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Stock Market For Beginners Canada

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Text Comments (30)
Laura Hervert (11 hours ago)
Do you have to use a broker mandatory ?
Shihab's Blog (11 hours ago)
to trade on the stock market? yes how else would you have access to the stocks?
Enfermeiro Investidor (18 days ago)
I wish I could invest in the Canadian Stock Market, however I am not Canadian, so I had to transfer money to the US stock Market.. :(
Shihab's Blog (18 days ago)
Cant you invest in Canadian stocks even if with an American brokerage like fidelity or schwabb or interactive brokers or even robinhood?
Gurmukh Singh (2 months ago)
I live in Canada and if i want to buy usa 🇺🇸 stocks then how much percentage tax do i neee to pay together in Canada and in usa. From my income 👉👉👉PLS READ THIS COMMENT 👈👈👈
Gurmukh Singh (2 months ago)
For day trading
Watts your Vision (2 months ago)
what are the tax implications on dividends earned and when we earn upon sale of stocks?
Shihab's Blog (2 months ago)
glad I could help
Watts your Vision (2 months ago)
Yes it did. Thank you!
Shihab's Blog (2 months ago)
https://youtu.be/w76LLMyPuV0 hope this answers your question
Regy Agudo (3 months ago)
Is it open for foreign stock traders?
Regy Agudo (3 months ago)
Shihab's Blog ohh I see thanks a lot sir
Shihab's Blog (3 months ago)
Regy Agudo ill check
Shihab's Blog (3 months ago)
Regy Agudo u can buy usd and cad stocks but i think u have to be a canadian resident with a canadian social insurance number
Colette Cole (7 months ago)
What are your thoughts on Crypto Currencies?
Shihab's Blog (7 months ago)
I didnt make a video about it but I wrote about it in my blog http://shihabsblog.com/bitcoin-will-hit-28000-end-2018/ I think it will all crash it makes absolute no sense in MY OPINION but I still think you should participate in the trend until it crashes...I picked an amount that I can afford to lose if it all crashes and invested in bitcoin....I did that so I can participate in the trend in case it does go up like crazy....if it crashes, well then it is an amount I was accepting to lose...it is up to you to choose the amount you can risk...in my case I only put $150 and it actually went up to $400 but then dropped again and I am not really following it...you'll find referral link in my blog on where to buy bitcoin
Raymond manga (7 months ago)
Wth is going on with market Shibab? Im down 11%
Shihab's Blog (6 months ago)
you can also open your account with questrade and then transfer your tfsa from bmo to questrade, so you dont have to withdraw and recontribute, bu tmake sure bmo doesnt charge fees for transfering
Shihab's Blog (6 months ago)
here this is helpful too https://youtu.be/1tefbbursiI
Shihab's Blog (6 months ago)
thank you here is a video that shows you how to open an account with questrade https://youtu.be/uOKedAW-VXI it takes 2 to 3 business days
mark jayson (6 months ago)
hi shihab i like how u explain your investment... you are so positive in all aspects.. i have a question i have tsfa at BMO 5k just sitting there i want to invest, i want open questrade soon,, im still reading and learning about investment.. how will i start pls help.. thank you

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