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Gottieb and Zeller Publish Article in New England Journal of Medicine
Just a few more interesting bits of information about the FDA's plans for nicotine regulation. Read the blog post/transcript at https://www.vapepassion.com/gottlieb-and-zeller-fda-regulatory-framework/ This is a segment from Ep. 83 of the Vlog. Catch the full Vlog at https://vapepassion.com/vapepassion-show-episode-083/
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Notable Articles of 2017: Highlights from Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey Drazen
Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey M. Drazen, M.D., highlights three of the Notable Articles of 2017 published in the New England Journal of Medicine: Air Pollution and Mortality, Global Health Effects of Overweight and Obesity, and Long-Term Outcomes of Imatinib for CML. Access the full article collection at http://www.nejm.org/nejm-special Articles highlighted in video: Air Pollution and Mortality in the Medicare Population http://nej.md/2si0rNj Health Effects of Overweight and Obesity in 195 Countries over 25 Years http://nej.md/2raeE9u Long-Term Outcomes of Imatinib Treatment for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia http://nej.md/2nfceVu
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The Epidemiology of In-Flight Medical Emergencies
New research on medical emergencies aboard commercial airliners is summarized in this NEJM Quick Take, a short video animation. See the NEJM article, "Outcomes of Medical Emergencies on Commercial Airline Flights": http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1212052
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Notable Articles of 2018: Highlights from Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey Drazen
Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey M. Drazen, M.D., previews the Notable Articles of 2018 published in the New England Journal of Medicine: the ASPREE and PALISADE trials. Access the complete article collection at http://www.nejm.org/nejm-special Articles highlighted in video: Effect of Aspirin on Disability-free Survival in the Healthy Elderly (ASPREE trial) https://nej.md/2NDJ5nF AR101 Oral Immunotherapy for Peanut Allergy (PALISADE trial) https://nej.md/2DmlwdK
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The New England Journal of Medicine Redefines the Traditional Medical Publication
A brief video introducing the redesigned NEJM.org with commentary from NEJM editors, including Jeffrey M. Drazen, M.D., NEJM Editor-in-Chief. Permalink: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20100729005304/en/England-Journal-Medicine-Redefines-Traditional-Medical-Publication
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Hormone Research and Journal Articles
Dr. Kathy Maupin and Brett Newcomb discuss the current state of the medical industry and how it affects treatment of patients in need of hormone replacement. http://www.biobalancehealth.com/hormone-research-and-journal-articles
Errors and Omissions in NEJM Article
A recent opinion article in the New England Journal of Medicine requires clarification or a retraction. Learn where the NEJM cited invalid information and left out critical facts.
The SPRINT Trial
Learn results from the SPRINT trial on intensive blood pressure management in less than 2 minutes with new NEJM Quick Take video summary. #AHA15 http://nej.md/1lfHkLD See the NEJM article, "A Randomized Trial of Intensive versus Standard-Blood Pressure Control":http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1511939
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Maneuvers to Diagnosis and Treat Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo
Videos show the patterns of nystagmus that are diagnostic of the two most common types of BPPV and demonstrate the movements of the body that should be performed to treat each type. See the NEJM Clinical Practice article, "Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo": http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMcp1309481
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Conversations with Jim Ware - The New England Journal of Medicine
Dr. James Ware, Frederick Mosteller Professor of Biostatistics and Associate Dean for Clinical and Translational Science at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, sits down with former chair and Professor of Biostatistics, Dr. Victor DeGruttola to discuss Jim's numerous contributions to the New England Journal of Medicine, the booming role of big data in biomedical research, and what he thinks are the most urgent questions in research methods, disease areas, and policy today.
