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Windows 10 - File Explorer View Options - File Viewing Options - Windows Explorer Options
Happy? Please DONATE via PayPal: http://thankyou.injusta.click Windows 10 - File Explorer View Options - File Viewing Options - Windows Explorer File Viewing Options Show Hidden Files, Show File Extensions, Expand to Current Folder, Show Preview, Hide Preview, Show Detail, Hide Details, Click to Select
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How to use "Internet properties" "advanced tab"  2017
An in depth tutorial for the Internet Options advanced tab! took some time but here you go!
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Internet Options with Internet Explorer
This video will walk you through some of the basic changes you can make to the browser to personalize it and maximize its use.
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Reset Internet Explorer Settings to Default
How to Reset Internet Explorer Settings to Default! ●Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1am9xGw● Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/firestormerc Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/firestormerc Tumblr: http://firestormerc.tumblr.com Google+: http://gplus.to/firestormerc Forums: http://firestormerc.freeforums.org My Website: http://firestormerc.weebly.com
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Windows 10 - Learn how to fix and reset Internet explorer to default settings.
In this tutorial today, I’m going to show you how to reset Internet Explorer to it’s default settings in Windows 10! This is useful for troubleshooting problems that might have be caused by settings that were changed after installation. STEP 1: Close all internet explorer windows STEP 2: Windows Key + R STEP 3: Type "inetcpl.cpl" in run and press enter STEP 4: Left click the "Advanced" Tab STEP 5: Left click "Reset" STEP 6: Left click "Delete personal settings" and left click "Reset" STEP 7: Left click "close" STEP 8: Restart your computer OUTRO SONG JJD - Halcyon by NoCopyrightSounds ---------------- CONNECT WITH ME ON ▶️ SNAPCHAT: http://bit.ly/landonwjohnson-on-snapchat ▶️ TWITTER: http://bit.ly/landonwjohnson-on-twitter ▶️ INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/landonwjohnson-on-instagram ▶️ FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/landonwjohnson-on-facebook ▶️ BEHANCE: http://bit.ly/landonwjohnson-on-behance
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How to access Advanced File Security settings from File Explorer on Windows® 8.1
The last tool provided on the Share tab of the File Explorer is a button that provides easy access to the Advanced Security Settings for a file or folder. If you want to access Advanced File Security settings from File Explorer on Windows® 8.1, watch this video and follow the steps to do so. Content in this video is provided on an "as is" basis with no express or implied warranties whatsoever. Any reference of any third party logos, brand names, trademarks, services marks, trade names, trade dress and copyrights shall not imply any affiliation to such third parties, unless expressly specified.
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Use TLS 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 greyed out or disabled. Can't select Use SSL, TLS Advanced security options
Advance security options Use SSL 3.0, Use TLS 1.0, 1.1 & 1.2 are disabled or greyed out, that is unable to select these options. How to enable these options, so i can select these options. Solution: open local group policy editor, move to following path Computer and/or User Settings | Administrative Templates | Windows Components | Internet Explorer | Internet Control Panel | Advanced Page. Open Turn off encryption support Window, select Not configured, apply changes,ok.
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Session - 9 Learn how to place vertical spreads with Options Explorer[Beginners to Advanced ]
How To : Use the Vertical Spread in Options Explorer to make options trading faster, more intuitive, and more profitable. Adjust the learning curve by using the options medallions. Know Your Risk/Reward potential before entering the market. Know Your Risk/Reward Probabilities before entering.
