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Forward Rate Agreements
Short term interest rate risk, out to two years, can be handled with financial futures of forward rate agreements (FRAs). Here we look at the cash flows and mechanics behind this commonly used instrument.
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The Forward Libor Curve
A brief look at the imlied forward Libor curve which is used to price interest rate swaps and options.
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Interest Rate Caps
This brief video looks at the use of interest rate caps and options to manage yield curve risk when a swap is not what you want.
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Transaction Risk Versus Translation risk
This brief video looks at the difference between transaction risk and translation risk when discussing foreign exchange
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FX Forwards
This video is about FX Forwards and how we derive the numbers using an intuitive explanation.
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Interest Rate Risk in Debt Capital Markets
Whether you raise money through loans or bonds, there will nearly always be an element of interest rate risk. This short video looks at where this risk exists and looks at how it may be managed through swaps and options.
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The uses of interest rate swaps
This looks at some of the reasons that asset managers and corporate clients use interesting rate swaps. This could vary from hedging project finance risk to managing rate risk in a bond portfolio.
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Foreign Exchange Cross Rates
This video is about calculating Foreign Exchange Cross Rates
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Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)
This video is about WACC and the importanceof tax to help reduce the cost of debt.
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Understanding The Corporate Client
This short video looks at some of the key areas of opportunity for bankers covering corporate clients.
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Spot FX
This video is about Spot FX and the jargon you hear in the dealing room.
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Using an IRS for Asset & Liability Management
This brief video looks at how to use an interest rate swap to manage the risk of rates moving against you. The example used here is that of a bank who funds a long term fixed rate mortgage with short term debt.
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The Cash Flow Movement In An Interest Rate Swap
This video is about cash flow movements in an interest rate swap. You can see that frequency and day counts can be different and also appreciate the importance of netting.
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What Types Of Options Are There?
This video is about What Types Of Options Are There?
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Direct and indirect FX exposure
This video is about Direct and indirect FX exposure
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Why You Should Hedge With Forward FX
Leaving your currency exposure unhedged may lead to reduced profits and a demotivated work force. You need to quantify the effects of adverse FX movements and think about using forward FX, or foreign exchange, to manage this risk.
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Managing Contingent Interest Rate Risk
This brief video shows why you should use options (swaptions) to manage interest rate risk if you are not certain that the underlying project being hedged will go ahead. The consequences of jumping in and fixing your rates can be severe, as Harvard Business School discovered.
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Undertsanding Option Strikes
This video is about how the level on an option strike can affect an option's price. It talks about the terminology you are likely to come across.
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Call and Put Options
This video is about Call and Put Options
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The Logic Of Bond Pricing
This brief video looks at why bond prices move in an opposite way to yields / interest rates. An intuitive way to price a bond is shown and we talk about how to protect yourself against adverse price movements by using an interest rate swap.
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The Fiscal (Or Tax) Position
What do you do if you have tax loss carryforwards? How about a sale and leaseback?
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