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Paris Stock Exchange is back on TV
BFM goes live from Euronext Paris from the 18th October. From the 18th of October the Paris stock-exchange will officially return to the screen, courtesy of Euronext’s partnership with BFM business. BFM will have a Euronext correspondent, Antoine Larigaudrie, who will go live from the Market Surveillance Room six times a day to report and comment on the Markets from the very heart of the Euronext Paris.
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Four MENA Exchanges close Euronext Markets in Paris
Euronext hosted the CEOs of Amman, Beirut, Tunis and Muscat Exchanges. The CEOs closed Euronext European Markets in Paris. Mr. Marwan Bataineh - Chairman of Amman Stock Exchange, Mr. Chadi Salameh - Beirut Stock Exchange, Mr. Mohamed Bichiou - CEO of Tunis Stock Exchange, Mr. Ahmed Al-Marhoon - Director General of Muscat Securities Market, along with Mr. Nick Thornton - SVP Global Head of Euronext Market Solutions closed the European trading day in Paris. Euronext previously announced that it has successfully signed agreements with four exchanges in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region for the implementation of its new UTP solution, UTP-Hybrid.
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Euronext, a multi-asset and innovative pan-European exchange
Euronext is the leading pan-European exchange providing innovative and robust multi-asset offerings. We launch solutions servicing asset managers, investors and brokers alike, spanning equities, ETFs, funds, bonds, indices, derivatives and FX. These include, among others: - Euronext Block: Our pan-European large-in-scale trading platform allowing market participants to trade blocks proactively in a safe environment thanks to its Invitation to Trade messaging - ETF One-stop shop platform: A single pan-European ETF platform designed in partnership with the ETF industry with all listed ETF in Europe available for trading and combining standard order book, RFQ and NAV trading. - Euronext Fund Services: A breakthrough and STP service that connects investors, issuers and brokers for easier, automated and cost-efficient access to open-end funds on the exchange - Euronext Synapse, powered by Algomi: New MTF to trade large sizes of illiquid bonds, connecting pools of liquidity and market participants within a new anonymous inter-dealer centralised market place - New European indices and derivatives: Euronext work with Morningstar to launch new European indices and associated derivatives traded on Euronext with competitive fees for product creation opportunities and risk management tools. - FastMatch: Euronext acquired FastMatch, the fasted growing ECN, to expand into the Global spot FX Market
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Euronext and Shenzhen Stock Exchange Celebrate Index Cooperation Agreement
Mr. WU, Lijun, Chairman of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, rings the opening bell for the Paris markets, alongside Stéphane Boujnah, CEO of Euronext, and colleagues including: Mr. JIN, Liyang, Vice President of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Mr. FU, Binghui, Director of ChiNext Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Mr. LIU, Fuzhong, Vice Director of Strategy and International Relations and Mr. WANG, Shenghui, Vice Director of Board Office of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Today Euronext and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) signed an Index Cooperation Agreement in Paristo promote each other’s indices in mainland China and the Euronext markets. They celebrated this partnership today with a bell ceremony to open the day’s trading on Euronext. This agreement will ensure that Chinese investors are able to access indices offered by Euronext and allow European investors to benefit from Shenzhen index products, including the SZSE COMPONENT INDEX,SZSE SME PRICE INDEX,SZSE CHINEXT PRICE INDEX, SZSE 100 PRICE INDEX and SZSE SMALL/MID CAP INNOVATION INDEX. At the heart of continental Europe, Euronext is a top market place for listed technology companies, offering a variety of biotech, medtech and technology indices which, through this new agreement, will be further promoted in China. These include the EnterNext® Tech 40, Euronext® Health Care Equipment & Services EW and Next Biotech. Shenzhen shares Euronext’s strength in the technology segment, with a strong issuer base comprising tech, biotech and healthcare listings, as well as solid investor interest in these companies. The partnership will also include the promotion of Euronext’s major indices such as the CAC 40® and the innovative Low Carbon 100 Europe®. The exchanges will help to attract their local investors to each other’s markets by facilitating listings of Exchange Traded Products (ETPs).
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Euronext Fund Service Paris
Euronext launches Euronext Fund Service Paris, an innovative model to facilitate investment in funds across the globe. Euronext Fund Service Paris is an innovative and complementary solution for investing in open-end funds (UCITS1 and AIF2) registered or passported in France. It offers institutional and retail investors a simplified, automated cost-efficient subscription/redemption service to invest in funds through their brokers. Euronext Fund Service has been launched on 15 May 2017, starting with AXA IM, Ecofi Investissements, La Française Investment Solutions, Longchamp Asset Management, Natixis AM and OFI AM funds.