B60: Scientific Papers - Ebert / McCarroll - NEJM Papers
Copyright Broad Institute, 2014. All rights reserved. In this B60 video, Broad associate member Ben Ebert and Steve McCarroll, director of genetics at the Broad's Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research, describe the findings of two related studies that identified a detectable, pre-cancerous state in the blood. Their papers appear online this week in the New England Journal of Medicine. PRESS RELEASE LINK: https://www.broadinstitute.org/news/6217 Papers cited: Jaiswal, S et al. "Age-related clonal hematopoiesis associated with adverse outcomes." New England Journal of Medicine. Online First: November 26, 2014. DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa1408617 Genovese, G et al. "Clonal hematopoiesis and blood-cancer risk inferred from blood DNA sequence." New England Journal of Medicine. Online First: November 26, 2014. DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa1409405 ABOUT B60 B60 is a window into Broad science and culture. Each 60-second video offers a glimpse into the innovative work taking place at the institute, and the spirit of collaboration and creativity that makes it possible. Watch the series to learn how the Broad is tackling some of the most ambitious challenges in biomedicine today.
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NEJM: At the Heart of Discovery
Hear Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey M. Drazen, M.D., and three physicians discuss how the revitalized NEJM.org meets medical information needs. Learn more: http://nejm.org/revitalized
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SES Chicago 2009  from attendee Kathryn Joy, New England Journal of Medicine
Kathryn Joy, New England Journal of Medicine, talks about her experience at SES Chicago 2009.
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The New England Journal of Medicine Stroke Trials: What Do They Really Mean?
Related video presentation to the CLINICAL NEUROSURGERY article titled "The New England Journal of Medicine Stroke Trials: What Do They Really Mean?" by J Mocco, MD, available in full text here: http://bit.ly/1gK0hUs. Presented at the Congress of Neurological Surgeons 2014 Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts.
DEA Scheduling of Marijuana, Non-Opioid Pain Treatments - National Pain Strategy
Anna Lembke, MD, and Sean Mackey, MD, of Stanford Medical School Full talk with Mackey and Lembke: https://youtu.be/dGvQqw40qCg HHS National Pain Strategy outlines actions for improving pain care in America: https://www.hhs.gov/ash/about-ash/news/2016/national-pain-strategy-outlines-actions-improving-pain-care/index.html National Pain Strategy: A Comprehensive Population Health-Level Strategy for Pain https://iprcc.nih.gov/docs/DraftHHSNationalPainStrategy.pdf Sean Mackey is the co-chair of the National Pain Strategy oversight committee https://iprcc.nih.gov/National_Pain_Strategy/Oversight_Panel_Members.htm Sean Mackey, M.D., Ph.D, is Chief of the Division of Pain Medicine and Redlich Professor of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine, Neurosciences and Neurology at Stanford University. He is the Immediate Past President of the American Academy of Pain Medicine. Dr. Mackey received his BSE and MSE in Bioengineering from University of Pennsylvania and his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering as well as MD from University of Arizona. Dr. Mackey is author of over 200 journal articles, book chapters, abstracts, and popular press pieces in addition to numerous national and international lectures. Under Dr. Mackey’s leadership, the Stanford Pain Management Center has been designated a Center of Excellence by the American Pain Society, one of only two centers to receive this honor twice. In 2011 he was a member of the Institutes of Medicine committee that issued the report on Relieving Pain in America. He is currently Co-Chair of the Oversight Committee for the NIH/Health and Human Services National Pain Strategy, an effort to establish a national health strategy for pain care, education and research. Under Dr. Sean Mackey’s leadership, researchers at the Stanford Pain Management Center and the Stanford Systems Neuroscience and Pain Laboratory (SNAPL) have made major advances in the understanding of chronic pain as a disease in its own right, one that fundamentally alters the nervous system. Dr. Mackey has overseen efforts to map the specific brain and spinal cord regions that perceive and process pain, which has led to the development of a multidisciplinary treatment model that translates basic science research into innovative therapies to provide more effective, personalized treatments for patients with chronic pain. https://med.stanford.edu/profiles/sean-mackey Dr. Anna Lembke received her undergraduate degree in Humanities from Yale University and her medical degree from Stanford University. She is on the faculty of the Stanford University School of Medicine, a diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, and a diplomate of the American Board of Addiction Medicine. She is the Program Director for the Stanford University Addiction Medicine Fellowship, and Chief of the Stanford Addiction Medicine Dual Diagnosis Clinic. She has published over 50 peer-reviewed articles, chapters, and commentaries, including in the New England Journal of Medicine, the Journal of the American Medical Association, the Journal of General Internal Medicine, and Addiction. Dr. Lembke sees patients, teaches, and does research. She is the author of a book on the prescription drug epidemic: “Drug Dealer, MD: How Doctors Were Duped, Patients Got Hooked, and Why It’s So Hard to Stop” (Johns Hopkins University Press, October 2016). Dr. Anna Lembke's key areas of interest include treating patients who have become addicted to prescription drugs. She takes a holistic, harm-reduction approach to each patient, and encourages spiritual and alternative therapies in the process of healing.
