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Hurt - Ten Ton Brick
Official video of Hurt performing Ten Ton Brick from the album Vol. II. Buy It Here: http://smarturl.it/oq5iv2 Like Hurt on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hurt Official Website: http://hurtband.com/ Official YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/HURTofficial
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Hurt-Ten Ton Brick lyric's
lyrics for Hurt-Ten Ton Brick
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"Ten Ton Brick" Hurt (lyrics in description box)
No copyright infringement is intended Lyrics: A ten ton brick was making me sick Breakin' my bones with the weight of it The weight would grow with each new soul Buried fine lies make big, black holes And who am i supposed to be? Not like you'd give a fuck about me? But who am I supposedly? When I'm finally done? But I'm finally done with the decisions of my former thoughts And all that i may have loved Yeah, i'm finally done with the descriptional And i don't mind sayin' i'm to blame! When atlas slipped i lost my grip Yet, i didn't think it could turn into this But i was told by two sweet crows Nobody feels what nobody knows And who am i supposed to be? Everything good was taken from me And who am i supposedly? I was overcome... But i'm finally done with the divisions of my former thoughts Although i may have lost I'm finally done with the dissention now i don't mind sayin' I don't mind sayin i'm to blame! Oh, this ten ton brick would treat me like shit This little piggy licked others lips And so defined, who was i But it won't encumber me. 'cause i'm finally done with the positions of my former thoughts And all that it may have cost But i'm finally done with my decisions Love and now i don't mind sayin' Don't mind sayin' you're to blame... When you moved you moved me When you move you move me Move! "nothing comes from nothing" must mean something in the end To purify the means, I mean to break you, Need to hate you, Need to take this back, But taking is just forgiving if you're at the other end I won't pretend to know your feelings I could never break the chain I command you to move
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Hurt band Ten Ton Brick Acoustic
Another acoustic recording from my favorite group Hurt.
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Hurt - Ten Ton Brick (Official Video)
Video that was made by Micahel Spatola in hopes to make the official video for HURT. Low Budget and limited time, but here it is for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! Directed, Edited, Produced by Michael Spatola
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Hurt - Ten Ton Brick
Hurt - Ten Ton Brick 105.7 The Point Concert for Crohn's Benifit www.ArchCityVideo.com www.HurtBand.com www.ccfa.org POPS nightclub & Concert Venue 11-19-2010
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Hurt - Ten Ton Brick (Guitar Cover by JaiZo)
Hey people. This is my cover of "Ten Ton Brick" by Hurt. It's a good song, pretty fun to play. Not much else to say. It's got some pretty cool riffs and an acoustic mini-interlude towards the beginning. However I don't own a decent acoustic guitar so I just tried to get a relatively clean, deep sounding acoustic sound with my multi-effects pedal. I learned it by ear. Although I did look and there are some tabs on Ultimate-Guitar, those aren't entirely accurate so I just decided to listen&learn. Once again thanks for watchin'. Leave a like and comment, and subscribe if you haven't and have a good one. Cya later. -JaiZo Tuning [Dropped Db] Visit my website - www.jaizoguitarcovers.com
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Hurt - Ten Ton Brick KQXR Boise X Session
Hurt stops by the Studio One X for some acoustic action!
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I-81 Ten Ton Brick - Hurt
Driving I-81 to the music of Hurt - Ten Ton Brick.
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Hurt ''Ten Ton Brick''
www.videokproductions.com ;Hurt ''Ten Ton Brick'' performing live
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Hurt - Ten Ton Brick (Acoustic)
Hurt performing Ten Ton Brick on Denver Station KBPI-FM 106.7 on the Uncle Nasty show.
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Hurt- Ten Ton Brick
Hurt Rocks Live In Rockford IL.
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HURT- Ten Ton Brick Acoustic
HURT performs their Hit single Ten Ton Brick, Acoustic. Live in the 103.1 The Buzz Lounge
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Hurt - Ten Ton Brick
These are REACTIONS from my live streams, that is why I do not break them down or comment as much as a normal video. Live Streaming Channel: https://www.youtube.com/extrahectic Gaming Channel: http://bit.ly/2EzeO54 Main Channel: https://www.youtube.com/hecticreacts Support Me: https://www.patreon.com/hecticreacts
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HURT-Ten Ton Brick Live
HURT-Ten Ton Brick Live at The Pageant in St. Louis 09/11/2009
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Hurt: Ten Ton Brick
Ten Ton Brick. Hurt at X103's Xfest 007. Noblesville, Indiana
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Hurt - Ten Ton Brick
Hurt performing Ten Ton Brickat Pintfest #2 of 2007 at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in St Louis
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Hurt-Ten Ton Brick
This is a song from the band hurt called Ten Ton Brick.
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HURT - Ten Ton Brick
HURT - Ten Ton Brick
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Hurt - Ten Ton Brick
Hurt - Ten Ton Brick Live at Taste of Madison 9/4/11
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Hurt "Ten ton brick" live Syracuse NY 5/27/12 dfb hd audio up close!!
hurt starting their set with "ten ton brick" J loren Wince comes down from the stage to say hi to the audience, really fun show, good crowd too.