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How to fix "Internet Explorer has stopped working"
Do you get the message “Internet Explorer has stopped working”pop up? How do fix “Internet Explorer has stopped working”? "Internet Explorer has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."? Why the “Internet Explorer has stopped working”pop up when load IE? Internet Explorer won't open, or crashes immediately after opening, and then "INTERNET EXPLORER HAS STOPPED WORKING, WINDOWS IS CHECKING FOR A SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM." error pop up. Or you can't open Internet Explorer, if it opens briefly and then closes,Internet Explorer crashes, freezes, or hangs the problem might be caused by low memory, or damaged or missing system files. There are some things that you could try to fix the error message “Internet Explorer has stopped working”. The steps are usually the same on IE8,IE9,IE10 and IE11, also same on windows 7, windows 8/8.1. 1. Clear your browsing cache (temporary Internet files). 2. Install the latest updates. 3. Reset Internet Explorer settings How to Reset Internet Explorer Settings? Open Internet Explorer. Click on Tools menu (Press “alt” key to active menu bar). Click on “Internet Options“. a configuration window you will appear Click on advanced tab. Click on “Reset” Button. You’ll get an another box, here check a box named as “Delete Personal Settings“, then click on Reset button on it. Learn more about how to remove computer virus ►https://www.youtube.com/user/MrRemoveVirus
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Windows 10: How to Search Files, Folders & Text Content (Windows 7, 8.1 & 10)
How to Search Files, Folders and index Text Content in Windows 7, windows 8.1 & windows 10) Click this link for more detail. http://www.bsocialshine.com/2015/10/windows-10-how-to-search-files-folders.html
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FXP - Reset Internet Explorer ***TEST***
• Click the Start button • Select Control Panel • Select Internet Options • Select The Advanced Tab • Click Restore advanced settings • Click Reset • Tick Delete Personal Settings • Click Reset
Windows 8 - File Explorer View Options - Windows Explorer Settings
Windows 8 File Explorer (Windows Explorer) View Options Tutorial Show Hidden Files Show Details Sort Files Expand to Open Folder Show All Folders Show Favorites Preview Pane Detail Pane Sort By Group By Check Boxes File Name Extensions Hidden Items Hide Options
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How to get advanced options in Firefox 58
IMPORTANT! First You should uninstall your current version. link to download version 53: Updated link: https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/53.0/win64/en-GB/
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Windows 8 (DP) New Windows Advanced Options menu
Windows Advanced Options menu with New Advanced Features and Better Interface Control HIT "F8" Before Windows Starup Logo
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Enable/Disable JavaScript in Internet Explorer
Did you know you can turn JavaScript on or off in Internet Explorer web browser? It's easy and I will show you how in this handy guide. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ricmedia.pchelp Twitter: https://twitter.com/RicmediaPCHelp Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/112808117359362510911/ YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/RicmediaPCHelp
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Enabling TLS 1.2 in Internet Explorer
Enable TLS 1.2 in Internet Explorer to connect securely to servers that support Transport Layer Security. Brought to you by https://lockbin.com Try Lockbin's free service for sending secure email messages to clients and patients. Since this video was made, we have seen strong adoption of TLS 1.2 across the internet, and we now recommend disabling all SSL and TLS 1.0, and enabling only TLS 1.2, 1.1.
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Bafang C951 Display Advanced Settings BBS02 Mid Drive (HPC eXplorer, Trailblazer, Freedom)
Changing settings with Bafang C951 Display's advanced menu settings
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How to Turn on TLS in Internet Explorer
1. Open Internet Explorer 2. Click gear icon and go to Internet Options. 3. click Advanced tab Scroll to bottom and look for TLS 4. Make sure Use TLS 1, 1.1, and 1.2 are checked. 5. Click Apply and ok.
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How to run Google on Internet Explorer 6 only! (not for IE1 - IE11)
Read Instructions: Open Internet Explorer That go to the Tools Tab. Then go to Internet Options and hit Advanced Tab Scroll down to Security. And then check in TLS 1.0.
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How to Adjust Folder Settings in Windows 7
This tutorial will show you how to adjust the folder settings in Windows 7. Don't forget to check out our site http://howtech.tv/ for more free how-to videos! http://youtube.com/ithowtovids - our feed http://www.facebook.com/howtechtv - join us on facebook https://plus.google.com/103440382717658277879 - our group in Google+ When it comes to folder settings windows 7 allows a great deal of customization. This can make the whole system easier to use and this tutorial will show you how to change these settings. Step # 1 -- Expose the Menu Bar You need to access the "Menu Bar" first in order to get to folder settings. Click "Start" then "Computer" to open Explorer. Click on the "Organize" button in the top left. Navigate to "Layout" and click "Menu bar". This will add a new bar to the top of the screen that reads "File", "Edit" etc. Step # 2 -- General Folder Settings On this new bar click the "Tools" heading and then click on "Folder options...". This will open a window that will allow you to change "General" settings for all folders in the first tab. This will allow you to adjust various navigation settings such as how new windows open. Step # 3 -- Changing a Folder's View The second tab, "View" allows you to change the appearance of this folder, such as selecting what type of files you want to be able to view, or whether you want to view drive letters. To save any changes you have made click, "OK". Step # 4 -- Changing all Folders on a Drive To change all folder settings windows makes the process simple. You first need to go a root directory. Go to computer and then select a drive, such as "C:". Click "Tools", then "Folder options...". The same window as above will appear, click the "View" tab, make any changes you want and before and then click the "Apply to Folders" button, click "Yes" on the dialogue box that appears, this will change all folder settings within the C: drive.
How to reset Internet Explorer
Hi my name is Roger Ahuja and I'm going to take a moment and show you how to reset Internet Explorer back to its factory settings. Please keep in mind the way we're going to do this, it's actually going to reset your home page and put everything else back to the way it was when you first got your computer. So, if you click on start and then go to internet options and when you click here it will open this page which is the internet properties under advanced at the very bottom here there's reset. If you click on reset and then delete personal settings. Because this will get rid of any toolbars or anything else that might be in the system. So you click on that and hit reset and that will put it back to factory settings. Now if you want to reset your home page to yahoo or something like that. You can go to start and again we are going to go back to internet options and right here we can change our home page under the general tab to whatever it is that we want it to be. So we'll say its yahoo.com and now when I open up internet explorer it takes me straight to yahoo.com and that's it.
