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2014 IT as a Service Broker
IT as a Service Broker Thomas P. Roloff, SM '94, EMC Corporation @TomRoloff @EMCcorp The business is demanding faster response times and greater flexibility when dealing with internal IT. With this demand comes the need for IT to change from a reactive organization to an innovative one, and from being responsive to business demands to truly adding differentiation to the business. New alternatives for obtaining IT services are pushing the adoption of the IT-as a service model. Additionally, the need for IT to support the proliferation of new devices, meet the demands of a highly mobile workforce, manage rapidly expanding data volumes, and ensure the value and security of multiple data sources outside the enterprise is transforming the physical IT environment and changing the way IT roles are performed.
What does it mean to be an IT Service Broker?
Answered by: Barbara Gomolski, Managing Vice President - CIO Research Group, Gartner
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Die Rolle der IT: Service Broker
Die Aufgabe des Service Brokers liegt darin, basierend auf den Anforderungen des Business, externe und interne Services zu bündeln, ggf. mit spezifischen Mehrfunktionen anzureichern, und nach innen zu verkaufen. Über die dafür notwendigen Fähigkeiten, spreche ich heute.
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Service Broker & USDL
Smart Services CRC Researcher: Keith Duddy, Queensland University of Technology A repository of service descriptions written in the Unified Service Description Language (USDL) that leverages an organisation's existing IT assets repository in order to deliver a globally coherent picture of services on offer across the organisation. www.smartservicescrc.com.au Contact: Annette Dockerty, Market Development Manager 02 8374 5086 [email protected]
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Getting Started With Service Broker
Thanks to Paul Randal.
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Benefits of Brokerage Services
Mohammed Farooq, General Manager Brokerage Services, discusses the four major benefits derived from the brokerage innovation.
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4 Different Ways to Add a Service to BMC Service Broker
See how easily IT can aggregate multiple catalogs, from any source or vendor, in less time and with fewer workers. Allowing vendors to use self-service to publish and market themselves in the unified catalog further accelerates the on-boarding process. User data can be imported from any directory. Learn more: http://www.bmc.com/service-broker
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What does it mean to be a "Full Service" Broker?
It's about relationship Before, During & After the home purchase or sale. Christy Trotter explains the responsibilities of being a professional real estate agent who goes above and beyond as well as a home-owner's benefit of having one. For more info from Christy visit www.christytrotter.net.
Learn to Develop a Service Broker in No Time by Christian Brinker, evoila GmbH
Learn to Develop a Service Broker in No Time - Christian Brinker, evoila GmbH When it comes to setting up a Cloud Foundry environment, one of the first questions is which services should be provided. Therefore, Service Brokers are the core components to implement. Based on their experience on the development of several Service Brokers for use cases in DevOps and production infrastructures the speakers present how to avoid common pitfalls and risks. Together with the audience the speakers implement an exemplary Service Broker based on an Open Source framework[1]. After the tutorial, participants are able to implement their own Service Brokers more efficiently with the gained insights and knowledge. The speaker team helps the audience to benefit from their rich experience from small and highly complex projects and the improving of their own DevOps infrastructure with customized Service Brokers to accelerate Development.[1] https://github.com/evoila/cf-service-broker About Christian Brinker As long-standing member of the evoila Automation and Technology team and Automation Engineer Christian Brinker is well experienced in the automation of Cloud Environments. His focus is the development of Software Architectures in customized XaaS solutions. He developed many solutions in and for the Cloud Foundry ecosystem, like Service Brokers or complex Billing Systems for Cloud Foundry and OpenStack. Additionally he gained broad experience as a Data Scientist resulting in publications and presentations on international conferences. The next conference he attends as a speaker are the upcoming OpenStack Days Germany 2016. Christian Brinker works at an agile, German-based cloud engineering and consulting company. The evoila GmbH develops cloud strategies and engineers tools for cloud enablement and improvement. Their customers are small companies, global players and the public sector.
