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How He Made University  - Almost Free!   NAS Daily in the World
President Reshef had the privilege to travel to Armenia and meet Nas Daily, along with several of our students. If you don’t already know him, Nas is a wonderful young man whose daily videos have inspired hundreds of millions around the world. Nas did us the honor of dedicating one of his videos to spreading the word about UoPeople to his viewers. We are grateful to Nas and all the amazing people who join UoPeople's mission to open the gates of higher education for all! Thank you! Credit: Nas Daily @nasdaily
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What is UoPeople?
University of the People is the Education Revolution and the world's first non-profit, tuition-free, American accredited, online university. UoPeople is dedicated towards opening the gates of higher education to all students around the world, regardless of socioeconomic, environmental, financial, political or personal constraints. Join the Education Revolution at https://www.uopeople.edu/
The World's First Tuition-Free Online University - How does it work?
University of the People is the world's first non-profit, tuition-free online university offering online academic degrees in Business Administration, Computer Science, Health Science and an MBA program. To visit our progams page click: http://www.uopeople.edu/programs/ UoPeople offers tuition-free online learning with students from over 180 countries! University of the People online university is supported by top academic leadership from universities such as Yale, NYU, Oxford, UC Berkeley and many more! This video provides a look into the daily life of a student studying at this online, tuition-free university, the structure of the online course, as well as UoPeople's unique and innovative model of tuition-free online education. The model includes the use of peer-to-peer learning and volunteer instructors who provide academic guidance to the small virtual classroom. Each virtual classroom at the online university, University of the People, has an average of 20-30 students from 20-30 different countries around the world! Thus, studying online at University of the People is not only tuition-free; it is a forum for online global dialogue as well! Students who study virtually with University of the People, either in the online Business Administration Program or in the online Computer Science program, report a 95% satisfaction rating. Students, volunteers and academic leadership around the world value the online tuition-free degree offered by University of the People, and support UoPeople's mission to make education a right for all, and not a privilege for a few. University of the People offers a quality academic education, tuition-free and accessible for all!
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Assigning a proctor - University of the People
In this video you can learn how to assign a proctor during registration period
President Shai Reshef speaks with CNN
President Reshef speaks with CNN about UoPeople's work with Syrian students.
This is Mike, a UoPeople student, and a parent, achieving his dreams of higher education.
Balancing being a parent and getting your degree doesn’t have to be an impossible feat. Meet Mike, our fictional character with a very real-life story of wanting to get his university degree while still being a great parent. He’ll teach you how to achieve your dream of getting a higher education while juggling parenting, work, social life, and studying. If he can do it - anyone can! So what are you waiting for? Visit University of the People to learn how you can obtain a tuition-free, fully accredited university degree: https://www.uopeople.edu/
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How to request financial assistance from UoPeople
In this video you will learn about the process to request a scholarship to study at University of the People.
How to use Yammer: UoPeople Online Social Campus
This video will guide you through how to use Yammer, the online platform that serves as UoPeople's 'Online Social Campus'.
How to Complete the Online Application to University of the People
This video explains how to complete the University of the People (www.UoPeople.edu) online admissions application to study online, tuition-free degrees in business administration and in computer science.
How UoPeople students were offered internships at Google
Alex Tuzhilin, Dean of Computer Science, UoPeople
Tuition-Free in NYC - One Student's Story
Watch Renee Jennings from NYC pursue her dreams of higher education with University of the People, the world's 1st non-profit, tuition-free, American accredited, online university. Thank you, Washburn Productions, washburnproductions.com, for helping us bring this story to life.
Navigating our Campus
Learn about the UoPeople online classroom, Moodle: how it works, what is offers and why it can make you have a successful and rewarding education experience at University of the People.
UoPeople Student Naylea from Peru Shares Her Amazing Story
University of the People (UoPeople) has students accepted from 130 countries around the world to date. In this video, Naylea shares her story of her challenges in attaining education, and how the non-profit, online, tuition-free UoPeople has been the solution that has helped her continue towards her goals. She has an incredible story to tell, and we thank her for allowing us to share her story!
UoPeople on Making the Impossible, Possible
University of the People opens the gates to higher education around the world, making quality education accessible and affordable for all. Listen to President Reshef and our Dean of Health Sciences, Dr. Dalton Conley of Princeton University introduce our President's Council that work towards making your dreams of higher education come true. For more information and to join the Education Revolution, please visit https://www.uopeople.edu/ Sidenote: UoPeople currently has over 12,000 students from over 200 countries and territories
EG5: Shai Reshef
UoPeople Founder and President, Shai Reshef, presenting at EG5!