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Resetting Internet Explorer 11 To It's Default Settings
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Windows 8.1 & 10 Tip: Advanced File Search with Explorer Toolbar
Works with Windows 10 too. In Windows 8.1 file searching is much easier than Windows 7. Since Windows 8.1 adopted the same toolbar setup as Office, the functions that are available are clearly laid out at the top of your file window, But since the toolbar changes depending on what you are doing, you won't necessarily see the Search functions. Simply click on the search box in the top right and the system will add a Search tab to the menu. All of your possible Search functions are laid out in the toolbar for easy access.
Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage WINDOWS 7
"Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" error Hi If you're successfully connected to the Internet but cannot view any webpages in Internet Explorer, use one of the following troubleshooting procedures, as appropriate for your operating system Windows 7 Delete your browser history 1. Start Internet Explorer. 2. Press Alt to show the menu bar. 3. On the Tools menu, click Internet options. 4. Under Browsing history, click Delete. 5. Select all the check boxes, and then tap or click Delete. 6. Tap or click Exit, and then restart Internet Explorer. Disable add-ons in Internet Explorer Click the Start button, and then click All Programs. 1. Click Accessories, click System Tools, and then click Internet Explorer (No Add-ons). To disable add-ons in Add-on Manager 1. Open Internet Explorer. 2. Click the Tools button, and then click Manage add-ons. 3. Under Show, click All Add-ons. 4. Click the add-on you want to disable, and then click Disable. 5. click Close. Reset Internet Explorer 1. Start Internet Explorer, click Tools, and then click Internet Options. 2. Click the Advanced tab, and then click Reset. 3. In the Internet Explorer Default Settings dialog box, click Reset. 1. In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box, click Reset. Click Close and then click OK two times. 2. Exit and then restart Internet Explorer. The changes take effect the next time that you open Internet Explorer. Check whether a third-party service or program is conflicting with Internet Explorer 1. Click Start, type msconfig in the search box, and then click the displayed System Configuration icon. 2. Click the Services tab and check the box beside hide all Microsoft services, and then click Disable all. 3. Next, click the Startup tab. 4. Click Disable all in the bottom right and then click OK. You will be prompted to reboot your computer. Restore your PC to an earlier point in time If you think an app or driver that you recently installed caused problems with your PC, you can restore it back to an earlier point in time, called a restore point. System Restore doesn't change your personal files, but it might remove recently installed apps and drivers. To restore your PC using System Restore Open System Restore by clicking the Start button . In the search box, type System Restore, and then, in the list of results, click System Restore. Thank you for watching fawzi academy TUBE please subscribe share this video Favorite and like
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How to work with Internet Explorer Compatibility View
Learn how to avoid browser incompatibility issues by availing the compatibility view option in Internet Explorer Don't forget to check out our site http://howtech.tv/ for more free how-to videos! http://youtube.com/ithowtovids - our feed http://www.facebook.com/howtechtv - join us on facebook https://plus.google.com/103440382717658277879 - our group in Google+ In this tutorial, we will show you how to work with internet explorer compatibility view. Sometimes websites are not displayed correctly. This might be due to browser incompatibility issues, problems with the website's server or interruptions in your internet connection. If a website is not compatible, internet explorer has a feature which allows you to view these websites exactly as you would view them in previous versions. The internet explorer compatibility option corrects the display problems and allows you to use the website without any disruptions. Step 1 -- Compatibility View Settings In order to get started, open up any website and click on the "Page" menu located at the toolbar on the top of your screen. When the new menu opens up, click on the "Compatibility View Settings" option. You can also open the Compatibility View Settings window by moving over to the "Tools" dropdown menu and clicking on the "Compatibility View Settings" option. Step 2 -- Adjust Compatibility View Settings Once done, the Compatibility View Settings window will appear. Over here, type the address of the webpage and click on the "Add" button towards the right side of the window. Step 3 -- Go to Internet Properties An alternate way to enable internet explorer compatibility view is through the Internet Properties window. Use the shortcut key "windows + r" to open up the run command. Over there, type in "inetcpl.cpl" and press the "enter" key. This will open up the Internet Properties window. Step 4 -- Recover from Page Layout Errors Over there, move to the "Advanced" tab and tick on the checkbox titled "Automatically recover from page layout errors with Compatibility View". Once you're done, click on "Apply" to enable the changes made and then click on the "Ok" button to close the window. In this manner, you can avail the internet explorer's compatibility view option.