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Is it time to abandon intravenous Normal Saline?
This edition of journal club looks at two articles in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) of circa 30,000 patients studied at Vanderbilt Medical Centre, USA. One in non-critically ill patients. Click here: http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1711586?query=featured_home The other in critically ill adult patients: http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1711584?query=featured_home Accompanied by a very balanced Editorial by Professor John Myburgh. Click here: http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMe1800449?query=recirc_curatedRelated_article -- Featuring Monty Mythen and his guest Andy Shaw, Professor and Chief, Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists (UK), a Fellow of the American College of Critical Care Medicine and a Fellow of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine (UK).
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New England Journal re: Smoking Cessation, Weight Gain & Health - Ford Brewer
Join the PrevMed Community: https://mailchi.mp/1224fb9e00e7/prevmed_community For information regarding our services or to become a patient visit: https://prevmedheartrisk.com/ ABOUT DR. BREWER Dr. Brewer started as an Emergency Doctor. After seeing too many preventable heart attacks, he went to Johns Hopkins to learn Preventive Medicine. While there, he went on the run the post-graduate training program (residency) in Preventive Medicine. From there, he made a career of practicing and managing preventive medicine and primary care clinics. His later role in this area was Chief Medical Officer for Premise, which has close to 1,000 primary care/prevention clinics. He was also the Chief Medical Officer for MDLIVE, the second largest telemedicine company. More recently, he founded PrevMed, a heart attack, and stroke prevention clinic. At PrevMed, we focus on heart attack, stroke, and cognitive decline. We serve patients who have already experienced an event as well as those who have not developed a diagnosis or event. Dr. Brewer provides services via telemedicine or in person if you're in the Lexington, KY area. We find a lot of undiagnosed Pre-Diabetes or Insulin Resistance. Treating unrecognized risk factors like Pre-Diabetes allows reduction of risk and prevention of disease. If you are interested in becoming a patient, please visit our website: https://prevmedheartrisk.com/ ABOUT THIS VIDEO: This is a New England Journal Article re: smoking cessation, weight gain and health. https://www.nejm.org/doi/10.1056/NEJMoa1803626 Yes. Stopping smoking tends to make you gain weight. And yes, the weight gain even increases the risk for diabetes. But the smoking cessation has twice the impact on your health as the weight gain and diabetes. There's no question - STOP SMOKING! if you want to be healthy. The "ill quitter" effect is the known research confusion caused by people that stop smoking due to cancer or lung disease. It was studied and shown to have some impact. But attempts to remove this impact were challenging.
