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Bullied Teen Doesn't Dare Go To School Prom Then 120 Bikers Knock Her Door

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Text Comments (2508)
William Brammer (3 days ago)
Good for you thank you bikers she is beautiful plus
Mark Jarrett (9 days ago)
God bless and be with them. I just wish more stories like this were told in the world and there were more good souls to full fill them.
Wayne Bender (9 days ago)
I am happy to see there are still good people out dare.
John Beck (9 days ago)
Never left them mugs win GO Girl
maoherrera73 (9 days ago)
Yes sir, that is what the force of men is for, to induce the good whenever, wherever and whatever is needed, my heart is with this wonderful girl and my mind is with the bikers a their force display, so bad I just wish to be there at that moment. got dahm!! That would be a sight indeed!!
Chris Bolin (10 days ago)
I've been a biker for 30 years. I'm old school. I protect others and PUNISH those who cross me. That includes people with disabilities. I would've loved to be there for you.
Dakota Blessing (10 days ago)
God Bless All Bikers And God Bless Her she is an Amazing Beautiful Young Lady
william harrell (10 days ago)
I'm happy those bikers did that, bad ass
brianr101010 (11 days ago)
If she has a boyfriend who doesn't stand up for her and kick some ass to end the bullying, then shannon needs an upgrade on the boyfriend. If I had a girlfriend in highschool who was being bullied, I would be expelled and possibly in jail because I would seriously fuck some people up.
Bob UK (11 days ago)
Beautiful Shannon won the day. I am an ex soldier and I hate bullies. You have been through so much sweetheart and i'm so happy so many people came together to show you what a special person you are. And I thank them because they are special people too.
dainiel mariano (12 days ago)
Brill Aerosports (13 days ago)
Mike Ruggles (13 days ago)
A heartwarming story, much love to all y'all.
Fitmart Fitness (13 days ago)
I would love to hear the reason anyone gave this a thumbs down.
James Cowan (14 days ago)
Everybody deserves to have their prom or other special occasions regardless of cowardly children that like to bully. I'm glad you had a great evening. You deserved it! :)
Road King (14 days ago)
paula cochran (14 days ago)
All bullies. Have a day coming
Ruben S Cabezas R. (15 days ago)
Im glad yougot an awesome prom night young lady!!! cheers
Jack A (15 days ago)
Onya Shannon!
Melissa Bryan (15 days ago)
I was not allowed to go to my Prom. I never got to go to my Prom. I am still broken up about that and I am 42 years of age. Bullies (even to this day), have made my life a living Hell.
donald walker (16 days ago)
way to go bikers!
joe barber (17 days ago)
Cindy Phan (17 days ago)
That was awesome. I wasn't bullied but socially isolated in high school. I think back and wonder about those snobs and have heard that thier lives were not so wonderful. Some of them got ill became alcoholics and still live in the same boring town. So much for thier superiority 😋 Jerks will always be Jerks but they are human too.
50kevind (17 days ago)
You are an amazing young lady Shannon and those bullies should be so ashamed of themselves
Kjell Esperås (17 days ago)
❤❤❤❤❤ respeckt to the BIKERS from Norway👊👊👊👊
Ritchie Willard (18 days ago)
To the bikers and all of the people who pulled this off great job great hart great story
Dante Black (20 days ago)
bikers are awesome and hate bullies and assholes
Jeanne Marie Wallace (20 days ago)
Yes bad honestly she a very Beautiful young lady,you go girl
Robert Morrison (20 days ago)
There needs to be a some type of website to report people like this and sooner or later they will have no friends because they will never know how long b4 they turn on them my daughter is going through being bullied atm and it’s not a nice thing to see and knowing there is not much I can do about it 🤬
Diana Edwards (20 days ago)
Shannon, do not let the bullies get you down. You are a strong young lady. Please know that you have so many people supporting you. God Bless.
Melvin Peachey (20 days ago)
That is cool. Sometimes I wonder what we would do if we didn't have the bikers
Laurie Van Tuyl (21 days ago)
Edward Oliver (24 days ago)
I would have escorted her there with a limousine and the guy she liked and the bible. The bikers also as backup.
