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10 Best Data Visualization Projects of 2017
With stunning visualizations emerging frequently, 2017 has been truly an exceptional year for visualization and chart lovers. In this post we have compiled 10 best data visualization projects that made their mark in 2017. --- Video: www.promptcloud.com (pioneer in custom and large-scale web data extraction) --- Music: www.bensound.com
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Fully Managed Web Scraping Service from PromptCloud
Visit us - https://www.promptcloud.com PromptCloud is a Bangalore-based firm dealing with Big Data solutions; where an integral part of our work is web crawling and data extraction. Web is an ocean. So much that it's intimidating to dive for the right data. And with all websites having their own design, it's even more painful to acquire these datasets programmatically for any business decision. If you are one of those entrepreneurs, marketers or business heads looking for data to support your business, fear not: You just got lucky. Presenting PromptCloud. PromptCloud is a powerful web crawling solution for enterprises that finally delivers clean structured data in XML, CSV, JSON, XLS formats without having you to code or setup your data stack or monitor anything. How does it work? We take all your requirements that is, - sites of your interest - fields to be extracted (like product name, description, price..) - and frequency of running your crawls Our engineers then set up custom crawlers, hosted on our servers, and intelligent data comes your way. You can download the data from our ‘REST’ API or have us push the data to your FTP, S3, Google Drive or Dropbox. So what are you waiting for? Focus on your core business while we crunch all data you ever wanted! Legally! For more information, reach out to our super-friendly sales team on [email protected]
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Case Study: eCommerce | PromptCloud's Web Crawling Solution
Visit us - https://www.promptcloud.com Discover how PromptCloud's customized Web Scraping & Data Extraction solution can help firms leverage their ECommerce business. Meet George. George leads product intelligence at a rapidly growing eCommerce firm. He had been looking high and low for acquiring data from retail brands. His concerns were, Aggregating a catalog of 1 Million products daily from more than 100 sites Structuring data uniformly And sustaining the quality of data during this process He tried accessing brands’ feeds but data was limited and not all of them had APIs. He then setup a team that could write crawlers; but ended with high costs and low returns, coupled with frustration. That’s when a great idea struck him on outsourcing crawls. George reached out to PromptCloud; a web crawling solution that sets up custom crawlers for enterprises. PromptCloud also helped George maintain these crawlers so that products were continuously extracted free of errors. George’s only task now was to download datasets that PromptCloud was providing daily, into his database. Now- George focuses all his energy on using fresh data he receives He’s agnostic to any crawling issues He is on track to meeting deadlines for his new product launch If you are like George; trying to make ends meet with fresh and valuable data; reach out to our super-friendly sales team at [email protected]
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Live Crawls by PromptCloud
If your data requirement is time-sensitive, live crawls can give you the data in near real-time. Learn how live crawls work and watch it in action. Learn more by visiting https://www.promptcloud.com
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CrawlBoard Walkthrough
Visit us - https://www.promptcloud.com Here's a quick walkthrough of CrawlBoard, our newly updated dashboard. This will help you to understand and use every aspect of CrawlBoard. Please get in touch with us if you have any queries at [email protected]
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Applications of Web Scraping in Cryptocurrency Investment
Check out how web crawling can be applied in cryptocurrency investment - opinion mining, news tracking, price movement and more. --- www.promptcloud.com We specialize in extracting custom, clean and large-volume data from the web.
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Case Study: Hotel & Travel Listings | PromptCloud
Visit us - https://www.promptcloud.com Meet Mike. Mike is a budding entrepreneur getting his hands dirty building a travel search engine. Mike needs millions of Hotel listings and their reviews to back his one-stop travel shop. He had used some screen-scraping tools to run crawlers but was stuck with the tools’ support without much headway into receiving data. Because the websites were too complex for these tools to handle and some much needed fields were not being captured. Moreover, Mike also wanted to aggregate prices for these accommodations from multiple travel sites, which would require regular crawl schedules. Mike realized that acquiring data was a different undertaking and he’d rather spend his energy tweaking his algorithms and product design to multiply his user base. That’s when Mike reached out to PromptCloud, a web crawling solution that sets up custom crawlers for enterprises. PromptCloud helped Mike collect a variety of datasets from the web including- 1. Entire Hotel Catalog with room types, amenities, images 2. Daily hotel prices 3. Hotel ratings and reviews as well as the reviewer profiles Now, -Mike focuses on strategizing new initiatives for his product -He has access to a comprehensive travel database along with incremental feeds that appear via PromptCloud’s API -He has done without an elaborate stack setup by relying on PromptCloud’s hosted solution If you are like Mike, trying to make ends meet with fresh and valuable data; Then log-on to www.PromptCloud.com or reach out to our super-friendly sales team at [email protected]
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PromptCloud Client Onboarding and Requirement Gathering Tool
For easy onboarding of clients, we now have a tool for them to submit requirements and monitor ongoing projects. Watch this video for a quick walkthrough. Visit us - https://www.promptcloud.com
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Various Data Delivery Formats and their Pros and Cons
Choosing the right data delivery format and mode will have a long-term effect on the ease of data handling operations in your organization. This video will help you in evaluating various data delivery formats with their pros and cons. Reach out to us at [email protected] to discuss your data acquisition needs.