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WRAP London and Paris stock exchanges
London, July 25, 2002 1. Wide of London stock exchange 2. Tight on building plaque: London Stock Exchange 3. Wide of Nomura International Share trading floor 4. Screen displaying latest share prices 5. Traders in front of screens 6. SOUNDBITE: (English) Anais Faraj, Equity Strategist, Nomura International: "Well London has opened very strongly and is continuing to trade firmly upwards. We've had some weaker than expected data on the retail sales front, and the market just ignored it. I think the view right now is that fundamentals do not matter at this stage. This is very much a traders' market, and sentiment is the key driver." Q: How seriously will the AOL Time Warner news impact on the markets? "For me personally, AOL is a reminder that there's still two weeks to go before the August 15 deadline (in the US) for corporate governance issues to be declared. If you do have some concerns about the accounting standards in your company, you should come out by then and state that you have these reservations. The AOL story is that you have a very big company, that's a key part of the US stock market, and it's being investigated by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), and it's a reminder that all is not well out there. I suspect this stock market rally will be very short lived." Paris, July 25, 2002 7. Various interior of brokerage firm Richelieu Finance with brokers working at computer terminals 8. Various close-up of screens (showing stock market rise and positive green figures) 9. Close-up Nathalie Pelras and a trader 10. SOUNDBITE: (English) Nathalie Pelras, Portfolio manager, Richelieu Finances: "The French market is going up as the American market did yesterday. The French stocks have gone up by more than five per cent so it's a big rise after three days of going down consecutively. I think perhaps what we saw yesterday was the end of the decline of the market. Today, all the stocks which were going down are going up by more than 10 per cent. So everybody is running after the stocks. We don't know whether it's going to last or not." - 11. Cutaway Pelras with trader 12. Cutaway of traders 13. SOUNDBITE: (English) Nathalie Pelras, Portfolio manager, Richelieu Finances: "One might say today that the market is not very expensive even if the 2002-2003 outlook is not exceptional. If people don't invest in the market at the level it's at today - while it's rising by five per cent - they will never invest. They might be wrong in the short-term but one must remember that investing in shares is for the long-term. And for the long-term, an investment today really is a worthwhile starting-point." 14. Various of trading room STORYLINE: Reacting to a big rally on Wall Street, stock markets rose around the world on Thursday, especially in England and France, but many later lost ground as investors remained jumpy. In London, the Financial Times-Stock Exchange 100-Share Index was 141.8 points, or 3.75 percent, higher at 3,918.9 in morning trading. The Paris CAC 40 also made a positive start, rising 137.93 points, or 4.56 percent, to 3,161.62. Some traders remained wary of the turbulence in US markets and expected Wall Street to head south when trading reopened later on Thursday. The rally followed Wednesday night's sharp gains on Wall Street. Equity Strategist of Nomura International in London, Anais Faraj said the rally was unlikely to last, particularly in view of the latest accounting scandal to hit to the United States - this time involving media giant AOL Time Warner. Speaking in Paris, Portfolio manager, of Richelieu Finances, Nathalie Pelras said that although Thursday's market was up it could not be predicted whether the rise would continue. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/bd804b9de0058a30c916f04d43865581 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Euronext welcomes Medtech Surgical on Euronext Paris
Bertin Nahum, President and Founder of Medtech, opens the European trading day in Paris. Medtech specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing surgery assistance robotic devices systems for the cranial and spinal neurosurgery. The systems consist of a robotic arm and a touch screen mounted on a rolling base. Net sales break down by activity as follows: sale of robotized systems (85%): systems intended for the cranial neurosurgery and marketed under the ROSA Brain brand (7 units sold in 2012/13) ; other (15%): maintenance services, module upgrading, sale of consumables, robot renting, etc. Net sales are distributed geographically as follows: France (28%), Europe (14%), the United States (26%), Russia (13%), China (9%), Saudi Arabia (8%) and Canada (2%).
France - Paris bourse plunges
T/I: 10:21:28 The Paris stock exchange looked beset by an attack of the jitters early on Tuesday (28/10) when share prices showed signs of falling by 10.0 percent, dealers said. But the market rallied from an initial loss of 9.09 percent to a net fall of 6.89 percent after a delay of 30 minutes in calculating the index on account of a tide of selling. SHOWS: PARIS, FRANCE 28 OCTOBER 1997 MS of stockbrokers jumping up and down, shouting and waving their hands; pull out to reveal the trading floor; VS of traders looking worried; vs of brokers shouting; monitor indicating the CAC 40; man on phone; another trader on the phone signalling frantically; Tilt down from the flag to the trading floor; vs of the trading floor; 1.52 You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/f5c65ce3a9dc28c5b056f26fce31efb8 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Valneva ouvre la seance boursiere de nyse euronext paris
Valneva est une nouvelle société européenne de biotechnologies, spécialisée dans les vaccins et les anticorps, née de la fusion entre Intercell et Vivalis. alneva opens the European trading day in Paris Valneva is a new European Biotech company created through the merger between Intercell AG and Vivalis SA focused on vaccines and antibodies.
(21 Jan 1974) Paris stock exchange. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/19630b01b76528b2f8a349a4f2113fdc Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Cogelec lists on Euronext Paris
Roger Leclerc, President and Founder of Cogelec opens the trading day in Paris  Cogelec is specialized in the production and marketing of interphones and control systems for collective housing (social or private). The company offers, under the Hexact and Intratone brands, interphones that enable the visitor to be heard and, sometimes, seen on a phone or any other electronic devices. It also insures secure access control solutions (electronic locks and badges) to allow entry to residents and service providers such as post office, and to prevent unauthorized people from entering foyers of buildings.