HOW TO UNINSTALL INTERNET EXPLORER, internet explorer has stopped working Fix
internet explorer has stopped working Popup Every minute Fix 1ST TRY on internet explorer go to tools internet options advanced tab and click reset THEN ok OR WATCH THIS SERVICE VIDEO BELOW http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YV-xaA4YmuA INTERNET EXPLORER RESET. Microsoft-1800-642-7676 press 0 (few times) 1800-microsoft TTY: 1-800-892-5234
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Windows Loads Slow | How to Speed Up Windows 7 Startup
To Speed Up Windows 7: http://www.delete-computer-history.com/speed-up-windows-7.html What to to do when Windows Loads Slow? You can use Windows 7 Booting option to speed up booting time easily. Using the advanced Boot Options can reduce booting time in Windows considerable. You can access the Boot Options through the system configuration menu. Eliminating GUI boot, reducing Time Out options and maxing out the memory are good was to speed up Windows 7 boot time.
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How To Reset Internet Explorer Settings
Please join me on: Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/NDFANS Twitter : http://twitter.com/NawafDandachi ------------------------------------------------------------------ Is browsing always slow in Internet Explorer? Does it frequently stop responding (hang), or stop working (crash)? Do you receive error messages that indicate that Internet Explorer has "encountered a problem and needs to close"? Or that a Visual C++ "runtime error" has occurred in Iexplore.exe? If so, then you might want to try resetting Internet Explorer. When you reset Internet Explorer settings, all add-ons and customizations are deleted, and you basically start with a fresh version of Internet Explorer. This article helps you reset Internet Explorer. To have us reset Internet Explorer for you, go to the "Reset Internet Explorer for me" section. If you would rather reset Internet Explorer yourself, see how to do it in the "Show me how to do it" section or go to the "Let me reset Internet Explorer myself" section. Back to the top Reset Internet Explorer for me To reset Internet Explorer automatically, follow these steps: Click this button: Reset Internet Explorer settings Microsoft Fix it 50195 In the File Download dialog box, click Run, and then follow the steps in the wizard. In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box, click Reset. Click to select the Delete personal settings check box if you would also like to remove browsing history, search providers, Accelerators, home pages, Tracking Protection, and ActiveX Filtering data. When Internet Explorer finishes applying default settings, click Close, and then click Close again. Close Internet Explorer, and then restart it. Note This wizard may be in English only; however, the automatic fix also works for other language versions of Windows. Note If you are not on the computer that has the problem, you can save the automatic fix to a flash drive or to a CD, and then you can run it on the computer that has the problem. Start Internet Explorer. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options. On the Advanced tab, click Reset under Reset Internet Explorer settings. In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box, click Reset to confirm. Open Internet Explorer. A) Click on Tools (gear icon in IE9) and Internet Options. B) Go to step 3. OR 2. Open the Control Panel (All items View). NOTE: This option can be handy if you cannot open Internet Explorer, or Internet Explorer keeps crashing. A) Click on the Internet Options icon. B) Close all open Internet Explorer windows. 3. Click on the Advanced tab, and then the Reset button. (See screenshot below) Internet Explorer - Reset-internet_options.jpg 4. To Completely Reset Internet Explorer A) If you also wanted to delete your personal settings, then check the box as well, otherwise leave the box unchecked. (See screenshot below) NOTE: See the table at the top of the tutorial for what will be affected by this. You should check this for a complete reset though. Internet Explorer - Reset-reset.jpg 5. Click on the Reset button. (See screenshot above) 6. Click on the Close button. (See screenshot below) Name: In_IE7_Close.jpg Views: 33740 Size: 38.2 KB 7. Click on OK. (See screenshot below) NOTE: You will not see this if you opened Internet Options from the Control Panel (step 2). Internet Explorer - Reset-restart_ie.jpg 8. Close Internet Explorer. NOTE: You will not need to do this if you opened Internet Options from the Control Panel (step 2) since it should alread be closed. 9. The reset will take effect the next time you open Internet Explorer. My Daily Newspapers : http://goo.gl/CUghq Please Subscribe To Me On Youtube By Clicking On The Following Link: http://goo.gl/fqhE8B -- Copyright © Nawaf Dandachi
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OSIsoft: Obtain calculated values with advanced options, Part 2. v4.0
The function Advanced Calculated Data (=PIAdvCalcDat) adds these new options to the Calculated Data function: expression sampling modes for the filter expression and for the expression to be summarized; calculation basis; minimum percent good. If you are a subscriber to our Virtual Learning Lab Environment at http://learning.osisoft.com/Virtual_Learning_Lab_Detail.aspx you can log in to your own personal PI System to use for practice and testing. Video content is copyright of OSIsoft, LLC - © OSIsoft, LLC 2011. All rights reserved. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited other than for your personal and non-commercial use.
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How to Reset Internet Explorer settings
Here's how: In Internet Explorer , click the Tools toolbar button and choose the menu command Internet Options. Click the Advanced tab. Click the Reset button.
