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Moodle Content Curation Block by Anders Pink
A new way to deliver fresh new, relevant and engaging content to any page of your Moodle or Totara LMS. Display the latest articles from across the whole of the web on any topic. Control what is shown by domain, keywords or even only show content by experts on Twitter. Anders Pink will update the latest content that meets your curation criteria every few hours.
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Sweet Georgia Brown and EJ Sharpe
Let it Roll at Arthur's Tavern, 21 Nov 2014.
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Moodle Content Curation Plugin by Anders Pink
Overview of how you can deliver fresh new and engaging content to your Moodle every few hours by using the new content curation block from Anders Pink.
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How to create a Briefing in Anders Pink
Overview on how to create a tailored daily briefing using Anders Pink. Includes how to: - use keywords to filter content from across the web - see what Twitter influencers are sharing - filter what domains are publishing, such as competitors - bring in content from multiple RSS feeds
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William Corry - Face of 1900
William was interviewed in 1999 as part of Brighton Council's 100 faces project where they interviewed someone born in every year of the 1900s. William was the face of 1900, the year he was born. I found this clip recently while clearing out old CDs and was moved by his comments.
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totara lms demo
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coffee shop domination
Matt's plan to take over the world with coffee shops
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Smithville at Kineo Jazz
Smithville at Kineo Jazz
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Kineo on BBC News
Kineo E-Learning interview on BBC news about growth in Brighton, UK.
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Drew Davis Intro at Content Jam
Best intro to a content marketing conference yet.
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Dr Lonnie Smith at Kineo Jazz
Dr Lonnie Smith at Kineo Jazz with Jonathan Kreisberg and Jamire Williams. 18 June 2011
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Anders Pink - News & Content Curation Features
My favourite news & content curation features on the Anders Pink app.
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Anders Pink Chrome Extension
You can now curate, save and display content on your LMS at the click of a button without even leaving your browser. Just find articles you want to curate and display for your learners, then inside your browser use the Anders Pink plugin to simply save the article to the appropriate board. It will then automatically appear on your LMS using the AP plugin.
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Summer in Auckland, Oct 2014
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Using the quick search in Anders Pink
How to quickly find public briefings in Anders Pink.
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Buzzsumo top content search
How to use BuzzSumo's top content search to find content that is resonating.
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The Bund, Shanghai
The Bund at night, Shanghai. Not bad for an iphone!
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Look Beyond Popular Sites - BuzzSumo Tip
Sometimes you want to look beyond the most shared domains. Here is a quick tip on how you can negative out popular domains to get a wider range of results.
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Using APIs to enrich your learning platform
An overview of how you can use APIs to bring in specific articles and news to enrich your learning platform and support continuous learning. Also includes a brief section on how to create very specific briefings or feeds using the Anders Pink API.
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How to set up a Daily Competitor Briefing
Two minute overview on how to set up a daily competitor briefing using Anders Pink. This covers how to set up a single competitor briefing from multiple sources: - filter articles from the web about your competitors - see what they are publishing - see what they are sharing - pull in content from their RSS feeds The briefing is then updated by Anders Pink every few hours.
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Using Automated Curation & APIs To Enrich Your learning Platform (LMS)
Short overview of how to create and curate automated briefings using Anders Pink and how to enrich your learning platform (LMS) with the latest articles from these briefings using the Anders Pink API.
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Anders Pink Moodle Plugin - Health Example
Overview video for Adam. :-)
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