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Establishing & Operating IT as a Service with IBM Brokerage Solutions
#Cloudservices Get better transparency of consumption, delivery and management of your IT services with IBM IT-as-a-service. Learn more: https://www.ibm.com/services/cloud
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SQLDay 2013 | DBA/DEV Track | Denny Cherry - Getting SQL Service Broker Up and Running
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008 include a fantastic feature that few people understand or use. That feature is the Microsoft SQL Server Service Broker. The SQL Service Broker is one of the least used features within the database engine, and that lack of use is simply from last of knowledge about the feature. In this session we'll dig into how to configure the service broker for not only intra-database message queuing, but database to database queuing as well as server to server database queuing. We will also dig into a real life scenario where the SQL Server Service Broker was used to do ETL from an OLTP database to an OLAP database in near real time for near real time reporting. By the end of this session you'll understand where SQL Service Broker is the right fit to be used, and you'll hopefully be ready to deploy it within your environment. Learn about the SQL Service Broker database objects. Learn how to send and receive messages within a database and how to send and receive messages between servers.
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How to use Service Broker to scale out SQL Server database applications
Database applications can be scaled up or out by using SQL Server Service Broker, which provides asynchronous messaging and queuing infrastructure. In this video, watch Microsoft Certified IT Professional Jon Seigel explain the basics of how Service Broker works and the database objects behind creating your own Service Broker applications. Blog post for this video: http://voluntarydba.com/post/2014/02/18/Introduction-to-SQL-Server-Service-Broker.aspx SqlDependency class: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.data.sqlclient.sqldependency%28v=vs.110%29.aspx Service Broker samples on CodePlex: http://msftsbprodsamples.codeplex.com ssbdiagnose utility documentation: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb934450.aspx Visit my channel for more database administration videos: https://www.youtube.com/voluntarydba Subscribe to get notified about my latest videos: https://www.youtube.com/voluntarydba?sub_confirmation=1 Read additional content on my blog: http://voluntarydba.com Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/voluntarydba Like on Facebook: https://facebook.com/voluntarydba
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What is a Message Queue and Where is it used?
Messaging Queues are widely use in asynchronous systems. Message processing in an asynchronous fashion allows the client to relieve itself from waiting for a task to complete and, hence, can do other jobs during that time. It also allows a server to process it's jobs in the order it wants to. Messaging Queues provide useful features such as persistence, routing and task management. We will be discussing the benefits of a message queue in future videos. A system having a message queue can move to higher level requirements while abstracting implementation details of message delivery and event handling to the messaging queue. The 'queue' is just a name for this data structure. In practice, it could be storing messages using any policy. Some examples of message queues are Kafka and RabbitMQ. They are widely used for various purposes such as command query request segregation (CQRS) and event sourcing. System Design: http://horicky.blogspot.in/2010/10/scalable-system-design-patterns.html https://github.com/checkcheckzz/system-design-interview Asynchronous Request-Response: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16715380/what-is-difference-between-asynchronous-http-request-and-synchronous-http-reques http://www.enterpriseintegrationpatterns.com/patterns/conversation/RequestResponse.html Message Queue: http://blog.codepath.com/2013/01/06/asynchronous-processing-in-web-applications-part-2-developers-need-to-understand-message-queues/ http://highscalability.com/blog/2012/12/17/11-uses-for-the-humble-presents-queue-er-message-queue.html https://www.cloudamqp.com/blog/2014-12-03-what-is-message-queuing.html https://www.rabbitmq.com/getstarted.html Load Balancing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaRkONvyGr8 You can find me here: https://www.facebook.com/gkcs0/ https://www.quora.com/profile/Gaurav-Sen-6 https://github.com/gkcs/ #message-queue #system-design #scalability #server
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MyIT Service Broker Demo: Analyzing Services & Reporting Capabilities (Video 1 of 3)
MyIT Service Broker comes with a built-in reporting engine that lets IT compare usage and cost to make smarter purchasing decisions. Service-level management is also monitored to ensure a great user experience for any service – regardless of source or vendor. Learn more: http://www.bmc.com/service-broker
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MyIT Service Broker Demo: Product Overview & Highlights
See how the new service app store solution from BMC, MyIT Service Broker, eliminates catalog sprawl, reins in shadow IT and boosts worker productivity. Learn more: http://www.bmc.com/service-broker
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Transforming to an IT Services Broker Role: Challenges, Considerations, & Benefits
Cloud Complete combines infrastructure, services, and support to empower IT as a cloud services broker. Datalink Director of Cloud Practice Kent Christensen, and Senior Solutions Architect Joe Akerson explain.
