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Apotheosis: Lifeless Vaults - Bossfight Preview
Apotheosis: Lifeless Vaults (Link Below) http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/66021/? A short demo of a Boss Encounter from the Mod Apotheosis: Lifeless Vaults. Credits: Beckon a Foul Beast by Alex Roe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukywVcxv5r4 Model Resources Vicn Creature Resource by Vicn T67 - Statue Dwarven by Tony67
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Skyrim Underground SSE | Skyrim Special Edition |
Sorry updates have been slow as of late, I'm still sick. thanks for bearing with me for the past few weeks. Skyrim Underground SSE by AncientKane Recently updated for the Special Edition, Skyrim Underground adds a vast underground complex to explore. This mod boasts all non-vanilla creatures, great level design, with 30 different access points across the province of Skyrim. Link: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/131/? Author Description: Description and features: An underground dungeon system with currently 28 large and 16 small cells No vanilla creatures used. All enemies (except humans) are new and based on the Vicn Creature Pack the Creepy Zombies by futoshisan and the Nexus Creature Resource by Gendundrup. Links in the credits below. New ingredients from the enemies remains. Some quests for variation. Note: the quests are currently unvoiced. I have a great voice actor for Lord Rangulf but adding voices takes time. Turn on the subtitles for now. New weapons. Destructable objects in the dungeons to access new areas. Access Points: whiterun dragonsreach jarl's quarter - jarl's bedroom whiterun dragonsreach jarl's quarter - servants area - under the table whiterun dragonsreach dungeon - behind a destructable grate western watchtower- destroyed farmhouse - behind the house falkreath - northwest of town - mine entrance morthal - east of town shack rorikstead - east of town - gambling pit markarth- warrens - to the right of the entrance markarth understone keep - jarl's quarter - under the breakfast table solitude jail - fireplace solitude hall of the dead - catacombs - alcove to the left of the entrance dawnstar quicksilver mine - trapdoor nightingale inn - basement abandoned prison - behind a destructable wall windhelm palace of the kings - wuunferth's place windhelm new gnisis corner club backroom winterhold the frozen heart - basement - unused cellar collapsed riverwood mine - south of town - mine entrance helgen - near the east gate in the rocks ivarstead - shroud hearth barrow entrance old hroldan - behind the inn kynesgrove steamscorch mine - trapdoor shors's stone watchtower - behind the watchtower darkwater crossing mine . behind a destructable woodplank dragonbridge . behind the penitus oculatus outpost karthwasten Fenn's Gulch Mine . behind a destructable woodplank riften watchtower - inside riften ratway - near the garlic riften mistveil keep - jarl's bedroom raven rock abandoned building - under the stairs
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Fully Flying Dragons SE Skyrim Special Edition Mod Showcase by gg77
Today I xenocraft1212 showcase the skyrim special edition mod fully flying dragons, which much like master of the eagles mod adds a fully controllable flying mount to skyrim special edition. These controllable flying dragon mounts in skyrim remastered come in many shapes and sizes including xenomorph themed dragons. Link to the nexus http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/3191/? The original mod description goes as follows Fully Flying Dragons SE Version 1.0 With this mod... You can bring up the Dragon* of your choice amongst 58 Dragons : Black (DLC2), Purple (DLC1), Snow, Tyrant (Vicn), Skeletal*, Paarthurnax, Wingless* (DLC2), Boss, Defective Lich (Vicn), Ice Lake (DLC1), Durnehviir (DLC1), Flying Chaurus (Vicn), Alduin, Odahviing, Forest, Tundra, Flesh (Vicn), Fat (Vicn, DLC2), Great Wispmother (Vicn), Evil, Crystal (3), Red, Poison, Storm, Cyclops (DLC2), Ocean (DLC2), Masked (DLC2),Young, Bull, Xeno (DLC2), Lava, Berserk, Brute, Shark (DLC2), Venom, Queen Xeno (2) (DLC2), Dark, Curse, Meteor, Lightning, Ice, Chaos, Summoner, Wind, Aetherial(DLC2), Benthic(DLC2), Ghost, Zombie, Whitehorn, Crimson, Armored Glass or Ebony (Yousukeve), Molag Bal (Vicn), a Macho Dragon (FancyPantz), and a “basic” Dragon To have the SUMMONABLE Mounts, you must buy the 58 “Spell tome: Summon XXXX”, at Farengar Secret-Fire in Dragonsreach/Fort Dragon (Whiterun) or with an other "Spell Vendor" (ex: Sybille Stentor in the Blue Palace/Palais bleu in Solitude). With the books, you have the spells....Then summon a dragon with the spell of your choice... Summon the Dragon in a free space (not in town!) A dragon will appear above you (The script will try to auto mount you, it might work or it might fail. If that is the case, mount manually) You can summon your dragon again when you have received the message "Dragon has returned". (The dragon will not disappear unless you mount it, ride it and dismount it) The dragons do not help the player in combat and are supposed to be used as transport only Credits 1) For the meshes of the Defective Lich, the Flesh, the Fat, the Great Wispmother, the Molag Bal, the Tyrant and the Flying Chaurus, thanks to Vicn in his mod Vicn Creature Resource (”You can use any parts of this mod without my permission.”) 2) For the Macho Dragon :thanks to FancyPantz with the mesh and textures of Macho Dragons ("You are allowed to use the assets in this file without permission") 3) For the meshes/textures of the Evil/Crystal (3)/ Red/ Poison/ Storm/ Cyclops/ Ocean/ Masked/ Young/ Bull/ Xeno/ Lava/ Berserk/ Brute/ Shark/ Venom/ Queen Xeno (2)/ Dark/ Curse/ Meteor/ Lightning/ Ice/ Chaos/ Summoner/ Wind/ Aetherial/ Benthic/ Ghost/ Zombie/ Whitehorn/ Crimson/ Armored Glass or Ebony... Dragons, thanks to yousukeve, in his mod Chaos Dragons (“Please use these models”) 4) For the structure of all the mod (particularly for the scripts and animations), a BIG THANK to J3X in his mod Flyable Dragons (”Clone, copy, spread, mutate, merge, and do whatever you want just as long you give me credit for my work”;”If you create a modification to this mod please release it”) Most Recent Video https://goo.gl/692Miv Mod List: climates of tamriel, falskaar, blaze of eventide, unread books glow, lotr weapon pack, waves, rich merchants of skyrim, unleveled items, infinite weapon charges, static mesh improvement mod (smim), skyland, ring of a thousand truths, no snow under the roof, invincible dogs, barenziah quest markers, perk points for bounties, arrow tweak fix, enhanced blood textures, better auriel's bow, the paarthurnax dilemma, invisible helmet, alternate start live another life, soulcairn quest markers, draconic armor, dawnguard map markers, deadly destruction, dragonborn crafting hall, run for your lives, noldor armor, dark elven weapons,, a quality world map with roads, animated dragon wings, scoped bows, nightingale muffle enchant, dragonslayer bow and siege arrows, cute seal follower, giant rabbits, asgard hall, TARDIS, inigo, capes and cloaks, stormlord armor, moonlight tales, unlimited werewolf transformations, forgotten city, breggan’s retreat, giant mudcrab mini quest, diverse dragons collection, sjel blad castle, perk points per level, sweetroll randomization act, 150% jumping and sprinting, world tree, unicorn, the well player home, forsworn armor redux, riverwood retreat, everfall island, whispering waters, karo’s cairn, fenrir blades, katana crafting, armor all, grand bathhouse, dragonstrike bow, achievements enabler, skyrim flora overhaul, exploding chickens physics and ragdoll, expanded weaponry se, InsanitySorrow’s WeaponPack, JKs whiterun, JKs Riverwood, cheat room, dwarven luggage, ritual armor of boethiah, valkyrie armor, Magicka sabers, darkwater home, skyhaven temple garden, jormundandr dragon, unlimited dragon aspect, valley of peace, Faallokaar, Ebonvale, Clearstone, convenient horses, SiigonisBiiKriid Argonian Follower SE