Simone Biles - 101 With Shai Reshef From University of the People
Simone Biles is having a 101 with Shai Reshef, founder of University of the People, to talk about the mission of the university and more. Simone has joined UoPeople both as a Global Ambassador and as a student in the business administration program, joining over 18,000 students who are enrolled in the university from more than 200 countries and territories around the world. Simone has also announced the launch of the Simone Biles Legacy Scholarship Fund, which is meant to help foster children achieve their college dreams: "Being a foster child myself, and knowing what it means to have the odds stacked against you, I decided to give a hand in opening this scholarship fund for foster kids and others and hope others will join me. At the end of the day, life circumstances shouldn’t define you or keep you from your goals. I believe in the power of hard work. I know that dedication and desire can make the impossible possible and I want to help remove barriers that keep a college degree out of reach for those that truly want it." To read more about Simone Biles and UoPeople: https://simonebiles.uopeople.edu To visit UoPeople website: https://www.uopeople.edu/ Apply to UoPeople: https://go.uopeople.edu/admission-application.html
UoPeople- Shai Reshef on US World News and Reports
Shai Reshef on US World News and Reports
Shai Reshef on ABC News
Shai Reshef discusses University of the People on ABC News, University of the People or UoPeople, is the world's first online, tuition-free university.
How One Woman Went From Poverty to Success
Jacqueline Anabwani - UoPeople student from USA. Join the People www.UoPeople.edu
Nathaly Ordonez - UoPeople Student
UoPeople Student Nathaly Ordonez speaks about the flexibility and affordability of studying at UoPeople.
University of the People (UoPeople) in Haiti
University of the People commits to provide 250 local Haitian students with the opportunity to pursue higher education in Haiti following the devastating earthquake in 2010 which destroyed much of Haiti's higher education sector, a crucial factor in rebuilding efforts and sustainable development.
UoPeople Helps Develop Your Talent
I’m Colin Lucas, I used to be the Vice Chancellor of Oxford University, and on the President’s Advisory Council for the University of the People. There’s going to be a great many different ways of delivering different areas of knowledge to different people, from different backgrounds, and the different challenges and different opportunities. I think we are there to help these people develop their talents. To Lean more about the university please visit our website at: http://www.uopeople.edu/ To see our program degrees please visit us at: http://www.uopeople.edu/programs/
Simone Biles on BuzzFeed  News (AM to DM Show)
Sit down with Gold Olympic Medalist and World Champion, Simone Biles, and listen how she prepares for her college journey with Universtiy of the People. In addition to Simone studying towards her bachelor’s degree in business administration, she has become a UoPeople Global Ambassador and launched the Simone Biles Legacy Scholarship Fund, devoted to those in foster care and others. Join the Education Revolution and learn more at https://www.uopeople.edu/simonebiles/
President Reshef interviewed at ISIC 2013 awards
President Reshef, on behalf of UoPeople, accepted the 2013 ISIC award. Hear his full interview.
Video: KykNET Dagbreek - Learn about University of the People
Shai Reshef talks with South African TV Station KykNET on March 15, 2013 about University of the People - the world's tuition-free, non-profit, degree-granting, online institution dedicated to opening access to higher education worldwide!
500 Syrian Refugees Will Get a Full Scholarship - UoPeople at World Economic Forum
UoPeople President's Council Chairman, President Emeritus of New York University, John Sexton, discusses the opportunity for 500 Syrian refugees to receive scholarships to study at University of the People. Students who receive scholarships to UoPeople and graduate in good academic standing are eligible to continue their studies with full scholarships at other universities, such as New York University. Visit our scholarship page at: http://www.uopeople.edu/tuition-free/our-scholarships/syrian-refugee-scholarship/
Why Should You Donate to University of the People?