How to enable Central IT to become a Cloud broker
In this episode of the Azure Government video series, Steve Michelotti talks with Scott Gruenmeier (Cloud Solution Architect, State and Local Government practice, Microsoft) about enabling Central IT to become a cloud broker. Scott starts out with some background on traditional State and Local Government IT, then move into highlighting new cloud-based opportunities, like true disaster recovery, business continuity, enhanced security and scalability for Central ITs. Steve and Scott look at the difference between a capital expenditure spending model and an operational expenditure spending model, and discuss how State and Local agencies can benefit from shifting to a more operational model - both from a cost and capabilities perspective. Also covered in this video, Compliance as a Service, Cloud Networking as a Service and enabling cloud migration along with information about available resources and next steps. Learn more: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/global-infrastructure/government/
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BMC MyIT Service Broker 3.1 - Enabling a workflow to wait for a response
This tutorial demonstrates an end to end scenario for setting up a filter in BMC Remedy IT Service Management to monitor the status of a work order. When a work order is marked Completed, the filter sends a response back to BMC MyIT Service Broker, which is captured in a Signal Parameter named Work Status. In addition to demonstrating the filter configuration, this video shows the design of a BMC MyIT Service Broker workflow that creates a work order, and inserts a Receive Task element to wait for the response from BMC Service Request Management before completing the process. The tutorial portion is about 10 minutes long. The goal is to help you to understand how BMC MyIT Service Broker communicates with BMC Remedy IT Service Management, so that you can use a similar process to meet your specific needs. For more information, see the BMC Online Documentation Portal at https://docs.bmc.com/docs/x/8SwrJQ
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SQL Server Service Broker A CASE Study
http://www.youtube.com/user/masterkeshav This video illustrates the best SQL Server asynchronous message processing mechanism through Service Broker. It illustrates a simple case study of online product order processing.
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MyIT Service Broker Demo: Managing Services (Video 2 of 3)
Check out the drag-and-drop workflow editor in MyIT Service Broker. See how simple it is to add pricing information, service level agreements and conditional questions. Learn more: http://www.bmc.com/service-broker
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Open Service Broker API: Enabling microservices in the enterprise
Hear from Paul Morie, Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat and Todd Sanders, Director, Software Engineering, Red Hat in this breakout session at Red Hat Summit 2017 Connectivity is not enough to implement microservices-based systems on Kubernetes. Application authors want a seamless service experience that includes connectivity and adding coordinates, credentials, and configuration into their applications. To meet this need, the Kubernetes service catalog uses the Open Service Broker application programming interface (API) to connect any application deployed in Kubernetes to a wide variety of service brokers in a microservices-based software enivronment. The Open Service Broker API lets service operators integrate with multiple platforms using a single API specification. As a result of this integration pattern, service users benefit from ease and consistency of use across different types of services from different producers, while service producers benefit from having one integration point that gives them access to multiple platforms. In this session, we'll cover the high-level concepts of the Open Service Broker API and show a glimpse of a beautiful future where Post-it notes, carrier pigeons, and long-distance runners are no longer involved in app configuration. https://www.redhat.com/en/summit/2017/agenda/sessions Hear from Paul Morie, Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat and Todd Sanders, Director, Software Engineering, Red Hat in this breakout session at Red Hat Summit 2017 Connectivity is not enough to implement microservices-based systems on Kubernetes. Application authors want a seamless service experience that includes connectivity and adding coordinates, credentials, and configuration into their applications. To meet this need, the Kubernetes service catalog uses the Open Service Broker application programming interface (API) to connect any application deployed in Kubernetes to a wide variety of service brokers in a microservices-based software enivronment. The Open Service Broker API lets service operators integrate with multiple platforms using a single API specification. As a result of this integration pattern, service users benefit from ease and consistency of use across different types of services from different producers, while service producers benefit from having one integration point that gives them access to multiple platforms. In this session, we'll cover the high-level concepts of the Open Service Broker API and show a glimpse of a beautiful future where Post-it notes, carrier pigeons, and long-distance runners are no longer involved in app configuration. https://www.redhat.com/en/summit/2017/agenda/sessions