Gloria (24 days ago)
Such a gorgeous young lady
Jean Paul Busine (25 days ago)
I'm happy to know there are still a lot of beautiful and good people out there. 😊😊😊
Raven the Rebel (26 days ago)
They kinda sound like the punisher bikers
Liz Rojas (27 days ago)
You have a great mom and friends that are by your side thru bad and good. Forget about those bullies you a young beautiful lady I hope you had great prom I wish u more great times in your life and always stay strong and be you 🙏💐❤️
Linda Nadeau (27 days ago)
God bless those bikers.
M_rie02 Santos (1 month ago)
gunny U.S.M.C (1 month ago)
Poker Mike (1 month ago)
Such a fantastic story
Victoria Madden (1 month ago)
I bet her heart lit up when she heard the roar of those bikes! VERY COOL!!! 😎😎😎
Janine Lew (1 month ago)
The school who allowed her to be bullied should be ashamed of themselves!🤔
James Royce (1 month ago)
It begs the question as to why the school allowed this bullying to start with and then allow it to continue to the point where this youngster felt so dejected. Let's not pretend that teachers were not aware of what was going on - I was a teacher and teachers KNOW. WELL DONE TO ALL THOSE WHO GAVE SUPPORT AND MADE THIS A POSITIVE MEMORY SHAME ON THE SCHOOL, THE HEAD TEACHER AND THE TEACHING STAFF
123 Beyblede (1 month ago)
This is the most saddest thing ever
John Brannen (1 month ago)
I know what being bullied at school was like but this story shows that there is a lot more great people in the world than bad people.👍👍👍👍👍
Diane Sanchez (1 month ago)
Bullies Beware💪💪💪💪💪💪!!!!!
Jessenia Vasquez (1 month ago)
Hahahahahahahahahah thats funny i bet the bullies didnt mess with her because of the bikers and everyone else who helped her
Tammy Quintero (1 month ago)
God is good! Compassion is beautiful.
Dora Levitt (1 month ago)
What a great story, I'm so glad she had her prom, I used to have alot of biker friends- bikers are the best!!
Jeff & Jo Cowdell (1 month ago)
David Messer (1 month ago)
Well, I hope that wasn't really the greatest night of her life... :) It would be good if it was the greatest night so far though.
scott mcadam (1 month ago)
I was feeling pretty low today , then i saw this video , its truly inspirational , they way her community came together and made this happen , its heart warming , reminds me that there are good people out there that genuinely care ! Thats means a lot .
joy campbell (1 month ago)
Most beautiful video I've seen on YouTube! Wish we had a update to see if it changed things for her at school!
MMD 1 (1 month ago)
This is why I love people. I believe there are more good people than bad. This has been my motto for years and it's never failed me over the years.
MMD 1 (1 month ago)
She's beautiful.
ShutzStaffel (1 month ago)
That was cool. Bet those bullies were as quiet as mice that night
Alan Velez (1 month ago)
How could anybody dared to bully this beautiful princess? Mindbending.
Jenny Pack (1 month ago)
I wonder if the bullying stopped after that.
John Haggerty (1 month ago)
if the parents and schools won't do anything about the constant bulling that goes on then good for other groups that will happily step in and make things right
Lourdes Escudero (1 month ago)
So cool, so AWESOME for this beautiful, precious young lady! "And you looked sooo beautiful!"😇🙌👼💖
Christina Noline (1 month ago)
Beautiful amen ppl just hate because they don't love them self
okum (1 month ago)
Betty Gitzke (1 month ago)
Bulling has to stop....
William Green (1 month ago)
What a load of c##p!! Proms are unnecessary because of this !!
Sara Conklin (1 month ago)
I need 120 bikers to take me to my prom
Steve V (1 month ago)
All bullies need skull fucked
dewey d (1 month ago)
Totally awesome God bless.