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UniCredit Warrants & Certificates team rings opening bell NYSE Euronext Paris
To celebrate the launch of the first Warrants & Certificates linked to the new NYSE Euronext index CAC 40® Ext, Christophe Grosset, Director at UniCredit, and Johanne Magnat, participated to the NYSE Euronext Paris market opening. NYSE Euronext extended its range of stock market indices with the addition of the CAC 40® Ext, which tracks the market's benchmark CAC 40®, but with extended calculation and distribution hours -- from 8.00 am to 6.30 pm CET compared with 9.00 am to 5.30 pm CET for the CAC 40®. The CAC 40® Ext index is calculated on the basis of CAC 40® index future traded on the NYSE Liffe exchange, adjusted for dividends and interest payments. With the CAC 40® Ext index, investors can track trends in the CAC 40® -- a reliable reflection of the state of the French economy -- outside normal trading hours, and take positions at pre-market and after-hour sessions on NYSE Euronext's regulated European market. The CAC 40® Ext is also a response to strong demand from the many issuers of structured products that want to use it as an underlying index to expand their range of products for investors. UniCredit, one of the top player on listed certificates markets in France since 2002, launch today on NYSE Euronext Paris the first Turbo Certificates on the Index CAC 40® Ext. With this operation the Bank confirm its commitment to offer a countiniously updated and growing products range. This new listing celebrate the one year anniversary of UniCredit special operation dedicated to active retail investors, launched on 28th September 2012 that include quotation on extended trading hours from 8.00 to 18.30, 3 digits quotation on all its products and the weekly quotation of new products. The specificities make the product offer attractive to retail active investors looking for leverage in a regulated environment. By trading Turbo Certificates on CAC 40® Ext, investors will fully benefit from extended trading hours, the index being calculated continiously from 8 am to 6.30 pm. This will make the product more competitive in terms of price in particular before the normal opening and after market close. The active investors will benefit from an unrivalled liquidity conditions.
Welcome to Viadeo on Euronext Paris
Dan Serfaty, co-founder & CEO of Viadeo, rings the opening bell. Viadeo is a key player in the Professional Social Networking space, with around 60 million members worldwide. The market leader in France with almost 9 million members and in China with more 20 million, Viadeo has recorded exceptional growth since its creation, particularly in French-speaking countries and emerging markets such as China, Russia and Africa. Boost your career, find new contacts and uncover new opportunities: these are just some of the things professionals, companies and students can do on Viadeo website and mobile applications (smartphones, tablets).
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Celebration of the acquisition of the Irish Stock Exchange by Euronext
Patricia O’Brien, Ambassador of Ireland to France, closes the European trading day in Paris. A unique opportunity to be in the heart of business and to meet the contributors to economic and cultural exchanges between France and Ireland. A networkIrlande event in association with DAVY and EURONEXT.
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Extended Trading Hours on NYSE Euronext Brussels
On 15 January 2013, Neelie Verlinden, Head Derivatives Public Distribution France, Belgium and the Netherlands of Commerzbank AG, opened the European stock markets with a Bell Ceremony at NYSE Euronext Brussels to celebrate the Extension of the Trading Hours for warrants and certificates on the Brussels markets. The new trading hours are from 8h00 to 18h30.
Recylex célèbre son 130ème anniversaire de cotation sur NYSE EURONEXT Paris
Yves Roche, Président-Directeur Général de Recylex, ouvre les marchés européens à Paris à l'occasion du 130ème anniversaire de cotation du Groupe. Yves Roche, Président-Directeur Général de Recylex, ouvre les marchés européens à Paris à l'occasion du 130ème anniversaire de cotation du Groupe. Implanté en France, en Allemagne et en Belgique, le groupe Recylex est un spécialiste européen du recyclage du plomb et du plastique (principalement à partir des batteries usagées automobiles et industrielles), du recyclage du zinc en provenance des poussières issues des aciéries électriques, du recyclage du vieux zinc, et de la production de métaux spéciaux notamment pour l'industrie électronique. Le Groupe emploie près de 650 salariés et a réalisé un chiffre d'affaires consolidé de 458 millions d'euros en 2011. Créée en 1881, la "Société Minière et Métallurgique de Penarroya" plus connue sous le nom de "Penarroya", ancêtre de Recylex, a été cotée à la Bourse de Paris dès 1882. Recylex celebrates its 130th listing anniversary on NYSE EURONEXT Paris Yves Roche, Chief Executive Officer of Recylex Group, opens the European trading day in Paris for the 130th listing anniversary of Recylex. Yves Roche, Chief Executive Officer of Recylex Group, opens the European trading day in Paris for the 130th listing anniversary of Recylex. With operations in France, Germany and Belgium, Recylex is a Group specialising in lead and plastic recycling (from automobile and industrial scrap batteries), zinc recycling from electric steel plants particles, zinc oxides producing from zinc scrap and special metals producing notably for the electronics industry. The Recylex Group has close to 650 employees and generated consolidated sales of €458 million in 2011. Founded in 1881, the company " Société Minière et Métallurgique de Penarroya" aka "Penarroya" is Recylex' ancester and was listed in 1882 on the Paris Stock Exchange.