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Windows 7 - How to fix and reset Internet explorer
Tutorial on how to fix and reset Internet explorer basic problems
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PolicyPak: Manage Internet Explorer Using Group Policy
PolicyPak main website : http://www.policypak.com/ Evaluate PolicyPak : http://www.policypak.com/evaluate OMG, it's your worst nightmare ---- IE ! And, if you call yourself a network administrator, you know how bleep-ing hard it is to manage IE and all its billions of settings. And, what's worse ---- users LOVE to tinker, mess up, and work around your IE settings. It's enough to make you pull your hair out and throw a laptop out the window! But wait! You've got PolicyPak now. And it's working for you all the time! PolicyPak has a pre-configured Pak for Internet Explorer which makes configuring Internet Explorer "drop dead easy." Check out this video to see how it's done. [Manage Internet Explorer using Group Policy] {http://www.policypak.com/video/manage-internet-explorer-ie9-using-group-policy.html}
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Internet Explorer 10 64 bit on Windows 8 Desktop Mode (Tutorial)
Settings, Control Panel, Internet Options, Advanced tab, Security, Put a check mark in Enable Enhanced Protected Mode*, Apply, OK and Restart your computer. With Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8 and 8.1 enable both; Enable Enhanced Protected Mode* Enable 64-bit Processes for Enhanced Protected Mode* Make sure to restart your computer after enabling these settings.
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Codes in HTC U11 - Hidden Features / Advanced Options / Tricks
How to use secret codes in HTC U11? Which secret codes works on HTC U11? How to open hidden menu in HTC U11? Try these secret dialer codes on your HTC U11. In our video you should find the list of useful secret codes. If you would like to use these codes simply open the phone's dialer and type in these codes. Read More: http://www.hardreset.info/devices/htc/htc-u11/
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Windows 10 Fixed! Black Screen w/ Mouse Cursor: 2 Easy Options!!
If your Windows 10 computer/laptop has a black screen with only the mouse cursor showing then try these two easy options. Make sure to watch and listen to this video carefully. This will help most but not all. If this work please sub to this channel. If you still have issues then comment and i will try to assist you further. 1) ctrl + alt + del, then task manager, then into the registry 2) Advanced Options then revert to previous version. Watch carefully how to get into Windows 10 advanced options. Its different from Windows 7, 8, etc. If you have a black screen with NO MOUSE CURSOR, just a pure black screen and this video did not help then you may want to look here: https://goo.gl/PHV7jd -----My Gear for Youtube videos----- Camera: https://amzn.to/2Fjkz3h Tripod: http://amzn.to/2xxpKcw Cell Phone Tripod Adapter: http://amzn.to/2iM4Kw5 Selfie Stick/Tripod: http://amzn.to/2iK2Agu Microphone: http://amzn.to/2xTAw13 Lights: http://amzn.to/2xVa5Ic ----other cool videos---- Galaxy S7 VS Galaxy S8 VS Galaxy S9 Low Light Camera Comparison (Big Difference?) https://goo.gl/JEA2QK iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone 8: Camera Low Light Video & Photo Review https://goo.gl/Epu2Dz HANDS DOWN BEST 7 FIDGET SPINNERs OUT OF 1000s!!! https://goo.gl/ThmnZF Two of the Best Fidget Spin Cubes on the Market! https://goo.gl/YrpJgc OMG!!! Epic Fidget Hand Spinner Collection! https://goo.gl/SdBTsr The Levitating/Floating Fidget Spinner: https://goo.gl/pABCBY BIGGEST Batman Fidget Spinner Collection: https://goo.gl/oFgiAu How I get 100s & 100s of free spinners: https://goo.gl/BJciHH Largest Rainbow Spinner Collection: https://goo.gl/YrpJgc My Vlogging Channel: https://youtu.be/W4iZEEqZw1M FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/ILUVTRADING INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/iluvtrading/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/VirgilForex MY WEBSITE: http://gphonecenter.com Business Inquiries: [email protected] Patreon Donation (100% will go towards giveaways) https://goo.gl/fm8tW3 Full Disclosure: Links above are affiliate links meaning I get a small commission if you purchase items using those links.