NINTH WORLD (1 month ago)
This is just awesome.👍
Justin Fish (1 month ago)
Great story
momona MM (1 month ago)
I am so happy, to see here so happy more than me. Befor when i was see a group of Motorcycle drivers i am just Ran from them, Because i think all of them is so dangerous and strangers. Sorry my imagination is was wrong . I wish i will had this king of time with them. To travel to every were like a Queen among of all them. Great job. ** Beauty i wish you all the best. Be healthy don't give up sister. You have a bright and peace future live. Just don't give up. God bless you.** Sorry my English is not good. Just try to understand me what i mean.
amanda breezee (1 month ago)
Shannon the next day/hey did you hear what happened last night at prom yeah I got my own prom don’t mess with me because I got there from 120 bikers Bully’s/ OK OK I won’t mess with you anymore Jesus Shannon/yeah that’s right you better leave me alone and thanks to you guys I made so many new friends probably more than you Hahahaha I’m so happy for Shannon who else is lol To the 1% who will see this
Patrick Turlan (1 month ago)
Bikers are great, I was broke down in middle of desert once and 3 of them changed my tire, just so happens that they were firefighter also
Alisha Dankowski (1 month ago)
She is soooo beautiful!
aaz099az (1 month ago)
Shannon i hope you are now doing well i know what you went through at school i had the exact same thing happen to me the last 2/3 of my time at school until i finally listened to my dad and stood up for myself i just did what my dad told me, but i nearly got suspended for it because i went for the biggest one of all of them and knocked him on his backside, and then 2 years later i went into the army because of what i learned from my mam and dad, so the main thing i learned from them before they past was never let anyone or anything get you down fight for what you believe in my respect and best wishes to you.
Remy Valenzuela (1 month ago)
That’s so sweet if was a biker I would’ve asked where’s the bullies and would’ve threatened them to stop or else.
Kerri Knight (1 month ago)
Special thanks to all that made this possible .!.!.!
Sholu Movi (1 month ago)
What the fuck was her boyfriend doing when she was bullied?
john anton (1 month ago)
Alexis Sarkasia (1 month ago)
Beautiful young lady, but more importantly displays a beautiful glowing smile despite all of the adversity she has had to face.
luc lefebvre (1 month ago)
heres to all bikers in america go man go you guys are great.
William Dahlen (1 month ago)
That was a very good story broke my heart there's good and lots of people out there the people who gave this a thumbs down obviously are pieces of garbage
Nadine Bennett McQueen (1 month ago)
There is still love❤️
indiana146 (1 month ago)
Lucy Terrier (1 month ago)
Too bad they misdiagnosed her Lyme disease for RA & colitis. Classic Lyme in her age group. Just classic.
DaHappy _BrownFox (1 month ago)
What is escorted? (I am from Asia)
john ward (1 month ago)
It's kinda funny because Chicken pic on the weak and sick of the flock so i guess the bullies have the mentality of a chicken.
Nicholas Claus (1 month ago)
Invite me to that prom
Chris McCrillis (2 months ago)
The 790 people that gave this a thumbs down, YOU SUCK. Just as bad as the ignorant, self absorbed, to stupid to understand other people have real bad health problems that you make fun of? Id say most of your parents would be disappointed. The rest of your parents are the ones that created these bullies by being bullies themselves.
Bass Hunter (2 months ago)
Thats all bullshit. How can someone see that on the day of her prom and set all that up for her before school was over that summer. . Guess it was to make the bikers look good, lol.
She's Crafty (2 months ago)
Still like to see the bullies hung out to dry socially
Dragon Song (2 months ago)
So bullying isn't only here in the U.S.A. , it's mostly in every country. Thanks for those who stepped up for her , it takes a real person to see who you really are.
Scott Ryan (2 months ago)
This is a wonderful day. I have rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis too. I hope you had a beautiful prom. Never let anyone get you down. Always seek help from family and friends.
Daniel Gee (2 months ago)
Need more like them!
Harry Franzen (2 months ago)
I wanne go too hear school and beat down the bullies 💪👊👊💪
earvetta (2 months ago)
Don't you just love those Bikers.....<3
luc lefebvre (2 months ago)
hey thats how bikers rule good to the bone...hats off to you all.
owlcute50 abi/pumpkin (2 months ago)
Like it comment it and share it 😃 dont let bullys put you down
Amber Schairer (2 months ago)
...and the shallow part of me wants to hear a follow on story of how the bullies are mortified/learn the error of their ways. But I guess the high road is a lot more fun on a bike so...

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