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Make your Moodle course page look like a webpage
Use 'unseen'resources to make your course homepage look more like a regular website
Views: 89787 Mary Cooch
Rubrics in Moodle 2.2
A first (and very brief) look at rubrics or marking criteria in Moodle 2.2 -to be available in December 2011
Views: 18781 Mary Cooch
MORE OF: Make your Moodle coursepage look more like a webpage
Yet another way to avoid the Moodle 1.0 Scroll of Death
Views: 6813 Mary Cooch
A three minute HotPotato in your Moodle
A video made to accompany an article for the http://www.educatorsroyaltreatment.com/ showing how HotPotatoes free software can be easily used to create self-marking exercises for your IWB , your website or your Moodle -in under three minutes!
Views: 12196 Mary Cooch
Moodle game module
a quick overview of the Moodle game activity module
Views: 14262 Mary Cooch
Customise Moodle text editor in 2.4
In Moodle 2.4 you will be able to customise the buttons on the TinyMCE text editor -this video gives you a preview of how to do this.
Views: 3731 Mary Cooch
Parent role in Moodle 2.0
How to set up the parent role (mentor role) in Moodle 2.0 It is the same as 1.9 but the setting up is slightly different in Moodle 2.0
Views: 5676 Mary Cooch
Restrict access to course sections in Moodle 2.3
How you can set access conditions on topics or weeks instead of individual activities in Moodle 2.3 out in June 2013
Views: 7881 Mary Cooch
Embed and Enlarge Video in Moodle
How to embed a movie (wmv file) in Moodle and make it larger
Views: 7328 Mary Cooch
A three minute Cohort in Moodle 2.0
first and very brief look at Cohorts -or "site wide groups" in Moodle .20
Views: 14371 Mary Cooch
Conditional Profiles in Moodle 2.4
In Moodle 2.4, how to restrict access to activities or topic sections according to user profile fields.
Views: 4385 Mary Cooch
Add new fonts in Moodle 2.3
How to add extra fonts (like Comic Sans!!) to the TinyMCE editor in Moodle 2.3
Views: 5374 Mary Cooch
Assignment Extensions Moodle 2.4
How to grant extensions to an assignment in Moodle 2.4
Views: 5718 Mary Cooch
Moodle Groupings: Hide resources from one class and show them to another
Here's how two or more classes can share a course in Moodle and yet don't know the others exist! By using groups and groupings you can decide which work to show which classes.
Views: 11173 Mary Cooch
Moodle GIT Windows (for Dummies)
A very basic step by step guide to installing Moodle on a Windows laptop ("localhost") for trying things out - I have used a Wampserver and then Git so that it can be very quickly and easily updated. NOTE: this does NOT show you how to use Git or demonstrate best practice - it just gets you Moodle using Github :)
Views: 4541 Mary Cooch
Activity Locking Course Format Moodle 1.9
how to install and use the activity locking course format by Chardelle Busch available on Moodle.org
Views: 2981 Mary Cooch
Peer Assessment with a Moodle Forum
how to set ratings to use a Moodle forum as a very basic peer assessment activity
Views: 5720 Mary Cooch
Les nouveautés de Moodle 2.5 (en français!)
petit tuto vidéo sur les nouvelles fonctionnalités de Moodle 2.5 - les Open badges, Bootstrap, les améliorations des formulaires complexes - oh! et beaucoup d'autres nouveautés. Regardez la vidéo ou consultez la documentation http://tinyurl.com/25moodlefr
Views: 4255 Mary Cooch
Display File Type and Size in Moodle 2.3
In Moodle 2.3 out in June 2012 you can choose to display the file size and type of a resource to be downloaded -useful for students with slow connections.
Views: 1039 Mary Cooch
Essay Scaffold with  Moodle Quiz
Using the new template feature in Moodle 2.5 to set up a scaffold or answer frame for students using the Quiz essay question.
Views: 4542 Mary Cooch
Adding an Activity Module to Moodle (such as Quizport)
How to add an extra activity module to your Moodle site using ftp. I use Quizport as an example but it could be any extra activity module.
Views: 3805 Mary Cooch
Decision Making Exercise using Moodle's Lesson Module
How to create a decision making exercise/role play using the Moodle lesson module - a basic step by step tutorial for beginners
Views: 19473 Mary Cooch
Quickly Copy Activities in Moodle 2.1
Quickly copy activities in Moodle 2.1
Views: 3365 Mary Cooch
Uploading files to Moodle 2.0.