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Power Options missing from Start Menu in Windows 10
How to Search for Files and Folders on Windows 10
Get the complete Windows 10 course here ► http://www.simonsezit.com/courses/microsoft/learn-microsoft-windows-10-training-tutorials/ During this Windows 10 video tutorial, we will show you how to search your files and folders for specific content by using basic search, search options and file properties. Checkout some of our other training on YouTube: Microsoft Windows 10 training tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzj7TwUeMQ3iMY7n_2BqX2dpTfw5mHd-I Microsoft Excel 2016 beginner training: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzj7TwUeMQ3hFUdlWMkTLZL-Fr3oRGN35 Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 training tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzj7TwUeMQ3jj_QkuckJNn8RddhwlQKOM Microsoft Excel 2013 beginner training: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzj7TwUeMQ3iraEPAsl2XrpRg90VH5j3M Word 2016 beginner training: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzj7TwUeMQ3gLcSQaxPMW_vma_z3xiwF1 Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 training: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzj7TwUeMQ3iHJP60TZ5qhHbqC2zWImqb Stay in touch: SimonSezIT.com: http://www.simonsezit.com/ StreamSkill.com: http://streamskill.com/ YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/foiItB Facebook: http://on.fb.me/14m8Rwl Twitter: http://bit.ly/177EU5J Google+: http://bit.ly/11JbHdb If you enjoyed the video, please give a "thumbs up" and subscribe to the channel ;-)
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100 Windows 8 Tips and Tricks   67   Advanced Startup Options and Safe Mode in Windows 8
Description: Windows 8 is the new Microsoft Operating System. Unlike the previous versions of Windows, Microsoft has taken a different and radical approach. The user interface has been completely redesigned from ground up. The idea is to merge the experience on mobile devices and desktop environment. We have app-focused and live tile based interactions. Completely new design, colorful tiles and full screen app. New Start screen and a desktop mode that has no start button we are all accustomed to. In these video series we'll look at some of the cool Windows 8 tips and tricks that you need to master in order to be productive on this new operating system.
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How to Make Windows 7 Search File Contents
How to Make Windows 7 Search File Contents? 1. Right click on the Start button and select Open Windows Explorer. 2. Press ALT key on your keyboard. 3. This will cause a toolbar to appear near the top of the Windows Explorer window. 4. Now Go to Tools and click on Folder Options. 5. Under the Search tab, click Always search file names and content. 6. Allowing this to process might take several minutes. 7. Click Apply and press OK. 8. Now, Run a test search. 9. Go to Start and type a keyword in the Search Programs and Files box. 10. The results should contain the keyword in more than just the tile. This is How You can Make Windows 7 Search File Contents Thank you for watching. Learn How to Make Money Online, Join Us @ http://www.jobs4mind.com This video is only for instructional or educational purpose. Jobs4minds warrants that the content in this video is provided on an "as is" basis with no express or implied warranties whatsoever. Any reference of any third party logos, brand names, trademarks, services marks, trade names, trade dress and copyrights shall not imply any affiliation to such third parties, unless expressly specified. Visit our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/jobs4minds Subscribe to stay updated: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=jobs4minds Join Us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jobs4minds Follow Us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jobs4mind Audio Credits: http://www.freesfx.co.uk Video Credits (Free Screen Recorder Software): http://camstudio.org/ Image Credits: Image courtesy of [stockimages] at FreeDigitalPhotos.net Watch Previous Videos How to Install Fonts on Windows 7 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRMAIdXEF04 How to Hide the Taskbar in Windows 7 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwcGcVho05U
Windows 10 Black Screen With Cursor [Solved] (2018)
In this video, I showed two possible ways to fix the problem of black screen of death (BSoD) with mouse pointer (cursor) during start up in Windows 10. This problem is common for computers, laptops, desktops, and tablets running the Windows 10 operating system, either Home, Professional, Enterprise, Education. And could affect any PC brands like Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba,Lenovo, and Samsung. In this situation, when you power up your PC, it loads up as usual until it gets to the point where you’re suppose to see your desktop, but instead of that it shows you an entire black screen with only your mouse pointer showing on the screen as you can see on this laptop. The most common cause is your user shell being corrupted either by some malware, applications, or system updates. 1. The first method is more suitable if you suspect that this problem could be due to certain malware changing the value data of your user shell, so to fix that you need to manually correct the value data of your user shell. To do that, while on the black screen press the keyboard combination, “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” at the same time, it should take you to a blue screen with different options, there select task manager from the list. In the task manager, click on the file menu and select run new task. You should see a dialog box, type in “regedit”, and then click on the check box below where it says “create this task with administrative privileges”, and then hit ok. You should then see your registry editor page pop up. There you want to double-click on the folder “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE”, double-click on SOFTWARE, Microsoft, Windows NT, CurrentVersion, Winlogon. Here is a path address to the folder where your shell is located [Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] At this point you should have some files on the right side of the screen, there check for the file named shell and double-click on it. You should have a dialog box pop up. In the field under the value data, you want to ensure it says explorer.exe, if not then delete whatever you currently have in this field and type in explorer.exe. Then click ok to save the change and close the registry editor. Again press the keyboard combination, “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” at the same time, it should bring you back to this blue screen and on the bottom right corner you should see the power icon, click on it and select restart to reboot your computer. 