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How To Find Good Stocks I Stock Market Tips for Beginners

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This video has stock market tips for beginners to help them learn stock picking in India and how to avoid bad stocks and how to find good stocks to buy. After watching this video, you will know which shares to buy & how to select stocks DOWNLOAD THE SPECIAL REPORT - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BVJWTOhs6dOTa62K0isP6ykMns0TISU5/view?usp=sharing
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Text Comments (105)
pranjal kamra (1 year ago)
Premuim Value Investing Course - http://www.finology.in/premuim.html Connect with Me -  https://twitter.com/myfinology facebook - https://www.facebook.com/myfinology/ Instagram- @myfinology Email - [email protected] Website - Finology.in
Universal Hub (8 months ago)
I'm beginner infact abhi 2 din hi hue hain share market ke baare mein jaane hue .. wonderla amusement park hai garmi aa rhi hai jahir si baat hai growth hogi lakin agar yha koi khaternaak accident ho jaye tb to stock bhi neeche aayega aur karnataka mein phle se hi bahut saare Amusement park ka option hai ye sb sochne ke baad bhi mujhe ismein invest karna chahiye ?
Shailendra Dube (3 days ago)
Link ko click krne k bad arha h... Page does not exist
shubham jain (5 days ago)
Bhai... Link ko click krne k bad arha h... Page does not exist
mahi0712879 singh (10 days ago)
After 1 year
Vikas Arya (11 days ago)
Sir report file is missing
satish kumar (16 days ago)
Hello sir the link doesn't work
Tips and Tricks (16 days ago)
How to download this file
Prabhat Roy (26 days ago)
Sir download nhi ho rha kyu
tulsi ram upadhaya (1 month ago)
Sir what about sbi stock?? Reply fast pls
smartwork smartguy (2 months ago)
Sir being a commerce student I like to independently select my own stock ..
vivek kumar sharma (3 months ago)
Document is not downloaded
Lalit Clasher (4 months ago)
Sir I am student how much amount is required for starting investing
Lalit Clasher (4 months ago)
Sir have 20k for investing is it a good amount for starting investing
pranjal kamra (4 months ago)
There is no such limits. You can start with small amount as per your convenience.
PP Prasanna (4 months ago)
Report link not exist, kindly share the report
Surekha Shetty (5 months ago)
The report can not be downloaded
Rahul Sharma (5 months ago)
Pranjal ji: the report cannot be downloaded.
sudesh khatu (5 months ago)
excellent bosss keep it up God
Pralhad Darade (6 months ago)
Sir intraday ke liy stok kaise chune
Any thing eles (6 months ago)
Sir paytm ke bhi share aate hai
Shubham Kumar Dash (7 months ago)
Priya Guru ji aap ne khud kitna Paisa kamaya he using your own fundamental analysis strategy ?
Shubham Kumar Dash (6 months ago)
pranjal kamra please share the link with us
pranjal kamra (6 months ago)
I have told it in one of my videos
JiTeNdAr SoNi (7 months ago)
Sir .. aapke liye Bas me itna hi kah sakta hu aap sach me inaamdaar ho......
sanjay ravidas (7 months ago)
i have no words to thank you
BEST VIDEOS HUB (7 months ago)
Sir itc ksa share Hai Kya long term ke liye liya ja skta h
tasalli series (7 months ago)
Pranjal bhaiya mere age hay 18 and iam interested in investments stocks....mujhe e.p.s. P/e ratio kaisa calculate karna hay nahi malum.....to be honest mujhe math's nahi atti.....divide, subtract aaaa kuch bhi nahi pata....plz bhaiya app ek video banaow....I promise iam fast learner..... details say batana.... kaisay kartay hay.....hope you understand my situation bhaiya......help me....🙂
pranjal kamra (6 months ago)
Watch my video on how to do fundamental analysis. I have rxplained in that in a simple way
tasalli series (6 months ago)
Pranab Das thank you brother it means a lot......