NYSE proposes merger with Euronext
1. Exterior of Paris Bourse 2. Mid shot of sign 'Bourse' 3. Pan from street to pan-European stock exchange, Euronext building entrance 4. Mid shot of Euronext sign 5. Wide of Euronext's hallway 6. Mid shot of screen wall 7. Close-up of people entering Euronext through revolving door 8. Mid shot of Euronext sign 9. Euronext building STORYLINE: The New York Stock Exchange offered on Monday to acquire Euronext for 10.2 (b) billion US dollars in cash and shares, upstaging a rival offer for the pan-European stock exchange operator from Germany's Deutsche Boerse. The NYSE Group said a tie-up with Euronext, which runs the Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Lisbon exchanges, would create "the world's largest and most liquid global securities marketplace" with combined listings of 27 trillion US dollars. It also said the proposed merger would create about 375 (m) million US dollars in savings for the new company over the next three years. Under the NYSE proposal, each NYSE share would be converted into one share of common stock of the new combined company NYSE Euronext. The company would have its group headquarters at the NYSE's current base in New York and European headquarters at Euronext's base. The chairman of the combined company would be current Euronext Chairman Jan-Michiel Hessels, while NYSE Group Chief Executive John Thain would continue as CEO. The board of a combined company would include 11 directors from NYSE and nine from Euronext. Euronext declined to comment directly on the new bid but has signalled a preference for a deal with NYSE over the terms offered by Deutsche Boerse. It dismissed the German exchange's proposal as "nothing new" on Friday, as the talks with NYSE continued. Both proposals will be examined by Euronext's board later on Monday before they are presented to shareholders at the annual meeting in Amsterdam on Tuesday, Euronext said in a statement. NYSE's Chief Executive said he hoped to reach a definitive deal with Euronext "within the next 24 to 48 hours". You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/fb91613e3a3ffa72110bcdedf2608699 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Euronext celebrates its strategic relationship with Qatar Stock Exchange
Mr Rashid Al Mansoori, CEO of Qatar Stock Exchange rang the closing bell for the Euronext Paris markets, alongside Stéphane Boujnah, CEO of Euronext. Today Euronext welcomed a senior delegation from the Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) led by the CEO Mr Rashid Al Mansoori. To celebrate the occasion, Mr Al Mansoori rang the closing bell for the Euronext Paris Markets, alongside Stéphane Boujnah, CEO of Euronext. QSE is the principal stock market of Qatar and its primary aim is to support Qatar's economy by providing a venue for capital raising for Qatari companies. Like Euronext, QSE provides investors a platform through which they can trade a variety of products in a transparent and efficient manner. QSE has operated a customized version of the Universal Trading Platform since 5 September 2010. Technology is a critical factor in Qatar’s journey towards recognition as a world-class financial centre and this is one of the reasons that they use the same industry-leading technology as Euronext. Qatar is a major investor in France and other European countries and QSE is a strategic client for Euronext. The relationship between the two Exchanges dates from 2009 and encompasses both technology and business opportunities. Furthermore, the importance of Qatar in Middle Eastern and, increasingly, in global financial markets means that this is a relationship with significant potential for future European issuers and investors.
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Paris Exchange [week one] || heyitsbea
Hey guys! - - - - - - - - - Scroll Down - - - - - - - - - So far my exchange is going pretty well and I’ms till getting used to everything :) If you want to check out my blog here’s the link: http://parisexchange2016.blogspot.com Please LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE! xoxo Bea SOCIAL MEDIA - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Twitter: https://twitter.com/_gtfobea Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_itsnotbea/ Spotify: bea2001 Exchange blog: http://parisexchange2016.blogspot.com FAQ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Age: 15 (March 1st, 2001) Grade: Sophmore / 10th grade / Year 11 Camera: Canon EOS Rebel SL1 Editor: iMovie MUSIC - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Amarante - Good Morning Fire Eater http://www.soundcloud.com/amarantemusic http://amarante.bandcamp.com
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Paris Stock Exchange - Amazon Echo app
Realtime stock quotes from the Euronext Paris Stock Exchange (PAR) on your Amazon Echo. Create a personalized portfolio and receive market quotes against your watchlist.
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Listing of Cardio3 on NYSE Euronext Brussels (with cross-listing in Paris)
As of 5 July 2013 Cardio3 will be listed on NYSE Euronext Brussels. This is the first ever dual public offer on NYSE Euronext Brussels with Paris as cross listing. Cardio3 BioSciences is a biotechnology company specializing in research and development for regenerative, protective, and reconstructive therapies for treating cardiac disorders (primarily heart failure and myocardial infarction). To celebrate this event, Christian Homsy, CEO opened the markets with a Bell Ceremony and had the honor to write the first opening price on the blackboard. Other guests of honor werePatrick Jeanmart, Michel Lussier (Cardio3), Olivier Vanderijst (SRIW), Roald Borre (PMV) and Dr William Wijns (OLV Aalst) as well as Patricia Ceysens (Vlaams Parlement). The ticker code of Cardio3 BioSciences is : CARD.