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Regain credibility as IT Service Broker with HPE Propel
Make your customers happy by making your services easy to access and easy to use. Give them a single self-service portal with the elegant, consumer-like experience that they are used to. Learn how HPE Propel can make it happen for you
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Service Broker on Kubernetes up and running
We delve into service broker and what it can do to simplify your Kubernetes developer experience. Upstream references: - https://github.com/kubernetes-incubator/service-catalog/blob/master/docs/install.md - https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/connect-your-applications-to-azure-with-open-service-broker-for-azure/ - https://github.com/azure/open-service-broker-azure - https://github.com/kubernetes-incubator/service-catalog/pull/1664
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MyIT Service Broker: End Catalog Sprawl with BMC
Onboarding, product updates, and changes to fulfillment and licensing can challenge your IT department. What if you could aggregate multiple catalogs, boost worker productivity, and reduce unauthorized IT with a fully automated procurement process? MyIT Service Broker provides a comprehensive app store built for the digital workplace. Find out more: http://www.bmc.com/service-broker About BMC BMC is a global leader in software solutions that help IT transform business into digital enterprises for the ultimate competitive advantage. Keywords: MyIT Service Broker, Service App Store, Corporate Store, IT App Store, Enterprise App Store, AppZone, Service Catalogue,
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IBM Brokerage Services – The New Way to Run Enterprise IT
#Cloudservices, #managedcloud Plan, buy and manage cloud and IT resources using a single dashboard. A single view helps you deliver greater value across your IT service models. Learn more about IBM Brokerage Services for Enterprise IT: https://www.ibm.com/marketplace/cloud-brokerage-solutions
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Open Service Broker API: Creating a Cross-Platform Standard
Open Service Broker API: Creating a Cross-Platform Standard - Shannon Coen, Pivotal & Doug Davis, IBM Experiments & Extensions Integral to Cloud Foundry's success has been the ability for app developers to choose from a marketplace of 3rd party services and easily integrate them with their applications. Exposing services to developers in this way requires the service provider to implement a few API endpoints known collectively as the Service Broker API. This powerful yet simple model has not gone unnoticed by the broader Cloud Native community. As a result, the CF Foundation has joined forces with other key players in the community to create the new Open Service Broker API project to enhance the API and foster adoption by other platforms, including Kubernetes. This industry wide project will enable service providers to offer their services to multiple platform marketplaces with a single integration, making support for it more compelling to service providers and accelerating the diversity of services available to app developers and ultimately increasing the velocity of innovation. This talk will introduce the new Open Service Broker API project, its mission, members, and future plans. Doug Davis STSM, IBM Doug works in IBM's Open Source and Standards division. He's been working on Cloud related technologies for many years and has worked on many of the most popular OSS projects, including OpenStack, CloudFoundry, Docker and Kubernetes. Shannon Coen Pivotal Software, Inc. Product Manager San Francisco Bay Area "Shannon Coen has been guiding core functionality in Cloud Foundry since joining VMWare in 2012. He stayed with the project when it moved to Pivotal, and served for three years as Product Manager with the Services team from 2013-2015, responsible for the v2 Service Broker API and Service Marketplace. Since 2015 he has served as Product Manager for the Cloud Foundry Routing team. Shannon chairs the Open Service Broker API PMC and is a member of the CF Foundation PMC Council."