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Обзор публикаций №31
Смотрите в новом выпуске обзора лучших зарубежных публикаций: - Нобелевские лауреаты 2017 года поделились историей успеха. Майкл Янг, Джеффри Холл и Майкл Росбаш рассказали в интервью Lancet об истории открытия молекулярных механизмов, определяющих циркадный ритм. Оригинал публикации - http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(17)32661-2/fulltext?elsca1=etoc - Новая терапия неходжкинской фолликулярной лимфомы показала хорошие результаты. В New England Journal of Medicine представлены результаты исследования GALLIUM. Оригинал публикации - http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1614598 - Какой алгоритм ведения пациента с сепсисом может быть опасен? В JAMA опубликованы интересные результаты влияния протокола лечения сепсиса с гипотонией. Оригинал публикации - https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/article-abstract/2654854
New England Journal of Medicine Publishes New Data on GARDAS
Sound Bites: Dr. Kevin Ault, Emory University School of Medicine
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NEJM 医学前沿 Adds Pulmonary Disease to Content Library
NEJM 医学前沿 (Yi Xue Qian Yan) adds pulmonary content to its growing library of New England Journal of Medicine and NEJM Journal Watch articles translated into Chinese. In this video, Bin Cao, M.D., and Rui-Ping Xiao, M.D., Ph.D., join NEJM Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey Drazen, M.D., to discuss the importance of access in China to pulmonary research articles. Access this new content on the NEJM 医学前沿 website: http://www.nejmqianyan.cn/
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The RECESS Trial
How does the duration of red-cell storage affect outcomes in patients undergoing cardiac surgery? View the new NEJM Quick Take video summary of recent research findings. Read the Original Article: http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1414219
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Medical journal article search using Google Voice Search on Sprint's  Android HTC Hero smart phone
This is a very useful app, and works well even with medical terms. In this case, I say "epigenetics new england journal," and it successfully does a Google search with the first hit displaying a review article by Dr Esteller on epigenetics published in the New England Journal of Medicine last year.
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Just 2-weeks after the influential New England Journal of Medicine published a study that publicly q
EM4445 HEADLINE: Diabetes drug at center of House hearing 00:01:03 CAPTION: Rep. Henry Waxman held a congressional hearing about Avandia Wednesday, after an analysis that appeared last month in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded the drug could raise patients' risk of heart attack by more than 40 percent. (June 6) 2007 Sound Bite ONLY, No Script [Notes:ANCHOR VOICE] STORYLINE You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/f1c57d4bf96450bab82e143b6122d4ec Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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UTMC doctor's altruistic kidney donation chain in New England Journal of Medicine
Dr. Michael Rees, UTMC professor of Urology and director of the Alliance for Paired Donation is the author of an article in the March 11 New England Journal of Medicine about the chains of altruistic kidney donations he helped start.
NEJM Study
Dr Khushalani explains an article published in The New England Journal of Medicine. Shot by Heidi.
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NEJM publishes article on Mild Cognitive Impairment practice at Mayo Clinic
In the June issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Ron Petersen presents an article reviewing the clinical problem of mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Mild cognitive impairment represents the early stages of Alzheimer's disease. The journal article features a description of a typical case of MCI and details how the practice at Mayo Clinic solves that clinical problem.
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Your Research Can Change Medicine: The Future and How to Get it Right - Jeffrey Drazen
Listen to the full-length, uncut interview: DocThoughtsMed.com/NEJM In this special feature - Dr. Jeffrey Drazen, Editor-in-Chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, gives his take on the future of medical journals and how scientists can ensure their work is meaningful. Appreciating the finer aspects of research development while keeping up-to-date with findings is vital to being a good physician. CONTACT: [email protected] WEB: DocThoughtsMed.com TWITTER: @DocThoughtsMed FB: facebook.com/DocThoughts HOST + PRODUCTION: Nirmal R Gosalia AUDIO + VIDEO ENGINEER: Colin Xu CONTENT: Nirmal + Colin + Katherine Xie DIRECTION: Katherine + Garima Shukla
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Jeffrey Drazen, M.D., Discusses ICMJE Statement on Data Sharing
NEJM Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey Drazen, M.D., discusses the editorial, “Data Sharing Statements for Clinical Trials: A Requirement of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors,” published Monday by all ICMJE member journals. Read the statement: http://nej.md/2qBeqsv
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We Are the European Medical Journal.
European Medical Journal provides influential articles, presentations of up-to-date scientific research and clinical practice, and in-depth reviews of international medical congresses. Visit europeanmedical-journal.com to find our latest publications.