NYSE Euronext accueille Medical Device Works sur NYSE Alternext à Paris
NYSE Euronext accueille Medical Device Works sur NYSE Alternext à Paris. Medical Device Works est spécialisé dans le développement de kits de dispositifs chirurgicaux faiblement invasifs destinés à isoler temporairement les organes malades du flux sanguin et à permettre la perfusion locale du circuit où sera administrée une forte concentration d'agents chimiques Medical Device Works NYSE Euronext Welcomes Medical Device Works on NYSE Alternext in Paris. Medical Device Works develops kits of minimally-invasive surgical devices for temporarily isolating damaged organs from blood flow and to allow local perfusion of a circuit where a high concentration of chemicals is to be administered.
NYSE Euronext Celebrates 20 Years of Exchange Traded Product ETP Listing and Trading
Tuesday, January 29th marks the 20th anniversary for the inaugural launch of SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (NYSE Arca: SPY) on U.S. markets. In commemoration of this occasion, distinguished founders and guests of the exchange traded product (ETP) industry will visit the NYSE and ring the Opening Bell to honor the significant milestones, growth and maturation of the ETP industry. Since inception, NYSE Arca, the all-electronic trading platform of NYSE Euronext, continues to serve as the leading listing and trading venue for ETP products on U.S. markets - "Paving the Way for ETP Innovation." ETP founders and distinguished guests ringing the NYSE Opening Bell include: Jim Ross, State Street; Jay Baker, Yorkville; Hank Belusa, DTCC; David Blitzer, S&P; Steven Bloom, West Point; Mike Cavalier, NYSE; Kathy Cuocolo, BNY Mellon; Jim Duffy; Gary Eisenriech, Fairfield Advisors; Glenn Francis, BNY Mellon; Katten Muchin Rosenman; Kathleen Moriarty, LLP; and Cliff Weber, NYSE Liffe U.S. NYSE Euronext Paris market will also host an Opening Bell Ceremony with Olivier Paquier, Director of France, Spain and Portugal, SPDR ETF. Since the launch of SPY on the American Stock Exchange 20 years ago, listings and trading of ETPs in the U.S. has increased from one ETF with $0.5 billion assets under management to nearly 1,500 ETP products with $1.4 trillion in assets under management. ETPs currently represent nearly 30% of all U.S. equity trading. The continued growth in assets and trading volume reflects the growing demand by individual and institutional investors to invest and trade the product. To further commemorate the 20th anniversary, NYSE Euronext's ETP and Global Index Group will launch a new web site to go live here on January 29th with special educational materials highlighting ETPs past, present and future.
We are Euronext
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Euronext welcomes Amundi on Euronext Paris
Yves Perrier, CEO of Amundi, rings the bell to mark the opening of the European trading day in Paris. Amundi features among the world's leading asset management firms. The group performs active management of shares, bonds and yields. It also conducts passive management of indexed funds as well as management of non-liquid assets (property assets and private debts).At the end of 2014, Amundi had 866 billion of EUR outstandings under management, spread over the following customer types: insurers (45%), institutional customers and employee savings schemes (31%), partner networks and third-party distributors (24%).
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Dalian Commodity Exchange opens the European markets in Paris
Mr. Ming Li, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Dalian Commodity Exchange, along with Anthony Attia, Chief Executive Officer of Euronext Paris open the European trading day in Paris. Euronext today announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE). Its aim is to carry out joint research into the promotion, distribution and trading of commodity products, develop new strategies for improving the safe operation of orderly futures and options markets and discuss the feasibility of cooperatively developing new products.
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22 February 2012 NYSE Euronext Welcomes INTRASENSE on NYSE Alternext in Paris
Patrick Mayette, CEO of Intrasense, rings the opening bell. Intrasense specializes in designing and developing software for viewing and analyzing medical images. Its activity is organized into 3 divisions: - sales of software for viewing and analyzing medical images: Myrian line; - development of peripheral solutions: materials for viewing digital images in the operating room, printing servers, etc. ; - supply of services : installation, maintenance, and training services, development of interactive multimedia supports, etc.
NYSE Euronext accueille Spineway sur NYSE Alternext à Paris
Spineway est spécialisé dans la conception, la fabrication et la commercialisation d'implants et d'instruments chirurgicaux de la colonne vertébrale. Le groupe propose des systèmes rachidiens, des cages cervicales et lombaires, des plaques cervicales, des substituts osseux, etc. NYSE Euronext welcomes Spineway on NYSE Alternext in Paris Spineway designs, produces, and sells spinal column implants and surgical instruments. The group offers spinal systems, cervical and lumbar cages, cervical plates, bone substitutes, etc.