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The Open Service Broker API and the Kubernetes Service Catalog [B] - Paul Morie & Chip Childers
The Open Service Broker API and the Kubernetes Service Catalog [B] - Paul Morie, Red Hat & Chip Childers, Cloud Foundry Foundation The next frontier for Kubernetes is allowing seamless integration with the vast array of service brokers available in the microservice-based software ecosystem via a service catalog. The Open Service Broker API is an industry standard that allows service operators to integrate with multiple platforms using a single API specification. In this session, you’ll learn exactly what the Open Service Broker API specification is, its history, how the cross-ecosystem collaboration on the API specification is happening and especially how the Kubernetes ecosystem is building integrations with this specification via the service catalog project. We’ll briefly talk about how to get involved in the Kubernetes Special Interest Group (SIG), and if the audience behaves, we’ll even do a demo! About Chip Childers A proven DevOps visionary and leader. Before coming to the Foundation, Chip was vice president of Product Strategy at CumuLogic. He spent more than 15 years in engineering leadership positions within the service provider industry including work with SunGard Availability Services and Qwest Solutions. He has served on the board of directors for the Distributed Management Task Force; and is a member of The Apache Software Foundation. About Paul Morie Paul is a Principal Engineer at Red Hat and is a committer to the Kubernetes project. He is currently leading the Kubernetes Service Catalog SIG and the champion of the service-catalog Kubernetes incubator repository. Before Kubernetes, he worked on the first three versions of Red Hat's OpenShift Container Platform and built multi-tenant platforms for the financial and insurance industries. He likes spending time with his wife, scale model making, and striving for perfect hair. Join us for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon in Barcelona May 20 - 23, Shanghai June 24 - 26, and San Diego November 18 - 21! Learn more at https://kubecon.io. The conference features presentations from developers and end users of Kubernetes, Prometheus, Envoy and all of the other CNCF-hosted projects.
The new role of IT broker: what's next?
Leslie Muller, CTO Cloud Management at VMware, highlights the emerging role of the IT Broker, an expert who helps the business navigate the technology marketplace and serves as a guide to get the best service at the best price.
IBM Cloud Brokerage Services
#Cloudservices, #managedcloud, #managedcloudservices Easily navigate your path to hybrid cloud. Integrated solutions to help you plan, buy and manage your IT services in a multi-provider environment with IBM Cloud Brokerage Services. Learn more: http://ibm.biz/BdskAZ
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Service Brokers Deep Dive - DevOps Singapore
Speaker: Sergiu Bodiu Almost all applications depend on some external services like a database or third party components. In traditional development, we bind those components to an application using property files and store it outside the deployable, so that it can be modified whenever required without affecting the running application code. Cloud Foundry therefore uses service brokers, through which developers can provision and bind a particular service to an application. Service brokers can be used to define the relationship between the application and services like databases. This permits loose coupling between an app and a service. Demo: CF Service Broker Integration - How to build an external service broker The sample application in this project has been configured to bind to an Amazon S3 Service Broker instance on Cloud Foundry. To deploy this application to Cloud Foundry and use Amazon S3 as an auto-configured service binding. Presenter: Sergiu Bodiu is responsible for helping the region’s most strategic customers successfully implement technology and process for cloud and “3rd Platform” services. He is very passionate about open source and is a key contributor to the Spring community. More recently Sergiu has been focusing on platform-as-a-service for the cloud generation of apps whereby he has played a lead role in Asia Pacific and Japan in bringing Pivotal Cloud Foundry to market. Event Page: https://www.meetup.com/devops-singapore/events/233891718/ or https://www.meetup.com/singasug/events/233935428/ Produced by Engineers.SG Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/V9Wc/
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Transforming IT into a Cloud Service Provider
Today, in order for IT to become a cloud service provider, IT must not only embrace the public cloud in a service broker model, but also provide a broader range of cloud services. This 5 minute animated whiteboard session describes the future IT operating model as IT departments transform into cloud service providers.