Is Social Justice a Cultural Revolution Reboot? | with Simon Chen
Simon Chen (@simonbchen) is a medical pathologist whose family immigrated to Canada after witnessing the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Recently, he read an article in the New England Journal of Medicine by a white woman confessing her privilege and subtle acts of racism, and it eerily reminded him of the confession his grandfather wrote before being executed during China’s Cultural Revolution. We talk about the similarities between Mao’s movement and the radical strains of current progressivism, and speak about how to avoid repeating the worst parts of history. ”Racist Like Me” (article in question): https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMp1814269 Follow me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce Support this channel: https://www.paypal.me/benjaminboyce https://bitbacker.io/user/benjaminboyce/ https://www.patreon.com/benjaminboyce https://www.subscribestar.com/benjaminboyce https://www.etsy.com/shop/BenjaminABoyce Expand my hat collection: http://a.co/d5pp4Yh
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NEJM Screening Mammograms
A brief description of the findings of the November 22, 2012 New England Journal of Medicine article "Effect of Three Decades of Screening Mammography on Breast Cancer Incidence".
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The Truth About the Drug Companies Lecture - Dr. Marcia Angell
http://www.michaelberrydc.com Active Chiropractic and Laser Center 195 South C Street, Suite 100 Tustin, CA 92780 Michael D. Berry, D.C. (714) 639-4640 Americans spend more than $200 billion a year on prescription drugs. What are they getting for their money? Dr. Marcia Angell, senior lecturer of Harvard Medical School's Department of Social Medicine and former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, answers that question and more in this installment of the President's Lecture Series at The University of Montana. This presentation, "The Truth About the Drug Companies," Katella Chiropractic and Laser Center 2901 East Katella Ave. Suite H Orange,CA 92867 http://www.michaelberrydc.com Michael D. Berry, D.C. (714) 639-4640
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NEJM Group Open Forum: A NICE Delivery--The Cross-Atlantic Divide over Treatment Intensity in Ch...
NEJM Journal Watch editor Joe Elia moderates a discussion with Neel Shah, the author of the recently-published New England Journal of Medicine Perspective article "A NICE Delivery--The Cross-Atlantic Divide over Treatment Intensity in Childbirth".
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Meet the Doctor Who Refuses to Stop Prescribing Opioids to Pain Patients
"I take the Hippocratic oath seriously that my job is to relieve pain and suffering," says Dr. Forest Tennant, a California pain specialist who patients from across the nation are flocking to see. Tennant takes the patients turned away by doctors afraid to prescribe painkillers amidst the government's war on opioids. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://youtube.com/reasontv Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Reason.Magaz... Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/reason Subscribe to our podcast at iTunes: https://goo.gl/az3a7a Reason is the planet's leading source of news, politics, and culture from a libertarian perspective. Go to reason.com for a point of view you won't get from legacy media and old left-right opinion magazines. --- Pain patients from across the country who say they can't get the treatment and medication they need in their home states are flocking to a boundary-pushing pain specialist based in West Covina, California. The problems these patients face stem from the opioid addiction and overdose crisis, which results in as many as 91 deaths a day in America, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The media and government have dubbed this problem the "opioid epidemic," and law enforcement agencies have reacted accordingly. Physicians are routinely arrested for overprescribing and running so-called "pill mills," and some states have filed lawsuits against pharmaceutical manufacturers. In 2016, the DEA clamped down on painkillers, reducing the allowed production of opioid medications by 25 percent or more. This year, the CDC issued guidelines advising avoid prescribing high doses over 90 morphine milligram equivalents. Many physicians have even begun to adjust the way that they think about pain. In a New England Journal of Medicine article, one of the pain specialists advising the CDC recommended that pain patients "use coping and acceptance strategies that primarily reduce the suffering associated with pain and only secondarily reduce pain intensity." That opioids are never an effective chronic pain treatment is quickly becoming conventional wisdom, and the American Medical Association has even begun to advise physicians to abandon the pain rating scale when assessing patients. "I take the Hippocratic oath seriously, that my job is to relieve pain and suffering," says Dr. Forest Tennant. "So when I see the AMA decide that they're not going to assess pain, I'm not with them." Produced by Zach Weissmueller. Music by Kai Engel (http://freemusicarchive.org/music/kai_engel/) and Blue Dot Sessions (http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Blue_Dot_Sessions/).