pranab jyoti Das (6 months ago)
trailer loop i hope u'll do well in the equity market
A R RAHMAAN (7 months ago)
Pranjal don't take it personally.your handwriting is very ugly.you should write it by typing or change the font style. So that we can easily read them
pranjal kamra (7 months ago)
I feel the same, I will type
rajen khan (7 months ago)
I'm influenced.Really I'm impressed. Thank u.
pranjal kamra (7 months ago)
thank you
Sandesh Chandane (8 months ago)
Saalo baad samaza ki market me almost sab jagah manipulation hota hai tabse stocks chodhke mutual fund shuru kiya. But ye vdo ke baad asha hai ki me fir se stocks pe focus karna shuru karu. Thank you Bro. God bless you. Sabke baap ho aap market ke knowledge me.
Harshit Singh (8 months ago)
Sir Ashok Leyland kaisa stock hai?
pranjal kamra (8 months ago)
Company is strong
Santosh Bhosale (8 months ago)
Excellent Sir.... Superb
anil tangade (8 months ago)
Sir aap to bhavishya dekhane vali bat kar rahe hai
Dinesh Nimbalkar (8 months ago)
hello sir muje invest karna hai aachchi company me 500 tak ke shear ke nam bataye
Anjna Desai (8 months ago)
Sir Sintex Plastic..
Jokim Macwan (8 months ago)
Hello.. Dear Pranjal I am Jokim Macwan, i m from Baroda Gujarat.I have just started investment in mutual funds. I want to invest in stocks also but as you see i m new in this business, i just started learning by your videos. Below I give you the name and amount of my sips and lumsum muthual funds, please help me out that its good for me or i should give up. And please help me to understand stock market. I will start investing in stocks very soon. Thank you. 1) HDFC EQUITY FUND-GROWTH --- 70,000/- LUMSUM 2) L & T EMERGING BUSINESS FUND GROWTH --- 500/- SIP 3) SBI BLUE CHIP FUND GROWTH --- 500/- SIP
Jokim Macwan (8 months ago)
Thank you Pranjal..
pranjal kamra (8 months ago)
Good Funds
Badri Shinde (8 months ago)
titan and lupin stock and Ashok Leyland leke rakhe hai long term o.k.
Badri Shinde (8 months ago)
ekdam badhiya saheb ji.....
Asif Asif (9 months ago)
Dr. Sabita Laskar (9 months ago)
Can u suggest sites where we can analyse stocks and do research on companies
pranjal kamra (9 months ago)
I use screener.in for this purpose
bk ghogale (10 months ago)
Sir,2018- 2022 ke dauran konse sector boom karenge?
Md Azharuddin (10 months ago)
Thank you sir
Md Azharuddin (10 months ago)
Aap bahut aache se samjhate hai.
pranjal kamra (10 months ago)
Thank you so much
Pradip kumar Roy (10 months ago)
Good and informative
Ashish Mehar (10 months ago)
Hi Pranjal, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and making aware of stock market:) I want to know, whether PNB stocks are good to buy being PSU bank? And what would be the best value to buy it in actual rupees? Please suggest as per your expertise. Thank you in advance.
pranjal kamra (10 months ago)
Sorry, i don't prefer Psu Banks
Pradip Mondal (10 months ago)
Sir bajaj fince, lic housing finance kesa rehega.
pranjal kamra (10 months ago)
All i can say is that the fundamentals of both companies are very good
Pradip Mondal (10 months ago)
Sir l&t.
Pradip Mondal (10 months ago)
Sir bajaj fince.
pranjal kamra (10 months ago)
too much debt
Jatinder Virk (11 months ago)
Sir how should I open a demat and trading account online.