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MyIT Service Broker 3.2 - How to import a simple Service Request Definition (SRD)
Did you know that MyIT Service Broker can import services from your existing Remedy IT Service Management system? This video shows you how! The video shows MyIT and MyIT Service Broker 3.2. The steps for later versions are modified to improve the experience. For more information on this topic, see the BMC Online Documentation Portal at https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/public/myitsb32/Importing+service+catalog+items
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Azure Friday | Open Service Broker for Azure
In this episode, Sean McKenna shows Scott Hanselman the Open Service Broker for Azure, an easy way to connect applications running in platforms like Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry to some of the most popular Azure services, using a standard, multi-cloud API. For more information, see: Open Service Broker API (org site) - https://www.openservicebrokerapi.org/ Open Service Broker for Azure project (GitHub) - https://github.com/Azure/open-service-broker-azure Kubernetes Service Catalog project (GitHub) - https://github.com/kubernetes-incubator/service-catalog Custom Services Overview (Cloud Foundry docs) - https://docs.cloudfoundry.org/services/overview.html
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Cloud Foundry Service Broker   Bridging Cloud Apps
Using CF Service Broker to integrate with Oracle Cloud services
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BMC MyIT Service Broker 3.2 - Creating a service bundle
Service Catalog Administrators can combine multiple services into a bundle. A service bundle acts as a single service catalog item, with its own catalog profile, workflow, questionnaire, service level agreement, and cost adjustment information. For more information on this topic, see the BMC Online Documentation Portal at https://docs.bmc.com/docs/x/mF9nJQ .
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SQL Server Service Broker distributed application configuration
In this video we will cover distributed SQL server service broker application configuration. We will go over message transfer between two different servers. Also, go over basic and advanced service broker objects used for building a distributed Service Broker application. http://www.sqlservercentral.com/articles/Service+Broker/2797/
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Discount Broker vs Full Service Broker for Beginners (Hindi)
Discount Broker vs Full Service Broker for Beginners is a never-ending debate. An investor or trader is not able to decide whether to open a trading or demat account with Discount Broker or Full Service Broker. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. In this video, i have shared 11 parameters you should consider to compare and finalize the Discount Broker vs Full Service Broker. These points are as follows 1. Brokerage 2. Margin or Leverage 3. Technology/Platform 4. Research, Analysis, and Advisory 5. Other costs involved 6. Proprietary Trading 7. Call and Trade facility 8. Frequency of Trade 9. Money credit in the trading account 10. Facility to sell before delivery 11. Trading segments Some of the key differences between Discount Broker vs Full Service Broker are 1. Full service Broker charges higher brokerage. However, they do provide research and advisory service that is not provided by the discount brokers. 2. Normally, the discount broker provides a higher margin or leverage. 3. Full service broker has both an online and offline presence. You should also consider that out of top 10 stock brokers, there is only one discount broker. The investors prefer 3 in 1 account i.e. savings account, trading account and demat account with the bank. If you liked this video, You can "Subscribe" to my YouTube Channel. The link is as follows https://goo.gl/nsh0Oh By subscribing, You can daily watch a new Educational and Informative video in your own Hindi language. For more such interesting and informative content, join me at: Website: http://www.nitinbhatia.in/ T: http://twitter.com/nitinbhatia121 G+: https://plus.google.com/+NitinBhatia #NitinBhatia #DiscountBrokers #StockBrokers
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How to Use OpenShift’s Ansible Service Broker for Infrastructure Automation
In this Red Hat Consulting whiteboard video, Sam Rang and Abner Malivert teach you how to bring Ansible & OpenShift Service Broker together to jump-start a self-service catalog tying together containerized infrastructure automation with traditional infrastructure automation. They talk about how you can bring the power of ansible automation into the self service model of the OpenShift service catalog using the ansible service broker, freeing up your app teams to innovate and your ops team to automate. Learn more: www.redhat.com/consulting
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GE Predix Platform: Using AWS Elasticache with Open Service Broker
Learn more at - http://amzn.to/2C6xhR3. Predix Platform from GE Digital implemented Open Service Broker API on EC2 to present standard, consistent services to their developers, who develop container-based applications on AWS. Their developers needed to manage state for those applications (e.g. session state data). Predix Platform used AWS Elasticache with Redis then presented it to developers via the service broker based on open service broker. This allowed developers to easily create Redis clusters with standard, pre-configured parameters, sizing and network security. To manage data security on their multi-tenant solution, they used the Redis Auth Key. Speaker: Amulya Sharma, Senior Staff Software Engineer Predix Platform, GE Digital