How regular teachers can manage files and folders in Moodle 2.0, sharing between each other and courses.
Views: 22668 Mary Cooch
Les cohortes Moodle 2.wmv
Comment utiliser les cohortes dans Moodle 2 - et en particulier, Moodle 2.2 qui permet d'ajouter les utilisateurs aux cohortes par fichier plat
Views: 5448 Mary Cooch
Group Assignment Moodle 2.4
A quick demo of how to make a simple group assignment in Moodle 2.4
Views: 10614 Mary Cooch
How to edit a Moodle label when you lost the edit icon
How to edit a label in Moodle when it's corrupted and you lost the edit icon. It could save your Front Page and your reputation!
Views: 2354 Mary Cooch
A quick way to enrol your students into Moodle groups
Moodle group enrolment key
Views: 11411 Mary Cooch
Ajouter une leçon Moodle 2
Comment créer une leçon simple dans Moodle 2.4 - une simulation/un jeu de rôles
Views: 4170 Mary Cooch
Choice Group in Moodle 2.0
Let your students choose which group they enrol in with the new Moodle 2.0 choicegroup module.
Views: 6652 Mary Cooch
Moodle Sub- Pages
a contributed module (still in beta Jan 2012) which allows for the creation of pages within pages in a Moodle 2 course.
Views: 1117 Mary Cooch
Moodle 2: la gestion des fichiers: Comment déposer un fichier
Comment déposer un fichier dans Moodle 2 -premier tutoriel dans une série concernant la gestion des fichiers; explication aussi du "sélecteur de fichiers" et des "dépôts".
Views: 3876 Mary Cooch
Moodle Community
A video made at the request of a fellow Moodler who wants to show off the Power of the Moodle Community
Views: 717 Mary Cooch
Moodle Multimedia Choice
How to show images, sound or video files as choice options instead of text in Moodle's Choice activity module
Views: 3088 Mary Cooch
Moodle 2: Créer des groupes avec clef d'inscription
Un moyen simple pour un enseignant de créer des groupes pour permettre aux étudiant de s'inscrire directement dans le bon groupe
Views: 2033 Mary Cooch
Les activités conditionnelles de Moodle 2
Comment utiliser la fonction "Activités Conditionnelles" de Moodle 2 qui permet aux enseignants de restreindre l'accès aux activités sous certaines conditions.
Views: 2105 Mary Cooch
Quickly add a course section in Moodle 2.3
How to add a course section in Moodle 2.3 -quickly!
Views: 2586 Mary Cooch
test video
Views: 1782 Mary Cooch
Atto pour les francophones
Le nouvel éditeur de texte de Moodle 2.7...
Views: 822 Mary Cooch
How to make a metacourse in Moodle 2.0
How to make a metacourse in Moodle 2.0 - the process is different from in 1.9
Views: 11318 Mary Cooch
Marking work directly within Moodle
Correcting students' work online with the online text assignment
Views: 1222 Mary Cooch
Moodle Media Capture
Record sound and video directly on Moodle and save it in the Media Capture repository
Views: 2738 Mary Cooch
Import files from Dropbox into Moodle 2.0
Views: 3964 Mary Cooch
Comments and Blogs in Moodle 2.0
Having your say in Moodle 2.0 using comments and the improved Blog
Views: 2702 Mary Cooch
Course Completion in Moodle 2.0
a couple of ways of using the new Course Completion feature (completion tracking) in Moodle 2.0
Views: 9571 Mary Cooch
Drag your Users into Moodle 2.3
Investigating the drag and drop possiblities we are hoping for in Moodle 2.3 - upload users and their pictures via drag and drop
Views: 9049 Mary Cooch
workshop2 0
Views: 3541 Mary Cooch
Control who sees a Moodle block on the front page
How to let teachers- or one group of people- view a block on Moodle's front page while preventing students - or a different group of people- from seeing the same block.
Views: 8445 Mary Cooch
Moodle "log in as" local plugin
A quick overview of the local "log in as" plugin by Itamar Tzadok, allowing admins to quickly log in as designated users.
Views: 1872 Mary Cooch
Moodle 2.6: Quoi de neuf?
Petite démonstration de quelques nouveautés de Moodle 2.6 pour les francophones.
Views: 3222 Mary Cooch

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