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A Dysfunctional Side of Medicine
Over the past decade there has been a 10 fold increase of the number of retractions and only a 44% increase in journal articles. Some retractions are from errors but many are from misconduct. At the heart of the problem is an economic incentive that fuels a hypercompetitive environment that fosters misconduct, sensationalism, and attempting to publish in high profile journals. The editors of at least five major journals have been outspoken and/or quit their jobs as editors in chief of their journals. They include the Journal of the American Medical Association, the New England Journal of Medicine, the Journal of Clinical Investigation, the Journal of Infection and Immunity, and mBio. For more information please visit www.doctorsaputo.com
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Getting Better:  200 Years of Medicine
Getting Better is a short documentary that explores three remarkable stories of medical progress: Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Surgery. The film looks at the role of researchers and clinicians, of patients, their families and their advocates, and how information is translated into action. It is the story of research, clinical practice and patient care, and how we have continued to get better over the last 200 years. In 2012 the New England Journal of Medicine celebrates 200 years of publishing practice - changing medical advances. NEJM brings together a global community, from researchers to clinicians, to improve the health of people around the world. The 200th anniversary of NEJM honors all who contribute to this mission. http://nejm200.nejm.org
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Female Physician Apologizes to the World for Being White (THE SAAD TRUTH_860)
I read a letter published in the New England Journal of Medicine whilst I literally self-flagellate with a belt. Article in question: https://bit.ly/2GVYQU2. Thanks to @PaulBrownPhD for having shared the article with me. _____________________________________ Support THE SAAD TRUTH via PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/GadSaad THE SAAD TRUTH online store: http://www.teespring.com/stores/the-saad-truth Support THE SAAD TRUTH via Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/GadSaad Support THE SAAD TRUTH via SubscribeStar: https://www.subscribestar.com/the-saad-truth Like my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Dr.Gad.Saad Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GadSaad (@GadSaad)
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What Is The Journal?
Journal of rural studies elseviernew mexico and abq news, sports. What is the need for mathscinet reviewing again journal of perinatal education springer publishing company. What is journal? Definition and meaning businessdictionary. Journal what is a journal? investopedia. The journal of religion is one the publications by which divinity school experimental biology leading primary research in comparative physiology and publishes papers on form function living 6 aug 2017 at moment most those decisions come from me, least for computer science (those with a 68 class as primary). About the journal. The difference between a journal and ledger accountingtools. Accountingcoach in accounting and bookkeeping, a journal is record of financial transactions order by date. The journal entry a has several related meanings record of events or business; A private is usually referred to as diary; newspaper other periodical, in the definition business diary which all financial data (taken from voucher) pertaining day transactions firm traditional book used prior recording ledger detailed account that records business, so they can then be for future reconciling and transfer an accounting where are originally entered. Jid publishes research results on microbiology, immunology, epidemiology, and related disciplines; On the pathogenesis, diagnosis, current issues are now chicago journals website. Journal of experimental biology home. A journal entry, in accounting, is the logging of a transaction into accounting items. The practice of the journal perinatal education (jpe) is leading peer reviewed specifically for childbirth educators. A journal details which transactions occurred and the is dedicated to informing educating k 12 senior level district school administrators, technologists, tech savvy educators within districts, display (dspjrn) command allows you convert entries (contained in one or more receivers) into a form suitable for external 11 jul 2013 journals ledgers are where business recorded an accounting system. Column a rule code 4 char long example je16 column b index 6 the new england journal of medicine (nejm) is weekly general medical that publishes research and review articles, editorial about. Journal in accounting? Definition, format what is the of journal upload? The new england medicine research & review articles infectious diseases religion on jstor. Read the latest issue. Through evidence based articles, the jpe journal of rural studies publishes cutting edge research that advances understanding and analysis contemporary societies, economies, cultures new mexico news, sports, business entertainment from albuquerque What is journal? Definition meaning businessdictionary. In essence, detail level information for individual the general journal is usually first of a company's accounting records that we learn about and use, but it can also be one most upload document request uploads needs to in following format. Display journal (dspjrn) ibm. What is a journal? Definition and meaning investor words. A journal is often defined as the book of original entry entries are an important part accountancy. Journal? Journal wikipedia.
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Macular degeneration: A stem cell treatment proved to be effective for this disease.