Rahul Sarkar (11 months ago)
ur tips help me lost make video on asset and liability
pranjal kamra (11 months ago)
Thank you
sonu kumar (11 months ago)
Sir chemical sector mein himadri specialt or meghmani organics or NOCIL. WHICH COMPANY IS GOOD FOR INVESTMENT
pranjal kamra (11 months ago)
+sonu kumar sorry not tracking
rajkumar singh (11 months ago)
Thanks for valuable video. Annual report ko analyse karne ka video jaroor banaye.
pranjal kamra (11 months ago)
+rajkumar singh definitely
Good morning Sir value investing ke liy koi books ya material suggeste kijy Hindi language me
pranjal kamra (11 months ago)
+ASHOK KUMAR CHOUDHARY Value Investing ke liye hindi mai hardly koi achha material hai sir
Rajesh Kumar (11 months ago)
Waiting for Sunday live session 😊😊
Rajesh Kumar (11 months ago)
pranjal kamra try karna . If possible. We will wait. This Sunday was really amazing. ❤
pranjal kamra (11 months ago)
+Rajesh kumar sorry, is sunday live session Nahi kar paunga
Abhishek Tiwari (11 months ago)
Bahot Easy Way Me Samjha Diya apne Bhaiya Thanks Great
pranjal kamra (11 months ago)
+Abhishek Tiwari Thanx a lot dost
Ahmad Khatib (11 months ago)
Sidhi spat bat m sbkuch kh dya. Nice vedio.
GoodLuck Pool Channel (1 year ago)
Hallo sir, mujhe aap aisa firm or company btaye jisme mai 1000 rupees se apna demate account activate kra k trading start kr Sku. Plzzz....ur loving subscriber, Shivam !
GoodLuck Pool Channel (1 year ago)
thank u sir
pranjal kamra (1 year ago)
+Shivam Chaurasiya hello watch my latest video. Usme i have told about india's best broker. You can open an account for Rs 300 and Uske baad investing'is free...zero brokersge
pranjal kamra (1 year ago)
+Shivam Chaurasiya watch my latest video on my channel. I have talked about good brokers. You can open your account for Rs 300! And broking charges are zero
Rahul Kumar (1 year ago)
Marksun pharma kaise Hai please reply
pranjal kamra (1 year ago)
+Rahul Kumar no opinion on it
Sandeep 123 (1 year ago)
Sir aapka ye video sayad meri jindagi badalne ke liye kafi hai you're great Aapke agle video ka besabri se intejaar rahega thank you for helping everything
pranjal kamra (1 year ago)
+Sandeep 123 thank you. Bahot achha laga yeh sunkar.... I will try my best to keep providing good content
Makardhwaj Singh (1 year ago)
Always rocking sir Keep rocking.
pranjal kamra (1 year ago)
+makardhwaj singh thank you
kala ramdas (1 year ago)
Make absolute sense Good job ! P Karma
pranjal kamra (1 year ago)
+kala ramdas thank you
Awaken Giant (1 year ago)
hey,... I want to know about MSEI unlisted share .iske baare mein kuchh bataaie , should we invest in MSEI or not ? ...
sagar surana (1 year ago)
you r doing a fantastic job...bg bro
shivakumar pc (1 year ago)
Sir but return on equity is less and PE is more than 60
Rahul Garg (1 year ago)
Sir while calculating PE ratio of a stock EPS is taken of a quarter or previous year or what?
sandeep rawat (1 year ago)
bhai DantKranti..;) Good Series of Video
Sparsh Sharma (1 year ago)
What about mentee program sir
Kalpesh Katariya (1 year ago)
Subha Mohanta (1 year ago)
Your knowledge superb sir jii
HT Jadhav (1 year ago)
You are just great
pranjal kamra (1 year ago)
+HT Jadhav humbled by your appreciation sir
Priya Jain (1 year ago)
Govind singh (1 year ago)
Sir apna number mujhe de do please aap ki help chahiye
pranjal kamra (1 year ago)
+Govind singh you can contact me at [email protected]
MEHEDI Hassan (1 year ago)
Nice video bro
pranjal kamra (1 year ago)
+ANOWAR Hossian thank you buddy

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