DAS, Inc. Celebrates Entry into NYSE Euronext Power Partners Program
DAS, Inc., a software company engaged in direct trading technologies for the brokerage and trading community, will visit the NYSE on Friday, October 18th to celebrate the company's participation in the NYSE Euronext Power Partners Program and the 10th anniversary of their low latency trading technology. DAS has met the qualifying criteria to be designated a Level 3 Power Partner participant, the highest level classification. To mark the occasion, Karen Gentile, CEO and President of DAS, Inc., will ring The Closing Bell. About DAS, Inc.: DAS|INC provides complete online brokerage solutions including direct access trading applications, browser-based trading, back-office order management systems, market data feeds, historical data, black-box implementation & API execution services. Karen Gentile, CEO and President of DAS, Inc. Karen Gentile, CEO and President of DAS, Inc., developers of DAS Trader Pro, has lead DAS, Inc. from 2007 to present with partner Jun Liu. During her time as CEO and President, she facilitated DAS, Inc.'s growth from an order management system to a service bureau and market data distributor, along with becoming a NASDAQ OMX Certified Platinum Partner and NASDAQ Totalview Preferred Partner. Power Partners Program: The Power Partners Program aims to develop and strengthen the relationship between NYSE Euronext, data vendors, service bureaus, broker systems providers, broker dealers, and the OMS/EMS community for the benefit of our mutual customers. The Program is an initiative that aims to facilitate and incent companies to speed the production of trading related enhancements to their platforms.
15 December 2011 Maurel & Prom listed on NYSE Euronext in Paris
Dr Bryant ORJIAKO, CEO of SEPLAT and member of the board of Maurel & Prom and MP Nigeria has the honnor of ringing the bell formalizing the introduction of MP Nigeria (mnemonic code: MPNG and ISIN code: FR0011120914) on NYSE Eurnext Paris market. MP Nigeria holds 45% of Seplat, a Nigerian oil and gas exploration and production company and the operator of three Oil Mining Licences (4, 38 and 41) in Nigeria. These oil licences provide a balanced combination of fields in production, fields to be developed and exploration opportunities.
NYSE Euronext in Paris - Opening Bell AgFEED - Listing on NYSE Alternext - 19 May 2010
AgFeed Industries specializes in producing and selling pork. The group is also involved in producing animal feeds (complete and concentrated feeds, composite feeds with added minerals, etc.). At the end of 2009, AgFeed Industries had 30 livestock farms and 5 production sites located in China.
NYSE Euronext welcomes CHEMTURA CORPORATION on NYSE Euronext in Paris
NYSE Euronext welcomes CHEMTURA CORPORATION on NYSE Euronext in Paris Craig Rogerson, Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer of Chemtura rings the opening Bell. Chemtura Corporation produces and sells specialty chemicals intended primarily for the agriculture, automotive, construction, electronics, and transportation sectors. Sales break down by product family as follows: -industrial chemicals (73.6%): performance products (61% of sales; oil additives, polyurethanes, antioxidants, etc.) and engineering products (39%; brominated, organometallic, fire-retardant, and smoke generating products); -consumer chemicals (14%): water purification products, cleaning and stripping products; -agricultural chemicals (12.4%): primarily phytosanitary products. At the end of 2011, the group had 31 production sites worldwide. Sales are distributed geographically as follows: United States (42.7%), Europe and Africa (30.5%), Asia-Pacific (19.5%), Latin America (5.3%), and Canada (2%).
NYSE Euronext 2011 CEO Report
NYSE Euronext 2011 CEO Report. Berkshire Hathaway Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett, Business Wire Chairman and CEO Cathy Baron Tamraz, and Alexandre Douzet, Co-Founder and President of TheLadders.com on job creation, entrepreneurship and next-generation CEOs.
NYSE-Euronext shares, listed for the first time, open at $100 per share
1. Exterior of Palais Brongniart, the former Bourse building, where event is taking place 2. Tight shot of Bourse sign 3. Wide shot of principal executives of NYSE Euronext 4. SOUNDBITE: (English) Marshall Carter, Deputy Chairman EURONEXT NYSE Board of Directors ++ PARTIALLY OVERLAID WITH PREVIOUS SHOT++ "Today marks the culmination of our nine month effort to create this historic business combination. Today is also the beginning of the journey by NYSE Euronext to create the world's first truly global marketplace" 5. Presentation of the gavel to the new chairman of the board of directors of Euronext NYSE UPSOUND (English) Jan Michel Hessels, Chairman of the Board of Directors, NYSE Euronext: " Thank you very much Mark, I'll use it moderately and if I don't do it right you can hit me with it - thank you." 6. Mid of audience 7. SOUNDBITE: (English) Jan Michel Hessels, Chairman of the Board of Directors, NYSE Euronext: "I firmly believe that today we take our most important step into the future. At this moment, the NYSE Euronext is the leading global exchange and we can now build the company with even broader horizons aligned with our ambitions. Thank you very much." 8. Wide of principal executives of NYSE Euronext looking at opening share price on screen 9. Closeup of opening share price - 75 EUROS 10. Mid of executives clapping 11. Confetti falls from ceiling marking the opening of the shares trading 12. SOUNDBITE: (English) Jean-Francois Theodore, Deputy Chief Executive NYSE Euronext, " We will offer entrepreneurs of the twenty first century a stage and a platform looking at a world of new opportunities." 13. Cutaway people watching 14. SOUNDBITE: (English) John Thain, CEO, NYSE Euronext: " I believe that we will have the opportunity to offer all of our customers and all of our investors and certainly all of our employees and constituents the absolutely best and most dynamic and most innovative marketplace in the world." 