Macular degeneration: A stem cell treatment proved to be effective for this disease. As we age, a common disease called macular degeneration can threaten our eyesight. An experimental treatment with stem cells has proven effective in stopping this disease, without serious side effects of up to a year later, a study published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine found. It is the first treatment using custom, genetically identical cells derived from the patient. However, serious concerns remain about this type of research. Three women with macular degeneration were blinded in 2015 after undergoing stem cell treatment at a clinic in Florida. Patients experienced a variety of complications and are now blind, according to an article published Thursday in the New England Journal of Medicine. The macula is the point in the center of the retina of the eye. When that tissue begins to thin and decompose, this is known as macular degeneration, a blurring of acute central vision necessary for driving, reading and other close up work. Most people develop this disease as they get older. For the latest study, researchers led by Dr. Michiko mandai of the laboratory for retinal regeneration at the RIKEN Developmental Biology Center in Japan tested an experimental treatment of stem cells in a 77-year-old woman diagnosed with Wet, or neovascular age, related macular degeneration. The wet form of the disease involves blood vessels beneath the pigment epithelium a layer of retinal cells that grow through the epithelium and damage the photoreceptor cells of the eye. In Japan, age-related wet macular degeneration is the most common form, but in Caucasian populations, only 10% of people with age-related macular degeneration get that shape. The dry form involves the macula and without decomposing the growth of blood vessels where it is not supposed to be. To stop the progression of wet macular degeneration, the researchers performed a transplant surgery on a sheet of retinal pigment epithelial cells beneath the retina in one of the patient's eyes. Transplanted cells had been derived from autologous pluripotent stem cells induced, which are reprogrammed cells. They were created using connective tissue cells from a woman's skin. #Maculardegeneration #Investigation #RIKENcenter #Retinal #Cell #Health #Surgery #View #Japan #Bloodvessels #Transplantation #Photoreceptorcell #Pigmentaryepithelium #Biology #mymascience
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Unbound Medicine's Medline mobile Web site
I'm accessing this mobile site using the Android HTC Hero from Sprint. Using a Wi-Fi connection, I'm doing an advanced search on Medline with filters, selecting a journal article, reading the abstract, going to the New England Journal of Medicine Web site via a link, and then downloading the full text PDF onto the phone's microSD card. Yes, I know I said "portrait" when I should've said "landscape."
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Ian Morrison: Healthcare Futurist, Consultant, Author and Keynote Speaker
Ian Morrison is an internationally known author, consultant, and futurist specializing in long-term forecasting and planning with particular emphasis on healthcare and the changing business environment. He combines research and consulting skills with an incisive Scottish wit to help public and private organizations plan their longer-term future. Ian Morrison has written, lectured, and consulted on a wide variety of forecasting, strategy, and healthcare topics for government, industry, and a variety of nonprofit organizations in North America, Europe, and Asia. He has spoken to a range of audiences from the boards of Fortune 100 companies to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing. Ian Morrison has worked with more than 100 Fortune 500 companies in healthcare, manufacturing, information technology, and financial services. Recent client sponsors include XL Capital, Pfizer and Kaiser Permanente. Ian Morrison is a frequent television, radio and print media commentator on forecasting future trends. Ian Morrison is the author of Healthcare in the New Millennium: Vision, Values and Leadership. His previous book: The Second Curve - Managing The Velocity of Change was a New York Times Business Bestseller and BusinessWeek Bestseller. Ian Morrison has also co-authored several books and chapters, including Future Tense: The Business Realities of the Next Ten Years and Looking Ahead at American Health Care. In addition, Ian Morrison has co-authored numerous journal articles for publications such as Chief Executive, Encyclopedia Britannica, Across the Board, The British Medical Journal, New England Journal of Medicine and Health Affairs. More About Speaker, Ian Morrison. . . Ian Morrison is President Emeritus of the Institute for the Future (IFTF) and Chair of IFTF's Health Advisory Panel. Ian Morrison is also a founding partner in Strategic Health Perspectives involving the Harvard School of Public Health's Department of Health Policy and Management. From 1996-1999, Ian Morrison was retained by Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting) as Chairman of the Health Futures