2. This second method is more suitable if you suspect that your black screen error could be as a result of a Windows update you recently installed or some applications that you’ve installed and that you think might be causing this problem. Here we will be using the troubleshooting tool from advanced startup option to either revert back to the previous version of windows or boot to safe mode and uninstall the application that could be causing this error. To do this, while on the black screen press the keyboard combination, “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” at the same time, it should bring you to this blue screen where you have these different options, press and hold down the shift key and then select restart from the power options at the bottom right-corner, keep holding the shift key until you see the advanced startup option page. There select troubleshoot, then advanced options. If this black screen error occurred after you installed some major updates, say you upgraded from Windows 10 build 1709 to build 1803, then you can select the option that says go back to the previous version, and then follow the instructions to revert to your previous build. But if you suspect that this could be coming from an application you recently installed then you want to boot to safe mode and then uninstall or modify the application from there. To do that you want to click on startup settings. Then on the page that follows, click on restart. On the page that follows, press F4 or the number 4 on your keyboard and then wait for your computer to boot into safe mode. From here you can go to the Windows search and type, “add or remove programs”, and click on it, there you should see a list of all the programs you have currently installed on your computer. Then check for the program you suspect might be causing the problem, click on it and select uninstall to remove it. LINKS Subscribe to EasyTechs: https://goo.gl/dDSBNL If you would like to support us at EasyTechs, please feel free to donate to our patreon page on this link: https://www.patreon.com/easytechs Your donations are very much appreciated and would go a long way in growing the channel. Equipment I Use For Making Videos Canon EOS 70D : https://goo.gl/Wd6W9d Rode VMGO Video Mic GO Lightweight On-Camera Microphone Super-Cardioid: https://goo.gl/onGmCp Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM Lens: https://goo.gl/8y6Bk7 Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens: https://goo.gl/ZtxZSg SLIK U-8000 Photo/Video Mid-Size Tripod: https://goo.gl/CjPKTU
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How to Embed YouTube Videos with Advanced Options using TubeBuddy
Advanced YouTube Video Embedding with TubeBuddy. Install TubeBuddy free at https://www.TubeBuddy.com ----------------------------------- Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/tubebuddy Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo33niDKpTpgwZ_dohqvylg?sub_confirmation=1 ----------------------------------- TubeBuddy is the Premier YouTube Channel Management Toolkit. It adds a layer of amazing functionality right on top of YouTube's website. You can perform bulk updates to your videos such as adding annotations or cards to all your videos with just a few clicks. You can perform Find/Replace on your videos just as if you were using a word processor. You can generate professional custom thumbnails using screenshots and branding/text layers. You can engage with your audience quicker and more efficiently. You can export your list of subscribers and their social profiles. You can get details analysis of competitor channels. You can promote your new upload across all other videos. The list goes on and on. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Your YouTube Channel's Year in Review - 2016 🍾 #TubeBuddy" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzCeypXrqs8 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- #tubebuddy #howtogetmoreviews #youtubealgorithm
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Windows 10   Working with File Explorer Part 1
Windows 10 Working with File Explorer Part 1 I love Windows 8.1! It has everything I need EXCEPT ONE THING: Start Menu! They say Microsoft generates a lovely operating system EVERY OTHER VERSION! And Windows 10 is going to be just that: the best Windows of all. And it is! If you follow me in this crash course you will see the reason: There is a new start menu here that has the best of the two worlds! It lists the application in two pages, one start menu pinned applications and the other, applications arranged in folders. This is what we had seen in Windows 7. Apps open as desktop applications! Those of you who used to hate apps now will use them more frequently. In Start menu you can have app view that has tiles that can be re-sized and they are live! You have features such as Task View (although not so impressive) that gives you the option of grouping your open applications. and a lot of other improvements are here. In this course I will show you: how to personalize your desktop and use task view to organize your open applications into groupings how to customize the new windows 10 star menu and of course the shortcut menu that opens with right clicking the start button how to work with file explorer and perform basic and advanced operation on files and folders how to manage users and groups on your system and implement security features to protect your files and folders how to share folders over network and set permissions on them how to change file attributes, encrypt or compress data or encrypt the whole drive how to backup and restore files and folders and check different versions of them and some miscelaneous topics Credit : http://www.udemy.com Related searches: Windows, Windows 10, Tutorial, Microsoft Windows (Operating System), Maker, File Explorer (Software), Basic, Desktop, Computer, Operating System, windows101622
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How Enabled tls and ssl Protocols on Internet Explorer
This Video i will how enable tls&ssl protocols on internet explorer. Or This page can't be displayed. •Make sure TLS and SSL protocols are enabled. Go to Tools / Internet Options / Advanced /Settings / Security _____________________________________________________ Music by Track: Distrion & Electro-Light - Drakkar NCS Release Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/YJTae5ScvQA Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/DrakkarYO ___________________________________________________
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Reset Internet Explorer to defaults
This video will show you how to quickly reset Internet Explorer back to the default settings. 1. First click the gear looking icon top right, 2. Now select Internet Options near the bottom, 3. Go to the Advanced tab and select the Reset button, 4. Tick the Delete personal settings option and press the Reset button, 5. When it is all dome, click the Close button and relaunch internet Explorer 6. Because Internet Explorer was reset, you will need to make initial setup choices 7. Select the first option and press Ok. This is the default settings supplied by Microsoft. 8. You can choose Internet Explorer as you default browser if you want Feel free to visit my website for more information regarding this: http://www.johanlast.co.za/microsoft-problems/four-methods-to-reset-internet-explorer/ You will now have a default factory version of Internet Explorer...happy surfing.