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Developers First: The Cloud Foundry Service Broker API and Kubernetes
On today's episode of The New Stack Makers, we spoke with the Cloud Foundry Foundation's Executive Director Abby Kearns. Catching up with Kearns at this year's CloudNativeCon/KubeCon EU led us to a discussion surrounding the Cloud Foundry Foundation's service broker API, and how companies are putting it to use alongside Kubernetes. Not only are developers pairing the service broker API with Kubernetes, Kearns explains in the episode that they are also adding BOSH into the mix. Kearns also highlights that the focus of Cloud Foundry throughout 2017 is its continued work on connecting developers to the right tools for the job. Listen on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/thenewstackmakers/developers-first-cloud-foundry-service-broker
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How to Choose the Right Stock Broker for YOU and YOUR Trading Needs
How to Choose the Right Stock Broker for YOU and YOUR Trading Needs ★ SUMMARY ★ As you start progressing in building knowledge and now you're ready to actually execute or put on trades, you actually need a broker to do that and handle that. In this video what I'd like to do is give you some insight about different types of brokers between the discount brokers and full-service brokers and how to really choose the right broker for you and your needs. I’m Sasha Evdakov and thanks for joining me in this lesson. Before we get into the different brokers and which one you should choose for your trading, let's break down the two different types or the main types of brokers that we have. Two types of Brokers The way I'm going to do that is we'll call it D for Discount brokers and the other broker that we have is the Full service and we'll just call that F, we got discount and full-service brokers. Now my guess is if you're watching this video you're probably going to go with the discount broker just because you probably want to do things on your own and I'll show you some of them benefits here in a minute regarding these discount brokers. Full-Service Brokers Really, if you're looking at full service versus discount brokers, full-service broker still do something to the end user and many people in the general public will go with a full-service broker. For example a full-service broker, what they may do is they give you advice. They give you advice based on your taxes, they give you advice based on your future planning, they give you all this additional service on the phone, in person, as far as your retirement planning, as far as you are investing and what they do is they'll actually execute the trades. They do many more things, however this costs you a lot of money because they have to make up their money somehow their revenue they get paid big bucks in order to do recommendations and consultations. In the end that's what it goes down with and they execute your trade. So if you want invest in Microsoft, if you want to invest in Apple they will still execute your trades but typically you will pay much more, sometimes $50 to $100 sometimes even more so to execute that trade. Discount Brokers Discount brokers are more online kind of brokers they're cheaper. So they're cheaper brokers and in this scenario it costs less cost you less money for a discount broker but really what they mostly do is they just execute trades. That's really the name of the game for these discount brokers. Posted at: http://tradersfly.com/2016/02/choose-right-stock-broker-for-you/ ★ SHARE THIS VIDEO ★ https://youtu.be/M0yECrQMcFI ★ SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE: ★ http://bit.ly/addtradersfly ★ ABOUT TRADERSFLY ★ TradersFly is a place where I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience about the stock market, trading, and investing. Stock trading can be a brutal industry especially if you are new. Watch my free educational training videos to avoid making large mistakes and to just continue to get better. Stock trading and investing is a long journey - it doesn't happen overnight. If you are interested to share some insight or contribute to the community we'd love to have you subscribe and join us! STOCK TRADING COURSES: -- http://tradersfly.com/courses/ STOCK TRADING BOOKS: -- http://tradersfly.com/books/ WEBSITES: -- http://rise2learn.com -- http://tradersfly.com -- http://backstageincome.com -- http://sashaevdakov.com SOCIAL MEDIA: -- http://twitter.com/tradersfly -- http://facebook.com/tradersfly MY YOUTUBE CHANNELS: -- TradersFly: http://bit.ly/tradersfly -- BackstageIncome: http://bit.ly/backstageincome
Introducing the Open Service Broker API for Cloud Native Platforms
Speaker: Alex Ley The Open Service Broker API (https://www.openservicebrokerapi.org/) is a new initiative that builds on the Cloud Foundry's Service Broker API. It is an industry-driven, collaborative effort to demolish barriers in the adoption of Cloud Native services, with a user-centric approach focused on delivering features based exclusively in real world use cases. In this talk, Alex will cover the project goals, who is involved, what the group is currently working on and how you can get involved. ---- SUBSCRIBE to get the latest meetup videos: http://bit.ly/MVUKSubscribe ---- Video by Meetupvideo ( https://www.meetupvideo.com )
Understanding Service Brokers on OpenShift, Part 3
Learn about the Ansible Service Broker and how it works on the OpenShift platform from Veer Muchandi.