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Visualizing the YouTube Comments on Oscar-Nominated Movie Trailers
While it’s too late to make any predictions, we couldn’t stop ourselves from pulling the comment data from the YouTube trailers of the Oscar nominated movies to find out some of the interesting insights from the comments. The data was extracted using our proprietary web scraping service. If you wish to acquire fresh and clean data from the web, then please reach out to [email protected]
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How to Choose a Web Data Extraction Solution
If you’re just venturing into web data acquisition and don’t know where and how to start, this video will help you out. We’ll be covering different types of solutions available for web data extraction and what to look for while choosing one for your business. -- Visit our website for additional details → https://www.promptcloud.com
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Twitter Data Analysis for FIFA World Cup Final
We performed exploratory data analysis on the Twitter data set to find out the most used hashtags, popular tweets, character length of the tweets along with language and most mentioned twitter account. You to download the data set from DataStock (http://bit.ly/DataStockByPromptCloud) and perform your analysis — text mining techniques can be applied on the tweet text for n-grams, word cloud, sentiment analysis and more.
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Interview with Prashant Kumar, CEO, PromptCloud
https://www.promptcloud.com Here's Prashant Kumar speaking about him & PromptCloud. He believes, you should talk to people, learn from them but at end of the day you should do what you feel is right. Stay tuned to learn more about him.
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PromptCloud demo @UnPluggd, India's Biggest Startup Event
PromptCloud is a DaaS for large-scale low latency data crawl and extraction. The Bangalore based startup demoed its product at UnPluggd, India's Biggest Startup Event. Visit us - https://www.promptcloud.com
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Getting started with PromptCloud's Web Scraping API
A brief and simple walk-through on using PromptCloud API to access the data extracted by our custom web scraping services. This will also serve as a guide to different API parameters and their functions.
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Data Analysis Reveals the Spookiest City in the US
Did you know that in the US, Halloween is the second highest commercial holiday in which total expenditure goes up to $9 billion? So, considering the love between the US and Halloween, it’d be interesting to dig deep and find out the spooky elements of the country. For this study, we extracted web data from a site called Shadow Lands and built a data set for various types of analysis -- from exploratory analysis to text mining and spatial mapping. ---- website: www.promptcloud.com
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Visitors from the UK are harder to please than the Americans?
Check out how we unraveled the insights on the way visitors from the US and the UK express their experiences via reviews after visiting iconic spots like The Statue of Liberty and The Eiffel Tower. Details here - https://goo.gl/Xj94in. --- Web scraping of the TripAdvisor reviews and data mining was performed by PromptCloud (www.promptcloud.com).
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Building Infrastructure to handle Big Data by Prashant
Building infrastructure to handle Big data by Prashant Kumar (CEO - PromptCloud) at The Fifth Elephant 2012. Visit us - https://www.promptcloud.com
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Team PromptCloud playing Heads Up!
https://www.promptcloud.com Here's how we decided to spend the evening - by playing Heads Up! We enjoyed a lot and you too will have a nice laugh. Stay tuned for more videos! Visit us - https://www.promptcloud.com/
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What is Inverted Indexing by Prashant
A small clip from our recent meetup where Prashant was explaining "How to index your data right". This clip contains the simplest explanation for inverted indexing. Further details about the meetup can be found here: http://www.meetup.com/Bangalore-Datapreneurs/events/231043051/ The presentation from the meetup can be found here: http://www.slideshare.net/promptcloud/how-to-index-your-data-right Stay tuned for more videos from the meetup. www.promptcloud.com
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Analyses of Amazon Echo Dot 2 reviews
We extracted the reviews posted for Amazon Echo Dot 2 and performed analyses. Details can be accessed here - http://bit.ly/EchoDotReviews.
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What 2019 Holds For Artificial Intelligence
Here are some applications of Artificial Intelligence we can witness in 2019.
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The Birth of a Web Crawling Bot
Here are the stages that are a part of making a web crawling bot
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