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The main reason that companies turn to contract management software is probably due to the tedious nature of contract oversight. A huge facet of this kind of management involves diligently updating and monitoring the calendar to ensure that the right things are coming in and going out of the office, like product deliveries and payments for goods. Fortunately, contract management software can easily handle this aspect with the creation of alerts that send email reminders and report generation that will show things like payments or deliveries that are pending. By outsourcing the tedium to technology, it becomes a lot easier to focus on things like external performance and operational productivity. Flip the Switch. Welcome to IT Portfolio Management. Direct the prioritization, coordination and risk mitigation of the project portfolio through approved IT governance. Facilitate the development and ongoing evolution of the IT Strategic and Annual Plan. Coordinate the development of key frameworks such as Risk and Resource Management. Advance our project and program management practice through the standardization and adoption of formal PM methodologies, tools and process. Evolve the principles and practice of service management and service quality in key areas such as incident, release and change management. Payroll report.