup... is becuz there jealous of what you have
Krisslyn Perino (8 months ago)
This video should be called most spoiled kids in the world
Chloe Kopsho (4 days ago)
What's the matter with you? These kids are are doing this on their own volition. If they're transgender or gay, that's not anyone's business.
Queen Lollipop (8 months ago)
I'm 11 and I'm not allowed to wear make up :(
looney (8 months ago)
These kids are like 8 they don't need to be fucking drag queens
Flower Girl (8 months ago)
What about the singer Melanie Martinez? 😍U know. The singer associated with WMG. No?🙁
nicoleteaa (8 months ago)
if “he” is gender fluid, why call “him” “he”???
Sirrabe Doldron (8 months ago)
U guys must not judge a book by its cover
Isabella Range (8 months ago)
I that it is good that boys use makeup
Noah Isaac Rox (8 months ago)
My mom used to say that makeup was for girls so I can't wear any ☹️
h i (8 months ago)
I get the whole ,,age doesn't matter,, but hunny..when a child is 5 and knows more about makeup than Barbies or Cartoons..they have a messed up childhood. I get hobbies..but all these 10-11yr olds that say ,,i only wear makeup for fun and i only wear it rarely,, actually wear makeup everyday. That ain't healthy...in my opinion..kids under 13 shouldn't wear makeup every day or out of the house. A kid needs to be a kid.
Xx CoolKitty xX (8 months ago)
I get bullied for NOT wearing makeup because I can't AFFORD IT AND CANT WEAR IT BECAUSE IT WILL MAKE MY ACNE, WHICH I ALSO GET MILDLY BULLIED FOR, WORSE. This is why high school is just..hell sometimes. .
Lifewithfatom (8 months ago)
just watch skin care videos and you can buy cheap makeup from the drugstore
Anzy (8 months ago)
Why is there a random AD for premiun randomly in the video?
Christiana Vazquez (8 months ago)
So if they came out as gender fluid why are you messing w their pronouns ? Gender fluid pronouns are they/them.
Dank Osman (9 months ago)
''born like a girl be a girl, born like a boy be a boy'' Dana atta
Liliana Reneee (9 months ago)
I love makeup! Me and my friends went to school with makeup in our bags and we put makeup on in the bathroom. At the end I always bring makeup remover we take it off and go home. ( hope my mom is not reading this)
Kate (9 months ago)
Hate gender stereotypes
The animal house (9 months ago)
1) anyone can wear make-up and 2) what are the haters doing bro
Taylzi RyanYT (9 months ago)
I love that their being there self's
Mariah Rasmussen (9 months ago)
i would pay to have that 10-year-old come do my make up. i suck at it
Marnie_ Xoxo (9 months ago)
Honestly when I have children, if they love something and they are talented at it and have a real passion for it, they can do it. As long as it doesn’t involve drugs or being a porn star (:
Mya Omdahl (9 months ago)
Why even make a video out of this. You are being a bully to. WTH. Why even make a video. Unsubscribing. Reported
Eunice Acquah (9 months ago)
it's a shame how people just world made fun of people who who is different like me
Eunice Acquah (9 months ago)
the bright side they look beautiful than you crows the inside and the outside. Who You Are
YOUR NAN'S A HOE (9 months ago)
as long as they wash their makeup of properly then I dont mind :) edit: you can get spots, don't want that kids
Kaushik Dave (9 months ago)
Very nice title..........????????
Jormir Baltazar (9 months ago)
Sis jefree star isnt a drag queen
Michael Colao (9 months ago)
I just started watching Jack's makeup it like amazing and I do makeup for Kylie Jenner or other celebrity's
Louise Ward (9 months ago)
In my school people call eachother arases name and homafobic language
Paige Henley (9 months ago)
You forgot to say that Kim k went and visited Reuben at a studio. It’s on his insta
Ann Long (9 months ago)
Bella rose is so FREAKING CUTEEE 💜💛💜💛
Meabh McTernan (9 months ago)
These kids are so good at makeup😭😍 I struggle to put on foundation in the morning😂😂💞
The Troll (9 months ago)
3:20 really a fidget spinner? I don't have nothing with him for wearing make up or stuff but why the fidget spinner? Just to get views bc spinners are in trend? Rlly bruh?
Aleya Zain (9 months ago)
I am from malaysia and I always support Natasha
ying yang (9 months ago)
No kid should be wearing makeup

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