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Vigilant Mod (Full English Voice Actors) Skyrim Special Edition - Live Stream Part 1
An amazing quest mod made by Vicn, requiring the player to join the Vigilants of Stendarr and help them keep Skyrim safe from the influence of malevolent forces ... and then a certain Daedric Prince takes a very personal interest in the newest member of the Vigilants. Up until some time ago, you could play this mod only partially translated into English. But you waited and eventually, an English translation was complete. Something was still missing, though. All the characters were silent. But now ... we have a solution for you. The mod before you is an English voice acting addon for Vigilant, brought to you by 23 incredibly talented voice actors and the author of the latest English translation. Every single character you will meet during your journey as a Vigilant of Stendarr is now voiced and waiting to talk to you. So join me live to showcase this incredible mod and addition and lets play Vigilant - Skyrim Special Edition - Live Stream Part 1 on PC Full Mod list enabled below: SSE Texture Pack - Osmodius - SSE Texture Pack 1.3 by osmodius Total Character Makeover - Total Character Makeover 1.2 by Scarla Unread Books Glow SSE - Unread Books Glow SSE 2.2.1 by duggelz LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons - All in One Installer by LeanWolf Immersive Armors - Immersive Armors 8.1 SSE by Hothtrooper44 Legendary Armors - DeserterX Collection SSE - Legendary Armors - DeserterX SSE V1.2 by cp44 Breezehome - Eli's Breezehome Overhaul BETA 1.6 by Elianora Achievements Mods Enabler - AchievementsModsEnabler by xSHADOWMANx or Sumwunn at github Scoped Bows SE 1.3 by OutLaw666 General Stores - Auto Sorting Cloud Storage Resource for packrats SE Convert - General Stores SE Main Download by By Harvey2112 and Draco1122 Another Sorting Mod 2017-SSE - Another Sorting Mod 2017-SSE by Mebantiza Legendary Skyrim Crossbows SSE - Legendary Skyrim Crossbows SSE by Kelsenellenelvian Cutting Room Floor - Cutting Room Floor by Arthmoor ApachiiSkyHair SSE - ApachiiSkyHair_v_1_6_Full by Apachii Archery Shop With All Arrows In The Game (Skyrim SE Addition) - Archery Shop v6 by Bab100 Proper Aiming - Proper Aiming by Arindel Mona Alta - Mona Alta by ArchimageKhan The Ultimate Dodge Mod by Shikyo Kira SSE Fixes - SSE Fixes v2 by meh321 Veydosebrom - Grass and Groundcover by Merkcy Pa-Look - Pa-Look by Diode Deadly Explosive Baguette Spell - DEBS by Bawk and Novaxys Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE - Beyond Skyrim Bruma SE 1.3.2 by The Beyond Skyrim - Cyrodiil Development Team Wearable Lanterns - Wearable Lanterns 4.0.3 Release by Chesko Enhanced Lights and FX by anamorfus Lock Related Loot - Lock Related Loot by Hackfield Animated Feathered Wings SE - Animated Featherd Wings SE by milisot1325 ported by Delta 6 Amazing Follower Tweaks SSE (Dheuster's Original) - AmazingFollowerTweaks_v166_by_DheusterSE_Final by Dheuster VIGILANT - VIGILANT SE v122 by Vicn VIGILANT Voiced - English Addon - VIGILANT Voiced - English Addon by The Skyrim Voice Alliance Please remember to hit the Like button, leave a comment to let me know what you think and subscribe if you are new here and want to see more. Menwhostareatgames is trying to grow and we need your support :) Vigilant Mod (Full English Voice Actors) Skyrim Special Edition - Live Stream Part 1 This game is also available on other systems Come join me on - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/MenWhoStareAtGames Twitter: https://twitter.com/GReviewerz Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Menwho-Stareatgames/450978365069822 Join Freedom Network: http://www.freedom.tm/via/menwhostareatgames Google+ :https://plus.google.com/u/0/109667238209013764435 Thank you for watching, menwhostareatgames :)
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