Simone Biles on 101 with Shai Reshef, founder of University of the People. Like many students at University of the People, Simone Biles was looking for an opportunity to pursue higher education, but faced difficulties in doing so: “I always dreamed of going to college but decided to follow my gymnastics dreams full time, which didn’t make it possible for me”, says Biles. “I had planned to attend UCLA but had to defer because of my training schedule. I still want to pursue a college degree and the University of the People offers me the flexibility I need to fit in my studies around my career. I enrolled at the University of the People because I believe in higher education, and want to be able to help share that opportunity for others around the world”. To donate to UoPeople: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=g0KvewvbMiazbPtCsz9oI3YTdDUgIedGUvFTwcAsZnFwtjmtwxgRDnw2QkHj93msLlbQpW&country.x=US&locale.x=US To donate to pay it forward: https://www.uopeople.edu/pay-it-forward/ To volunteer at UoPeople: https://www.uopeople.edu/volunteer/
Renee Jennings's Story
Watch how Renee Jennings from NYC, overcame financial challenges and pursued tuition-free higher education with University of the People. Our mission is to never leave a student behind due to financial constraints, and our unique tuition-free model works to change the lives of students around the globe. Thank you, Washburn Productions, washburnproductions.com, for helping us bring this story to life.
UoPeople CNN Syrian Refugee Interview
Computer Science student Mahmoud Bwedany in Douma, Eastern Ghouta, Syria speaks with CNN about studying at University of the People.
Lessons About Learning: Overcoming Distractions
It's always possible to make any unwanted distraction a positive action and come out better. We at UoPeople know how many distractions you can have on your way to education. That is why we made it our mission to open the gates to higher education, by eliminating the barriers with a tuition-free, flexible, online degree. Visit UoPeople website: https://www.uopeople.edu/ Apply to UoPeople: https://go.uopeople.edu/admission-application.html
UoPeople President Shai Reshef at the DLD Women 2012 Conference
UoPeople President Shai Reshef introduced the UoPeople Women Scholarship Fund at the DLDWomen12 Conference to assist in equalizing both the University's and regional gender inequalities in higher education. Hewlett-Packard, the first corporation to get involved, pledged $200,000 to sponsor 100 women to acquire an Associate's Degree at the conference. University of the People is a tuition-free online University dedicated to opening access to higher education worldwide. Many of the University's students are those who have no other alternatives and are disadvantaged financially - especially the organization's female students. UoPeople strives to provide women equal educational access to become empowered and help themselves, their families, their communities and their countries. To donate to educating women around the globe via the UoPeople Women Scholarship fund, visit: http://weblink.donorperfect.com/WomenCampaign
Deans combined talk about the high-quality of UoPeople degrees
Meet our Deans! Dr. Russell S. Winer of New York University, Dean of Business Administration; Mr. Alexander Tuzhilin of New York University, Dean of Computer Science; and Dr. Dalton Conley of Princeton University, Dean of Health Sciences
UoPeople at Harvard University Part 1
Shai Reshef presents University of the People at the Berkman Luncheon Series, Harvard University. His lecture, "Educating the Many, Not the Few: A Digital Mode for Change" was delivered on13 April, 2010. visit our website at: http://www.uopeople.edu/
How Simone Biles Is Chasing Academic Gold
Mashable caught up with UoPeople Global Ambassador and Olympic gold medalist, Simone Biles, to find out how she balances school and gymnastics since deferring from UCLA to train for the Olympics back in 2016. Take a look at her journey from the gym to the classroom.
Follow your passion, Live your dream. University of the People
Always dreamt about turning your passion into a career? Learn more about Computer Science degrees at UoPeople to help you take your first step. Learn More: https://www.uopeople.edu/programs/cs/?utm_source=Social&utm_content=4.5.19_KN_uopeople_programs_ad1_FB University of the People is the first non-profit, tuition-free American accredited university. Dedicated to open access to higher education worldwide.
Renee Jennings - Tuition-Free in NYC
University of the People opens the gates to higher education to all qualified students around the world, regardless of financial, environmental, socioeconomic, or personal constraints. Listen to our student, Renee Jennings from NYC, describe how she went from poverty towards entering a world of life-changing opportunities. Thank you, Washburn Productions, washburnproductions.com, for helping us bring this story to life.
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لقد كان للرئيس "رشيف" شرف السفر إلى أرمينيا ومقابلة "ناس ديلي"، إلى جانب العديد من طلابنا. و إذا لم تكن تعرفه بالفعل، فإن "ناس" هو شاب رائع ألهمت مقاطعه الفيديو اليومية مئات الملايين حول العالم. وقد شرفنا ناس بتخصيص أحد مقاطع الفيديو الخاصة به لنشر الكلمة حول جامعة الشعب لمشاهديه. نحن ممتنون لـ "ناس" ولجميع الأشخاص المذهلين الذين ينضمون إلى مهمة جامعة الشعب لفتح أبواب التعليم العالي للجميع! شكرا لكم! منسوب الى "ناس ديلي"

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