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Stardock Fences tutorial 2 - Advanced options
From http://www.top-windows-tutorials.com/stardock-fences.html - Organise your desktop and reduce clutter with Stardock Fences, the hottest new desktop enhancement from Stardock - Tutorial 2 - Advanced options. There are a few advanced features in both Fences and Fences pro that we want to show you in this tutorial. Automatic icon organisation (pro only) and Snapshots (pro and standard) are two powerful features that can save you lots of time when working with the software.
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How to repair Internet Explorer
Open Control Panel. Open Internet Options. Go to the Advanced Tab. Click on the Reset Button. Confirm by clicking OK. After the reset, reopen Internet Explorer and see if the problem is gone.
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FWC IE Update: How to Update Security Protocols in Internet Explorer
FWC IE Update: How to Update Security Protocols in Internet Explorer. Scroll through the options within the “Advanced” tab to locate the “Security” category. Ensure that the “Use TLS 1.2” checkbox is checked, then click “Apply” at the bottom of the screen. :Social: Follow OCTC on TWITTER - https://twitter.com/OkaloosaTax Like OCTC on FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/OkaloosaTax OCTC on G+ - http://tinyurl.com/qy34qu2 Need documents? - http://www.scribd.com/OkaloosaCountyT... Videos - https://www.youtube.com/user/Okaloosa... Pinterest - http://www.pinterest.com/octc/ Professional network - https://www.linkedin.com/company/okal... FourSquare - https://foursquare.com/okaloosatax Tumblar - http://okaloosacountytaxcollector.tum... :Web: http://www.OkaloosaTax.com
Microsoft includes XP users in Internet Explorer fix Just update windows
( U.S., UK advise avoiding Internet Explorer until bug fixed) by http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/04/28/us-cybersecurity-microsoft-browser-idUSBREA3Q0PB20140428 (Microsoft Races To Fix Massive Internet Explorer Hack: No Fix For Windows XP Leaves 1 In 4 PCs Exposed) Internet Explorer exploit (Hackers hit new Internet Explorer bug. More bad news: No patch yet) You can read more about it http://www.neowin.net/news/microsoft-issues-security-advisory-for-internet-explorer-exploit Also http://it.slashdot.org/story/14/04/27/206232/microsoft-issues-advisory-for-internet-explorer-vulnerability A Temporary Fix While Microsoft rushes to fix the bug, FireEye gave concerned users two workarounds . 1. Use another web browser other than Internet Explorer 2. Disable Adobe Flash. "The attack will not work without Adobe Flash," it said. "Disabling the Flash plugin within IE will prevent the exploit from functioning Also To enable EPM in IE 10 or 11, click the Tools menu and then click Internet options. In the Internet Options window, click the Advanced tab. Scroll down the list of options until you see the Security section. Look for the option to Enable Enhanced Protected Mode and click its checkbox to turn it on. If you're running IE 11 in a 64-bit version of Windows, you also need to click the checkbox to Enable 64-bit processes for Enhanced Protected Mode. Restart IE to force the new setting to take effect. Also for this time all what we can wait for Microsoft to release the patch and with this time we can download The Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit by Microsoft from this link http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=41138 Also update the windows and for windows XP users can't update or have patch for internet explorer because Microsoft stop supporting it http://blogs.technet.com/b/srd/archive/2013/11/12/introducing-enhanced-mitigation-experience-toolkit-emet-4-1.aspx And this Introducing Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) 4.1 Thanks for you hope its help you Good luck to all
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How to Use Bit Torrent to Download Music : Advanced Options & Settings in Azureus
Understanding advanced options and setting is crucial to downloading music efficiently in bit torrent programs like Azureus. Get a free tutorial in this free video. Expert: Matt Nichols Bio: Matt Nichols is a freelance web and graphic designer. He creates sites for high profile clients and is considered an expert at all things internet-related. Filmmaker: Matthew Mickelboro
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FS17 GPS Mod Tutorial #2 Advanced
This is the second video in a tutorial series that will cover how to use GPS mod in FS17. In this video we cover more advanced options and I demo how to use GPS Mod with auto turn to help fertilize a field.
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