Forum. In that capacity, Ian chaired a number of international forums on the future of healthcare. Before coming to IFTF in 1985, Ian Morrison spent seven years in British Columbia, Canada, in a variety of research, teaching, and consulting positions. He holds an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Urban Studies from the University of British Columbia; an M.A. in Geography from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and a graduate degree in Urban Planning from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England). Ian Morrison is a member of the Board of Directors of Spherion Corporation; a past director of the Health Research and Education Trust (HRET), the research and education arm of the American Hospital Association; a director of the California Health Care Foundation; and a director of the Center for Healthcare Design. Ian Morrison also serves as a member of the Stakeholders Advisory Committee of the Program on Health System Improvement at Harvard University. To book Ian Morrison to speak to your organization, contact BigSpeak Speakers Bureau. http://www.bigspeak.com/ian-morrison.html For information about BigSpeak, https://www.bigspeak.com/
When Experts Disagree: The Art of Medical Decision Making
Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and hosted by the Vancouver Institute Lecture Series. Dr. Jerome Groopman is the Dina and Raphael Recanati Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Chief of Experimental Medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and one of the world's leading researchers in cancer and AIDS. He is a staff writer for The New Yorker and has written for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and The New Republic. He is author of The Measure of Our Days; Second Opinions; Anatomy of Hope; the New York Times best seller, How Doctors Think; and the recently released Your Medical Mind. Dr. Pamela Hartzband is a member of the faculty at the Harvard Medical School and the Division of Endocrinology at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. She is a noted endocrinologist and educator specializing in disorders of the thyroid, adrenal, and pituitary glands and women's health. She is regularly featured among America's Best Doctors. She has authored articles in the New England Journal of Medicine on the impact of electronic records, uniform practice guidelines, monetary incentives, and the Internet on the culture of clinical care.
Zoledronate in Osteopenia
In patients with heart failure, medical therapy and cardiac resynchronization may provide symptomatic relief and, in some patients, lessen the severity of secondary mitral regurgitation, but whether correcting mitral regurgitation improves prognosis is unknown. Read the abstract: https://nej.md/2QQ0jA2 Watch more Quick Take videos: http://nej.md/quick-take
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E-Cigarettes Proven Effective to Help you Quit!
A new study, published by the New England Journal of Medicine has found that e-cigarettes are twice as effective as traditional nicotine replacement products. Such as nicotine gum and patches. While E-Cigarettes were 18 percent effective, nicotine patches and gum were only 9.9% effective. We hope real studies like this can prove to the public how effective e-cigarettes can be to the path of quitting traditional cigarettes. Tobacco use claims nearly 6 million lives worldwide every year! 480,000 from the USA. Lets not limit an effective smoking cessation and move towards progression. Links to sources and articles https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/30/health/ecigarettes-nicotine-smoking-quit.html http://fortune.com/2019/01/30/do-e-cigarettes-help-quit-smoking/?xid=gn_editorspicks Audio Credit https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/track/summer-chill-relaxed-tropical
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Mediterranean Diet Has Huge Health Benefits, New Study Finds | The New York Times
TimesCast: The Times's Gina Kolata talks about a new study, published on The New England Journal of Medicine's Web site, focusing on the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet. Related article: http://nyti.ms/YTiShR Subscribe to the Times Video newsletter for free and get a handpicked selection of the best videos from The New York Times every week: http://bit.ly/timesvideonewsletter Subscribe on YouTube: http://bit.ly/U8Ys7n Watch more videos at: http://nytimes.com/video --------------------------------------------------------------- Want more from The New York Times? Twitter: https://twitter.com/nytvideo Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nytimes Google+: https://plus.google.com/+nytimes/ Whether it's reporting on conflicts abroad and political divisions at home, or covering the latest style trends and scientific developments, New York Times video journalists provide a revealing and unforgettable view of the world. It's all the news that's fit to watch. On YouTube. Mediterranean Diet Has Huge Health Benefits, New Study Finds http://www.youtube.com/user/TheNewYorkTimes
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