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How To: Create a REST Service Instance and SmartObject
This video walks through using the K2 REST Service Broker to create a SmartObject for use in SmartForms and Workflows. It assumes the viewer has a deeper knowledge of all the components involved, but just needs to know how to piece things together with K2 tooling. It utilizes the Current Weather endpoint provided by OpenWeatherMap.org. Users will need to get an APIKey for this to work, however, OAuth is not required. NOTE: Some RESTful api providers may automatically provide you with a Swagger definition file, if available. For more information on Swagger: http://www.swagger.io
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MyIT Service Broker 3.2 - Creating a service to request a solution from BMC HR Case Management
MyIT Service Broker aggregates service offerings from various systems like BMC HR Case Management (HRCM). Watch how easily you can create a service to open a solution in BMC HR Case Management that users can request through MyIT. The video shows MyIT and MyIT Service Broker 3.2. However, the steps still apply to later versions which feature a different workflow design interface. For more information on this topic, see the BMC Online Documentation Portal at https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/myitsb33/Installed+service+connectors
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The Hybrid Cloud and IT as Service Broker Toolkit
https://store.theartofservice.com/the-hybrid-cloud-and-it-as-service-broker-toolkit.html This innovative set of documents and ready-to-use templates will provide you with a head start for both learning and applying of a Hybrid Cloud and IT as Service Broker approach that meets today's standards.
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AWS re:Invent 2017: NEW LAUNCH! Introducing Amazon MQ Managed Message Broker Service (ENT228)
Amazon MQ is a new managed message broker service for Apache ActiveMQ that makes it easy to set up and operate message brokers in the cloud. Amazon MQ manages the work involved in setting up an ActiveMQ message broker, from provisioning the infrastructure, to installing the software and ongoing maintenance. It supports industry-standard messaging APIs and protocols, so you can switch from any message broker to Amazon MQ without re-writing the supported applications. This session provides an overview of how Amazon MQ makes enterprise messaging and migration more manageable. You’ll learn how you can use Amazon MQ to launch a production-ready message broker in minutes. Guest speakers from Volvo WirelessCar and GE will share how they’re using messaging in their own applications and systems, and the advantages enabled by a managed ActiveMQ service on AWS.
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Running the Ansible Service Broker  on Kubernetes
The Ansible Service Broker can be run on both Kubernetes and OpenShift. Try it out! https://github.com/openshift/ansible-service-broker/blob/master/templates/k8s-ansible-service-broker.yaml.j2 https://github.com/fusor/catasb#openshift-or-kubernetes https://github.com/kubernetes-incubator/service-catalog
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Implementing the Ultimate Service Catalog with MyIT Service Broker, Part 1
A live RightStar webinar recorded on June 15, 2016 featuring Anne Brock of RightStar.
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IT | Become a Broker of Cloud Technologies to Your Organization
IT can become a broker of cloud technologies. There is no one-size fits all approach to your cloud strategy. Get more perspectives on cloud here: http://cs.co/9003d7dv. Subscribe to Cisco's YouTube channel: http://cs.co/Subscribe.
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