15. Close up of NYSE EURONEXT listing plaque, pull out to the two CEOs holding plaque 16. NYSE EURONEXT sign STORYLINE: NYSE-Euronext stocks opened Wednesday in Paris at euro 75 (100 US dollars) per share in the first day of trading in the company, formed from the merger of NYSE Group Inc. and Euronext NV. Exchange executives counted down the seconds to the opening of trading in Paris. NYSE-Euronext is the first trans-Atlantic stock market and the world's biggest, with a market capitalisation of 22.3 billion (b) euros (29.7 billion (b) US Dollars). Euronext operates the Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon and Paris stock exchanges and London's Euronext.Liffe derivatives exchange. "I firmly believe that today we take our most important step into the future. At this moment, the NYSE Euronext is the leading global exchange and we can now build the company with even broader horizons aligned with our ambitions," Jan Michel Hessels, Chairman of the Board of Directors told the audience at the opening Hessels also said that the group remains open to a tie-up with Frankfurt's Deutsche Boerse AG. Deutsche Boerse's bid for Euronext last year was turned down in favour of the NYSE merger. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/e0e0b82d39136a8cbc0cb74e892d2806 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Company Profile: NYSE Euronext (NYSE:NYX)
NYSE Euronext is one of the world's largest exchange groups, boasting trades totaling more than a third of the global cash equities volume. It operates such esteemed exchanges as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), one of the oldest and largest markets in the world; Euronext, the first cross-border exchange with markets in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Lisbon; NYSE Liffe, a leading international derivatives markets with daily trading values exceeding $2.7 trillion; and NYSE Amex, formerly the American Stock Exchange. In 2007 NYSE acquired Euronext and its derivatives and futures markets (including Liffe) for some $10 billion to create the first trans-Atlantic exchange. The following year it bought rival AMEX
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NYSE Euronext
The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is a stock exchange located at 11 Wall Street in lower Manhattan, New York City, USA. It is the world's largest stock exchange by market capitalization of its listed companies at US$13.39 trillion as of Dec 2010. Average daily trading value was approximately US$153 billion in 2008. The NYSE is operated by NYSE Euronext, which was formed by the NYSE's 2007 merger with the fully electronic stock exchange Euronext. The NYSE trading floor is located at 11 Wall Street and is composed of four rooms used for the facilitation of trading. A fifth trading room, located at 30 Broad Street, was closed in February 2007. The main building, located at 18 Broad Street, between the corners of Wall Street and Exchange Place, was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1978, as was the 11 Wall Street building.
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Listing of Sequana Medical on Euronext Brussels
Belgian-based medtech company Sequana Medical NV (ticker symbol: SEQUA) raised €27.5 million in successful Initial Public Offering. Ian Crosbie, CEO of Sequana Medical, opens the trading day in Brussels. Sequana Medical NV Sequana Medical NV is a commercial stage medical device company focused on the development of innovative treatment solutions for the management of liver disease, heart failure, malignant ascites and other fluid imbalance disorders. Founded in Switzerland in 2006, Sequana has established its new corporate headquarters in Ghent, Belgium, in order to benefit from Belgium’s attractive healthcare ecosystem and ultimately to list on Euronext Brussels, one of the most dynamic stock exchanges in Europe for life sciences IPOs.
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Opening of Euronext Technology Centre in Porto
As we celebrate the official opening of our Technology Centre in Porto, you’re invited to join us for a brief introduction of the new premises and team.
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NYSE Euronext accueille Capelli sur NYSE Alternext à Paris
Christophe Capelli, Président directeur général de Capelli, ouvre les marchés européens à Paris. CAPELLI est un Promoteur/Aménageur spécialisé dans l'acquisition, le lotissement et l'aménagement de terrains destinés à la construction de logements. Le groupe a développé une activité de promotion immobilière. Au 31 mars 2012, le chiffre d'affaires par activité se répartit de la façon suivante : - Lotissement-Aménagement (41,2%) - Promotion immobilière (58,8%) NYSE Euronext welcomes Capelli on NYSE Euronext in Paris Christophe Capelli, CEO of Capelli, opens the European trading day in Paris. Capelli specializes in acquiring, dividing, and developing lots for home construction. The group also develops real estate development activity. As of 31 of March 2012, net sales breakdown by activity is as follows: -development of building lots (41,2%) -home sales (58,8%)
Euronext TechShare Class 2017-2018 | HEC Campus Sep 2017
Description: Launched in 2015, TechShare is a unique pan-European programme that helps to familiarise innovative businesses with capital markets and give them all the information they need to reach the next stage of their growth and take their companies to market. TechShare covers all Euronext countries, combining a pan-European and local approach. The 2017/2018 cohort is comprised of 68 Tech companies: 16 from Belgium, 32 from France, 14 from the Netherlands, and 6 from Portugal. More information on TechShare: https://tech.euronext.com/en/enternext-services/techshare
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Top 20 Stock Exchanges in the world