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Hurt- Ten Ton Brick (Drum Cover)
Me playing Hurt's "Ten Ton Brick" on the drums. I saw these guys about a year ago and loved them live. Recently started listening to their stuff again and thought this song would be a ton of fun to play, and I was right! This song was a blast to record! **Copyright Statement** This video is not intended to infringe any copyright laws in any way. This is for the sole purpose of entertainment, no profit is gained from this. It is the copyrighted property of its respective owner(s).
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Hurt Performing "Ten Ton Brick" Live - Shot by Connecticut School of Broadcasting Students
Connecticut School of Broadcasting students http://www.gocsb.com shot Hurt performing "Ten Ton Brick" live at Up or On the Rocks for WCCC The Rock.
Hurt - Ten Ton Brick
Hurt - Ten Ton Brick, , Friday, May 8th, 2009, Riverside Warehouse, Shreveport, LA http://HURTband.com/ http://www.myspace.com/HURT http://HURTmerch.com/
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Hurt - Ten Ton Brick
##READ DESCRIPTION## Thanks everyone for commenting and rating this video, Hurt is my most favourite band of all time and it's good to see that they are getting more and more popular... For anyone not knowing, they have a new album out called "Goodbye to the Machine". Go buy it on their website now! http://hurtmerch.com/main.html
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Hurt -Ten Ton Brick - Live HD 5-29-13
Hurt Live in San Antonio, Texas on May 29, 2013 at The Tequila Rock Bar.
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Hurt - Ten Ton Brick (live in lubbock, tx) GOOD QUALITY
i love this damn camera. the sound quality is amazing.
HURT "Ten Ton Brick" Acoustic Tour Hartford 11-15-11
HURT performing "Ten Ton Brick" at Up Or On The Rocks in Hartford during their acoustic tour.
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Hurt - Ten Ton Brick Live
Hurt - Ten Ton Brick Live
Views: 30 Matt VanWormer
We shot it in a church in Johnson City, Tennessee 3 blocks from venue. Nowhere to shoot video at venue Freedom Hall since it was so small/loud. 4 big ass bands sharing 2 dressing rooms with their own production team. Blizzard outside so band/crew was either in venue or on bus. We asked Bubba (not shitting that's his name) if he was from JC and did he go to church there. Jumped in the CR Hooptie, headed down the street stopping at the 1st Church that had a car parked in front of it at 3:00 on a Saturday afternoon. Ran inside, introduced ourselves to the pastor, told him we needed a quiet room for 20 minutes to shoot an acoustic video for a band. He asked what size room and we said, "The Sanctuary of course!" The rest is video history. We hope you dig it as much as we did producing it.
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Yu Yu Hakusho AMV Ten Ton Brick
the timing is a little off in some places but windows movie maker was bitchin so,hope ya like Anime: Yu Yu Hakusho Song:Hurt-Ten Ton Brick
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Hurt - Ten Ton Brick
Hurt Performing "Ten Ton Brick" Live at The Thompson House
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Ten Ton Brick Instrumental (HURT Cover)
*I do not claim to own this song* Here's a cover of HURT's Ten Ton Brick off of Vol. II. I had to do about 3 separate recordings because there is more than one guitar on the track. Anyways, I haven't put anything up in a while so I thought I'd do this video along with some cheesy "animations." I didn't do the vocals because I just can't sign like J. Loren. Listen to the original song and you'll see why xD Anyways, enjoy (hopefully) and rate/comment my video! Thanks for watching!
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Ten Ton Brick ~ Hurt
Ten Ton Brick ~ Performed by Hurt Live @ Pop's 7/11/08
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Hurt Ten Ton Brick
Hurt Ten Ton Brick at Pops
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Hurt "ten ton brick"
Hurt playing ten ton brick minnesota.
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Hurt-Ten Ton Brick (acoustic)
Hurt, live in-studio unplugged performance. Boise, ID. 2011
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HURT Ten Ton Brick
Partial video of Ten Ton Brick live at Pop's on May 10, 2013 (security wouldn't allow video)
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HURT-Ten Ton Brick
Live at 20th Century Theater in Cinti, Oh 5/21/2009 These guys are so AMAZING!!!!! www.hurtband.com www.myspace.com/hurt www.hurtmerch.com/
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HURT "Ten Ton Brick"
This is my cover of a wonderful band I love to call HURT!!!
Views: 145 Justin Ellis
Hurt "10 Ton Brick"
J. Loren and Hurt perform "10 Ton Brick" live, for the first time ever as a full band acoustic. This is an amazing performance for any Hurt fan!
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HURT Ten Ton Brick Part 2
Live from Pop's July 11th 2008
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Hurt - Ten Ton Brick - Live HD 4-22-12
Hurt Live @ Stubb's - Austin, TX 4-22-12
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Hurt - Ten Ton Brick Live
Hurt performing Ten Ton Brick @ Tempe Marketplace for free show w/ 98 KUPD
Views: 594 The Larry Joe
HURT~ Ten Ton Brick acoustic
J. Loren & Paul Spatola of HURT performing an acoustic Ten Ton Brick @ 103.1 in Albany, NY on 10-10-07. Check HURT out at their official sites here: http://www.hurtband.com/ http://www.myspace.com/hurt http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hurt/8945304461 And, get HURT merchandise here: http://www.hurtmerch.com/ Remember, it's more important now, than ever, w/the state of the music industry, to support GREAT music!!!
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