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Jeff's Holistic Cancer Journey Vlog15: RGCC Test Results
Jeff MacKay talks about the RGCC ( Research Genetic Cancer Center) Test aka "The Greek Test", and the results. He explains what the test does and his own personal results as related to his Squamish Cell Carcinoma Cancer. The RGCC test separates CTC's ( circulating tumor cells) from the blood and shows a ratio of Cancer cells to blood volume. Then test's the cancer cells against 100 leading Chemo therapy drugs to find the most effective at causing cell death (apoptosis). Jeff's particular cells are highly sensitive to heat and Jeff mentions adding infrared heat therapy as another protocol in his cancer battle. The RGCC test also uses aprox 45 natural "benign" ingratiates against the cancer cells to see which are most effective as Cytotoxins and which are best as growth inhibitors and
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Jeff's Holistic Cancer Journey; Vlog 4: Update and RGCC Test
Jeff MacKay of the MacKay Pirate Family updates on his progress. A Lump in his neck, Continued vegan diet, holistic protocols, meeting with an Intergrated Medical Clinic, and the need to take the RGCC Ontcological Plus Blood Test, and subsequent treatments.