Top 20 Stock Exchanges in the world New York Stock Exchange The New York Stock Exchange (abbreviated as NYSE, and nicknamed "The Big Board"), is an American stock exchange located at 11 Wall Street, Lower Manhattan, New York City, New York. It is by far the world's largest stock exchange by market capitalization of its listed companies at US$21.3 trillion as of June 2017. NASDAQ The Nasdaq Stock Market is an American stock exchange. It is the second-largest exchange in the world by market capitalization, behind only the New York Stock Exchange located in the same city London Stock Exchange The London Stock Exchange (LSE) is a stock exchange located in the City of London, England. As of December 2014, the Exchange had a market capitalisation of US$6.06 trillion, making it the third-largest stock exchange in the world by this measurement (the largest in Europe ahead of Euronext). Japan Exchange Group Japan Exchange Group, Inc. (JPX) is a Japanese financial services corporation that operates multiple securities exchanges including Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange. Shanghai Stock Exchange The Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) is a stock exchange that is based in the city of Shanghai, China. It is one of the two stock exchanges operating independently in the People's Republic of China, the other is the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Euronext Euronext N.V. is a European stock exchange seated in Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Lisbon, Dublin and Paris Hong Kong Stock Exchange The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, abb. SEHK, is Asia's third-largest stock exchange in terms of market capitalization behind the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange, and the sixth largest in the world before Euronext Shenzhen Stock Exchange The Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE)is a stock exchange based in the city of Shenzhen, China. It is one of two stock exchanges operating independently in the People's Republic of China, the other being the larger Shanghai Stock Exchange Deutsche Börse Bombay Stock Exchange The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is an Indian stock exchange located at Dalal Street, Mumbai (formerly Bombay). National Stock Exchange of India The National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) is the leading stock exchange of India, located in Mumbai. The NSE was established in 1992 as the first demutualized electronic exchange in the country. TMX Group TMX Group Limited is a Canadian financial services company that operates equities, fixed income, derivatives, and energy markets exchanges Korea Exchange Korea Exchange (KRX) is the sole securities exchange operator in South Korea. It is headquartered in Busan, and has an office for cash markets and market oversight in Seoul. SIX Swiss Exchange SIX Swiss Exchange (formerly SWX Swiss Exchange), based in Zurich, is Switzerland's principal stock exchange (the other being Berne eXchange) Nasdaq Nordic Nasdaq Nordic is the common name for the subsidiaries of Nasdaq, Inc. that provide financial services and operate marketplaces for securities in Nordic, Baltic, and Caucasus countries Australian Securities Exchange The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX, sometimes referred to outside Australia as the Sydney Stock Exchange) is Australia's primary securities exchange. JSE Limited JSE Limited (previously the JSE Securities Exchange and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange) is the oldest existing and largest stock exchange in Africa. Taiwan Stock Exchange The Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) is a financial institution, located in Taipei 101, in Taipei, Taiwan B3 (stock exchange) he B3 (in full, B3 - Brasil Bolsa Balcão S.A.), formerly BM&FBOVESPA, is a Stock Exchange located at São Paulo, Brazil. Bolsas y Mercados Españoles Bolsas y Mercados Españoles BME is the Spanish company that deals with the organizational aspects of the Spanish stock exchanges and financial markets
Why choose NYSE Euronext for your Maritime listing
NYSE Euronext is the world's leading and most liquid exchange group. The aggregate domestic market capitalization of listed issues on NYSE Euronext is $14/ €11 trillion, greater than the next four exchanges combined. It is the first truly global marketplace -- listing more than 8,500 issues in total, including 72 of the world's 100 largest companies.* *Data correct as of 31.12.2011
The Brexit trade: How Euronext is preparing
Subscribe to France 24 now: http://f24.my/youtubeEN FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 http://f24.my/YTliveEN With less than three months to go, we still don't know what Britain's exit from the European Union will look like. Stephen Carroll speaks to the CEO of Paris's stock exchange operator, Euronext, about how they're preparing for Brexit. Also in this programme, Kate Moody explains why the controversial reform of France's wealth tax has become a lightning rod for the Yellow Vest protesters. Plus we have a report on shoes for rent in France. Has the sharing economy gone too far? Visit our website: http://www.france24.com Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://f24.my/youtubeEN Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FRANCE24.English Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/France24_en
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20 February 2012 NYSE Euronext welcomes ADOCIA on NYSE Euronext in Paris
Gerard Soula, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, rings the opening bell Adocia specializes in the research and development of biotherapy products used in tissue regeneration and for treating chronic diseases. At the end of June 2011, the group had a portfolio of 4 products in clinical development (including two in phase 2; PDGF-BB, for treating diabetic foot ulcers, and HinsBet, quick-acting human insulin for treating diabetes).
NYSE Euronext welcomes INSIDE Secure on NYSE Euronext in Paris
Rémy de Tonnac, Chief Executive Officer of INSIDE Secure, rings the bell. INSIDE Secure specializes in designing, developing, and selling integrated circuits and onboard software used in secured payment, identification, controlled access, transportation, and retail sales applications. The group's activity is organized essentially around 4 product families: microcontrollers; chips: primarily contact and non-contact chips; integrated circuits for smart card readers; NFC microprocessor platforms. Products are manufactured by subcontractors.